Holiday Season at CVS + DIY Gift Box Giveaway!

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away. I’m still catching up on last-minute gift shopping, DIY gifts, and finalizing a menu for Christmas Eve. My family is leaving me this year 🙁 They’re heading back to our hometown in Iowa to spend Christmas with my Grandma and family. For the past 26 years, I’ve spent every Christmas with my parents, so this year I’m welcoming a new tradition, and ready to change things up. Kyle and I are staying behind and inviting my best friend, Becca, and her boyfriend over for Christmas Eve. I’m excited about it. Becca and I are going to steam crab legs, attempt to bake a chicken, and put together a dinner followed by coffee, dessert, and board games. We may even spike the eggnog this year 😉

Even though I have big plans for the holidays, I want to make it stress-free and fun. Sometimes you can get ahead of yourself and then it starts to become overwhelming. This year, I’ve partnered up with CVS to bring you blogs about their CVS Pay, CVS Curbside Pickup, the CVS Pharmacy App, and now I get to talk about my favorite CVS feature, the CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program. These posts are helpful if you also like things to be stress-free and more convenient. Partnering up with CVS this year has been amazing, and I hope you all have learned just as much as I have.

Because it’s the holiday season, I’m going to be navigating you around the ExtraCare Rewards program to show you how it can help you save on all of your holiday gifts, shopping, and pharmacy needs. And what’s a holiday-themed post without an awesome giveaway? I’m going to show you how to throw together a last-minute gift box with items from CVS. But the fun part? I’m giving away the box and adding a personal ornament that I made 🙂 Keep reading to learn how you can enter.
There are so many reasons why I love CVS, but I could make that a separate post. As I said before, the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program is one of my favorites. It allows me to save on almost all of my favorite products and the BOGO deals are always on point. I like that I don’t have to go searching or keep my eye out for deals. I get an app notification with personalized offers (based on my previous visits) and a heads up when new products are available. When you use the program, you automatically earn 2% back in ExtraBuck Rewards on almost everything you buy. So when you’re out Christmas shopping this year, remember to stop at CVS and get your 2% back. Those extra bucks add up. Don’t forget to opt-in to receive additional personalized coupons and information directly to your emails. You can do so by clicking here ( When you receive those emails, you can send the deal straight to your card. It’s much easier than printing out coupons. The deal will be redeemed at the register as soon as the cashier swipes your card.

The ExtraCare Rewards program was designed to make the customer’s life much easier 🙂 It’s by far one of the best loyalty programs out there. That’s why it’s the longest running in the drugstore space with a 15+ year history!
I’ve already mentioned the “ExtraBucks Rewards,” so let me explain further.

It’s basically free money. You can use your ExtraBucks on pretty much anything at CVS. The way you get those ExtraBucks is by simply scanning your little ExtraCare Rewards barcode on the app from your phone. And here is no threshold waiting period. If you’ve earned rewards, they are applied immediately. The ExtraCare members will not only receive automatic discounts from their purchases, but they will also receive weekly circular deals and personalized coupons. I hate when I’m at a store, and I get a coupon for baby food and diapers. Like, can you give me something that I’ll actually use?! That’s why I love this program.

When you’re home baking and realize that you’ve forgotten the vanilla or sugar, just swing by CVS, pick some up, and get 2% back by scanning your ExtraCare Rewards card. (you can also download the app and scan it that way.)

Just so you know, CVS has the perfect selection of unique party snacks. You bet you’ll find trail mix, flavored popcorn, and chocolate treats on my Christmas table from CVS. 
I found a goldmine while shopping around for my gift basket. I’ve been in CVS so many times (like twice a week) and had no idea that they had a Hallmark Gift section. This just made gift buying easier. I always find something new every time I go in.

If you are looking for last minute gifts for a coworker or teacher, definitely stop in CVS. They have everything you need to make it special. Pick a gift from the Hallmark section, grab a card, throw in some candy, and toss it into a gift bag! Done & done.

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty much over the paper and the overflowing recycling bins around the holidays. Good thing The ExtraCare Rewards program has digital receipts. No more paper! When you check out, you can have the receipt sent to your email along with the coupons you’ve received. This is also convenient if you lose receipts easily 😀
When you head to CVS this holiday for stocking stuffers, (they have the best) cards, wrapping paper, batteries, tape, etc. Stop at the ExtraCare Coupon Center as an alternative to the app! (You know, just in case your phone ran out of battery or you left it at home.) You can find them at all CVS Pharmacy locations. They are red kiosks where ExtraCare members can scan their cards before they shop. It’ll bring out available coupons or quarterly ExtraBucks. You can use them for your holiday shopping.
I think one of the best features is the ExtraCare Beauty Club! If you don’t go to CVS for your makeup and beauty needs, you’re doing it all wrong. They have everything and products you’ve never heard of before. They are continually bringing in new items. If you enroll in the ExtraCare Beauty Club, you’ll receive instant 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment, $5 ExtraBucks Rewards for every $50 spent (on qualifying beauty products) and beauty tips and new product release information. If you are interested in makeup or beauty, I highly recommend you follow the Beauty Club on Twitter and Facebook. You’ll get even more insider access to special offers and more! And while you’re at it, If you follow the ExtraCare Twitter account and Facebook page, you’ll receive exclusive coupons and have access to fun social media contests.

You can also sign up for ExtraCare Pharmacy & Healthy Rewards. If you sign up, you’ll receive $5 ExtraBucks for ever ten prescriptions filled, up to $50 ExtraBucks every year for each enrolled person in the household. How amazing is that?
CVS Pharmacy makes it easy to save money this time of year. They also make gift shopping easy! They have all kinds of unique gadgets, trending beauty products, popular fragrances (we always get my mom Clinique Happy) fun stocking stuffers, and the best candy selection. My favorite stocking stuffers are the protein bars.

I like getting everything done at CVS and skipping the busy malls this time of year. I don’t want to fight a crowd of people just to get some stocking stuffers and chocolate bars. It’s so much easier to do it all in one place. To make it even easier, you can actually purchase everything you need at home through the app and then use the Curbside to pick it up later. They have a lot of high-quality gifts too. Things you’d never imagine finding at CVS!

You can use CVS photo to make Christmas cards and to make prints for cute gift frames. I love framed photos as a holiday gift. They have batteries, memory cards, cords, earphones and all kinds of accessories for electronic gifts. Just make sure to use the ExtraCare Rewards program this holiday season!
I used my CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Rewards card to buy fun little gifts for my gift box! I went in CVS for twenty minutes and had the gift put together in five. I loved looking through the unique holiday snacks and picking out which ones I think you will all like best! 🙂
I picked out a Starbucks gift card, candy, snack bars, a good holiday book, coffee, cookies, a cute mug, chapstick, a face mask, soup, protein bars, and more. I also picked up a gift box and stuffing. Leo thought this was all for him! If you’d like to see how I put the box together, head over to my Instagram account and watch my latest story! 
The peppermint milk chocolate pretzels and spicy sriracha popcorn are my two favorite products right now. They’ll 100% be on my Christmas party table. 


*You will win the gift box from the photos above + a handmade ornament from me* (must be U.S. resident and 18+)

Leave a comment on this blog and tell me what you love about shopping at CVS during the holidays! 

I hope this post makes your holiday run smoother! Happy Holidays everyone!


This post is sponsored by CVS & ALL opinions are my own!

“I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy, #DiscoverCVS and how to #FindYourHealthy. All opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.”


  • Laura

    So basically cvs is my go to pharmacy with kids the drive through is great. But I seriously love that I can basically walk there and pick up any last minute items I may have forgot while out! They literally carry a little of everything. I love the snacks. Go to for road trips for sure.

    Reply to Laura
  • Lisa

    CVS has great and afforable finds anytime of year and there isonr on almost any city corner Leo leave mommas coffee alone!

    Reply to Lisa
  • Susan Christy

    CVS has great stocking stuffers and are the only place in town I can get my niece’s favorite lipstick.

    Reply to Susan Christy
  • Blair

    I love all the snack options CVS has makes it so easy to stock up when you are sick and run into get prescriptions. You can get everything you need at one time. No one likes to run around when they are sick.

    Reply to Blair
  • Elle

    I love that there is a CVS 5 minutes from my house so I can run in and run out whenever I forget something needed for holiday gifts like cards, wrapping paper, decorations and so on.

    Reply to Elle
  • Linda

    I love that CVS tends to have exactly what I want and they have good deal around the holidays too.

    Reply to Linda
  • Libby

    I love shopping at CVS during the holidays because of their snacks. They make great goodies when my family has to drive to our relatives’ houses for Christmas.

    Reply to Libby
  • SandyN

    The food, candy, gifts, makeup, cards, and on and on…what’s not to love?!?! I love CVS!!!

    Reply to SandyN
  • Ashley Preshong

    I LOVE CVS! We have a 24 hour store across the street from where we live and it’s so convenient. They have great stocking stuffers and snacks.

    Reply to Ashley Preshong
  • Megan

    I love the rewards I get with my CVS rewards card. It feels like free money 😁

    Reply to Megan
  • Taylor

    I love that CVS is quick and easy to run in and out of! They have pretty much everything you’d need! They’re perfect for the last minute gifts or when you forget to get more tape or wrapping supplies 😄 Merry Christmas! 🎄☕️

    Reply to Taylor
  • Lynne T

    The first thing I love is that CVS is located just two blocks from my house, so even if it snows and I discover I need a last minute gift, I don’t have to worry about needing to drive as I can walk there. I also love that it’s got something from everyone including the pets.

    Reply to Lynne T
  • Catherine

    I like the snack options CVS has to offer.

