Recap Monday: Winter Weather Calls for Cozy Days at Home.

I’ve finally warmed up my hands enough to start typing, but now I need to warm up my brain. Do you ever have those days where you want to bundle up by the fire, watch Netflix, and answer to no one? Well, same. I’ve had a stressful weekend, but nothing a good dog cuddle and Bachelor Monday can’t fix. It’s taken me about four hours to write this paragraph. Part of me is like “close the computer and do it tomorrow,” and the other part of me like “YOU CAN DO IT.” If you’re reading this, well I did it 😊

My Monday consisted of a bowl of cereal, walking the dogs, tuna salad for lunch, working on a few projects, and watching the Bachelor before bed. Therefore, I didn’t take one photo. And since this bowl of oatmeal is from Tuesday, we’ll start the recap post there.

When I don’t have groceries in the house, my go-to is always oatmeal with cinnamon, protein powder, peanut butter, and berries. It’s perfect for the colder temps we’ve been getting. 
On Tuesday night, I made mini turkey meatloaves for Kyle and I. These are one of our favorite go-to’s. I also wanted to try Amy’s gluten-free and dairy-free mac & cheese. I decided not to tell Kyle that it was vegan, and he didn’t say anything about I tasting different. It was the closest vegan macaroni to the real stuff that I’ve ever had. I would 10/10 recommend.
I spent almost all day Wednesday creating several recipes for the blog.

My favorites are these gluten-free and vegan sugar cookies that I cannot wait to share! I FINALLY got the recipe down, and I think you’re going to love them as much as me! I’m excited to now use this recipe for every holiday. 
The Daily Crave lentil chips have been on my favorite-list lately. I found these at Publix, and we went through the entire bag in one day. They taste just like Bugles! Another favorite snack lately has been these raspberry chocolate RXBARS! It’s the new flavor they sent me, and it’s definitely in my top three. Also, how cute are these for Valentine’s day?! 
Dinner was a delicious buddha bowl. I posted the recipe here!  
For my breakfast on Thursday morning, I had leftover buddha bowls mixed with a few scrambled eggs and avocado. I spent most of the morning working on a few writing projects. 
By the time 3 pm rolled around, I could no longer stare at my computer screen. I had a caffeine headache from the lack of coffee, and I just needed to get out of the house. I packed up the dogs, grabbed a drink at Starbucks (tall iced almond milk latte with an extra shot of espresso and light ice), and drove by the new house to check out the progress. It’s so fun because every time we drive by, they are doing something new! 
The windows and doors are all going in! 😊 Next week, we will have our first drywall meeting. We will also get our official closing date then! 
On Friday morning, I had toasted gluten-free bread with avocado, fried egg, everything but the bagel season, and chili flakes. So simple, yet so delicious.
On Friday night, Kyle and I did a few wedding-related activities and then stopped by Reids Fine Food, one of my favorite spots, for dinner. I had their grilled romaine caesar salad with grilled chicken, and then we split french fries and brussels sprouts. I may have him convinced that brussels sprouts aren’t the enemy after having him try these. Their food is always amazing.

When we got home, we caught up on our show, Servant. I was so sad because it was the last episode, but holy moly was it good.

And then our couch hunting saga continued.
I was super proud of myself because I managed to bring myself to go to Pure Barre. I’ve been trying to do more workout classes, but when it’s cold, I tend to stay unmotivated. The workouts with Meighan last weekend reminded me of why I need to add them back into my life. 1. I’m SO out of shape, and 2. they do help with endorphins this time of year.

After PB, I met up with Caitlin at Eight & Sands. It’s a new restaurant in Charlotte that I’ve been dying to try out. We also decided to make it a book swap! This is such an excellent way to share what you’ve read with others. I always love a good book.

For my breakfast, I had gluten-free bread with avocado, egg, arugula, and I definitely could have done without the green goddess spread. It was like pure lemon juice. I was squinting after each bite, but other than that, everything else was great. My oat milk cappuccino was to die for! I also loved the interior of this spot.  I want to go back and try the shakshuka. 
After breakfast with Caitlin, Kyle and I went on our LAST hunt for couches. Yes, I said, “last.” We finally found the perfect couches, and we cannot wait to see them in our home. 
We were so hungry after shopping around furniture stores all day, so we stopped at Chipotle for dinner. I always get the same thing. I had a salad bowl with chicken, corn, lettuce, medium salsa, guacamole, fajita vegetables, beans, and brown rice. I was also in the mood for chips!

