A Day in the Life of My Two Big Dogs: Solid Gold

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For the past nine years, you all have seen Grumples pop into my blogs, and for almost four years, Leo has made his appearances. I thought I’d change things up today and share a fun “day in the life” all about them! I do a lot of recaps about my life, but I’ve secretly always been curious about how other people’s dogs spend their days. My dogs make my life so much more complete, and that’s why I’m partnering up with Solid Gold to share my dog’s day in the life and chat a bit about their products. Since my dogs live a pretty active lifestyle, I want them to stay healthy from the inside and out. Solid Gold supports pet’s systems by creating holistic food designed to help cleanse, balance, and fuel the gut so they can achieve that healthier lifestyle. For the past 45 years in the pet industry, Solid Gold has an impressive and well-developed line of natural and holistic dry foods, canned foods, treats, and supplements. My pups LOVE them! And no worries if you’re a cat person, Solid Gold makes their products for cats, too!

Every morning around 6:00 am, I am greeted with a wake-up paw to the face. It’s usually Leo telling me that he’s ready to go downstairs, have breakfast, and head out on his walk. If I make any movement or eye contact with him, his demand for me to wake up gets more intense. That paw to the face turns into aggressive face-licking and pouncing as if he’s a cat.

As soon as I get out of bed, Leo and Grumples run to the top of the stairway and sit there waiting for me. This is my only opportunity to make the bed before heading down with them. Sometimes while I’m fluffing the blankets, Leo will come in hot with a pounce if I’m too slow.
They like to sit and wait for their food on the rug. It’s the cutest thing. Grumples and Leo are served different formulas because of their age. They have different needs that call for different food to keep them healthy and thriving.

I like to keep Grumples on weight-control food for adult dogs with whole grains. He eats Solid Gold’s Fit & Fabulous with Alaskan Pollock. Depending on the time of year, Grumples is prone to putting on a few extra pounds, even with all of the walking. Weight is a serious issue with a dog’s health, and the Fit & Fabulous food is designed especially for weight-control with a low-fat formula, added superfoods, an excellent protein source, fresh-caught omega-rich Alaskan pollock, and probiotics for a healthy gut and stronger immune system!

Leo has been crunching on Hund-N-Flocken Everyday Nutrition! This recipe has been in the Solid Gold brand for 45-years and was their first recipe. It’s been around so long because it provides the best natural nutrient profile with ingredients from pasture-raised lamb, healthy whole grains, and a blend of superfoods. And like most of their products, Hund-N-Focken has living probiotics and rich omegas to ensure gut health and proper immune support.

A sneaky way to add more nutrition to your pet’s breakfast is by adding SeaMeal powder to a couple of tablespoons of wet food and mixing it into their bowls. They think it’s an extra treat, but it’s just mom sneaking in a supplement to support healthy skin and coat, and immune system health! The supplement is made with all real ingredients made from earth’s original superfood, seaweed, combined with flaxseeds for their skin and coat and plant-based digestive enzymes for digestive health. Digestive enzymes are so important for a dog! Our vet has recommended them for years. I give SeaMeal to my pups twice a day to make sure they’re getting an extra boost of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants! The supplement is made in the USA, grain-free and gluten-free, contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. SeaMeal is for all ages, dogs & cats.

Gold Pet is offering $5 off SeaMeal for my readers! Click here to check it out 😊 It’s a perfect supplement for both cats and dogs!
Early morning, we head out on our first walk of the day. We do about one mile, depending on the weather! The boys definitely feel cheated if we don’t take the usual route, and they’ll even start pulling me into that direction. I love that they like walking because it gets me out moving first thing in the morning.

As soon as they are done walking and taking care of business, I usually sit down with my coffee, and the dogs take a long nap on the couch. Sometimes Leo will sit on top of the couch and watch the birds out the back window.

After their morning walks and breakfast, they are the calmest, and it’s the best time of the day for me to get work done! 
Around 1:30 pm, they start getting a rush of energy. They are usually ready for their mid-afternoon walk or playtime in the backyard.

There’s no way I’m able to continue with my work when they sit in front of me and whimper until I take them out to blow off some energy. We usually do about 30-minutes of some kind of activity mid-day.

When we come back inside, I have a few hours where they are out like lightbulbs again. They require a routine and do not like it when it’s disturbed. 

After our mid-afternoon workout together, it’s always a surprise treat when I give them a cup of water with a few tablespoons of Bone Broth. It’s a low-calorie treat that they LOVE, and super good for their health. Since I have goldens, I have to focus on staying on top of their joint health. The bone broth has naturally occurring collagen, which helps with joints and gut health. The low-sodium broth is excellent for their skin and coat, immune system, and digestive tract.

