Friday Night Breweries in Charlotte.

Last Friday, I agreed to play DD for these crazy guys. Luckily, that meant going from brewery to brewery in Charlotte. Even if you don’t like craft beer (me, me, me,) it’s fun to visit the breweries. I like how they look, the food is usually out of this world, and it’s just a fun environment.

First stop? Rock Bottom in Uptown Charlotte.


I did treat myself to a glass of red wine! I wish I could have remembered the name of it, but I let the waitress chose for me. I had a huge test Friday morning, so after that I shut my brain off apparently.


We decided to get appetizers at a couple of the breweries instead of meals.

The chicken nachos at Rock Bottom were so good! Their guacamole was full of garlic; just the way I like it. The tray was giant and could feed a large group.


Next stop: Heist Brewery! “The best pumpkin beer I’ve ever had” – Mike.

Our waiter was so nice and helpful. He had no problem letting us know his favorite appetizers and his favorite brews.

The inside of the brewery was huge and very artsy. I highly recommend it if you’re into architecture and design.


We went with our waiter’s favorite appetizers.

First the duck flatbread and it consisted of mozzarella, sarsaparilla root beer bbq suace, seared duck and fried shallots.

I am not a bbq sauce person when it comes to pizza and I definitely side eyed the duck, but of course the flatbread was incredible. The duck tasted like fried chicken and the sauce paired well with the ingredients.


Next was the beer cheese. The guys loved it, but I thought it was extremely salty and the cheese was just “different.” I’m also not a beer cheese person, so I’m sure the next person would love it. The salty pretzels make sense if you’re drinking beer. Hey, Heist…I see what you’re trying to do here…

Plus, we got some pretty awesome stickers.


Next was the Noda Brewing Company, a little smaller, but a very fun atmosphere. There were a lot of families with children there surprisingly.


I ordered the blueberry pancake kombucha! Yum 🙂 It definitely didn’t resemble blueberry pancakes at all, more like a blueberry sour patch kid, but I still liked it. Where’s the pumpkin kombucha?!


All of the breweries are pretty artsy.


Next was birdsong, down the street from NBC.


This place was a little smaller and not a lot of room to sit, but that is because it was pouring down rain and the outside area couldn’t be utilized. I think we ran into some kind of happy hour or a meet up group was taking place.

If you like a very very strong pumpkin beer, apparently this is your place.



We picked up Tino and took him to our last stop, Sycamore in Southend. This is where I did yoga the other night.


I loved seeing all the dogs in there and I think Grumples would love it. I may bring him next weekend.

Which Charlotte Breweries should I visit next!?


  • Fana

    Looks like a fun day 🙂

    You look great btw!

    Reply to Fana
  • Susie

    if you’re ever in Winston-Salem you should check out Foothills Brewery. Great local beer, food, trivia nights, and often times live music!

    Reply to Susie
  • Claire

    Looks like such a fun time and what an awesome idea to have kombucha at a brewery!! Perfect for people who don’t like beer or aren’t drinking! Also, these comments are HILARIOUS like people can tell you that you shouldn’t be allowed to own pets? They shouldn’t be allowed to own a computer because they’re giving it a few licks of hate.

    Reply to Claire
  • Mackenzie

    I saw you post those those nachos on Instagram and thought they looked so familiar! My husband and I LOVE Rock Bottom and their nachos are our favorite. You posted the plate is big enough for the whole group and I just laughed and told him because yes it’s huge and definitely big enough for a group but we usually polish it off ourselves haha looks like you had a fun night!

    Reply to Mackenzie
    • Mackenzie

      Oh and P.S. I love my dogs more than life itself and every once in a blue moon they find their way to my wine it’s not the end of the world 🙂

      Reply to Mackenzie
  • ashley

    I don’t get why people read your blog if they just want to criticize you. Did I spell that right? Someone might call me out on that. Ignore them because you have so many more supporters than you think because some might be too shy to comment. My dad’s friend used to feed his parrot beer. I don’t remember it much because I was young but I am pretty sure he survived after that lick of beer. I hope you find all the humor in the snarky comments. Don’t let it get you down please, because we need you and depend on your inspiration and look forward to your posts!!!


    Reply to ashley
  • Katie

    I am not one to ready comments, but holy cow, people! You are excellent in shaking off the trolls, Taralynn! Wanted to say how much I appreciate and enjoy your blog – it is a great peek into your journey and I always find some great healthy foods tips and ideas! Keep it up and keep being YOU!