    Reply to Catherine
  • Savannah Chaviers

    I love the customer service at cvs. The cashiers at my local one always remember me and are always super excited to see how much I save !!

    Reply to Savannah Chaviers
  • Jill

    We have a CVS right by our house, which makes it SUPER convenient – and just the ease of shopping there plus how quickly you can go in, grab what you need & get out – just makes it the best!

    Reply to Jill
  • Carla C

    I liked shopping at CVS last year because they had the large wooden nutcrackers for sale. It’s easy to shop there because you don’t have to walk a long distance to get to everything.

    Reply to Carla C
  • Linda

    I love that they are quick and convenient!

    Reply to Linda
  • Walnut

    Seeing as my kiddos are always getting sick this time of year, I love the fact I can pick up small Christmas and birthday gifts while filling their prescriptions. Plus there is always coffee for after those long nights.

    Reply to Walnut
  • Dana

    I love CVS because we have one right on the corner. They have such a variety of items that any time I need something last minute I know they will have it!

    Reply to Dana
  • Christina

    I love CVS because of the convenience and variety of products! They have so many choices!

    Reply to Christina
  • Jenna Hudson

    I love shopping at CVS because they have cute gift sets perfect for presents! Love that my CVS is only two blocks away too! Happy Holidays to all!

    Reply to Jenna Hudson
  • candace

    I love the holiday candy selection!

    Reply to candace
  • Denise Johnson

    I always love the great makeup selection at CVS. I can always find lots of goodies for family and friends during the holidays.

    Reply to Denise Johnson
  • mira

    I love CVS because it’s a catch-all spot to get snacks, health stuff, beauty stuff and more! But honestly…50% holiday candy the day after xmas is a real winner…

    Reply to mira
  • Holly

    I love CVS because it’s a quick drive from my dorm and very convenient for me to pick up any last minute items before driving home for breaks!

    Reply to Holly
  • April Johnson

    My most favorite thing about shopping at CVS during the holidays are the snacks for when I’m busy and forget to eat (what’s up, wasabi peas!?). I also really appreciate that it’s the kind of place that I can get a variety of last minute needs like tape and wrapping paper (when you are only, like, a foot short), ibuprofen (yeah, you holiday stress headaches), and tampons (periods always make the Christmas season more challenging amirite?). Grateful for one stop shops!

    Reply to April Johnson
  • Gladys

    I love CVS because of all the drugstores, they have the best usable coupons.

    Reply to Gladys
  • Gladys

    I love CVS because of all the drugstores, they are the best in offering coupons!

    Reply to Gladys
  • Stephanie

    I love it because of its access and availability. You can always get what you need especially if you are in a hurry, and where I am, there are a lot of CVS’! Its very convenient and a nice neighborhood staple 🙂

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Carly

    I am always impressed by the healthy food options! Like others have said, I had no idea how much stuff they have. One stop, shop.

    Reply to Carly
  • Lacey

    I love shopping at CVS because you can always find something that you might not be able to find elsewhere!!!

    Reply to Lacey
  • Kayley

    I like that CVS stocks these items because it’s the closest convenience store to where I live, so it’s convenient to be able to walk over there and pick up not only medicine, but also gifts and goodies!

    Reply to Kayley
  • Kim

    I love the huge variety of stocking stuffers! I can pick up fun mini beauty items, unique little snacks (those Larabar bites are incredible!) and all kinds of stuff in one spot. 🙂

    Reply to Kim
  • Alli Marks

    I absolutely love CVS for all of their little perks, especially with picking up prescriptions or purchasing beauty products. They always offer rewards and coupons for all of my everyday necessities and I especially love how they’ve transformed their line of products into healthier options, it truly has made traveling around the holidays that much easier. Happy Holidays!!!

    Reply to Alli Marks
  • Susie

    I love going to CVS to browse their beauty aisles, especially for mascaras. I’ve tried high end mascaras and find that drug store varieties work just as well at a fraction of the price. I also like getting my Olay skin stuff at CVS. I’ve yet to try their snacks, but with all your raving about them I will definitely pick up some goodies on my next trip!

    Reply to Susie
  • Ally

    I love CVS for so many reasons! I love being able to find the perfect gifts for everyone in one place without breaking my budget. That way I can share the Christmas love with more people!

    Reply to Ally
  • Ally

    I love CVS for so many reasons! I love being able to find the perfect little gifts for everyone in one place without breaking my budget. That way I can share the Christmas love with more people!

    Reply to Ally
  • Julie Painter

    I love getting to use coupons right from my phone!

    Reply to Julie Painter
  • Alice

    I love that CVS has so much! I used to think of it as just a drugstore but it’s got so much more than that. I prefer to stop at CVS instead of the grocery store when I just need a few small things.

    Reply to Alice
  • Cee

    What I love most is that you can easily pop in and find little things, rather than going to a full-on grocery store or shop.

    Reply to Cee
  • Heather S

    I love the variety of products they carry, it makes it super easy to one-stop-shop!

    Reply to Heather S
  • Marillyn

    I love finding new treats to try! CVS has some good ones! ! Especially when I’m on the go.

    Reply to Marillyn
  • cass

    i love CVS because they have everything I need and I can just run in quickly if i need something

    Reply to cass
  • Jessica

    I actually don’t have a CVS near me 🙁 I wish i did because I hear they are the champions of getting great deals and couponing.

    Thanks for the giveaway! This was a very thorough post. <3

    Reply to Jessica
  • Michael

    I love how convenient it is and the wonderful deals you can get there

    Reply to Michael
  • Maria dcdc

    I love that they are very convenient, carry a vast variety of products and I always find unexpected things like the perfect stocking stuffer or great Halloween decor

    Reply to Maria dcdc
  • Becky

    Just like you I love CVS because it’s convenient and they have great coupons through the Rewards Program. I live within walking distance to a CVS so I’m always running there for a quick trip. I buy medicine, snacks, makeup and gifts, just to name a few. I love the CVS apps because it keeps all of my coupons in once place and I don’t have to cut coupons and remember to use them- they’re already attached to my card!

    Reply to Becky
  • kacee

    Stocking stuffers! Love this place for snacks for our holiday travels, also.
    Merry Christmas, Taralynn

    Reply to kacee
  • Shayna

    CVS is close to my parents home, so when I’m visiting I love stocking up on No Cow Bars. So delicious!

    Reply to Shayna
  • Jacqui

    CVS is so close to my work! I pop in to get my medicine on a monthly basis so I can pick up whatever I need that week as well. ALWAYS seem to need birthday cards lol. And I would argue that I “need” the milk chocolate covered pretzels but that might be a stretch 🙂 Happy Holidays!!

    Reply to Jacqui
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Jacqui!!

      I bet it’s so nice being able to just run over there when you forgot something, especially those cards!!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Khrissy

    I use to only shop at Walgreens but I’ve been using CVS more since reading about it here. I love the cute stuff I’ve picked up for stocking stuffers that actually look really pricey and well made and not cheap! The different snacks and food options they have are great as well!

    Reply to Khrissy
    • Taralynn McNitt

      CVS is so much better! 😀 & They don’t sell tobacco products, but instead, focus on providing healthier options for their customers:D


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Liz

    I love that the have a bit of everything in one store! Toys, goft wrap, cards, beauty items, even a pharmacy! It makes holiday shopping so convenient.

    Reply to Liz
  • Sharin Hernandez

    I love to go to CVS because they are super diversified, I can find everything I need since some baby stuffs to a beautiful and good gifts for differents occasion besides the store itself help you to find all those things without waste your time.

    Reply to Sharin Hernandez
  • Nicole

    I had never thought about shopping at CVS for holiday gifts! In fact, I am still behind on some gifts (it has been a busy season…). I have not been able to decide what to get and then I saw your post and immediately wrote on my “to do” list to head over to CVS! A gift basket idea is PERFECT!! I love all the variety of things, and that it’s so affordable for my poor graduate student self 🙂 Thank you for the idea!!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Robin

    CVS is located close to my house and my work so that’s the first “win”. They have a great selection of snacks, wine, and make-up/body products. I like their sale section where I can often find inexpensive things for my classroom-I’m an elementary school teacher. I always grab stocking stuffers and candy from CVS for my whole family. I’ve found everything from cute nail
    Files and nail polish, delicious bags of nuts and specialty gluten free snacks, tiny novelty toys, Christmas candy, and awesome hair products. And of course they always have a fabulous selection of wrapping paper, gift bags and more!

    Reply to Robin
  • Samantha

    I love all the deals that CVS has all the time! Those little yellow tags and I are BFFs. My favorite is after I check out and I get the long list of coupons and discounts. That’s when I start planning my next trip!

    Reply to Samantha
  • Dayna Horton

    I love going to CVS for a couple reasons. I like using and getting the reward points, Love not dealing with the long lines of places like wal-mart, and my local CVS hires disabled individuals which I fully support. During the holidays everyone is so happy and festive it isn’t just chaos or grumpy people there. Plus I can find all kinds of cute gifts and yummy snacks for Christmas movies. 🙂

    Reply to Dayna Horton
  • Abby Glenn

    I love CVS for stocking stuffers and always get myself a snack and drink while shopping for others!

    Reply to Abby Glenn
  • Jen

    I LOVE their festive/seasonal section. I remember going to CVS with my grandma when I was a little girl and as soon as I saw all the holiday decorations, food, toys, etc., I would always get into the Christmas spirit. That hasn’t changed; they always have a great selection!

    Reply to Jen
  • Ann

    CVS reminds me of being a kid! We had one in our hometown growing up and that is THE place we’d go for everything! Once I got older and had my own money, I’d still had it as my go to!! Miss it being farther away from where we live now. It brings back so many memories when I do get to shop there. Makes me feel the nostalgia of it from younger years…. 😌

    Reply to Ann
  • Nicole Martin

    I love it because you can find last minute gifts fast!