The night ended with me reading a book, and Kyle watching football. 
Sunday was ALL about meal prepping. I had been wanting to get my meals together so I could stop stressing during the week about what I was going to cook. I decided to create a budget, make a meal prep planning chart, and record it for my Youtube! I’m SO SO excited for this one to go up on Friday!! 
I hope you all have a fantastic week! ♥️ Thanks for sticking to the end of this recap post! I know it was a bit all over the place, but it’s just one of those days.

Questions for you!

  1. Do you ever do book swaps?
  2. Do you typically get the same thing at your favorite restaurants?
  3. Is January too soon for a Valentine’s day recipe post?



  • Abby Carlson

    How did you like Pure Barre?!? I’ve been going for over 4 years.

    Reply to Abby Carlson
  • Jenna Rall

    I do book swaps with one other friend, other than that none of my friends read. But I wrote down the books you have read and plan to read those. I also have a kindle and use that.

    Yes! I’m terrible at branching out and trying something new. But as of this year, so far I’ve been trying different things.

    NOT AT ALL. I’m actually planning a valentine themed open house for our clients and now I know what it takes to plan a wedding lol. It’s fun but stressful… and EXPENSIVE

    Reply to Jenna Rall
  • Emma

    I haven’t done book swaps in a long time. Between time constraints of undergrad and grad school, and not wanting to spend a ton on books because I read fast and can tear through them, I hadn’t read for pleasure like I used too. This past year I’ve discovered two things that have helped me get my favorite hobby back. 1) Goodwill. The goodwill near me has all books for $1 and a ton of great titles in good condition. 2) Library apps. The library that is close by is small, but using a library app like Libby or Overdrive I can checkout books and read them on my phone without having to leave my bed. Plus, since it’s on my phone I have it with me and can read at places where I might not have thought to bring my book. It’s a total game changer.

    Reply to Emma
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Your colourful photos always make me so happy! And it’s never too late for Valentine’s Day posts! (though in Hong Kong we’re celebrating Chinese New Year at the moment, haha) ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Brittany

    I feel you! All I wanted to do today is cuddle up with my kitties in bed. I’m in Asheville and it’s been getting into the teens at night…ick! But I’m so thankful you found the motivation to post this recap, my favorite way to unwind at night is by reading your blog posts or watching one of your vlogs. BTW, I made a spotify playlist inspired by your 2019 vlogmas and it is glorious 🙂

    Are you planning to post the recipe for the mini turkey meatloaves? They look so good, I would love to make those soon.

    I hope you have a wonderful, low-stress week!

    Reply to Brittany
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Brittany!

      It’s SOOOOO cold lately, and even colder in the mountains for sure! I saw it was below zero. yikes! Love that you wind down with my recaps! That made my day 😊

      AHHH I love that!! 😊

      I can definitely post that recipe!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jessica

    Yay for going to barre! I’m trying orange theory for the first time tomorrow. And omg I love the book swap idea for Galentine’s Day! What book did you receive? I just finished Educated by Tara Westover; I HIGHLY recommend. It’s def not too early for Valentine’s recipes. I already replaced my Christmas wreath with a wooden love sign. 💕

    Reply to Jessica
  • Caitlin

    Do you not drain your tofu?? I have never tried making it, but every recipe I looked up said to put it between two towels and set something heavy on it for an hour to get the water out. Do you not have to do this with the air fryer? I just read your recipe and it looks like you just diced it as-is. BTW, congrats on your new house! Thanks!

    Reply to Caitlin
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Caitlin!

      I pat it dry with a paper towel, but the air fryer does the trick, and I don’t deal with any “sogginess.” Even when I oven bake the tofu, the quick paper towel trick seems to be enough.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jennifer

    I’ve never done a book swap, but it sounds like the perfect idea! Books are expensive 😜

    Yes! I typically get the same things. When I find something good, that’s what I crave to get me back so I always stick with it! I love taking bites of Mark’s food though lol

    Absolutely not! I want to hear all about this cookie recipe!

    P.s. I watched Dead To Me based on your recommendation – SO GOOD. I hope there is a season 2! I’m hooked! So thank you thank you thank you!

    Reply to Jennifer
    • Taralynn McNitt

      They definitely can be!

      Ha, same, girl! 😆 Okkkk good. I’ll post soon!!

      isn’t it so good!! Now, I’m watching Spinning Out!! try that one next.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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