Healthy Food This Week, Getting Back into Fitness, & a Trip to D.C.!

Good, Morning!

It looks like it’s going to be a rainy week, and I’m not even mad about it. It’s the perfect excuse to catch up on blogs, reading, housework, and wedding planning. It’s as if I’ve done a 180 with planning the wedding, and things have seemed to fall into place this past week. I’m pretty excited about how far I’ve come along with it all. The venue, catering, photographer, and more have been locked-in as of last week, and I’ll be doing more finalizing over the next few days.  And a big thank you for all the advice you all provided the previous week. I think the biggest takeaway from it all was the comment, “there are no rules.”

Aside from wedding stuff, house stuff, and work projects, my week was good. The best part was reuniting with one of my great friends, Meighan, in D.C.! I’m still feeling the pain from the workouts we did, but it was an excellent kickstart to helping me get back into the workout routine again.

Anyways, let’s get this recap post started. Oh, and happy Bachelor Monday!

Aside from the rain, it’s been around 65-degrees here. It has me craving smoothies for breakfast instead of oatmeal or scrambled eggs. It’s funny how, as soon as Christmas is over, I want it to be spring. It’s hard to believe that in a couple of months, it will be spring here 😊

My Monday smoothie had one large frozen banana, 1 1/2 cups of unsweetened cashew milk, two scoops of marine collagen from Vital Proteins, one scoop of Matcha Powder from Green Foods, ice, and topped with my homemade granola!
Dinner was easy to make, another random concoction, and delicious.

I cooked up some white rice, and then added a cup of the Cheddar Jack SoDelicious cheese! It tasted like the cheesy rice my mom used to make when I was a kid. Kyle thought I used real cheese because it tastes so close to the real thing. I flavored it up with black pepper, and garlic salt as well.

On top, we had ground turkey fajitas.

After dinner, I plopped on the couch with my watermelon kombucha and watched an hour of the Bachelor before I couldn’t take anymore and headed to bed. The first few weeks are always annoying, but I like it when it gets closer to the end. 
I finished up a few deadline projects all Tuesday, but felt so good after getting them done by the time evening rolled around. For dinner, I had air-fried tofu mixed with pad thai sauce and zucchini. I also had leftover cheesy rice on the side.
Wednesday and Thursday flew by. I finished a few recipe shoots that’ll be out soon, and spent the rest of the afternoons finalizing wedding details. It’s crazy how far in advance you have to book things because everyone gets booked up so fast. I can see why the wedding industry is a $60 billion + a year industry 😳.

For lunch, I had two slices of gluten-free bread with my homemade tuna salad recipe on top. This is probably one of my favorite meals, and I need to make it more often.
On Friday morning, I packed a bag and headed to the airport to fly to see Meighan for the weekend! I was so excited because I hadn’t seen Meighan since Lake Tahoe last summer. We had a super chill weekend planned, and I had been looking forward to it for months.

This past week, I’ve been reading In a dark, dark wood. The beginning has been pretty slow, but I’ve had so many people tell me how much they loved the book, so I’m sticking it out. 
Around 5:30 pm Meighan and I headed to Solidcore. It’s a workout she’s been doing the past month and swears by it. It’s safe to say I was wobbling on the way out. I hadn’t been to an actual workout class in so long, so my body was not ready for it. Other than tennis and walking, I don’t do much strength training, but this was a great kickstart to get me back into the routine again. The cool thing about this class is how fast it flew by!
After our workout, we got cleaned off and headed to one of my favorite spots, True Food Kitchen! I’ve gone to the location in L.A. several times, but never the east coast one. It did not disappoint.

