Like A Week of Updates…Deep Breaths!


Today was beautiful.

I took Grumples for a long drive in the country this morning. This may sound silly, but one of his favorite things to do is stick his head out the window and eat the air. He loves to see the horses and the cows. He makes some silly kind of noise that sounds like mesh of barking and crying.


When I got back from the little country drive, I made a delicious coffee drink to go with breakfast (honey puff cereal, dried figs, and two hard boiled eggs.)


My coffee is just dripย dominican republic coffee, light cream, whipped cream on top, splash of cinnamon and a couple of dark chocolate covered chia seeds.

After breakfast, I finished a couple things for classes and then decided to spend the day with my mom for her birthday.

11925957_907416225971621_860892297_nย 11944367_907405835972660_271770432_n

I treated myself to a shoe day. I bought new booties, a couple pair of sandals on sale, and some sneakers. (pictures soon) I’ve never been a show person, but that really needs to change. I wear the same old black flip flops, slide on shoes, and I own three pairs of heels.

11939124_907405819305995_914299326_nย 11910705_907405802639330_1168217144_n

After shopping around at the outlets, we headed to Akahaha in Baxter village. I went there a couple weekends ago with Nick and fell in love with the place. I knew my mom would like it, so I was excited to treat her to this place for her birthday. I ordered the lettuce wraps again, but this time had them leave the soy sauce out. My mom doesn’t like anything high sodium, so it was easier to just add some of the low sodium soy sauce from the table. I also ordered the spicy tuna rolls and Charlotte rolls! They have BOGO sushi rolls. #winning! I didn’t get the fried bagel ones this time…maybe if I would have worked out this morning.

11914880_907405769306000_682833060_nย 11919295_907405742639336_2089938456_n

But I did get froyo! I havnt eaten fro-yo since Washington D.C.! SO, it was a TREAT-YO-SELF day! I went with the Greek vanilla honey yogurt, sprinkles, and a couple pieces of my favorite candies. ย I also stoppedย in at Cupcrazed to pick up a birthday cupcake for my mom. It’s a couple stores down from the sushi restaurant. Cupcrazed is a cute cupcake bakery in Baxter Village with the BEST CUPCAKES! They also won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!


I picked out the triple salted caramel for my dad and key lime pie for my mom. I didn’t get myself one because I planned on stealing bites from both of theirs, which by the way are seriously delicious. The frosting has the perfect consistency!

If you are gluten free, they have some pretty darn good GF cupcakes!

Instead of starting an entire NEW post, I wanted to attach my update onto this one. Even though I have been blogging consistently, I’ve been leaving some things out (like a weeks worth.) Do I wanna start from Sunday and go backwards or do I wanna start from backwards to Sunday? Hmm….I’ll try starting at backwards first.

Pray this doesn’t get too confusing.


I’ll start with this wrap. This seems pretty simple.

Sunday night, (LAST SUNDAY NIGHT) Nick and I stopped at a restaurant to pick up some food for dinner. Have you ever looked over a menu, but nothing sounded good? That was me Sunday night. I really didn’t feel like Mexican food. I just wanted a wrap, so I stopped at the grocery store and picked up ingredients to make one! This wrap has the 100 calorie whole grain flat out wrap, lettuce, avocado, turkey, cucumber, and yellow mustard.


Monday, I bought a delicious juice! Before cooking’ up some delicious scallops & salmon! The juice had turmeric, lime, spinach, carrot, kale, apple, ginger, and cucumber.


Moving forward to Tuesday!

My brother’s birthday was August 19th, so I needed to run to the South Park Mall for a gift. I had my eye on the Johnny Cash shirt for him.


I also found the funniest card ever at Urban Outfitters. I threw a couple other little things in the box and shipped it out!


While I was in South Park, I had lunch with Nick. I love meeting him on his lunch breaks! We went to Taco Mac and I ordered their grilled turkey burger without the bun. Their sweet potato fries are crunchy, seasoned well, and delicious!