    Reply to Katie
  • Amanda

    Aww we had a Rock Bottom when I lived in Philly- I miss it so much!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Nicole

    Amazing! You make me want to do a tour of this area in the US! I am from Vancouver, BC, Canada and we are getting more and more into craft breweries here.

    Reply to Nicole
  • symbaaintgotshitonme

    Taralynn, you’re amazing. People are crazy and if you don’t have haters you’re not doing it right.


    Reply to symbaaintgotshitonme
  • Lexa

    The negativity in these comments are insane!! Do people just search for things to hate on!?

    Taralynn, you are awesome! It looks like you guys had a great time. It was nice of you to be the DD and probably hard to only have one 😉 Tino & Grumps are lucky to have an owner like you, it shows that you truly care for them. You have a great blog, I love following you!

    Reply to Lexa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      To answer your first question, yes.

      And thank you Lexa! I promised to be DD a while back, so I had to keep my word:) Not always fun to tag along on guys night (oh, the wonderful conversations), but it ended up being a great time.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kayla

    Oh jeez people. I’m the biggest supporter of animals in out there (I rescue and foster dogs on a regular basis, volunteer my extra time at the humane society, etc) but there is nothing wrong with giving your dog a quick lick of beer. He’s a large dog and that won’t hurt him at all. And every time I DD I will still have one drink. Who cares if it’s over the course of several hours and you are eating food in there too? It’s not 4 glasses of wine. That one glass wouldn’t be enough to do anything in that amount of time

    Reply to Kayla
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’m a huge dog lover too and I agree!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • emily

        just commenting to say that for some people 1 glass of wine COULD affect them…but obviously in this case it didn’t, and if it somehow had, you guys easily could have called a cab and gotten home safely. Everyone is different! Know your body and know your limits!

        Reply to emily
  • LeeAnne

    A very inspiring story about Mike, indeed. And he’s so good looking too! We LOVE craft brew and beer in general. My hubby is in the beer business; has been for 36 years. I’ve seen dogs lick up beer from the ground before and they’re just fine. Keep up the great blog and thanks for sharing your life and your dogs with us! 🙂

    Reply to LeeAnne
  • Carolyn

    My boyfriend LOVES breweries and craft beers as well but I’m more in the same boat as you and happy to be the driver haha!

    Reply to Carolyn
  • Kim

    You are the WORST pet owner… Seriously, what were you thinking?? You shouldn’t be allowed to have pets.

    Reply to Kim
  • Katelyn

    Oh good god people as a kid did we not sneak a sip of our dads beer.. Its a few licks shes not letting him drink a keg every night lay off the rude remarks .. Taralynn loves her dogs as her kids

    Reply to Katelyn
  • Aimee

    Girl don’t even worry about the haters! Your pups are obviously healthy and loved! Glad you had a good time! Love the night out!

    Reply to Aimee
  • Brooke

    Headed to the breweries this weekend! Thanks for the great idea 🙂

    Reply to Brooke
  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    Looks like a really fun time! You’re making me want to visit Charlotte! :)))

    Reply to Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life
  • ML Bishop

    Love your posts about stuff around Charlotte!! I drive from New England to Georgia a couple times a year to see family and we’ve been stopping in Charlotte midway through the drive. I love knowing a bit about what restaurants are good and so on, so thank you for the insight!! 🙂

    Reply to ML Bishop
  • Emma

    How fun that they let dogs into the brewery! Tino is so well looked after and loved by you guys. Over the weekend my family celebrated some good news with champagne and we let my dog have a few licks. The bubbles just made her sneeze but it’s so sweet to have them involved in things we do!

    Reply to Emma
  • Alyssa

    My dog LOVES beer and I don’t feel guilty at all for giving it to him because when I do, it’s a very small amount. I mean if you want to be all technical, there are so many different things that are bad for dogs, including things that are made for dogs only (like I dare you to look at most dog foods to see all the crap in there). You all need to chill out…Keep being the amazing and loving and beer giving dog owner you are, it is obvious that your pups are spoiled and love you!!

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Emilyyyy

    Wow. I’m not one to even read comments let alone post one, but people are ridiculous. Keep living your life- you are happy, sweet, talented, and seem like an all around good person. I doubt you’d put your dogs lives in danger let alone your boyfriend and his close friends. People need to mind their own business and maybe they’d be happier. I can’t understand why others are so concerned with your life when they should be focusing on their own. Ignore them (even though I know you already do)! Keep posting YOUR life on YOUR blog because I love it 🙂 and if people don’t have anything nice to say, then they should keep their comments to themselves.