    Reply to Nicole Martin
  • Angela Masters

    I love the deals and coupons at CVS. I also love it’s a one stop and shop kind of place.

    Reply to Angela Masters
  • Brooke

    I love all the unique things they have and products you don’t find anywhere else! Gift baskets and everything you picked out look so good!

    Reply to Brooke
  • Alison Williams

    I love CVS. I went there last Saturday! And I love that it is just a few minutes from my house. LOL! It is our go-to place for all our meds and things like that. I love their Christmas section this time of year. But their beauty section is the best!

    Great blog!

    Reply to Alison Williams
  • Lesa

    I really love how easy it is to run in and out of CVS and get what I need. I am super busy this time of year and they make picking up last minute items so stress free!

    Reply to Lesa
  • Caitlyn

    OMG hands down their Golden Emblem chocolate pretzels are TO DIE for!!!! I get them EVERY time I go in to CVS and I even have my boyfriend hooked on them. I love that they have a whole section just for healthier options and a lot of times they even have the healthy options up by where the line is just to help you make a better decision rather than grabbing that candy bar.

    Reply to Caitlyn
  • Catherine

    This may sound corny but I have always enjoyed shopping at CVS (at all of the holidays) with my mother. In high school, I had one fairly close so we would stop there on the way home from school (I’m 26 now). So now, when I go, I think about those fun times shopping with my mom – and I still try to make time to go with her!

    Merry Christmas, Taralynn!

    Reply to Catherine
  • Jackie

    I love the holiday snacks, great deals, fun gifts! I guess I can’t pick just one! Great giveaway!! Thanks! Now I want to go shopping again:)

    Reply to Jackie
  • Kalyn

    They make it quick and easy to print my photos! (I gave a lot of photo gifts for the holidays) Including helping me get a new passport photo so I could renew it and keep traveling! 🙂

    Reply to Kalyn
  • nicole @ bento momentos

    CVS was my first job (got it after making friends with the manager with my coupon shopping :D) so it always has a special place in my heart. I always loved looking at the holiday gift sets and festive fuzzy socks!

    Reply to nicole @ bento momentos
  • Jennifer Hayden

    They have great deals and unfortunately have had to visit often in the last few weeks because of a nasty cold. Thanks for having me covered CVS!

    Reply to Jennifer Hayden
  • Olivia Wattles

    Looove CVS! I Noam love in upstate NY where CVS’ are few and far between. (In NJ they are on every corner!) Now when I find one , I love scanning my card and scoping out my coupon selection!! i love their snack collection, it’s a great place for stocking stuffers!

    Reply to Olivia Wattles
  • Erin

    I love that they’re now offering healthy snack options, and it’s especially awesome that stores are conveniently located all throughout my city SF)! Good buys and variety of items.

    Reply to Erin
  • Madison

    I love the coupons, pharmacy, and calm atmosphere of CVS during the holidays.

    Reply to Madison
  • Abisag

    I enjoy shopping at cvs to avoid the crowds . Plus, it’s near my house so very convenient when I need something, I can just make a quick stop at my store.

    Reply to Abisag
  • Abisag

    I enjoy shopping at cvs to avoid the huge crowds at malls and other stores. It’s near my house and I love browsing the makeup aisle!

    Reply to Abisag
  • Alayna

    I love the convenience of having so many things I need in one place. It’s a fantastic spot for gift cards, stocking stuffers, and of course all the cold medicine and supplies I’ve needed the past two weeks!

    Reply to Alayna
  • Sarah

    I love the large variety of products they carry.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Dee

    I love all the great deals on candy and toys – they make great stocking stuffers! 🙂

    Reply to Dee
  • Anna G

    I love CVS because everything is always so festive and I can buy something for everyone on my list! So many great deals this time and yummy snacks.

    Reply to Anna G
  • Kate

    I love being able to go in to pick up last minute gifts for literally EVERYONE and also stock up on great holiday travel snacks. Hello, awesome selection of nuts and trail mix!

    Reply to Kate
  • Gina Vanloenen

    I love that I can stop by CVS for a skin product then leave with many items all from same place!

    Reply to Gina Vanloenen
  • Laura Beth

    I really do love that I can run in and grab what I need fairly quickly. Going to Target or Walmart takes so much longer and is always so crowded! CVS has everything right there, easy to find, grab and get out the door! Xo

    Reply to Laura Beth
  • Alisha

    I love the convience, selection and prices at CVS. Sometimes I go in for just one or two things and come out with a bag or two or random stuff I didn’t even know I needed.

    Reply to Alisha
  • Mary

    I love that CVS is a one stop shop. It’s so easy to get in and out and get just what I need. Great deals on great quality products. Saves me time and money!!!

    Reply to Mary
  • Ashley

    I love when shopping at CVS you don’t have to worry about mall traffic or terrible parking. It’s so easy to run in and get everything you need ❤️

    Reply to Ashley
  • Alisha

    I love the convience, selection, and prices of CVS. Sometimes I’ll run in quick for just a couple of things and end up leaving with a few bags.

    Reply to Alisha
  • Teresa Eskew

    I love that they have the products U like. The store is always clean , the staff is great and almost everything I buy leads to extra bucks rewards.

    Reply to Teresa Eskew
  • Stacy

    I love the coupons they send to my email- like the 20%, 30%, or even 40% off of one item! I’ll always use it to stock up on things that i know I’ll need!

    Reply to Stacy
  • Maximiliane

    Oh my gosh you’ve saved me! I was trying to figure out where to buy some things I was going to ship over to a friend in Germany, without exceeding a huge budget, since the shipping is so expensive, and I totally didn’t think about CVS until I’ve read your post! I’ll head straight over there tomorrow!
    I think what I like about CVS is how practical it is. For me it’s extremely practical, because it’s literally right next to my house. I can walk over there when weather conditions don’t allow for cars to drive, since it’s a five minute walk. This makes it so great for emergencies, as well as last-minute shopping trips! I know I’ve had moments when the clock hits 11 pm and my body has decided it is definitely time for some peppermint chocolate and I have to find some way of solving that problem. So really I like how convenient it is time-wise (the 24-hours open policy SERIOUSLY helps) and that they’re EVERYWHERE, so regardless if I have an inconvenient last-minute feminine hygiene run to make (it happens) or if I’ve completely forgotten to get a birthday card for someone before my 7 am business meetings on Friday, then I can make it happen without much hassle!
    (Also completely agree, love their snacks, school supplies, and book section!)

    Reply to Maximiliane
  • Josefina

    CVS is a life saver, to having specials on snacks drinks, as well as having cute small gifts to give to friends and family. The environment is always so calm and the staff is also very helpful and friendly.

    Reply to Josefina
  • Melissa

    I’m not even sure where to start! I love CVS. I pass by our local one almost every day. I enjoy browsing the aisles and just find so many new products that way! I love that they have so much variety!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Kelly

    Love stopping at CVS to grab some snacks and a bottle of wine to bring to a holiday party! In and out and nobody gets hurt 🙂

    Reply to Kelly
  • Katie

    Does it still count if I say I love everything about CVS and can’t narrow it down to one 😉

    Reply to Katie
  • Nicole

    I love CVS because I can always find great deals. I love their coupon kiosk machine. I’ve gotten so many everyday items cheap or for free because they take care of their customers. You can find anything and everything you need all in one place.

    Reply to Nicole
  • Amy B

    I love just browsing around and finding things I didn’t even know they had!

    Reply to Amy B
  • Jen H

    There is not a CVS near me but wow what some fun stuff!

    Reply to Jen H
  • Hanah Williams

    I feel like I’m driving so much around the holiday season. From the in laws to my family to friends, we are only in town for such a short amount of time, we snack more then we have normal meals. CVS saves my life when in comes to this, because HANGRY is all too real. Especially when I’m trying to be some what healthy amidst the pie and sweet treats!

    Reply to Hanah Williams
  • Cindy A.

    CVS is literally six minutes from my house. I always check them out first for stocking stuffers, Christmas cards, and eggnog. I actually bought the last eggnog of the season at my neighborhood CVS last year. Ha!

    Reply to Cindy A.
  • Brittany

    I live in New York City now (just moved in August!) and I love that I can always find I’m what I need at CVS–and quickly! It’s hard to find a store that’s convenient AND reasonably priced AND has that one random thing I need RIGHT THIS SECOND. But CVS is always so reliable!! And I need that in my life. Ha! 🙂

    Reply to Brittany
  • Tyler J

    I love that CVS has several locations close to both my house and work and that they have a huge variety of items!

    Reply to Tyler J
  • Kelly D

    I like shopping at CVS for the holidays because they always have items that make fun stocking stuffers or thoughtful gifts, like candy, makeup and wellness items.

    Reply to Kelly D
  • Christine

    I love the variety of things at cvs

    Reply to Christine
  • Katie

    I’ll be honest never been in a CVS, but after following you I’m excited for the day I get to and try some of the products I’ve seen on your blog!!! That popcorn sounds right up my alley!!! Hope your family has a good time back home, to bad Graham’s isn’t open during the winter 😜

    Reply to Katie
  • Emily Hayes

    I love shopping at CVS during the holidays because they always have an amazing selection. My mom is obsessed with going there…she probably goes in at least three times a week. There always great beauty and skincare options to choose from. I like shopping there anytime of year 🙂

    Reply to Emily Hayes
  • Lisa Babs

    CVS is great for last minute gifts. First it’s right next door to my house. Secondly, it has a great selection of candy and other gifts like gift cards. and lastly, it’s never crowded like the mall or other stores like walmart.

