Akahana, Nan & Byrons, Bakersfield, & Poor Grumples :(

11911545_903183343061576_1973539158_nPlans change. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. It’s a gorgeous day out, but I traded all my outdoor activities in for a afternoon pampering Mr. Grumples. I’m keeping him under watch, so I decided to catch up on the Fosters and blog while Nick golfs. To be honest, I didn’t want to golf today anyways.

I figured a little catch up blog and printing shipping labels would keep my mind off of worrying about Grumples.


This week has been pretty eventful. Wednesday, a friend and I went to Nick’s game for a couple of innings and then stopped at Nan & Byrons for dinner. I had the Greek salad and their Brazin wine!  The Greek salad had warm pita slices, tzaztiki sauce, vinaigrette, feta, and grilled chicken.

Nan & Byrons is one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte. We got there a lot after the Hornets games in the winter.

& hey I already blogged about Thursday 🙂
& hey again, I already blogged about Friday 🙂




I was struggling on Saturday morning. Tino woke me up at six and I only had four hours of sleep. My body was awake, but eyes were glued shut.

I took Grumples on an hour walk early morning while it was still cool. He doesn’t do well in temperatures over 80 because of all his fur. Tino is the opposite and chooses to sunbath rather than sit in the shade.

Tino and I went to Nick’s game Saturday morning for a couple hours. I was still half asleep on the bleachers. At least I was there…

After the game, I typed up a quick post and then fell asleep for an hour.

We had dinner plans at 6pm at Akahaha in Baxter Village in Fort Mill. I’ve heard a lot about this place, but never had the chance to try it. I felt bad for our waitress because she was all alone with a table of twenty! Their menu was GIANT. They had so much and it made it hard to decide what to get.

I started out with the house salad with ginger dressing.

11910955_903711906342053_428572976_n 11872896_903711773008733_325051201_n

Nick and I split the lettuce wraps for an appetizer. These were to die for! They had minced chicken, water chestnuts, green and red bell pepper. They come with mushrooms, but I asked for them to leave them out. I loved how thick the water chestnuts were! Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 5.32.17 PM

We ordered a tray of sushi rolls. Our main rolls were the bagel roll which was sinfully delicious and the Charlotte roll! I recommend both!

11874104_903711636342080_1782050156_n 11909771_903711706342073_103849325_n

Lindsey made cupcakes for Josh’s birthday. I think she should quit her job and start a cupcake shop. I’ve never had a better cupcake! They were super moist and so so so flavorful! This is the second time I’ve had one of her cupcakes, and they just keep getting better!

After dinner, we headed back to Nick’s. We stopped and grabbed coffee first! I needed something to keep me awake for True Detective.


We spent an hour walking the pups and letting them run around with the rope. They do this for hours!


The coffee didn’t work.

I fell asleep as soon as the show came on.  I woke up really early and went on a cleaning rampage. I love cleaning in the mornings. After mopping the floors, I went out on the patio to have my coffee and slice of toast. I wanted the floors to dry before the dogs went crazy on them. I just LOVE when puppy paw prints dry with the floors.


My toast was whole grain with a drizzle of honey and a tsp of unsalted butter.

When Nick woke up, we drove over to the fields to let the dogs run! They have so much fun chasing the balls around.


We went to lunch at noon down the road at Bakersfield in Dilworth. I loved their fresh salad last time, so played it safe and ordered the same thing. They have AWESOME guacamole too!

After running a couple errands, we headed back to the house. It was strange…Tino did his normal jumping around. Grumples loves to greet and hop around as well when we come home. He just sat there…his tail was wagging, he’d stand up and then fall back down. I knew immediately something was wrong.

He can’t walk on his back leg. He’s eating, drinking, acting fine, but just can’t walk. I’ve examined him, touched him all over, and no yelp…

I put him in the car to go to the emergency vet and when he got out…he was walking fine, only a little limp, but it was as if he was perfectly normal. We walked him about a half a mile and he was doing fine. I figured I’d wait until tomorrow and take him to his actual vet since he’s ok other than the leg. I’m still watching him and worried about him because I can’t STAND when he’s hurt. He’s not whimpering or acting weird other than the fact that he’s limping. I’m not sure if he hurt himself at the park or took a fall while we were out. I’m hoping to get answers tomorrow and keep watching him all night.

