Last Minute: 4th of July Rice Krispie Treats!


I had such a fun and eventful weekend. I had a last minute bbq to attend and needed to make something quick.  I don’t mind because it gives me an excuse to bake. I had things going on during the day Saturday, which left me with only an hour to whip up some treats. I decided on Rice krispies. They are one of the quickest desserts to make and most everyone enjoys them. You don’t have to worry about them melting or waiting on them to bake.


I also cut up some fruit to bring to stay hydrated under the hot sun. Oranges and bananas are great fruits for the summer heat. The oranges have vitamin c, a good source of energy-sustaining fiber and help boost the immune system. Bananas are one of the best game-day fruits. They help with cramping and have carb boosting energy.


I cut the bananas in half and wrapped them up in tin foil so they wouldn’t brown.


I was just going to make regular rice krispie treats but as I was checking out at the Target line, I found red, white, and blue m&ms! I couldn’t resist and bought them to add to the top. I’m having a 4th of July party this year and I’m already playing around with patriotic recipes and decorations.


Ingredients: 2 10 oz bags mini marshmallows, 12 cups rice krispie cereal, 1 stick salted butter, & m&ms!


Melt butter and marshmallows in a big pot on the stove. I use a wok pan! Once the marshmallows have melted and the mixture is smooth, turn off the heat and add cereal. Combine well and add them to a pan. The tip to spreading the krispies evenly is by wetting your fingertips and pressing them down. I cut them in bite size pieces.

Tino tried his hardest to get into the container!

The krispies were a success and there were none leftover!

What are your favorite last minute treats to make?



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