    Reply to Lisa Babs
  • Kayla

    I love how convenient it is. They’ve got just about everything you need, and without the big lines and tons of people that places like Walmart have.

    Reply to Kayla
  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    I love that they have an AMAZING rewards program! Honestly, there are so many options of places to shop that I will 100% be swayed to go to a place that actually gives back to it’s loyal customers. That’s just good business right there! And who doesn’t love a great deal?!
    Plus it’s nice to have a place where you can get EVERYTHING.

    Reply to Susie @ Mile High Dreamers
  • Lydia Baucum

    I love being able to quickly run in and out for those last minute holiday goodies. CVS is a great place to grab fun stocking stuffers without becoming completely overwhelmed. A lot of the time, I feel the way I do in places like Marshalls… I find something unexpected!

    Reply to Lydia Baucum
  • Jennifer P

    I love the brands that CVS carries, especially for food and snacks! They seem to be higher quality and carry more natural brands…without the higher price tags 😀 I also love that if I accidentally buy the wrong shade of makeup (or if I’m not as tan as I used to be in the summer) that they will exchange it with no hassle!

    Reply to Jennifer P
  • Barbara

    First, I love that I can walk less than half a mile to the nearest CVS from my home. #winning Second, I love the gift aisle which is pretty much every aisle. I always forget that they’re more than just a drugstore. Some of the cutest stuffed animals are from there from years past and they definitely have enough for any last minute shopping which looks like I’m gonna have to do probably tomorrow. This gift box is a great idea. Maybe I’ll start saving up rewards to replicate the one you’re giving away for an upcoming birthday for a friend. Thanks for the always awesome posts!!

    Reply to Barbara
  • Lauren Buda

    I love that no matter where I am, there is always a CVS nearby! It’s perfect for road trip snacks (for those of us traveling during the holidays), last minute gifts (hello, that gift card selection is amazing!), and I have to agree about their beauty products! Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Lauren Buda
  • Kathryn

    I love that I can get a snack and a last minute birthday card at the same time that I’m picking up a prescription at CVS!

    Reply to Kathryn
  • Valerie

    Your post makes me wish that I had a CVS closer to me! It’s on the opposite side of town and rarely convenient unless I make a special trip so I rarely stop there. 🙁

    Reply to Valerie
  • Sarah

    I love the snack variety!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Liz Markle

    My mom worked at CVS for almost 15 years and I love that they treated her like family! I always loved that they had healthy snack options and they’re a one-stop-shop for EVERYTHING you could possibly need!

    Reply to Liz Markle
  • Kacee

    CVS is by far my favorite drugstore! I think they have the best selection, and deals on items that I buy often!

    Reply to Kacee
  • Nadine

    I love that CVS always has great deals, on so many different types of snacks and everyday products I need. I can always get extra bucks rewards to buy even more snacks!

    Reply to Nadine
  • Alaina

    I love CVS because I can browse the store and get everything I need without having to stop at a large store or supermarket, which also entails longer lines for checkout, more inconvenient parking, and usually higher prices. Also, I can get prescriptions and even develop photos, all while I buy what I want! Lastly, the savings card always enables me to save money! Thanks for this opportunity! This box looks awesome!

    Reply to Alaina
  • Lauren

    I love the grab and go energy ball type snacks! Seems like the perfect start to a road trip!

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      yes always the place to stop before road trips!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Shannon Stowers

        Couldn’t figure out how to leave my own comment but this is me entering! I love CVS because they have cute yet unique and adorable Christmas gifts for my friends and family members!! Love the blog post 🙂

        Reply to Shannon Stowers
  • Nadya

    My daughter (3yo) loves going to CVS with me because they have the giant car carts- she buckles herself and a babydoll in and beeps the little horn while I do the shopping. I keep an eye on the coupons and stock up on wet wipes, overnight training pants, and snacks. One thing I love about our CVS is the drive through pharmacy window. It wasn’t until we all had the flu last year during a snow event (and yes we all got our flu shot at a cvs but we had a bad strain of the flu in her daycare last year)and I had to run to get the tamiflu that I truly appreciated it. No one wants to get out in the snow when sick or expose others…the drive through saved the day!

    Reply to Nadya
  • Alicia

    i love how convenient it is to stop at cvs – i can get a lot wide variety of gifts for the wide variety of people i have in my life in one stop!

    Reply to Alicia
  • Sam Arrigal

    First off, I LOVE everything you bought. That mug is so cute!
    Secondly, my favorite thing about CVS…. scratch that… favorite THINGS about CVS would have to be 1. the journals 2. the card selection and 3. the popcorn.

    Reply to Sam Arrigal
  • Shellie Smith

    Love , Love, Love CVS. It always has great little goodies for my older daughter’s, makeup for myself, medicine for family, quick healthy snacks, and I always have extra Bucks to spend on my next purchase. I also love the Beauty Reward program. There is always coupons, and deals on their makeup, hair supplies. I hope to win❤️💛💜😉😉.. Merry Christmas.

    Reply to Shellie Smith
  • Hillary

    I love going there for gift cards, vitamins and any random sweets vision that pops in my head. Also love that they remind you to use your extra bucks, because I typically forget about anything coupon like!

    Reply to Hillary
  • Tanya

    I love going to CVS because it’s your one stop shop for all things, and I also love the fact that there are different varieties and brands of food that I am able to choose from because of my food allergies. All in all, it’s convenient and quick when you’re in a hurry.

    Reply to Tanya
  • Lisa

    I love that everything you need is basically at one place and at afforadable prices

    Reply to Lisa
  • Jessica

    I love that they don’t sell tobacco products anymore and while that is legal and a person’s choice, I choose to support business’ who value their customer’s health!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Sara

    I love how easy it is for me to get so many different things on my list. Usually its just an item I forgot at the grocery store, or medicine, but gift cards and cards are so easy this time of year!

    Reply to Sara
  • Adrianne Baer

    The seasonal snacks!! Also the sickness necessities, makes life so much easier than going to a full store.

    Reply to Adrianne Baer
  • Anastasia

    CVS is right across the street from my work and I run in there ALL. THE. TIME. I love how convenient it is! I’ve run inside to grab everything from healthy snacks to lady products when mother nature came early…TMI? I also love that CVS is always giving out amazing coupons!

    P.S. I am OBSESSED with those pretzels too!

    Reply to Anastasia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      SO DANGEROUS!!!!

      And girl, you wanna talk TMI? I went into CVS wearing turquoise jogger sweatpants, green shoes, a pullover sweater with a giant oversized sweater on top, no makeup, glasses, and my hair in a messy bun to get all my “mother nature” needs yesterday. NOBODY judges the way you look at CVS hahahaha

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jenni

    I love their rewards program!! Favorite thing in the store is the already-made empty gift bags so you don’t waste a bunch of tissue paper haha!

    Reply to Jenni
  • Bri

    I have only shopped there a couple times, but I love finding the sale items and that they have so much to offer there.

    Reply to Bri
  • Amanda Matney

    CVS is my favorite place to coupon! The cashiers are always really friendly and make the whole process easier than most other places. <3

    Reply to Amanda Matney
  • Becca

    I loveeee CVS! Like I actually might die if they didn’t exists, I swing in there at least twice a week to grab last minute items that I forgot. They make it quick and convienent which I love!

    Reply to Becca
  • Kelly

    I love how convenient CVS is! They are everywhere and I am able to stop in on my way home from work to grab whatever I need. Great snacks too!

    Reply to Kelly
  • amy


    Reply to amy
  • Jessica

    I love their extra care rewards! I definitely feel that it makes this prices really low. I like that you can get pretty much anything there!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Ashley Maguire

    I love that there is a CVS everywhere it seems. There’s always access to one and their selections are amazing!

    Reply to Ashley Maguire
  • Sarah

    I walk to work and CVS is on my way, so I’m guilty of stopping in to browse at least twice a week! I got lots of Creme face masks for stocking stuffers this year!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Kristen

    I love the easy one-stop-shopping that can get done. If you forget something, just swing by and pick it up at CVS

    Reply to Kristen
  • Jamie Reynolds

    I’ve got a CVS just a few blocks from my apartment. All I can say is lifesaver! Prescriptions, emergency laundry soap, makeup, snacks … everything I need!!

    Reply to Jamie Reynolds
  • Hannah

    Well, the closest CVS is 45 minutes away, but this post makes me wish that we had one closer! One thing that I do like about CVS is the options and convince though. My best friends dress broke on prom night, and we had to take our heals off and run there…thankfully they had a sewing kit…who would have thought?!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Samantha

    I love CVS, especially around the holidays! I’m a teacher, so buying fun trinkets for my kiddos is always easier with the selection they have. I also tend to give pictures as gifts for family- a one stop shop!

    Reply to Samantha
  • Melissa

    Absolutely love CVS. Never used to frequent there until I moved to Boston, but now I’m there ALL the time. I’ve been known to hit up multiple CVS locations in a single day. Super easy, convenient, and they usually have what I need in a pinch 🤗

    Reply to Melissa
  • Phyllis

    I got the cutest little light Christmas trees there this week for $2.99 each. Everyone in my office got one for their desk, and I got a bigger one that changed color more like a waterfall for my granddaughter. She stares at it forever. She’s one. I hope she keeps it forever, it’s so pretty! I have never noticed coffee cups in mine, so now I feel like I need to head back and go look for the cute one you posted. I love how many BOGO items they have, whether it’s makeup or vitamins or aspirin.

    Taralynn, on a personal note, I just want you to know how much joy your enthusiasm for life brings to me. I’ve followed you for several years now, and love how much you share of yourself. I love you, and your parents, your brother, Mr. Grumples, and now Kyle and Leo. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and wish you nothing but wonderful things in 2018. ❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️

    Reply to Phyllis
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Awwww they sound adorable! Yes, go look at the gift/hallmark section! I had no idea it was there, but it was a treasure to find. Ohhhhh and the BOGO deals are the best!!