Tuesdayย morning, I headed out to meet a friend at the trails for a walk. I figured I’d bring some coffeeย for an afternoon pick-me-up.

skinny lattes + extra espresso shot

11910980_905141419532435_1120132603_nย 11911449_905141429532434_865045072_nย 11911813_905141439532433_1192423980_n

So this is what you’ve all been asking me…

C O L L E G E…

Yup, you read it right! I am back in school. But, here is the deal. I am going to keep this as low-key as possible. Why? Well, it’s a creepy world and I kind of want my privacy. I know that people are going to find out where I’m going, people will talk, and it’ll end up on the internet somehow, but I’m going to try to keep it on the down low. Heck, I already ran into three people who read my blog at the school, so I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon. That’s the life you choose as soon as you open your life to the internet, and that’s OK.

…and i watch a lot of Dateline.

6:00AM BREAKFAST: honey puff cereal, almond milk, banana, chocolate chia seeds.


I woke up at 6:00 am to get ready for orientation Wednesday. It was required to attend the transfer student orientation. Luckily, 48 hours from my previous school transfer over, so it won’t be long!

Breakfast #two: JUICE! (the usual without carrots)


The only bad thing, is that I’m 24. That means I’m not a dependent and school is all up to me. I filed my FASFA thinking I’d get a lot of help, but since I’ve had a steady income for the past five years, I’m having to pay out of pocket, AND out of state. That makes me $11,000 short per semester that will be coming out of my bank account. Yay! But, I know it’ll be worth it and since I’m paying for it, I’ll take school more seriously.

Next year, I’ll have more time to apply for scholarships and I’ll be paying instate.

11920431_905141336199110_1454149372_nย 11913242_905141316199112_1068745897_n

After several workshops, I headed to the cafeteria for lunch. I was pretty impressed with the salad bar and healthy options. I’m excited to spend some time between classes at the gym.

11787404_905141302865780_985727842_nย 11872970_905141349532442_2004778299_n

There was so much to get done, but I was enjoying the day and experience. I’m pretty excited about this new chapter of life.

11897133_905141836199060_1695772291_nย 11897118_905141246199119_1090014169_n

I was exhausted when I got home. It was a lot of information to take in and it’s a whole new life I’m going to have to jump into. After the twelve hour day, I wined down with an iced coffee, dried papaya, almonds, and raisins.


For dinner that night, I made some all natural Applegate chicken nuggets, leftover potatoes, and a side salad.


Thursday was packing day! I had so much to catch up on and I needed to get them out!

11911657_905141562865754_952984371_nย 11910803_905141556199088_23781832_n

After dropping the packages off at the post office, I picked up groceries and grabbed some juice for lunch. The usual juice with carrots!


Here are the groceries I picked up! Energize bread, dates, popcorn, matcha tea, figs, coffee, siggis, jelly, coconut milk ice cream, ginger, chocolate covered chia seeds, cereal, and sweet cinnamon garbanzo beans.


For dinner I whipped up stuffed bell peppers! I used my Quinoa shrimp taco stuffed bell pepper recipe but added ground turkey instead of shrimp. And I added breadcrumbs to the top.


Friday morning was already blogged about, but not this picture of my fella!


I went to the Nation Ford Falcon’s first varsity football game Friday night. This makes me so excited for fall! For dinner, I had Ralph’s Antipasto and a slice of his homemade pizza.


I woke up early Saturday morning and went for a run. The temperature rose about fifteen degrees during my run and it was so hot! I keep bottles of water at the mail box to grab when I make my laps. This run was only 3.5 miles and it was slowwww. But, slow is better than not finishing!

I haven’t been running a lot lately. (1 a week) I’ve been swimming laps, walking long miles, and sticking to my Jillian Michael routines!

11910811_906093362770574_1901713646_nย 11930702_907405905972653_340564303_n

I did nothing the rest of my day and it felt great ๐Ÿ™‚

I did make a salad: spring mix, greek vinaigrette, parmesan, sunflower seeds, and avocado.


Until the laziest day turned into the most magical here…

Snow On Tha Bluff

Nick and I stayed up until 3 in the morning watching Netflix’s Snow on Tha Bluff…

This show was insane. I’m still not sure if it’s real or fake. I don’t think anyone knows if it’s real or fake. But it was terrifying.


I was miserable waking up Sunday morning for church. Three hours of sleep is not a great look on me. (ALL MY FAULT) After church, we went to Nick’s parents for breakfast. I was so happy to feel coffee go down my veins. I’ve still been doing the one cup a day thing, but this was and exception.

I had TWO cups of coffee fresh fruit, toast, grilled eggs, and bacon.


