A Quick D.C. Stop: Fish Market & Table Talk

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This is the final post from my road trip to Maine and New York. I apologize that there is nothing “finale” about it, but at this point in the trip, we were drained. Even though it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, I was ready to get back into the swing of things at home. There is always a point in a trip where your own bed seems like heaven.

Our trip was only supposed to be about seven hours to my brother’s (in D.C.) from Amsterdam New York. Silly us, we didn’t factor in all the traffic! I will make sure to never live anywhere near the New Jersey Turnpike! Woah! We got stuck in such a bad traffic jam that we gave up and got off the exit to stop at the Casino. We figured the lunch hour traffic would die down after an hour or so. I had some luck playing the house. I’ve never had a bad blackjack game (knock on wood.)

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We finally got to D.C. at seven. We stayed at the Hilton right by the metro on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. It was very inexpensive for such a great location and the staff was very friendly. ย I’m looking forward to going back to D.C. with Nick because he’s never been there and I want him to explore it all. I’m in love with D.C. and still have so much left to explore.

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Nick and I winded down by the hotel bar while we waited for my brother and Karlee to meet up. I chugged about four glasses of water while sitting there, trying to make up for the lack of water on the car ride. We didn’t stay with my brother because Nick is allergic to cats, but I had to stop at his place to visit them. I love my catphews.


One place I didn’t get to stop at last time I was in Old Town Alexandria was the Fish Market. You guys kept telling me to go there, and I finally got the opportunity to try it!

Because we didn’t get enough seafood in Maine…


We started with the crab dip. It had a unique taste, very seasonal. If Im not mistaken, they added some kind of nutmeg and cinnamon to it. It sounds like a weird combo, but it worked.


I went all out on my last vacation dinner and went for the crab legs. I knew Nick would help me finish it off if need be. Crab legs are in the top of my favorite foods list. The crab legs were juicy and cooked to perfection! This place was everything you guys talked it up to be! The sweet potato fries, potatoes, salad, seafood, and everything was out of this world!

After dinner, Nick and I walked a couple hours around King Street. Karlee had to work early in the morning, so they headed back.

As soon as we got back, I crashed!


My brother had the day off, so we went to breakfast at Table Talk before Nick and I headed back to Charlotte. This place is very cozy and down to ย earth. The wait staff is very friendly. ย I went there last time I was in D.C. and knew Nick would love this place.


I ordered a GIANT bowl of fruit; cantaloupe and strawberries. ย I figured after all the pizzaย and ice cream on vacation, it was time to clean up the diet a bit.


Their fruit was so fresh and ripe! Nick also liked their food.


We walked over to my brother’s building for a bit so I could show Nick around before we left. My brother’s rooftop is the coolest. If I lived there, I know where I’d be all the time.


We left before 10 am andย Iย eager to get to the mall to drop off my Mac.


It was a pretty smooth ride back with littleย traffic. We got there in seven hours.

Road trips are fun and all, but it’s so much easier to fly!

What was your longest road trip?

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  • Ana

    My longest was from Denver to San Diego. That was so pretty, with all the desert landscape, but you better have a good playlist, otherwise you will get bored. My favorite road trip was last December with my boyfriend around Spain. We started in Alicante, by the beach, and drove up to Toledo, Madrid, Segovia, Avila and then back to Alicante. It was so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really like Washington D.C. – I’ve been twice. Alexandria, especially, is really nice, and I would not mind living there one day.

    Reply to Ana
  • Selene

    The fruit bowl lacks only some cottage cheese! When I read you on tumblr, I tried half a cantaloupe with cottage cheese for the first time (you’ve posted this). That was soooo amazing!

    Reply to Selene
  • Michelle S.

    I live right down the street from Parx! Yes, the traffic around here can be CRAZY depending on the time of day. But, I’m glad you were able to stop by my town (even if there are more beautiful things to see than the casino…) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Michelle S.
  • Amanda

    I love reading about your trips! My longest road trip was over 6000 miles! My husband and I moved from central Florida to Alaska and decided to buy a motorhome and make a road trip out of the move. We visited family and friends in Georgia and Cali, and stopped at parks/places including Grand Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite, Vegas, Big Sur… I don’t recommend it if you don’t enjoy driving or don’t have enough time to stop along the way but we loved our travels!

    Reply to Amanda
    • Taralynn McNitt

      6000 MILES…..WHT?!?

      That sounds like one heck of a road trip. All the places you visited seem great too!

      How’s Alaska!?

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Amanda

        Haha yeah by the end we were exhausted, but it’s fun to see how much the landscape changes without leaving the country. Alaska is great! I love the mountains, glaciers, and evergreen trees. Very different from Florida!

        Reply to Amanda
  • Linda @ the fitty

    Crab dip sounds tempting. I’ve only tried it from Costco(using imitation crab meat) and spinach dip from Swiss chalet. Am I anywhere close?

    Reply to Linda @ the fitty
  • Grog

    I went to Table Talk after reading your D.C. posts. Thank you for opening my eyes to the amazing things that surround me here in D.C.I need to start looking up!

    Reply to Grog
  • Jacqueline

    first off, your lipstick in your new profile pic on your main page…what color and who makes it!?? Loves it!

    I’ve only commented once before. I’m the longwinded person who commented on the paint color for your room a few months back and went on and on about my fav paint color Behr Perfect Taupe…but anyways, I just wanted to say that I love how you’ve revamped your posting style. You just seem so genuinely happy! I imagine it just kills your critics. P.S. loved the end of your post the other day about how one can’t fix themselves by breaking someone else. Perfectly said!

    Reply to Jacqueline
  • Erika

    The casino you went to is by my town! You were in my county. That’s not the greatest part of it either! Upper Bucks County is lovely.

    Reply to Erika
  • Ashton Jury

    Love your quick stop in DC! I can’t wait to go there hopefully next fall, this fall the husband I are going to Maui! Also to answer your question my longest road trip was with my husband (who at the the time was my bf) and we drove from Orange County California to Portland Oregon. We made it in 12 hours, (with a breakfast stop at Denny’s it was 1000 miles! We went up there to explore the city, and actually see autumn weather, oh and we ran a 5k (The Color Run, which I highly reccommend, it’s so much fun, just bring a bandana to cover your mouth from all the paint powder.) My husband actually proposed at the finish line! Fun fact about Oregon, you can’t pump your own gas it;s against the law. They have people that do it, which I wish someone had told me before we went because I had a mild panic attack when the guy came up to my car! lol

    Reply to Ashton Jury
  • Kate

    Not to be creepy, but I live in Northern Virginia and am in the market to move. I really want to move to Alexandria! What is the name of the building he’s in? That rooftop has seriously sold me!! If you don’t want to post it publicly (totally understand), feel free to email me at k.glass13@gmail.com ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Kate

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