      And thank you so much for the kind words! That really means a lot to me! Thank you thank you thank you! I hope you keep in touch and stay connected for years to come!

      Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melanie

    I LOVE how quick and convenient CVS is! We live out in the country and we have one pretty close by (score!) so we love to go in and pick up meds, snacks, makeup, and stuff for our 1yr old when we don’t want to run to Kroger or HEB. I love that they usually have great deals on items too!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Savannah C.

    Because it’s a one stop shop! Which is important when you have so many other fun things to do around the holidays. I can get snacks for myself/upcoming parties, wrapping paper, cards…and especially great for stocking stuffers!! That face mask pic makes me want to run to CVS and get them all now!

    Reply to Savannah C.
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I love the variety of health products I can purchase from them!

    (I can provide a US address, by the way! :))

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Christianne Neely

    I love how convenient it is! I can go in and get everything in one place. It is just so easy!

    Reply to Christianne Neely
  • Darnell

    I love shopping there right after a holiday. The clearance prices are awesome! I also love that you can sign up for email receipts. Haha I love not carrying around tons of receipts!

    Reply to Darnell
  • Rae O’Neill

    What’s not to love??? You can get everything at CVS. Cards, gifts, snacks, wrapping stuff. It’s one stop shop!

    Reply to Rae O'Neill
  • Jessica Haggard

    My hometown recently got a CVS, which is crazy to me, but I love that any time of day I go in there, there’s almost no one but me. Even with this time of year where all the store are crazy packed, CVS isn’t . I also love that no matter what I’m looking for, I can always find it. My dad’s birthday was a few weeks ago and I found the perfect birthday card for him. I love that!

    Reply to Jessica Haggard
  • Kyla Woelfle

    I just adore your CVS gift box! I didn’t realize CVS had a Hallmark section! Hallmark stuff is perfect for gifting all year round!
    I tend to need small items all the time, and I find that going to CVS is super convenient. It saves me a lot of stress and time instead of having to go to bigger grocery stores or Walmart, etc.
    CVS is fantastic and I love the rewards program! You can’t beat that!

    Reply to Kyla Woelfle
  • Pamela

    CVS has tons of healthy snack options!!!! Also if shop there enough you end up with some great coupons and free cash!!!

    Reply to Pamela
  • Alicia

    I never thought about gift shopping at CVS until I started working in a big city and realized how convenient and wonderful they are! I love being able to run in and gift shop while I’m waiting for photos I ordered to be printed or while I’m browsing the aisle for a snack!

    Reply to Alicia
  • Sammie

    I love the convenience. You can find practically everything there! And the snacks are seriously the!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Reply to Sammie
  • Lorie T

    I live in South Dakota and we don’t have a CVS where I live 😞 if we did I’d be searching for that siracha popcorn this instant!! Merry Christmas! I’m originally from Iowa and still
    Love close, I’m hoping your parents have a safe trip and hopefully we’ll have a little snow!

    Reply to Lorie T
  • Jaclyn R

    Love CVS! I always seem to run there before a party for extra drinks (soda, wine, la croix, etc.) and ice of course:)

    Reply to Jaclyn R
  • Gwendolyn Jordan

    I like CVS at this time of the year because there are no lines and you can find nice gifts

    Reply to Gwendolyn Jordan
  • Erin b

    CVS is perfect for stocking stuffers. And I love that CVS tends to be less crazy (parking, lines, etc…) than other stores this time of year which means more time with loved ones!!!!

    Reply to Erin b
  • Brittney

    I love the little knick knacks you find at CVS during the holidays! They always have unique things to buy and their makeup is usually on sale which is a plus!

    Reply to Brittney
  • Stephanie

    I love being able to run in and grab stuff on my lunch break and not have to go to a bigger store! Their makeup selection is always on point too!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Leslie

    I love CVS because you literally can find everything there! From snacks to beauty products to inexpensive gifts! They have it all! Also they always have deals and for a broke Med student, a little can go a long way 😘

    Reply to Leslie
  • Darci Mieth-Overton

    We recently moved and now I have to navigate life without a CVS 🤨😮. It’s the best one stop shop for every holiday and always has what I need or didn’t know I needed. ( you should tell them to open more in the ❤️ Of America aka Kansas 🌻)

    Reply to Darci Mieth-Overton
  • Tara

    I love stopping by CVS for skin/health care needs. I never go in intentionally looking for food but I always seem to find the perfect snack that I have been searching for!

    Reply to Tara
  • Allison Livens

    What a great gift box!! I love that CVS has so many cute options for gifts- for each type of person on my list, and with great prices!!

    Reply to Allison Livens
  • Rachel Hassman

    I love stopping by CVS when I need something and I’m out running errands with my two year old! So much simpler than trying to shop with him in a huge grocery store- everything is in one place!

    Reply to Rachel Hassman
  • Maria

    I love that I always found unexpected things!! Just yesterday went for eye drops and found the perfect stocking stuffer for my son, I have also found fun Halloween decorations and love their convenience

    Reply to Maria
  • mona

    CVS is just as affordable if not more so than other, similar chains. I can find some of the cutest stocking stuffers there.

    Reply to mona
  • Alena

    I always go to CVS for my photos so I always get my Christmas card from them! They have such good selections, you can never go wrong. I also love the snack options – with all the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays, I love to stop in to grab something to go. It’s perfect! I hope you have a great holiday and an excellent new year!

    Reply to Alena
  • Sarah

    I love CVS! You can almost find anything there, especially when you need it last minute.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Jordan Weaver

    I love CVS! It is so convenient and right by my work so I stop in all the time for a quick snack.
    I work at a breakfast place in downtown Auburn so I leave for work really early before anything is open. I stop in CVS ALL the time to grab a coffee and a granola bar or something quick.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!!

    Reply to Jordan Weaver
  • Madalyn

    I love CVS! I go at least once a week and get things like make up, toiletries, wine, and snacks!

    Reply to Madalyn
  • Lauren

    I love love love CVS! My sister introduced me to it. I love all the coupons!! Plus it’s such a nice, clean store.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Brittnie

    I love CVS! They have the best snack selection for an affordable price. Plus they are all so delicious.

    Reply to Brittnie
  • Rachel

    I have a few reasons to be in love with CVS.
    1. It’s around the corner from my house and during most months, I can walk there.
    2. They give my sweet pup, Lucy, a treat every time I pick up a prescription. — loving on my dog makes me instantly love you back.
    3. I can get all the essentials for a sick hubby
    4. Movie night snacks
    5. Nail polish, skin care and make up, oh my!
    6. Coffee!!!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Chelsea

    Oh CVS is just the best!!! I used to never go in there really but then when I kept seeing your posts, I just had to stop in and see all of their goodness! I’m like you, buying my makeup and skin care products is the best!!! Love me some CVS!

    I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!! We’re changing things up this year too and my family is celebrating Christmas a little seperated too with travel so my boyfriend and I are starting up a few new traditions! I’m excited about it though! 🙂 We may have to try some spiked eggnog too! 😉

    Reply to Chelsea
  • Abby

    I love their snack selection! Perfect for sharing/gifting during the holidays. Also love their beauty section because they have so many choices and everything’s always on sale!

    Reply to Abby
  • Lorissa

    I love looking at their seasonal isle with all their cute themed gifts knickknacks and candy!

    Reply to Lorissa
  • Elizabeth

    I love swinging by CVS to pick up healthy snacks like almonds and protein bars so I can feel better about choosing snacks while I’m on the go!

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Lucy M

    I love the convenience! It’s so easy to find a CVS no matter where I am, even when traveling!

    Reply to Lucy M
  • Jordan

    Just recently a CVS came into our little town and I love the convince of running in and being able to grab ANYTHING! I’m a big snacker, so I usually grab something to munch on too — and they have some of the cutest things for the holidays that you can’t find everywhere!

    Merry Christmas Taralynn and once again, thanks for bringing us some cheer and useful information this time of year!!

    Reply to Jordan
  • Erica Regan

    I love that CVS is a one stop shop! They have so much quantity of things but also quality nice things to gift 🙂 I know that when I go there I will always find something worth giving!

    Reply to Erica Regan
  • Becky

    I love cvs because i can always find things I can’t find elsewhere. They are the perfect stocking stuffer place!!

    Reply to Becky
  • Danielle

    I love going to CVS for little holiday gifts and stocking stuffers! They are so close to me and convenient to find a gift for everyone on the family!

    Reply to Danielle
  • Jamie Nicodemi

    CVS is just a few blocks from my apartment, I love the coupons! With a coupon I can get things id normally have to run to a bigger store to get for less… less money less time! So easy! They were there for me when I needed tape and gift wrapping supplies… right around the corner didn’t have to clean everything up and saving wrapping for another day!

    Reply to Jamie Nicodemi
  • Becky stewart

    I always find different things at cvs that I can’t find anywhere else. It’s the perfect place for stocking stuffers!

    Reply to Becky stewart
  • Jamie

    CVS is just a few blocks from my apartment, I love the coupons! With a coupon I can get things id normally have to run to a bigger store to get for less… less money less time! So easy! They were there for me when I needed tape and gift wrapping supplies… right around the corner didn’t have to clean everything up and saving wrapping for another day!