We started with the roasted brussels sprouts, which were delicious! They were cooked with a miso sesame vinaigrette and chili thread. I loved that they had a mild-kick for them. 
I ordered the spaghetti squash casserole with chicken sausage and almond ricotta cheese, and it was fabulous! They accidentally added parm on top, but I just scraped it off the top. This meal is phenomenal and just as good as I remember it from my time in California. We ended dinner with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream but ate it so fast that I forgot a photo. 
I woke up and had coffee around 7:30 am. Meighan and I stayed up super late watching the Cheer documentary on Netflix, and it was really really good. I did not expect it to have so much depth, and It made me appreciate the sport even more. The kids they had in their program have been through it, and it’s really neat to see all of the support for them.
For breakfast, Meighan made avocado toast and over-easy eggs (my favorite!)
Crescent Trail D.C.
My body was SO sore from Solidcore, so we decided to get out on the Crescent trail to get our bodies moving. If I sit around when I’m sore, it gets worse. We did three miles one way and three miles back.

We spent the day working on wedding stuff together (her wedding is in August!) and watching movies. This was the lowkey weekend we had been craving.
For dinner, we picked up Cava. We have a few locations here in Charlotte, but this was my first time trying it, and boy have I been missing out. This dish inspired my meal prep for the week.

My bowl had falafel, kale, romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, roasted red pepper hummus, harissa hummus, classic hummus, roasted vegetables, onion, and garlic dressing on the side. It’s crazy because the vegan garlic dressing reminded me of papa john’s garlic butter. This meal was so delicious!
We ended up making my favorite 3-ingredient brownies for dessert with caramel XOXO chocolate on top. Meighan had wanted to try these, and I’m so happy she’s a fan! They hit the spot, and they are so easy to make. Here’s the recipe!

We got hooked to another show, Dear John, and ended up falling asleep way past midnight. You all know that is like five-hours past my bedtime😂
We were up bright and early on Sunday. We fueled up with some peanut butter toast, mango, and coffee before heading out for another Solidcore workout. They had a special at the gym, so we bought two sessions for the weekend. 
The workout felt terrible in the best way possible. I’m feeling it today. I’m in the kind of pain where I have to roll to the side so I can stand up. It was a full-body workout, and just like the other class, it flew by. I enjoyed it, and if we had something like that in my town, I’d go! If you live in the D.C. area, or if they have Solidcore where you live, definitely try it out. If you’re not a fan of burpees, jumping around, running, and other movements, you’ll love this. Because I struggle with high cortisol levels and weight gain, this is the type of workout that would be beneficial fo my body since my heart rate was moderate and stable in the entire class. 
We did it! 💜 
We headed to Joe and the Juice for post-workout fuel. I had a shake with strawberries, banana, almond milk, spinach, plant-protein, and I added in a ginger shot! 
After the workout, I packed my bag and headed to the airport. 😔 It was a short trip, but much-needed! 
When I got home, Kyle made me a coffee (he’s the greatest), and then we headed over to check on the build! It’s so exciting to see it come along so quickly! We always do a Sunday drive-by 😊 It’s funny because a lot of the neighbors do the same thing around the same time because we always meet a few of them.
And we have stairs! On top of planning for wedding things, my mind is going crazy with everything I want to do for the house. 
We picked up our favorite for dinner, Akahana! We shared chicken lettuce wraps and a few rolls of sushi. It’s dangerous since this spot is in the delivery zone at our new house. I’ll be eating these chicken lettuce wraps on repeat. You can’t beat it when they are only $6.95! 
After dinner, Kyle and I decided to see 1917 at the movies. He had wanted to see this film for weeks, so I agreed to go with him. I didn’t expect to like it at all since my taste in movies is pretty rotten. I ended up loving the film and not wanting it to end. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, and I highly recommend it. And, yes! That’s diet coke.

Questions for you!

  1. Are there any unique workout classes you’ve been enjoying lately?
  2. What’s the last movie you went to see?
  3. What is one thing you want to accomplish this week?


  • alessa

    love your blog

    Reply to alessa
  • Bonnie

    Ive been to DC once, back in high school, and I absolutely loved it! I need to go back since I only live a few hours south of there. I hope to start getting back into running this week. Ive been reading your blogs and they’ve made me so motivated to get back into it and I can’t wait to start!
    I was also wondering though what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures just look so nice and I’d love to start photographing more things not on my phone so I don’t use all my storage and can have more hard copies of all the memories. I used to compete in photography in high school and it was one of my favorite things to do.
    My husband and I saw Jumaji a few weeks ago, and we both loved it!