Any vets know what it could be?!


  • Celine

    The cap really suits you!

    Reply to Celine
  • Katie

    Did you ever find out what was wrong with Grumples?

    Reply to Katie
  • Dawn

    I just dealt with this with my Yorkie. He tested positive for Lyme disease. He started limping on his right, front paw. It didn’t hurt him when you touched it but he couldn’t walk on it one day, could the next, then the next day he was limping again. Good luck w grumples!! It’s easily treated, if that’s it…as long as it’s early enough.

    Reply to Dawn
  • Julia

    It sounds like a trapped nerve at the joint. Gentle massages at the joint and working his leg in circular motions should release the nerve but it can twinge for a while afterwards. Keep him moving like you normally would but if it gets worse or occurs again without improvement, take him to your vet so they can make sure there isn’t an underlying issue : ) hope this helps xx

    Reply to Julia
  • Kasey

    Hi! Where do you take your pups to run around? I live in the Plaza Midwood/Elizabeth area in Charlotte and recently got an 8-month golden retriever so I am always looking for parks/areas that are dog fridndly where I can take her to run around since my apt complex doesn’t have an area. Any suggestions you have would be great! LOVE your blog by the way – especially since we are neighbors and you have such great suggestions about places in our city! 🙂

    Reply to Kasey
  • Katie

    I’m not sure what you use for a flea/tick preventative but lameness can be a sign of Lyme disease.

    Reply to Katie
  • Lisa

    So sorry to hear about your pup! The exact same thing happened to my little bichon/shih tzu mix last year! She was walking on three legs and struggling to go down the stairs. I freaked out and took her right to the vet but when she got there she was totally fine! The vet said she may have tweaked her back funny when going down some stairs or jumping off the couch. She was fine the next day but I made sure to keep an eye on her. I hope that it is nothing major for your pup too and that he feels better soon! Nothing worse than seeing our 4 legged-friends hurt!

    Reply to Lisa
  • Lesley

    So sorry to hear about Grumples. Did you check his foot? Sometimes my dogs have been limpy due to something stuck in their paw pads or something silly like that. Hopefully it’s something simple that works itself out – keep us posted!

    Reply to Lesley
  • Cassandra

    Our Golden Retreiver tore a ligament in her back leg overextending it. She was only about 8 at the time and incredibly energetic so we think she just pushed herself too hard. She had those exact symptoms- an on/off limp. It tended to be worse after she’s been sitting for a long time because the muscle stiffened up, whereas if she’d been walking for a while it warmed up and she looked almost normal. Unfortunately she had to get surgery to fix it but she made a full recovery 🙂

    Reply to Cassandra
  • Melanie

    Poor Grumples! 🙁 I hope you get some answers soon!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Cassie

    I am so sorry about Grumples–I hope he feels better!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Elle

    This actually recently happened to my dog! One day she just started limping on her back leg but it would only be sometimes. Turns out her knee cap was out of place and the vet just had to pop it back in.

    Reply to Elle
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Did her knee cap seem to be hurting her? Nothing hurts him when i twist his leg around.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Elle

        No! I did the same thing..tried to apply pressure at certain points to see if she would wince and she didn’t at all. So I was very confused and figured it would just give me peace of mind if I went and took her to the vet. Turns out it was just the knee cap, easy fix and she hasn’t limped at all since.

        Reply to Elle
  • kaleigh

    Poor grumples! Sounds like a vestibular event. They are sort of like vertigo for us, and very scary for us as owners, but often not that bad for dogs and normally resolve themselves. Our last dog (who lived to 13.5) had several vestibular events over the course of her life. Every time, by the time we would get her to the vet, she was fine, but when we would find her she wouldn’t be able to stand, or if was standing would fall over. We eventually stopped taking her to the vet as long as it resolved fairly quickly. Still, check in with your regular vet, but I bet that js what it was. Hugs for your puppies!

    Reply to kaleigh
    • kaleigh

      I forgot to add, they can fall and bonk themselves while having one of these events, which would account for the lingering limp. I hope its nothing serious!

      Reply to kaleigh

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