Breakfast at Le Peep

Breakfast Le Peep Charlotte NC

I love Saturdays, even more now that the weather is nice. There is no such thing as a lazy saturday in my book. As soon as the clock strikes 8, I’m up and (half) ready to start my day. I take the pups out, make a cup of coffee, do a little computer work, and then plan the day. Nick and I usually grab breakfast together around ten and then run errands. We had to stop at his parents house across town to pick up a delivery, run over to the grocery store, head to Dick’s Sporting Goods, the mall, Play it Again Sports, and the post office all before 3! I had to get the camera charged to do their teams photos and make some treats.

Breakfast Charlotte Le Peep  Breakfast Charlotte Le Peep

Before all the madness, we went to one of my favorite breakfast spots, Le Peep at the Arboretum in Charlotte. It’s really inexpensive and the food is fantastic. I ordered the little veggie egg white omelet, honey wheat english muffin, and little potatoes.

Breakfast Charlotte Le Peep  Breakfast Charlotte Le Peep

Nick and I also split a strawberry banana smoothie. I was so full that I ended up boxing up half my meal and finishing it for dinner.


MC and I made some awesome drinks at the game! 🙂 We ordered a pizza and added some special delivery requests. “please deliver our order as if you were Matthew Mcconaughey” We also rented 50 Shades! #girlsnight. I ended up passing out as soon as the movie started. MC woke me up to witness our delivery man and we both answered the door. He was so funny and kept giggling and ended the order with an “alright alright alright” we loved it! I took a bite of a breadstick and passed back out.

sleeping with santino

MC snagged this shot of Tino and I.

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