    Reply to Bonnie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi! I use a few different cameras! I use my cell phone a lot, my canon powershot g7x and my 5d canon mark iv! 🙂

      ohhhh I want to see Jumanji!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Milena

    Hi Taralynn!

    I am so glad to read that you are way more relaxed with your wedding plans 🙂 BTW, it’s so amazing that you gave your votes to another couple. You have a really big and beautifiul heart 🙂

    I haven’t been to the cinema lately but this weekend my boyfriend and I are going to see Bad Boys III. Can you believe I didn’t see the previous 2 movies until now? I watched both in the last few days just to be able to see the third part 😀

    One thing I want to accomplish is to spend more time with myself. One hour per day. I feel like I am always in a rush, always busy doing something… So I promised myself to have one hour per day just for me – read a book, make a face mask, take a long bath.. Just relax.

    Have a nice upcoming weekend 🙂

    Reply to Milena
  • Janel

    At first when I saw Cheer on your instagram, I was literally thinking the old time show Cheers hahaha. We are seeing 1917 this weekend, and I can’t wait!

    Reply to Janel
  • Lucy

    Why did you scrape the parm off your meal? Are you vegan now?

    Reply to Lucy
  • Marcella

    I just joined a running group again with a friend to get in shape since it was one of my goals for the new year. The last movie I saw was Little Women yesterday!!! 😭😭😭 so good. And one of my goals for this week is to successfully move into my new apartment on Saturday and get organized over the 3 day weekend!

    Reply to Marcella
  • Laurel

    I have been doing a mix of cardio and strength training. I hadn’t been to the gym since August because life has been really hectic and hard.

    I almost saw 1917 yesterday, but wasn’t in the mood for a sad film, so I saw the latest Star Wars instead, it was so good!

    This week my goal is to finish my birth doula certification!!

    Reply to Laurel
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It happens ♥️ Gotta take care of you.

      Yeah 1917 is one of those sad, but happy, but sad again movies. I’ve never seen anything StarWars! I tried once.

      NICE JOB! Becca did that!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Taralynn! It’s nice to hear you’ve been getting back into routine! It’s been the opposite for me – I started running again a few weeks ago and ended up tearing my ligament 🙁 Now I can’t even walk – so annoying!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Harriet

    Wow your house build is moving so fast. So awesome that you flew out to d.c to see meighan. Its great you got some of your wedding planning sorted. Next week I start gymnastics classes to help with my CrossFit movements it will be interesting to see how it goes. I cannot remember the last time I went to the movies. One thing I want to accomplish this week is to finish stripping the wallpaper to my lounge so we can plaster the walls next week, then start painting. Hope you have a great week!

    Reply to Harriet
  • Ashley

    Love the recap, Taralynn!! So excited for you on the wedding planning and house. Also, I just caught up on your previous post and you have the sweetest heart!!

    Happy Bachelor Monday! Not ready to see Hannah B again tonight, haha!

    Reply to Ashley
  • Abbey

    This recap is just what I needed after a busy morning with the kids!
    I am LOVING the Cheer documentary! They are crazy talented athletes, I never understood what cheerleading was all about but wow! We are saving the last episode for tonight.
    My favorite workout now is Barre3. I use their online streaming service. I love that it is strengthening and also incorporates flexibility and breathwork.
    Have a great week!

    Reply to Abbey
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Abbey!

      So glad you’re here 😊 You deserve the break!

      Right? that documentary was incredible!

      I didn’t realize that Barre had a streaming service. What a great thing to do! I’ll look into that! Those are my kind of workouts.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Dana

    I just discover the FitOn app and the classes are killer! And a lot of the classes are free. There is a little bit of everything so you can pick and choose.

    I haven’t gone to the actual movie theater in years and years. I can’t remember the last one.

    I need to start meal prepping again so that is what I want to accomplish this week.

    Reply to Dana
  • Breeanna

    I used to love going to kickboxing classes, but my gym randomly closed down without telling anyone (seriously, they put a sign on the door that said “permanently closed” one day out of the blue), but there’s some pretty good low-impact ones on YouTube! I particularly like the MadFit classes and Yoga with Adriene.