    Reply to Jamie
  • Heather Nowland

    Absolutely love CVS. I also love that I can find healthy snacks that I wouldn’t have thought of, and they change all the time so you aren’t bored! During the holidays you can always find unique gifts. It’s the best 🙂 Happy Holidays to you, and I am sure you will rock the new traditions 😉

    Reply to Heather Nowland
  • Emily Booth

    I absolutely love CVS!! They have the best deals on diapers for my son and I love that I’m able to combine coupons with my extrabucks rewards!! Their curbside pick up is a blessing, but especially during the busy holiday time when you don’t want to deal with the crowd.

    Thank you Taralynn for this great opportunity!! Happy Holidays Girl! ❤

    Reply to Emily Booth
  • Nika Zuerlein

    I love being able to get everything I need in one spot! The best part is being able to run there when I need a simple ingredient, because they’ll most likely have what I need. Like you mentioned, sugar:)

    Thanks, Taralynn!

    Reply to Nika Zuerlein
  • Heather

    I love how convenient cvs is! They are all over town so no matter where I am I can stop by and grab what I need.

    Reply to Heather
  • Emily Booth

    I absolutely love CVS!! They have the best deals on diapers for my son and I love that I’m able to combine coupons with my extrabucks rewards! I also love that you don’t have to print out their coupons- they save them on the app to your cvs card!
    And the curbside pick up is a blessing!!!
    I could honestly go on and on why I love it so much. Lol!
    Thank you Taralynn for this opportunity!! Happy Holidays Girl! ❤

    Reply to Emily Booth
  • Arielle

    I loved holiday shopping at CVS for my students! I whipped up some cute labels for my CVS candy canes to hand out to all of the students on my caseload. Clocking in at around 45 students from kindergarten to high school, CVS made it easy for me to find a treat appropriate for any age!

    Reply to Arielle
  • Courtney Moore

    I love shopping at CVS during the holidays (and even not!) because they have everything you could ever need and want. From cards to wrapping paper and the cutest gifts to stocking stuffers, it’s a one stop shop. Being a rewards member means I get the best deals too. It’s become almost a weekly stop for me on my way home from work 🙈

    Reply to Courtney Moore
  • Noel

    Love the curbside pickup!

    Reply to Noel
  • Rachel

    I love shopping at CVS for holiday nail colored polish 🙂 and to make “pamper yourself” gift baskets for my sister in laws!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Lindsey

    I LOVE the stocking stuffers and how quick it is to shop. It’s also easy to go in for what’s on your list and end up with 8430975947498x more things (but those are usually the best gifts 😉 )!

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Melissa Young

    V- Value
    S- Spirit

    Reply to Melissa Young
  • Susie Katz

    CVS is my go-to for so many things! I love using my ExtraCare card to save money and it really comes in clutch at Christmas time. Candy for stocking stuffers! Little trinkets for office gifts! Self care items to pamper myself during the craziness of the holidays!

    Reply to Susie Katz
  • Allison

    I love CVS for stocking stuffers! It’s the only place I’ve found the Christmas tic tacs! But I can also stock up on winter necessities like hand lotion, chapstick, and Emergen-C, which I love!

    Reply to Allison
  • Melissa

    C- Christmas
    V- Value
    S- Spirit

    Reply to Melissa
  • Mollie

    I love CVS for its convenience and they are everywhere! I can grab all my essentials in one trip 🙂

    Reply to Mollie
  • Corinne I Flax

    My colleagues and I love to walk to CVS at lunch to pick up snacks and see what kind of deals they have. This year’s Hallmark Tinkerbell ornament is my favorite.

    Reply to Corinne I Flax
  • Haley

    I love the convince of CVS and how quick you can find what you need and get out quickly. The one near me is open 24 hours! I work in a Pediatric ICU as a nurse and stop by CVS often on my way to or from work to grab snacks, caffeine, or goodies for my little patients and their families. They have a great selection of safe baby soaps/lotions that I can use on my patients, along with endless other things for myself. With the holiday season, it is nice to be able to stop in CVS and grab small gifts for my coworks, wrapping paper, and small decorations to help make the unit more festive and help the sick little ones get in the holiday spirit.

    Reply to Haley
  • Lauren

    I love gift giving and wrapping presents. Finished wrapping all my gifts last night and I got so much joy out of seeing everything under the tree. I love the whole process of picking out things I know my family will love and putting pretty bows on the finished presents. Seeing my tree lined with gifts for all of my family fills my heart with happiness. My husband and I couldn’t afford gifts last year, so it is so wonderful to be able to give back to the ones we love this year.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Taylor

    The best part about CVS during the Holidays, is it’s a one stop shop. I can get any gift card I need without going to the mall, pick up discounted dog treats for the dogs in my life, and get the office white elephant present. I can even leave with a gift bag, or wrapping paper, so I don’t have to worry about it when I get home.

    Reply to Taylor
  • Brittany De La Rosa

    Omg! CVS is my favorite store! My local CVS sees me about 3x a week on average. I love the Extrabucks rewards! On Black Friday I had about $40 worth is free items after coupons and sales. I love that each time you purchase something you get customized coupons on your receipt and you can double those with manufacturers coupons. It is my go-to store for toiletries, paper products, and cleaning supplies. I try to eat as healthy as I can and the sales they have on heathy snacks such as raw nuts and supplements is awesome. I try to stock up whenever I get the chance. For the holidays it has been so convenient to complete secret Santa gifts, send personalized cards, as well as finish my stocking stuffers all with the help of CVS. Also their store brands hosts some really great products too!

    Reply to Brittany De La Rosa
  • Lauren

    I love how cvs is a one stop shop. Plus they always have amazing sales on gum! Ha!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Amanda|The Kitcheneer

    Ahhhhh! SO many reasons I ❤️ CVS during the holiday season!
    1. We just moved and there’s a CVS within walking distance!
    2. Their card selection is AMAZING…and I’m sort of a card snob and will spend lots of time going through each one to find the one that *feels* right lol
    3. It’s an inside joke in our family to see who gets the coolest nutcracker every year and we found our at CVS. Perfection
    4. SNACKS

    Reply to Amanda|The Kitcheneer
  • Joni

    I love looking at all of their cute stocking stuffer gifts! Always a great selection! The snacks are always really good too!

    Reply to Joni
  • Brittany

    I love how quick and convenient it is! You can find everything you need without going to a million stores along with some great deal!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Steph F

    I love CVS because you can (almost literally) get whatever you need in one trip. Makeup? Milk? Birthday gift? They have it!

    Reply to Steph F
  • Beth

    CVS is so easy and definitely convenient for nail polish runs.

    Reply to Beth
  • Anonymous

    Definitely love CVS for all of my stocking stuffers! Lots of great snacks and awesome make-up selection. Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Marlee

    I live in walking distance to a CVS and let me tell you how grateful I am for that! This past weekend I had grand plans of making Christmas treats for friends so I went to CVS to grab last minute ingredients and decorations for them. While I was in there my boyfriend called and said he thinks he had the flu. I panicked! Luckily, I was able to swing by the cold and flu section to pick up cough drops and medicine for him. Not the most ideal holiday shopping venture but nonetheless it was my reality last weekend. CVS was perfect to get my last minute errands done in no time. I was able to get back to take care of my boyfriend and wrap up my treats!

    Reply to Marlee
  • Megan

    Love being able to use coupons on the app at CVS and how you can earn the reward extra bucks. Stocking stuffers and Christmas cards were a breeze there this year!

    Reply to Megan
  • Carrie

    Growing up as a kid, I always loved going into CVS with my mom. She would always let me pick a little something out (hello lip smackers lip gloss). Now that I’m older I always find myself running in there for small items that I forgot during my weekly grocery store visit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a recipe and realized I forgot an ingredient I swore I already had at home. CVS is always so convenient and always seems to be right around the corner!

    Reply to Carrie
  • Taylor Evers

    I love that I have a CVS within a 2 minute walking distance from my apartment! Being a photographer it is so convenient when I am doing family holiday photo sessions to order there photos and pick them up within hours always knowing they will be of great quality! Also I am the biggest animal lover and crazy fur mom and CVS has great animal products to gift my fur babies on Christmas and buy gifts for their fur friends! The beauty section is THE BEST! I love the beauty program where I can test out new products! These beauty products are awesome stocking stuffers for my besties!! Last but not least I visit CVS daily on my lunch break because they have the best healthy snacks that keep me full and energized for the rest of my work day!!
    Btw this gift is amazing! Ive been following your journey since you started and you are such an inspiration. Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂

    Reply to Taylor Evers
  • Charne K.

    Omg, I haven’t read a Debbie Macomber book in forever! Thanks for the reminder! My favorite thing about shopping at CVS for the holidays is how close it is to me! I currently a nursing student and I have about negative 10 hours of free time a week. So shopping for goodies and stocking stuffers at CVS is super convenient and fun for me because I can also grab the essentials that I always seem to be low on- like body wash, deodorant, granola bars, and some locations also have grocery items.

    Reply to Charne K.
  • Alyssa

    I enjoy being able to easily scan items, sometimes they come up cheaper! I also love buying items that come with extra care bucks and using the ECB’s to purchase more item!

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a CVS in my area! 🙁 love reading your blog posts about it, though. Makes me want to have one nearby. I would go there all the time for quick snacks and stocking stuffers!!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness

    I was just at CVS yesterday! I love how they have gift ideas ready to pick up. Picking up small gifts with something from the beauty section is the main reason I love CVS during the holidays!

    Reply to Virjinia @ With Purpose and Kindness
  • Taryn Camp

    I totally got into CVS from your blog. I also follow a makeup girl on IG and she recommended the Photo Focus foundation from Wet n Wild and it’s amazing! I love their snacks and Pistachio Delight mix. I ordered 20 cans on Black Friday 😬🙊

    Reply to Taryn Camp
  • Amanda Gardner

    I love the convenience! It’s an out of the box place to shop for gifts so when I’m stumped I just head there to find something unique!