    Reply to Emilyyyy
  • Megan

    Oh my gosh, people are funny. Taralynn, you are awesome in your responses to people who know everything!! 🙂
    Ps: my boxer loves beer and searches out chocolate like it’s his job. Guess Im a bad puppy-parent to a very happy and healthy pup!

    Reply to Megan
  • mookie

    My dog has had tastes of beer as well. He is as healthy as can be! Dogs eat so much other crap on their own doing (my dog eats rocks and poop for instance!), that little beer licks will be fine.

    We have a growler/tap room here called lazy dog, and they encourage bringing dogs in. I love places like you listed, they are so fun to bring friends and just chill at and have fun. 🙂 Do you like ciders? There are a lot of good craft ciders too.

    Reply to mookie
  • Lisa

    LOL… keep the trolls away with your smile!!! I had a lab that loved beer he lived to be 18 years old. Old age got the poor guy!! Had to keep something on the cooler to keep him out when at the lake. Emily do you have a dog?? Would be interested in what you feed the dog. Watch the news dog food and treats kill dogs everyday. I have had 6 die with cancer eating just dog food. New pup gets steamed veggies with very little dog food. My dogs were from 8 years to 18 years old when they died from cancer. I guess my point is they are just like us whatever we eat or drink someone will find it not good for us or them.

    Reply to Lisa
  • Jess

    Just commenting to saying how much I love your blog!

    Reply to Jess
  • Kate

    I love this post! I am moving to CLT in December, and craft breweries are my absolute favorite!! Are there any other Charlotte bloggers that you recommend? Trying to get a feel for my new city 🙂 Absolutely can’t wait!

    Reply to Kate
  • Lauren

    I used to follow you on Undressed Skeleton and recently started following you again, and I just wanted to say I love your take on life and being healthy. I sincerely read this blog as motivation to just keep being active and for simple meal ideas. Recently made an old recipe you posted for Black Bean Fiesta Rice and my husband loved it. Said it was good enough for the rotation! Didn’t really think people would actually go out of their way to post hateful comments, so wanted to even it out a bit. Keep doing what you do!!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Tara

    My dog loves beer!! He gets really excited every time the hubby gets one out! A few licks don’t hurt! BTW what kind of camera did you get? I’m looking for a new one but am totally lost on where to start.

    Reply to Tara
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Lol seems like most dogs do:) Technically alcohol is poisonous to us too ;)…moderation.

      I have a cannon rebel EOS T5:) I love it! I use a couple different lenses.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lina

    Not only are you an irresponsible pet owner by giving your dog beer (even if it’s a few licks) but you are also an irresponsible DD. Why would you even drink a glass of wine and then get behind the wheel of a car risking the lives of others?

    Way to go.

    Reply to Lina
    • Erin

      Maybe you should do some homework on blood alcohol levels and how they work, especially after 2 hours.. you’re definitely allowed to have a glass of wine without the risk of putting anyone in danger. This is probably the worst responses to a post I’ve seen yet, people are really reaching.

      Reply to Erin
    • emily

      Each person processes alcohol differently, and us readers have no idea how long taralynn and crew sat at the bar for. If she had a glass of wine and proceeded to hangout at the brewery for a few hours, that is perfectly fine!! If she drank one beer and got right in the car, that is fine too!

      Reply to emily
    • Taralynn McNitt

      lol keep em comin’.

      There is not enough alcohol in one glass of wine to get me drunk for a two hour period. Mike is a cop, you think he would have said something if I was drunk behind a wheel?

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sarah

    You guys looked like you had so much fun!

    As far as the dog issue is concerned, only you know what’s best for your dogs. Each dog is different and while it wouldn’t be good for my tiny chihuahua (haha) Tino and Grumples seem perfectly healthy!

    Keep on being the fun, awesome dog parent! 🙂

    Reply to Sarah
  • Rachel

    I seriously want to be your best friend. You are so much fun and pretty hilarious.

    Reply to Rachel
  • Rachael

    It looks like such a fun night!! I love seeing how different all the breweries are. And for all those making rude comments about giving Tino a few licks of beer wild animals in Africa get drunk off marula fruit during the summer. Look it up on youtube it’s actually rather funny. ( A few licks is not going hurt Tino!

