Chicken Nugget Caesar Salad


I had twenty minutes to shower off from my run, change, and whip up a dinner before Dancing With The Stars Finale Part 1 started. I knew I wouldn’t move from the couch during the show and the new Bachelorette was right after that. I planned on making a salad with leftover steak but I overcooked the steak by over-microwaving it. FAIL. I would have had to chew three minutes per piece. I gave Grumples a couple pieces of steak and then tossed the rest out! I set the oven to 350 and threw in some organic chicken nuggets (homemade ones taste better). I chopped some romaine hearts, added cottage cheese, 1 tablespoon Caesar dressing, 1 tablespoon parmesan cheese, whole grain croutons, and the cooked chicken nuggets! I was only two minutes late for my show 🙂 This dinner was so filling and very satisfying! I’m excited for part two of DWTS & The Bachelorette! #TEAMKAITLYN #TEAMRALLISON



  • Emily Weir

    I’m sure Grumples didn’t mind that you over-cooked your steak! 😉 Nights like yours last night are the reason we keep chicken nuggets in our house. If a favorite show is on, you gotta have a quick fix dinner!

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  • Emily

    This looks wonderful! Chicken nuggets and chicken fingers used to be my jam when I was little–it’s all I would order when I went out to eat. I sent out an email last night, but I figure I’ll ask for some advice here too.

    I have been a strict pescatarian for about a year now and I never really missed meat. In fact, I just stopped eating meat because I didn’t really have a taste for it. I’ve been working out more intensely though and I’ve felt something off about my body. I have a feeling it’s due to lack of natural protein so I have been considering adding lean white meats back into my diet. For some reason though, I cannot seem to make that leap, take the first step, make that first bite, etc.

    I know you used to be a Pescatarian as well and I’m hoping you can help me out with your transition from fish eater to meat eater.

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    • Abbey

      I know this comment is pretty old so who knows if you’ll see this reply but I am in the EXACT same situation right now!! I know my body wants chicken but its hard to get past the idea ethically. If you see this let me know what you think.

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  • Katie Herr

    I’m a little late on the Bachelorette band wagon. I wanted to give it a try. Do you know where I can go to watch past weeks?

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  • Nica

    Hey Taralynn 🙂
    This salad looks very yummy. I think I will prepare me some for dinner today – thank you for inspiration ♥

    Nica | my-healthy-change

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  • Lauren

    Reminds me of dinners I would eat in the dorm freshman year!

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  • Cassie

    Gotta put some organic ketchup or tomato sauce on it!

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  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Chicken nuggets? I guess that could substitute crispy chicken!

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  • Alyson

    I thought you didnt feed Grumples human food?! What do you normally feed him?

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  • Kristin C

    Have fun! And that salad actually sounds really good right now 🙂

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