Weekend Recap: All About Traditions


It’s been a while since I’ve done a weekend recap. I don’t spend too much time blogging or working on the weekends because I like to enjoy the moments and make memories with friends and family. It’s hard to do that sitting behind a computer.  I love weekend traditions because they give me something to look forward to during the week. It was my first weekend back since France and I was excited for my normal weekend routine! It feels more like home here than anywhere I’ve ever lived.


I’ve mentioned before that my parents were selling the house in Iowa and moving down south, but I never had the chance to officially announce that they sold the house! They are moving to Charleston, South Carolina and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve missed having them closer to me and I can’t wait to spend more time with them. I usually have to drive 16 to 20 hours to go see them and now I only have to drive a couple of hours. Life is starting to feel more complete. Sometimes you have to remember that things eventually fall into place, even when you’re in a rut or experiencing a down period; life does get better.


To start my weekend recap, I start with Thursday. I know it’s not technically the weekend, but I need to fit it in there somewhere. During the day, I headed over to GNC to pick up some Quest Bars before going to the gym. I couldn’t believe the price. GNC raised the prices of the bars incredibly and the boxes were eight dollars more than buying them on the internet. I ended up buying a couple of bars and then saving about twenty bucks by ordering them on the website here.

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I also picked up a Ekobrew reusable filter for my Keurig. I used to have one a while back but it somehow disappeared. (More like I lost it) but I usually make a pot of coffee during the day and these reusable filters will save so much money. Plus, buying espresso coffee is much cheaper than the K-cups. I’m a huge fan of Eight O’ Clock coffee and they were two for eight dollars at Harris Teeter. I was scoring all kinds of deals.


For lunch, I had a grilled chicken salad that had avocado, bell pepper, onion, tomato, mixed greens, carrots, chicken, and a side of ranch. I also had fresh fruit and Greek yogurt.


After Spin class Thursday night, I met up with Samantha, Sealy, and Nick and Hickory Tavern for dinner. Lately, I’ve been bad at craving unhealthy foods after a workout, but I decided to split some dishes with Nick instead of having it all to myself. Plus, I kind of deserved it after spinning.

We started out with loaded nachos. It had cheese, beans, taco flavored ground beef, jalapeños, tomatoes, chips and sour cream. To be honest, I like hot liquid nacho cheese instead of shredded melted cheese on nachos, but they were still good.


We also ordered Caribbean jerk wings and honey barbecue. Wings are my weakness.


The biggest weakness of mine? Brownies and ice cream! Even though it wasn’t as good as the brownie at Nan & Byron’s, it was still a really good brownie and worth every bite. We all split it and of course I ended up eating most of it.


I was struggling with jet lag on Friday night. I made dinner on the grill for myself around five and then fell asleep at seven pm. I tried hard to stay awake, but it was impossible.

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Since I was fighting France time and asleep by seven on Friday night, I woke up at 4 am on Saturday. I was wide awake and so I made coffee and worked a little on the computer.

Around seven, I made breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, brown sugared oats, and turkey bacon.

After breakfast, I went for a 7.5 mile run. It was freezing out, but I made it through. I was really proud of my run because I have been slacking lately and sticking to more strength workouts. I had to warm up a little bit because my first mile was a ten minute one, but after I adjusted to the weather, I brought them down to 8-9 minute miles.



Speaking of breakfast, when I was in France (which i still have a lot to post) I was inspired by their breakfast set up. The table had recycled wine bottles filled with all kinds of juices. I thought that was amazing, so I filled a couple with orange juice and almond milk. If you were having a brunch, you could use wine bottles and fill them up with pineapple juice, orange juice, iced coffee, apple juice, and milk.


Saturday afternoon, I met up with Nick’s parents for the day. Nick went to Notre Dame for the game and so his parents basically adopted me:) After running some errands, we went to Baxter Village for lunch. We went to Beef o Brady’s. I ordered the Santa Fe Chicken Salad. It has southwestern grilled chicken served over crisp salad greens, topped with cheddar jack cheese, chopped tomatoes, and red onions in a crisp tortilla bowl with sour cream, salsa, and a side of ranch.

10805080_778001928913052_1204794563_n 10805161_778001918913053_1958563515_n

After lunch, we couldn’t help ourselves, and had to go to Cupcrazed Cakery next door. They were on one of my favorite shows from the Foodnetwork, Cupcake Wars and they won. The shop was so cute. If I were to ever open a bakery; I’d definitely do something like this.

We chose the coconut macaroon cupcake, gluten free creme brûlée (for emilee) and vanilla. We also tried a chocolate cake pop and Ralph bought a peanut butter cookie cup filled with chocolate fudge ganache. It was a sugary afternoon but definitely worth it.

10815746_778001908913054_349037959_n-2 10815905_778001888913056_40452603_n-2

What goes well with cupcakes? Coffee! I look forward to the holiday Starbucks drinks all year round! It’s finally here:) I ordered the skinny peppermint mocha latte with extra shots of espresso. I treat myself to the holiday drinks once a week. They put me in the Christmas spirit:)


When we got to their house, I tried the coconut macaroon cupcake and holy moly! The frosting, the cake, the coconut, the filling, all of it was amazing! It didn’t last long.