When I got home, I turned on Jennifer Anniston’s new movie “CAKE” and fell asleep after fifteen minutes in. I slept about five hours. That is so rare! I don’t nap; it’s usually physically impossible. But, I have a feeling I was kind of sick yesterday because my stomach hurt, my body was aching, and I was just so tired. Maybe that’s what a lack of sleep does…

I woke up at six and had some of the roast that was in the crock pot! It’s one of my favorite Sunday dishes!

Then…back to the bed to blog, watch The Bachelor in Paradise, and fall asleep!


Well, I hope that recap wasn’t disappointing and I hope it was easy to follow! I don’t think there was an easy way to go about it. It just goes to show that I need to update more.


  • Bendi

    Y Love your blog posts.

    Reply to Bendi
  • Leanna

    Hey, what classes are you taking this semester? Are you participating in a certain program, or just taking specific classes? I’d love to hear what kind of classes you’re taking and what you’re working towards.

    Reply to Leanna
  • Elaine

    Good luck in school!

    Reply to Elaine
  • landa

    I saw you at the school and I wanted to say hi but I was too nervous. I love your style and shop. I think it is so cool to have you at the same school as me.

    Reply to landa
  • Melanie

    So happy to hear school is going well for you! My classes start next week and I am so excited to get back at it ๐Ÿ™‚

    And YES to high school football!! I can’t wait for college games to start next week!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Selene

    I have just drooled by looking at the coffee you have made. Happy about your decision to go to college ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Selene
  • mookie

    No problem ๐Ÿ™‚ . I thought it was real when I first saw it as well but then the local news covered a story on the not so smart teenagers going to that neighborhood trying to pull a similar stunt as in the film. People seemed to not realize that people really do live like that and will do what they have to survive when that is all they know and are living in those situations. Thank you for all of your great products by the way! Especially all things elephant ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to mookie
  • Caitlyn

    OMG your crockpot roast looks DELICIOUS !

    I’m a little confused about your burger though – in Australia “bunless” means there is just the meat patty and salad without a bun – does it mean something different in America? Your burger looks delicious, bun and all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Caitlyn
  • mookie

    Just wanted to say that Snow on tha Bluff is a realistic drama. The Bluff is a real place, Curtis Snow is a real guy and did his own acting and lot of the same stuff happens there as it does in the movie, but the film itself is fictional and just based off of his own accounts. Source: being from Atlanta and seeing people act foolish by going to that area after the film came out.

    Reply to mookie
  • Hannah

    I think you look beautiful Tara. You inspire me to wear less makeup.

    Reply to Hannah
  • NC

    Congrats on going back to school! Enjoy it! I’m looking forward to/hoping you’ll blog about some easy/healthy portable snacks and if you do any food prepping now that you’ll have a busier schedule. I work full-time and do my Masters in the evenings so I only get a few opportunities to all-out cook each week and I’m always looking for quick fixes or things I can prep, portion, and grab-and-go each day!

    Reply to NC
  • Hillary

    I’ve been wanting to make stuffed bell peppers for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to it, I think your post pushed me to possibly make them tonight!

    Also good luck with going back to school! I just graduated (literally 2 weeks ago) after 5.5 years going after my bachelors. Hopefully since you already have a decent amount of credit hours transferring your degree won’t take long for you to obtain.

    Reply to Hillary
  • Karen

    Hi Tara! Best of luck, you’re going to love it! Give yourself time to settle into a routine and everything else will fall into place!

    Reply to Karen
  • Ashley

    Wishing you all the best going back to school! I actually work at an university, so if you ever need some outside advice on navigating the system, feel free to reach out! I’m a big fan of the Applegate GF chicken nuggets. Good for when you don’t feel like cooking.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Emily Weir

    Kudos to you for going back to school! It’s easy to get into a routine without school once you start a career and think there’s no point going back once a few years have passed. Hopefully you won’t meet any creepy, obsessed readers between classes either.

    Reply to Emily Weir
  • Lola

    I went back to college when I was 22 and everybody else was 18. It was a bit awkward at the beginning, but I made some great friends that will last a lifetime. I have a history of not being consistent, so partly paying for my tuition clearly helped to take it more seriously. Key is to go to all classes, be active and participate as much as you can. Everything depends on your attitude and it seems very positive, so it will sure go well!

    Reply to Lola
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Going back to college! What are you studying for and what’s your weekly schedule like?

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty

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