    Reply to Rachael
  • shanna

    I love craft beer. beer is something I had to learn to like. then I discovered craft beer and it was a whole new world. I can’t drink regular beer like coors lite, etc anymore. way too weak tasting. my dog loves beer! my mom’s dog will actually tip a beer bottle over to get it. haha. gotta watch that one!

    Reply to shanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I said the same thing! I actually like the cheap beer you get at the store, but craft beer is something I can’t get used to, but I bet if I drank it more, I would.

      lol beer definitely draws in the dogs!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ally T.

    HI Taralynn!

    I went to high school with you but we never really talked to each other. I want to thank you for always being kind to me, even though we didn’t know each other that well. I am now living in Idaho and someone from my work asked if I knew you because you went to Ottumwa and It felt like I knew a celebrity. I hope you are proud of how far you have come and you look so good. I hope that we can meet someday soon

    Ally Thompson. 08′

    Reply to Ally T.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Wow! Thank you so much for that Ally! That is very very sweet of you:) Feels like yesterday we were both sitting in Mrs. Graziano’s class laughing at her hand puppets. Where has the time gone? I hope everything is going well for you and congrats on the move to Idaho!

      Thank you for reaching out!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Meg

    How fun! Wish we had breweries where I’m from. We only have two bars in my little hometown.

    Reply to Meg
  • Libby

    Taralynn, I have to comment on your photography. It has changed a lot and you are becoming one talented photographer. I just thought you should know!

    p.s. my dog loves licking my wine glasses. People are ridiculous.

    Reply to Libby
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Libby! I think it’s the new camera:) I also am trying not to rely on my cell phone for cameras as much. I get kind of embarrassed pulling out the “honker” to take photos, but slowly embracing it!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Melissa

    There’s a Rock Bottom in Chicago, too! It’s one of my favorite places!

    Reply to Melissa
  • emily

    Why would you guys give Tino some licks of beer when you know he shouldn’t have it and it isn’t good for him? I know it’s not like you just let him drink the whole thing, but still. Seems a little irresponsible to me.

    Other than that, looks like a fun day!! I love breweries and brewery tours and this seems like a perfect day! I think it’s really neat that you could get kombucha since you weren’t drinking that day!

    Reply to emily
  • Meghan

    This looks like so much fun!

    Reply to Meghan
  • Shelby

    We used to give our husky a beer (corona extra). She was 18 when she passed (not related to beer before anyone jumps on that). People are wayyyyy to sensitive.

    If you ever come to Florida you need to check out two of our breweries. Super fun and laid back. 🙂

    Reply to Shelby
  • MD

    No, I have never given my dog beer. I’m not a moron. Just because he “liked” it doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to give it to him.

    Reply to MD
    • Taralynn McNitt

      lol he had a couple licks. Not the whole damn beer. He’s fine and healthy.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Emily

        Lol that is like saying “I only gave him a couple of licks of poison!” Why would you want to even give your dog a little bit of something that is proven to be harmful for dogs?

        Reply to Emily
        • Mallori

          It’s harmful to people too, but I am sure you are guzzling your “poison”…am I right? Three out of the four main ingredients in beer is in most dog food. Lay off.

          Reply to Mallori
        • Taralynn McNitt

          lol not even close.

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Emily

    Wow, as someone who is always talking about how much they love/care for their dogs, I am very surprised that you and Nick would be okay with giving your dog alcohol. It can be incredibly toxic to dogs because their bodies are NOT built to process alcohol. You and Nick may want to do some research before doing something so harmful for your pet.

    Reply to Emily
    • anc

      Seriously, though, even more than the alcohol issues GRAPES are very toxic to dogs (also raisins and other things made from grapes…like wine). My dog has gotten some spilled beer before so I’m not judging, but I’d be really careful about the wine thing. I know a few people whose dogs have eaten raisins and wound up seriously sick.

      Reply to anc
    • Jesslyn

      Always someone like you posting here. My dog loves beer and is 15 years old.

      Reply to Jesslyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      We didn’t let him drink an entire beer. He had a couple licks. We love Tino and he is a perfectly healthy dog. Thank you for your concern.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jesslyn

        You don’t have to explain yourself. Those people are trolls and think they know it all because they googled an article about dogs drinking beer.

        Reply to Jesslyn
  • Jesslyn

    Those breweries always serve extra salty foods. More salt means more beer…

    Reply to Jesslyn
  • Destiny

    I live in Charlotte and cannot wait to visit these breweries. Thank you for making me look at my city in a different way.

    Reply to Destiny
  • Bella

    Is Mike single?

    Reply to Bella

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