Saturday night, I was sitting on the couch about to go to bed around seven. Emilee convinced me to get up and go out with her. I haven’t seen her since getting back and wanted to hang out, so I got ready and we went to Cabo’s Mexican Cuisine and Cantina. This restaurant was great the staff were incredibly friendly. The service was abnormally fast.


We had some fabulous drinks before dinner and were feeling pretty good.


I ordered the chicken fajitas. I had been craving fajitas for a long time and finally got my fix. After dinner we headed to Bradshaws and then home so I could get some sleep before church in the morning.


After church, I went to Stacks with Nick’s family. Breakfast after church on Sunday’s has become one of my favorite times. I had been craving Stacks for weeks now and it was better than ever. We ended up staying there for several hours talking and drinking coffee. The best part about going to breakfast with your boyfriends parents is the stories they tell you about him. So much more comes out when he’s not there to defend himself. Sorry Nick 🙂


After church, I went home and made some cookie dough to bring over. We watched football while Ralph made the best soup in the entire world. This soup was no joke. If he doesn’t make a cook book soon, I’ll be disappointed. Later on, Nick finally came home from Notre Dame and we sat around and watched more episodes of Stalker. That show is so good and definitely makes you aware of your surroundings. I’m already looking forward to the weekend.


Do you have any traditions you look forward to every week?


  • Kristin C

    1.) Congrats to you and Nick. I wish you well and hope he treats you wonderfully. No woman should settle for any less.
    2.) I LOVE the wine bottle idea! I have tons of bottles saved to paint, but a few of them may become juice pitchers instead 😉
    3.) That soup looks fantastic!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Betsy

    What is the blue drink with the shot attached with the gummi shark in it? Looks good!

    Reply to Betsy
  • Hannah

    So good to see you so happy! I also looove all your posts like these since they’re in my hometown (: makes me miss it and shows me some places I need to try when I’m back!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Hannah

    What happened with jeremy?

    Reply to Hannah
  • Stephanie

    You are so beautiful! You are always glowing! I’m so happy that you’re so happy! Glad your parents will be closer to you. PS-You’re my #1 inspiration. 😉

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Joi @joiscakesandcelebrations.com

    I am so happy for you Taralynn. I really admire your courage to share some parts of your life with your readers and I love following your inspiring journey. I totally understand the part about your parents- mine currently live on the other side of the world (literally…I am in Germany and they live in New Zealand), which is really hard for all of us. But reading this post motivates me to think positively and wait for everything to fall into place eventually. Thank you!


    Reply to Joi @joiscakesandcelebrations.com
  • Sarah

    So happy that everything seems to be going well in your life! & really excited Nick has become your boyfriend 🙂 Would love for you to fill us in when you’re comfortable!! Thanks for being a continued inspiration!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    I love that 8 o’clock coffee- so delicious!

    Reply to Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out
  • Alissa

    That’s wonderful that your parents are moving to Charleston–both that it’s closer to you, and an added incentive to go to Charleston 😉

    Your weekend sounded great–coming home after a long trip is almost as good as the trip, sometimes!

    Reply to Alissa
  • Heather in Raleigh

    That soup looks amazing!!! Please share the recipe, Ralph! 🙂

    (You & Nick are adorable!) 😉

    Reply to Heather in Raleigh
  • Haelena

    More France recaps please!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to Haelena
  • Jessica

    All I have to say is that you & Nick make an adorable couple! 🙂

    Reply to Jessica
  • Racquel

    Like said before, if you become a member at GNC 15 dollars for a year, you can get the normal pricing of what is online for Quest bars! 🙂 Also, love love love your blog! You are my #1 inspiration! I love the great choices you always make and how you are always on your workout game! You inspire to be the best me!! XO & I had my first holiday Starbucks this weekend and it was amazing! 🙂

    Reply to Racquel
  • Casey @ Camo Tails

    Oh man I never have to try hard to get an epic story out of my in-laws! And they have quite a few! Sounds like an awesome weekend.

    Reply to Casey @ Camo Tails
  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy

    Cold ice cream and warm brownies right? What about cold ice cream on warm Belgian waffles?

    Also, GNC has cheaper prices for members.

    Reply to Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Are you a member of GNC? They typically have lower prices for members.

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
  • Erin

    Oh man. Starbucks and I used to be BFF’s, but now they’ve paired up with Monsanto. Ugh. No thank you.

    Reply to Erin
  • Lauren

    You seem a lot happier now in South Carolina, then you have in awhile. I’m really happy for you.

    Reply to Lauren
  • Selina

    I’m obsessed with that soup photo!!…..lol. If Nick’s dad does ever publish a cookbook, I will buy it. I’m glad you’ve found such wonderful people to surround yourself with there and that your parents are moving closer. You are truly an inspiration. =)

    Reply to Selina
  • Natasha

    Love the recap! I didn’t know you and Nick had made it official. Congrats, girlie! 🙂 Wishing you tons of happiness.

    Reply to Natasha

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