Could Your Pillow be to Blame for Acne, Allergies, or Headaches?

This post is sponsored by The Pillow Club x Core Pillow, and ALL opinions are my own

You can wash your face daily and buy all kinds of fancy face creams, but none of that will matter if you’re not switching out your pillow every 6 to 12 months. Confused? So was I but hear me out. Over time, our pillows collect dust and bacteria that could cause allergies, acne, and older pillows breaking down, keep us tossing and turning throughout the night. That lack of sleep also affects our skin! Today, I’m partnering up with The Pillow Clubย to bring awareness to the importance of swapping out our pillows! Raise your hand if you’re guilty of having a pillowย two years old or older sitting on your bed. For the past few weeks, I’ve enjoyed sleeping on the new Core Pillow from The Pillow Club, and I’ve gotten some of the best sleep of my life.
I want to start by saying that this is one of the most comfortable pillows I have ever owned. I cannot stand when pillows have no support, but I also do not like them to be too puffy or stiff. I’m a picky pillow purchaser. I feel like Goldilocks with the “it’s just right” comments. But honestly, the Core Pillow is just right.

I don’t joke around with my sleep. I strive to get 8+ hours every single night. I’m in bed at 8 pm with my book and fall asleep within an hour. Sleep is so important to me because I always feel better throughout the day when I get my maximum hours. I reach for better foods, I have more energy, and there are fewer dark circles lingering around my eyelids. There’s no amount of under eye cream that can fix those circles like a good night’s sleep.

I was pleasantly surprised after my first night’s sleep with the Core Pillow. I tried to pay attention to the number of times I had to adjust or stack my pillow, and I couldn’t recall doing it once. The only time I woke up to adjust my pillow was when I found my dog stealing half of it for his own head. But you know the rule, “don’t move the dog.”ย Stacking, folding, or adjusting your pillow can rob you from 30-45-minutes of sleep a night, which is almost five hours of sleep lost per week. It’s important to make sure you’re not wasting your time with the wrong pillows.ย 

The Pillow Club is offering Simply Taralynn readers 50% off their first two pillows for $10 with my discount code SIMPLYSLEEP That’s two luxury pillows straight to your door for only $10!
I love a pillow that has the perfect blend of soft and firm. The Core Pillow is one of the first pillows to have an actual support layer in the center of the pillow. That way, I can sink into the soft outer layer to take the pressure off of my body (which causes the tossing and turning throughout the night) and settle into the flow foam support. The foam support helps ensure that I’ll never have to stack, fold, or adjust a pillow while sleeping. Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck of strain? They are the absolute worst but may be caused if you do not have the proper support from a pillow. Everyone deserves good sleep, and by switching out your pillows every six months with The Pillow Club, you could reduce your chances of getting headaches, or other shoulder/neck pains.

Another great thing about the luxury pillows from The Pillow Club is that they are designed to stay cool. There’s nothing worse than having to flip over your pillow to obtain the cooler side. They put phase change material in their covers to even make it cool to the touch! It’s also great that all of their pillows are made in the USA.

My dad, who suffers from sleep apnea, has the worst time staying asleep. He’s also one of the pickiest pillow people I know, even worse than me! I’m looking forward to giving him a The Pillow Clubย Core Pillowย to try out.ย 

I’ve mentioned in a lot of my blogs that I have some severely sensitive skin. I struggle with eczema, rosacea, and annoying adult acne. Many of you compliment me on my skin, but that’s because I’m not showing you the adult acne I receive under my chin. The first thing my doctor recommended was changing out all of my pillows. I mean, I’ve heard this before, but I never actually thought to change them out. I wash the pillow cases all the time, but I guess it’s not enough.

When you don’t change out your pillow, you’re possibly making yourself vulnerable to severe impacts on your health, such as allergies, acne, and even viruses! Yeah, EW! Pillows that haven’t been swapped out can easily transport dirt and oils onto your skin. Not to scare you or anything, but our pillows are the perfect environment for dust mites to live. So, if you’re waking up with allergy symptoms, you may want to toss that pillow out.

I know the entire world tossing out their pillows doesn’t seem super environmentally friendly, but you can feel better knowing that your old pillow will go to a better cause. Members will have the option toย ship back their old Pillow Club pillow when theyโ€™re sent a new one. The Pillow Club will rewrap the pillow in an outdoor waterproof cover and donate the used pillows to animal shelters as dog beds. The fact that it goes back to the dogs at shelters warms my heart.

Sometimes the word “luxury” is scary for anyone on a budget, but The Pillow Club is super affordable. It makes the swap out process easy and stress-free. It’s a great way to make sure you swap out the pillows without having to track how old they are. ย Every single year, two pillows get delivered to your door for just $10 a month! And if you missed it in the first half of this post, The Pillow Clubย is offering Simply Taralynn readers 50% off their first two pillows for $10 with my discount code SIMPLYSLEEP That’s two luxury pillows straight to your door for only $10!

TThe Pillow Clubย has made it easy to stay on top of our sleep health and hygiene through a simple subscription service! And if you’re not satisfied, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with free standard shipping.

I hope you try out The Pillow Clubย x Core Pillow for yourself! It’s honestly been such a fantastic experience these past couple of weeks. Right now, the only issue I have with it is keeping it from my fiance! I guess I better do the right thing and get him a Core Pillow of his own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Questions for you!ย 

  1. How often do you change out your pillows?
  2. What doesn’t the perfect pillow look like to you?
  3. How much sleep do you average per night?


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