    Reply to Amanda Gardner
  • Michelle M.

    Love CVS! Just switched it to be my pharmacy. Last time I was there I was amazed at all of the new things they have there! With my 10 month old, I like being able to go into a store & get what I need quickly. From diapers & wipes to snacks to help fuel this tired mama, its a great one stop shop! Thanks so much for the giveaway & Merry Christmas!!

    Reply to Michelle M.
  • Shae B

    I love holiday shopping at CVS because it’s a one-stop shop! I can pick up fun knick-knacks, gifts, and any cold busters I might need too! You can’t beat that!

    Reply to Shae B
  • Jenna

    CVS is a life-saver when you need something last minute! The other day I was getting ready for a Secret Santa exchange when I realized I had no holiday gift bags! Luckily, I could stop at a CVS on my way to the party and was able to pick up everything I needed.

    Reply to Jenna
  • Stephanie Bevan

    It’s convenient, right around the the corner from my house. And the prices are great. And they have great stuff!!! I go in for one thing, and come out with 10 different things! Sometimes I even remember to grab what I initially went in there for! 😉 Easy to get distracted.

    Reply to Stephanie Bevan
  • Ashley

    I love the ease of picking up last minute stocking stufffers! I often put so much effort into picking out presents that I forget about stocking stuffers until a couple of days before Christmas 🤦🏽‍♀️ It’s so easy to just run into CVS and get everything I need!

    Reply to Ashley
  • Jackie Kovach

    I love that CVS is basically a mini Target. I go in for one thing, like getting a prescription filled and end up with a cart filled of goodies! I’m big on office supplies and organizational things so I love shipping in that little section, but now that Christmas time is here, I love getting all of my stocking stuffers from CVS! Sweets, gum, makeup all on sale, yes please!

    I hope you have a very stress-free and fun filled Christmas with your best friend, sounds like so much fun!

    Reply to Jackie Kovach
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahahaha I literally call it “mini Target” all the time! You go in for one thing and come out with a billion things!

      xo Merrry Christmas!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mandy Cheshire

    I love their sale section. 😊 And of course the treats! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Reply to Mandy Cheshire
  • Jen

    I love going to CVS to get what I need and then find gifts I hadn’t even thought about. Last time I was there, I got my Grandma some new dry mouth since. It was on sale and there was a coupon. Grams loves it and thinks I’m the most thoughtful. Ha thank you CVS for knowing what we need!

    Reply to Jen
  • Haylie

    I love shopping at CVS because during this cold and flu season, they always have the best deals on affordable, natural remedies for medicine!

    Reply to Haylie
  • Brandy Rivera

    The fact that they are on every corner!!! Makes it convenient and easy to get quick last minute snacks

    Reply to Brandy Rivera
  • Abby

    I love their healthy treats for everyone!

    Reply to Abby
  • Meaghan

    I love getting wrapping paper and Christmas cards there! Merry Christmas!

    Reply to Meaghan
  • Alex Windings

    I love holiday shopping at CVS for the yummy healthier snack options. This time of year it’s easy to get stressed and behind on meal prepping so it’s nice to have healthier options at good prices! I’m also super intrigued by the stocking stuffer photos you posted so I think I’ll be heading there today to check that out!

    Reply to Alex Windings
  • Jessica Saunders

    CVS is one of my favorite places to shop year round. Every year the one thing I forget to buy is Christmas cards and my mom is big into meaningful cards. I usually stop at CVS a day or two before Christmas and pick up cards, stocking stuffers and candy. Another reason I love CVS is the CVS minute clinic. I’m always getting sick around the holidays and they are always there to help! Love me some CVS.

    Reply to Jessica Saunders
  • Christina

    I love going to CVS for last minute stocking stuffers and to pick up some delicious snacks for myself! On a non-holiday note, I love the steps that CVS has taken to become a tobacco-free company. CVS deciding to no longer sell cigarettes was a great move in my eyes

    Reply to Christina
  • Jamie

    I love the variety!

    Reply to Jamie
  • Sara

    I love CVS’s beauty department- I go there for all my makeup and nail polish and you’re right, they always have some, new fun product that I end up buying… Obviously!

    Reply to Sara
  • Aimee

    I am a big fan of their CVS brand products.

    Reply to Aimee
  • Liliana Paez

    I go to CVS to print my pictures!
    I love how easy and fast it is.

    Reply to Liliana Paez
  • Kristin Hancock

    I LOVE shopping at CVS for their awesome variety of holiday cards!

    Reply to Kristin Hancock
  • Alysse Milano

    I bought my boyfriend the coolest beer opener from CVS for his birthday and he loved it! I can definitely attest to the ease of finding great gifts at CVS. They have literally everything you can imagine!

    Reply to Alysse Milano
  • Heather

    I love all the cute little gifts and all the healthy options. I can always find and try new things. I love CVS, I just can’t bring my toddler or I’ll have to buy out the store!haha

    Reply to Heather
  • Rebecca Forney

    I love all of the Holiday candies and decorations they have seasonally and I can always count on them to have great last minute gifts and wrapping! I also love to peruse the beauty and nail polish selection while I wait for my prescriptions!

    Reply to Rebecca Forney
  • Holly Danielson

    I love shopping at CVS for stocking stuffers! There’s such a wide variety of options that I can easily find something for my son, my husband, my father-in-law and more! They’re inexpensive and amazing!

    Reply to Holly Danielson
  • Tori

    I go to CVS to top off my gifts with candy, chocolate, and other fun holiday additions! It’s so convient and a lot less stressful than the big stores! Also, I love the make-up selection! 😊

    Reply to Tori
  • Natalie

    I love how every time I go into CVS, I leave with something that wasn’t on my list, but I obviously needed. They just have everything! And always something to brighten up your days!

    Reply to Natalie
  • Amy

    I love CVS because when I don’t feel well they always have such a good selection and their brand is just as good as name brand:) they also have amazing road trip snacks

    Reply to Amy
  • Annalisa Wegner

    I love shopping at cvs because they always have white cheddar cheese puffs that I can NOT find at our grocery store!

    Reply to Annalisa Wegner
  • Charity

    For the longest time, we didn’t have a CVS near us. I remember when we would go out of town, I would love going in there because everything was pretty and organized! Ha! We FINALLY got one in a town very close to me and I use it for everything. I always find that they have the most unexpected and adorable gifts when you’re in a quick rush as well! Loved the post as always! <3

    Reply to Charity
  • Elizabeth

    I love holiday shopping at CVS because they always have something for everyone in my family.

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Alyssa

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂

    My favorite thing about shopping at CVS for the holidays is the seasonal treats! There are so many to choose from, and they all taste great. Great for gifts, and keeping for yourself :).

    Hope your Christmas at home turns out amazing!

    Alyssa 🙂

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Katelyn H.

    They are everywhere, and always have the things you forgot to get or travel sizes of the right products you forgot to pack to get you through a trip. And wine.

    Reply to Katelyn H.
  • Wendy Bilbrey

    Agreed. CVS is such a timesaver. I have streamlined the holiday sanity and budget. Makes the season so much more relaxing and much more enjoyable.

    Reply to Wendy Bilbrey
  • Ashton Jury

    I love going to CVS for stocking stuffers & along with candy and treats. When I have people over it’s great to have little munchies for everyone, plus they have all the ingredients for my homemade chex mix!

    Reply to Ashton Jury
  • Lindsey White

    I go to CVS for all of my makeup because they have all of the best deals (buy one, get one half off!!!) and a great return policy if something doesn’t work out. I went there for some holiday shopping because I love their nail polish and beauty selection. I also love their Burt’s Bees display, I may have impulsively purchased a bunch of their chapsticks….. 🙂

    Reply to Lindsey White
  • Erin

    I get anxiety if I’m going going and about without a snack on hand haha, so I always pop in to grab something for my purse! I also love picking out new treats for my boyfriend!

    Reply to Erin
  • Olivia Kyle

    I can always find what I need there and anytime of the year they have makeup brands you can’t find other places. It’s so easy to get in and get out!

    Reply to Olivia Kyle
  • Katelin King

    I love how convenient CVS is during the holidays. They also have a great variety of snacks, holiday items, and beauty items.

    Reply to Katelin King
  • Stacie

    I like shopping at CVS because I can walk there from my house! Getting some exercises and some great deals all in one! Plus I really like their pharmacy. I’m

    Reply to Stacie
  • sarah

    We have a CVS right by our house, love that I can grab medicine (and wine)!

    Reply to sarah
  • Katie

    I love that I am able to stop there for everything! I get my prescriptions filled there, so being able to pick those up, any cold medicines (which are always needed this time of year 🙁 ) and all the fun gifts make it a lot easier on me! Also being able to pick up snacks and such for holiday travels is nice. It helps to give me more time to spend with loved ones when I can get everything in one place!

    Reply to Katie
  • Julie

    I first discovered/fell in love with CVS on a trip to Las Vegas. Like you, I love the convenience of just stopping in and finding what you need. And I love that they have so many locations, so whether I’m at work, at home, or somewhere in between, I usually pass by one.

    Reply to Julie
  • Michelle

    I love how they are on every corner and have anything I forget when I’m out! I even love just perusing their makeup section.

    Reply to Michelle
  • Shelby

    One of my favorite things is organization and I always love how organized CVS is when I go inside! It makes it even easier to grab whatever I needed, or didn’t need! It also helps that their staff is always so friendly 🙂

    Reply to Shelby
  • Anonymous

    I love CVS!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Jacky

    I have one just a few minutes from me and when I first moved here I was so excited!!! You can literally find it all there! Quick run in and out! I love love love their rewards program!