    I think it was Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I love going to the movies, but just haven’t been.

    Hmm, good question. On a personal level, I guess I would like to spend more time trying to relax. I have been using essential oils with my diffuser and trying hard to “meditate” or at least get in a state where I can try to let things go. It’s challenging.

    House is looking good! And I seriously have to try making those brownies already!

    Reply to Breeanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Breeanna!

      That is nuts. Crazy how they do that! I’ll have to try those channels out.

      I watched that movie on the plane!

      Love those goals for the week ♥️ Essential oils and reading before bed!

      MAKE EM 😂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Peggy

    I have just been walking hills at the gym…I do not want to think about any workouts so I just get on and go…
    We saw 1917 with the kids and I was surprised too how much we all loved it! Beautifully filmed!
    I am in the midst of organizing and need to find a good way to store the Keurig pods we got with our new Keurig for Christmas. Also, the LSU tigers need to beat Clemson tonight! The neighbors are coming over for the game and some turkey chili!
    Glad you are less stressed about the wedding planning! It’s hard!

    Reply to Peggy
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That’s awesome! It’s a good way to check out for a bit.

      Glad you took the kids! I think I would have been more interested in history in school if it was filmed or explained like that!

      There are tons of pod organizers at bed bath & beyond!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Beverly

    I love that you flew out to your friend for just a weekend! I’ve been planning to do that next month to see a friend in Seattle but wasn’t sure if just one full day would be worth it. But to be honest any time spent with friends is definitely worth it!

    I really like going to my Barre class. It’s little movements but I’m always so sore afterwards!
    I think the last movie I went to see was the last Avengers movie. I hardly ever go to the theater anymore but I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about 1917!
    I really want to get back into meal prep and maybe starting to run again. This year is all about self-care and getting back to being mentally and physically healthy so I figure meal prep and running are a good start!

    I’m so excited to see the end results of your house and how you decorate for it!!

    Reply to Beverly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I love weekend trips! They are so worth it 😊 Totally go for it!

      I like Barre class, too! Glad we are moving closer to one!

      We don’t go often either, but 1917 was so worth it. I can’t get it enough praise.

      Those are great goals!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Danielle

    Hey! I’m just curious since I know you eat gluten free, dairy free, etc., have you found that it has benefitted your mental health at all? I’m looking for all the possible ways I can improve my lifestyle to help decrease my anxiety, and I’ve seen some things on various websites that have said people have found eating a diet similar to yours is supposed to help. If so, do you have any tips on getting started? I eat relatively healthy but just don’t even know where to begin with cutting all of those different things out of my diet. Thanks so much!

    Reply to Danielle
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Danielle!

      I’ve never taken notes with how I’m feeling mentally while eating this way. I don’t think it’s made any difference. But I’d definitely chat with your doctor about it when it comes to mental health.

      Luckily eating gluten-free has been really easy and convenient nowadays. Just pay attention to labels, reach for more whole foods like potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

      But again, I wouldn’t cut any gluten without consulting your doctor.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Angie

    Have you had your cortisol level tested? Just curious as to how you became aware that it was high.

    Reply to Angie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I had it tested two years ago and have had it tested every six months since! I had started gaining weight while working out a ton and eating healthy. It wasn’t the muscle kind of weight either, it was fat. My doctor took the tests and figured it out.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Melissa Vaughan

        I’ve been gaining weight and have been unable to loose weight, Even though my diet is extremely heathy and and work out out heaps. My Dr is testing my cortisol levels, just waiting on the results. So interesting that you mentioned it, perhaps I’ll have to try this work out class

        Reply to Melissa Vaughan
  • Emma

    I’ve been wanting to try solidcore for so long but have always been nervous!! I’m moderately active already but for some reason it seems so intimidating to me, so this might actually be the motivation I needed to finally try it 🙂

    Reply to Emma
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It was amazing, and honestly, the instructors were great! I was struggling but they are so encouraging and the room is SO DARK so no one is watching what you do. I modified a lot of the movements!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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