If you have a picky eater or a dog that won’t eat their food, you could always try adding the bone broths with the dry food for extra flavor. My dogs love it, and it helps pets with sensitivity teeth moisten their kibble. It comes in a few flavors: Beef Bone Broth With Turmeric, Chicken Bone Broth with Lavender & Chamomile, Turkey Bone Broth with Pumpkin & Ginger
Once 4 pm rolls around, Grumples and Leo head to the rug and just stare at me until I feed them. I told you, they do not mess around with it comes to their schedules. I love Solid Gold because they take pride in creating the kind of nutrition that will change a pet’s way of life in mind, body, and spirit. They aim to develop foods and supplements that can be combined for three important factors:

CLEANSE: products containing fruits and vegetable superfoods to boost gut microflora
BALANCE: 3 strains of living, protected probiotics to promote good bacteria.
FUEL: Omega Fatty Acids to boost the immune system, skin & coat.

I love knowing that eat kibble of food they eat with their food has a job, and an important one.

Around 7 pm, Kyle takes them out for their final mile of the day! They usually have a few wrestling matches before bed, but as soon as 8 pm rolls around, they dart upstairs and stake out their territory before shutting their eyes to fall asleep. And yes, most of the time, they sleep right in between us. It’s the best 😊 and then their day starts all over again.

Make sure to check out the Solid Gold products for your dog or cat’s better health! & don’t forget to save $5 off SeaMeal by clicking here! 😊

Questions for you!
1. Are your dogs on a routine?
2. What is your dog’s favorite thing to do each day?
3. Which Solid Gold product would be a great fit for your dog?



  • Nichole Walker

    We get the Lamb and Brown Rice one for our Pittie from Chewy.com. He recognizes the box now and runs around the house until we open it 🙂 Since he’s a blue pit, he has allergies really bad and it’s actually helped keep it under control!

    Reply to Nichole Walker
  • Jenna Rall

    My dog isn’t on that much of a routine sadly… she should be though!

    Bella’s favorite thing is when I get home, she just goes crazy!!

    I’d like to try all of it because I want her to be as healthy as possible!

    Reply to Jenna Rall
  • Harriet

    Your boys are so cute! We don’t get Solid Gold here in New Zealand yet, but I do think there brand would fit in perfectly with how active most new Zealanders are with there dogs. My dogs love routine and they defianitly let you know if your not sticking to it. They love walking every day, its summer over here at the moment so most afternoons we walk down to the river near my house so they can swim, they love it!
    if we got solid gold here, my eight year old would require the same as Grumples, she also gets a green mussel additive every day, my young boy has to be completely grain free with every thing or he has an allergic reaction

    Reply to Harriet
  • Jo

    Make sure you’re not walking your dogs directly before or after eating so as to avoid potentially serious bloat (GDV)!

    Reply to Jo
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    The cutest! Your dogs are so big now too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Paige Cassandra Flamm

    This food looks awesome! Today is the one year anniversary of us adopting our dog from the shelter! We should try this food out for him!


    Reply to Paige Cassandra Flamm
  • Carrie

    I have one goldendoodle and he weighs 110 pounds! He’s lucky if we go for 2 walks a week, especially in this cold weather! He’s a lazy pup and sleeps in every day! How is it having 2 boys? Do they get along? I always thought if we got another one we would get a girl! Great post!

    Reply to Carrie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      WOA! 110 pounds is a big dood! 😃

      Honestly, I couldn’t imagine my life without two dogs now. I think they keep each other young and active! Grumples now have someone to chase around, wrestle with, and spend the day with wheen wee are gone. They LOVE each other so much. They’re always cuddled up on the bed when we leave, and it makes my heart so happy knowing they have one another.

      I follow a Doodle rescue on Facebook and they’re always looking for new homes for pups. You should check it out! Sometimes families with a lot of kids get doodles thinking they’re sweet breeds, and they are, but they can also be super hyper, aggressive, high maintenance, and it’s sad that they get the boot 😢

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Willow

    Do your dogs ever have issues with not eating? I can’t get my little pup to eat at all and it’s starting to worry me.

    Reply to Willow
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Willow!

      When I only had Grumples, he would NEVER eat his food. Once I got Leo, he now ALWAYS eats it because he fears Leo will eat it. Try adding the bone broth or wet food to your pups food. Sometimes it takes something like that 😊 If your pup isn’t eating after all the tricks, you may way to make a vet visit for sure.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Cait

    I’ve been hoping for a post like these forever and you inspired me to get my first dog a few years back and they are the light of my life. I will check out this food!

    Reply to Cait
  • Candace

    How much do your dogs weigh? do they eat grains?

    Reply to Candace
    • Taralynn McNitt

      They do eat grains 😊 I used to have them on a grain-free diet, but my vet had me put them back on grains. Leo weighs 75 and Grumples weighs 81!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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