    Reply to Jacky
  • Jordyn Johnson

    I love the rewards program and coupons!! This college girl is on a budget!

    Reply to Jordyn Johnson
  • Hannah

    I love looking around CVS for stocking stuffers! They have such fun nick nacks that I wouldn’t normally think to get.

    Reply to Hannah
  • Kelsey Weissner

    I literally JUST left CVS before getting back to work to read this post–I can even screenshot and send you the receipt time stamp to prove it lol! I had to pick up a prescription but also ran some errands 🙂 despite usually going to CVS to get most of my personal items, I love shopping their holiday items and looking for gifts! They have such a variety for everyone on my list and most of the time, things are on sale. I’d be silly NOT to go to CVS whenever I need anything (anything and everything!). Their Christmas section is massive and they have the cutest stocking stuffers. Also, the one near my work has the sweetest employees I’ve ever met, both at the cash registers and in the pharmacy. I love CVS and will be a customer for life! So happy to see you partnered up with a great company 🙂

    xo Kelsey

    Reply to Kelsey Weissner
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahahahaha I believe you! I spend my time in there all always!:D I was there yesterday (no one wants to know what I was wearing at 5 am to get midol) lol

      I also love how friendly the employs are and they always greet you!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Maria

    Candy for stocking stuffers, make up & wine for me!

    Reply to Maria
  • Rachel Bailey

    Other than the fact I can find everything I need all in one trip, I love that I can use my phone to print photos right there at CVS! I have framed lots of photos for gifts this year and I would’ve had no idea I could do this so easily at CVS without your previous post about it! It makes Christmas shopping so much easier. 😊

    Reply to Rachel Bailey
  • Maria

    I love getting candy for stocking stuffers, new make up for me & wine.😉

    Reply to Maria
  • Hillary Danielle

    I love that CVS is convenient! That’s what makes it so much better to swing through. Thankfully the local one for me is positioned in it’s own little plaza away from Kroger and Walmart, where all the current hustle and bustle for the holidays is situated. Makes me feel more relaxed when pulling into their parking lot, as well as not getting the urge to have road rage in the store with a shopping cart, haha. Thankfully, it is also on my way to and from work, so I pass by it multiple times in a day.

    This giveaway makes me very excited, it would be wonderful to win this! I wish you could come help me with putting together gift baskets. I always think they’re a good idea until I try to put one together, I struggle with them badly. Lol.

    Reply to Hillary Danielle
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Hillary!

      They really are convenient! 🙂 Especially when you pass by one every day.

      Just buy a bunch of goodies, grab a box, and throw it all in there! SO EASY!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather

    I always have LOVED shopping at CVS! They have such a great selection of gifts and essentials ! There’s always so many goodies for some self treats to 😉 Plus, during the holidays , CVS is so easy to pop into for last minute gifts!!! They’ll always be a staple with me!

    Reply to Heather
  • Kelli

    I love all the holiday goodies and decor! 🙂 Also great when I need a quick snack or only a few items. I usually stop there to avoid the craziness of the grocery stores haha.

    Reply to Kelli
  • Annie

    My favorite thing about CVS is the photo center! I ordered a bunch of pics of my boyfriend and I over the last eight years, picked them up, and put them in a leather book along with ticket stubs, notes, and other things from over the years. We’re long distance (I’m in Iowa and he’s in Maryland for law school) so I love the idea of him having a piece of us with him all the time!

    Reply to Annie
  • Susan

    I honestly never realized just how great CVS is until I began reading your blog more and seeing their products incorporated into so many of your posts. I have found myself there several times throughout the last few weeks for things to add to my Christmas gifts. I am a young 8th grade English teacher, so there is always someone to buy for at work whether it’s another teacher, or a student from a lower income family who won’t be having Christmas. CVS seems to have something for everyone, especiallly around this time of year. I think that my favorite part of shopping at CVS is honestly their staff. I have never met a person working at CVS who wasn’t incredibly positive and welcoming from the second I walked in the door. I look forward to shopping there because I know it will always be a fun experience. 🙂

    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Taralynn! New holiday traditions are strange, but kind of nice and exciting as well! My dad passed away three months ago, so my family decided to completely revamp Christmas this year and take a different approach to give us something to be excited about. I think we will both have great holidays this year!

    Thanks for all you do!

    Reply to Susan
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Susan!

      So glad you read my blog!:D I think that first impression when you first walk in is the best. I LOVE that they great you in every store!!!

      I hope you have a great holiday as well!!!

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Courtney S

    I love all the snacks they have!

    Reply to Courtney S
  • Jenna Samuels

    I love that I can shop around for my son, husband, and myself for everything while I’m filling a prescription! I love the Gold Emblem brand! I just got a lip mask there last week that felt so fancy haha

    Reply to Jenna Samuels
  • Jenna

    I love that they have everything you need and they aren’t a huge store that you have to wander around for awhile before you find what you need. You get in and you get out in a short amount of time. It’s great!

    Reply to Jenna
  • Jessie @ the acquired sass

    The ones by us sell stamps which is amazing because ain’t nobody’s trying to stand in line at the post office!

    Such a cute giveaway!

    Reply to Jessie @ the acquired sass
  • Lindsey

    I always give giftcards for christmas and I love thay CVS has so many to choose from! But its always nice to include a little something extra to make it personal, and thats where cvs really comes in handy. I can quickly browse the store to find the perfect addition without fighting any crowds!

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Allison

    I love that CVS offers so many options in one store! When I’m out and have three little ones with me, the convenience of being able to stop at one store for all of my needs is priceless!

    Reply to Allison
    • Taralynn McNitt

      You should try the curbside pickup!! You don’t even have to get out of the car:) You order what you need on the app and they bring it out to you!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mallory

    ALL THE THINGS!! This looks fabulous 🙂 I love shopping at CVS because It’s easy, affordable and organized. I feel like if I’m in a hurry I can find exactly what I need because of how organized the whole store is and that makes me a very happy customer.

    Happy holidays to you!

    Reply to Mallory
  • Mindy Mercurio

    I just love how clean and organized CVS is! It makes it so muchh easier to get my holiday shopping done.

    Reply to Mindy Mercurio
  • Alex

    I love love love CVS. During college there was a CVS underneath my apartment building and it was safe to say CVS kept me fed! There were plenty of times I didn’t want to go to the grocery store or was running late to class and had to grab a quick meal+ caffeine from CVS. My favorite is the CVS brand white cheddar popcorn. Mmm it’s the best one out there

    Reply to Alex
  • Anonymous

    I love CVS!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Brittany

    I have a love/hate relationship with all of the yummy snacks they offer!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Jessica Hager

    What I love most about shopping at cvs is I can find everything I need for everyone on my list without visiting dozens of stores and standing in hours of lines! I grab my items and hop in a line never waiting more than 5 minutes to check out. A major score for a mom of 2 and one on the way, less time away from family and more time spent making lasting holiday memories 😊 it’s a win win!

    Reply to Jessica Hager
  • Lakeithea anderson

    Oh my comment got erased!lol but I love the small gift sets at CVS during the holidays+ small gifts for secret Santa!

    Reply to Lakeithea anderson
  • Lakeithea anderson

    I love the holiday gift options at CVS! If you ever Looking for a great idea for co-workers or friends that is included in a set, CVS is perfect, oh and great small items for secret Santa!

    Reply to Lakeithea anderson
  • Jennifer gross

    Love shopping at CVS, 2 minuets from my home and they have pretty much everything we need. The holiday section is my favorite part, they always have so many great deals on Christmas decor. Plus all the deals on makeup that my daughters love!

    Reply to Jennifer gross
  • Britt

    I love the holiday candy section, makes buying for stockings easier.

    Reply to Britt
  • Allison

    I live in rural Southern Oregon and we don’t have CVS! I went to college in California and LOVED having a CVS nearby. So convenient and the best for dorm room/study snacks! The CVS in my college town sold scoops/cones of ice cream, too. I found that so odd the first time I went in!

    Reply to Allison
  • Jaime

    Love that CVS has all the little things that are easy to forget! So quick to run in and out!

    Reply to Jaime
  • Michelle Scott

    It’s like one stop shopping!! I love that I don’t have to make trips to a billion stores. I can stop at my cvs and get last minute gifts, stuff to wrap with, sticking staffers, and snacks to wrap with lol.

    Reply to Michelle Scott
  • Samantha Palla

    I absolutely love shopping at CVS all year round but during the holidays there’s nothing i need more than how quick and convient a trip into there can be!! It’s a one stop shop with all your go to items!

    Reply to Samantha Palla
  • Melissa Lynch

    You can literally get everything there. They have anything you need on hand. Cosmetics, food, booze, toys, etc and plus great sales

    Reply to Melissa Lynch
  • Katie B

    I shop at CVS because it’s conveneient and I fill my prescriptions there so it’s a one stop shop! They have so many cute, unique goodies for everyone on your Christmas list!

    Reply to Katie B
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Wow, the gift box looks great, so festive! ❤❤ Awesome stocking stuffers! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Jessica

    I love that this time of year is the one time when all of my family gets together! A lot of people dread the holidays because of having to spend money which I don’t get, because Christmas is the same time every year…. but for me all of my family comes together in Florida (warm Christmas) and it’s the only time of year we make this happen!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Erin W

    I love how quick and easy it is to pop in and grab something. Plus they have a great selection. Saves my sanity from going to a bigger box store.

    Reply to Erin W
  • Julie

    I love that i’m able to find everything that I need at an affordable price

    Reply to Julie
  • Sam

    I love CVS because they are everywhere and have everything! It makes it so easy and convenient to run into CVS vs going into a big grocery store or mall for the one item you forgot!

    Reply to Sam

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