Potato Bean Bowls w/ Brussels Sprouts, Hummus & Crispy Tofu

Potato Bean Bowls w/ Brussels Sprouts, Hummus & Crispy Tofu

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to hop on the blog and share a quick recipe that I’ve been making the past few weeks as meal prep. I spent most of my day baking cookies for a Valentine’s Day blog post, and I’m happy to be off my feet finally. Shoutout to anyone who spends their days baking; its work. I need a deep tissue massage and a chiropractor after that. I planned on blogging the cookie recipe tonight, but my eyes have seen enough pink sprinkles for the night. I’m choosing to blog what I’m currently eating instead, plus I think you’re going to love it.

It’s the easiest dish, super budget-friendly, and each bite tastes magical. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and filled with so many nutrients. I honestly can’t get enough! Another great thing about this dish is that it only takes 25-minutes to cook up. I keep calling it “this dish” because I have no idea what you’d call it! 
All you need for this recipe is two large sweet potatoes, two cups of chopped brussels sprouts, sesame oil, hummus, one can of garbanzo beans, one can of black beans, half of a red onion, four tablespoons of gluten-free pad thai sauce, one block of extra-firm tofu, tomatoes, and avocado.

I tossed the brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (pre-microwaved) with the sesame oil and then placed them on a baking sheet. I baked them for 20-minutes at 400-degrees.

While the brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes were baking, I tossed the diced tofu into the air fryer (how I air fry my tofu)

I tossed the chopped onion with a tablespoon of sesame oil to a pan and sauteed on high. Once the onions were slightly brown, I added in two tablespoons of pad thai sauce, the drained & rinsed black beans and garbanzo beans, and continued to cook for an additional five minutes.

The sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts came out perfectly. I added a dash of everything but the bagel seasoning on top, but that’s optional!

I finished off the tofu in the pan with sesame seeds, two tablespoons of pad thai sauce, and a tablespoon of sesame oil. This makes them extra crispy with a glaze. I use the Sky Valley pad thai sauce in pretty much every single meal now.
I think the beans would have made an excellent dip, too! Beans are such a healthy food to add to your diet, and I love how inexpensive they are. 
I added avocado, tofu, tomatoes, supremely spicy hummus, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and the bean mixture together in a large bowl. Even though it looks super pretty, I ended up mixing it up all together like a chipotle bowl.
And this is what the delicious leftovers look like that I’ve been eating all week.

The trick to making meal prep last is adding things your significant other won’t eat! Kyle isn’t a fan of beans, brussels sprouts, or tofu, so this whole dish was solely for me 😃

I know this wasn’t a proper recipe post, but I usually make meals like this for dinner, so I thought it was worth sharing!

Questions for you!

  1. Do you have any quick meals like this you enjoy throwing together during the week?
  2. Is there anything you love eating, but someone else in your house hates it?
  3. Brussels sprouts or green beans?




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