Crock Pot Beef Roast, Carrots & Potatoes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI felt like I was home in Iowa sitting at the table with my family on a snowy night while eating one of my favorite recipes from my mom, her crockpot roast! Before my parents took off for Mexico yesterday morning, I called my mom up and grabbed her recipe so I could make the roast for the cold night. When it’s freezing outside, warm foods sound the best. I haven’t had her pot roast in years! I was a pescetarian for a while and had to pass up her delicious roast.10919365_1514841488781263_110436378_n-2Grumples and I bundled up and headed to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for the roast. At first, I was intimated to make her roast because it always looked hard when she did it, but it’s actually pretty simple. It takes about 45 minutes to prepare and the rest is up to the crockpot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou Will Need: 

*1 Package Baby Carrots, *1 Bag Red Potatoes, *2 Packets Brown Gravy, *1 Package Lipton Onion Soup Mix, *4 Cans Beef Broth, *1 Good Sized Roast, *Olive Oil!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHeat a frying pan on high and add olive oil. You’ll need to sear the roast on all sides before throwing it into the crock pot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile all the roast is searing, add all ingredients to the crockpot on medium except the carrots, potatoes, and one can of beef broth.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAContinue to sear all sides of roast.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the sides are seared, add the roast to the crockpot.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPour the leftover can of beef broth to the pan you used to sear the roast. The broth is going to grab all the flavors of the roast.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd the leftover broth and roast juices to the crockpot with the roast.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd carrots and cover.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoil all the red potatoes.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the potatoes are tender, slice them, and add them to a frying pan with olive oil. You can add garlic for more flavor too.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA-Fry the potatoes until they are golden brown. I like eating them like this with flavors sometimes with dinner.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASet the potatoes aside for six hours while the roast cooks on medium heat.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdd the potatoes to the roast six hours later and let it continue to cook for another hour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASlice the roast to check if it’s done. Once it’s done, turn the temperature off. Sometimes, my mom adds egg noodles to the broth to serve with the roast. It’s amazing, but I have no self control when those egg noodles are floating around.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bought whole grain wheat toast at Harris Teeter for mine and it was delicious dipped into the broth.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe carrots are my favorite part of the dish. They are so tender and soak up all the flavors.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the crockpot recipe because I’ll have leftovers all week! I need to cook at home more often because it saves so much money. I’m proud of myself for conquering my fears and making my mom’s recipe! I think you’d love it!


  • Forrest

    Looks good! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Reply to Forrest
  • Cassie

    I love a good crockpot meal, and cooking a roast in the slowcooker makes it so tender. I’ll have to try this, it sounds so easy and flavorful!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Rebecca

    I want to make this on Sunday! What size is your crockpot? I think mine is only 3 quarts so I am just wondering if I will need to alter amount of ingredients..Thanks!

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Kristin C

    Sounds good.
    My mom’s beef roast is my favorite meal too! She makes hers a little differently, but it is still in the crock pot for 6-8. My favorite thing to do is buy meat in bulk at Sam’s Club and freeze it. That way I can cook meat in the crock pot if I have a busy day ahead.
    I’ve been wanting to post my mom’s recipe on my blog, but I haven’t made it in quite some time!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I’m known to just throw frozen food into the crockpot without thawing just to save time and it turns out just the same! Seems like everyone is taking out their crockpot around this time of the year, and rightfully so. They’re just great for saving time and making warm dishes for cold seasons. Any advice on how to save time cooking in the summer when I don’t want to use the crockpot to make hot food on a hot day?!

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Melanie

    This reminds me of the pot roast my grandma would make whenever we went to visit her. One of my favorite comfort foods!

    Reply to Melanie

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