Big Blog X: Ready to fly!

Hi everyone,

My name is Lucie and as you may know, I’ll be taking over the blog for the next 10 days, telling you all my adventures in the United States. I cannot believe that the time has come already to fly to the States and start sharing with you the Big Blog Exchange. I have never blogged in English so I apologize in advance for the mistakes I might make along the way. I will do my best to take you with me on this journey with clumsy words, pictures and videos.

This has already been quite an adventure to get to the starting point. I found out I was one of the finalist in a small town of China, Pingyao. As I’m a nomad, the next step was to figure out where I would be on 29/10 and where to fly from. I decided for the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, thinking it would be a realistic time frame. From then on, it has been a long litany of transport and painful hours in buses, trains,  planes, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and even horses, overlanding through China, Lao and Cambodia. I finally made it two days ago, a bit later than expected, but still on time. I will be flying today from there to Washington DC, with a night stopover in Doha, Qatar.

Riding a tuk-tuk

When I tell this story to other travellers, they just start laughing and think it’s totally crazy. It is totally unreal, it’s true, and I’m so grateful to be part of this extraordinary adventure that will bring me from Cambodia to the US. I cannot really comprehend it yet, the jetlag might hit me hard, the reverse culture shock might even hit me harder. I have been in Asia for the past 5 months and I know it is gonna be strange to be catapulted in a very developped country, but I am ready to take on this challenge.

Constantly packed

The preparations for this trip might have been a bit easier for me than for the other finalists. For example, I am constantly packed and ready to move every three days or so. My ESTA for the States was already made on my past trip last year. I had travel insurance, all my papers and bank stuff are sorted. Basically, preparing for me has been dreaming about the various destinations, printing all necessary papers, digging my dollars out of my backpack and getting mentally ready. As I watch out of the window of my hostel right now, I see complete chaos, tuks-tuks, tourists in shorts and flip-flops, poverty everywhere, a family of five holding onto one scooter, food stalls, street dogs and cats and other unreal things that have become so familiar to me in the past months. Tomorrow, watching out from the hostel window will be a completely different experience. Yesterday, my last night before the trip started, was your typical backpacker affair. We went to Dine in the Dark with a few other backpackers from England, the Netherlands, Finland and Israel, listened to some great live music, watched some fireworks, played cards, had a couple of drinks and ended up in a club. Just another lovely night in South-East Asia. This morning, I woke up early, had a lovely breakfast made of chocolate-chip pancakes to get myself in the mood, packed my bags, cleared up my locker and checked out. I will fly this afternoon and I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Bags ready

If you have questions, suggestions, challenges, do not hesitate to comment here.

You will be able to follow my journey here, but also live on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can follow Taralynn’s journey through France on my blog: Voyages et Vagabondages.

To follow all the bloggers around the world, follow the hashtag #bigblogx on social media and their blog.

I wish all the finalists a great trip, wherever they are going around the world and especially to Taralynn who will discover my beautiful France. See you on the other side of the world!


  • Emilyz

    Hi Lucie, funny to see you on another blog writing in English as I know your one in French, but that’s a great adventure starting and I wish you a lot of fun and excitement. I love the States as I have lived there for 3 years.
    I will follow Taralynn on your blog and it will be a great occasion to discover other bloggers around the World.
    By the way, have you met Taralynn or will you meet?

    Reply to Emilyz
    • Lucie Aidart

      Hi Emily! Great to see you here! Yes, the Big Blog Exchange is great to follow to get to know different bloggers. We have never met and will not meet in the near future, but I wish we would, I am sure we would have tons of things to talk about…

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Caro Bleue Violette

    I’m enjoying following Taralynn’s adventures on your blog and you know I’m going to enjoy following yours on hers. This Big Blog Exchange is a really nice experience for you, but for your readers too 🙂

    Reply to Caro Bleue Violette
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thank you miss! It is a great experience for all of us and I am so happy to see every one is on board and following these two journeys:) New post is up!

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Abigail

    I’m so excited to be able to read your blogging without the aid of Google translate!

    Abigail (Great Wall of China ;P)

    Reply to Abigail
  • Anna

    Welcome Lucie! I hope you are enjoying everything so far! Your English is excellent!

    I have heard that culture shock can be quite uncomfortable when you have been traveling for so long. The closest I ever came was after returning from a 2 week safari in western Africa. All of our American “problems” seem so trivial after you meet a family of four who depend on ONE cow for their well-being. I hope you are adjusting well and can enjoy your trip! Just out of curiosity, where are you flying to when you finish the blog exchange (I assume they provided a return ticket)?

    Reply to Anna
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thank you so much Anna! Yes, I did get it by the reverse culture shock, but I decided to brush it away to enjoy my trip better. I am not sure it will work when I go back home for Christmas though. We will see.
      I will fly back to Cambodia and pick up my trip from there. Have you been?

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Lindsey

    Welcome Lucie! The fall in the US is so beautiful, I hope you have a chance to travel around and enjoy it a bit. You have done a wonderful job of writing in english – but dont feel like you have to for us, we can all use a bit more culture in our lives, we can figure out how to translate French into English if necessary to hear your amazing story!
    Thanks for visiting us in the US! Safe travels!

    Reply to Lindsey
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thank you Lindsey and thank you for being accomodating. So far, I feel very comfortable in writing in English. Actually feels easier and faster as I do not have much French in my life these days! Fall is indeed so beautiful here!

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Amy L’Allier

    Bonne chance, Lucy, et je vous souhaite un merveilleux temps ici aux Etats-Unis.

    Good luck, Lucy, and I hope you have a wonderful time in the USA.

    Reply to Amy L'Allier
  • Tiphanya

    Life is really full of surprised. Enjoy every minute of this great aventure, and try not to shut down the country this time !

    Reply to Tiphanya
  • Taralynn McNitt

    Where will you be going after the U.S. Are you extending your stay?

    Reply to Taralynn McNitt
    • Lucie Aidart

      No, unfortunately I cannot afford it this time, so I am flying back to Cambodia with 2$ hostel beds and 1$ meals 🙂
      And you?

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Mary

    Welcome, Lucie! What an incredible journey you’ve been on! There is no need to worry about your English, either…it is quite good!

    Reply to Mary
  • Kristy

    Welcome Lucie! I must admit, with your first post you are already a breath of needed fresh air on this blog. Even your use of the English language trumps that of Taralynn’s elementary posts. I am really looking forward to ready about your journey from a top-notch, quality blogger!

    Reply to Kristy
    • Annie

      Quite confused why you continue to read a blog which you’ve deemed to be “elementary”? You aren’t forced to check in here…

      Reply to Annie
    • Lisa Brunolli

      “looking forward to ready about your journey..” Maybe you should work on your use of the english language too.

      Reply to Lisa Brunolli
  • sarah

    Hi Lucie! So glad you will experience Halloween here in the USA. Let us know your favorite costume that you saw!

    Reply to sarah
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thanks Sarah! So many costumes, it’s really hard to choose! I loved the two purple minions from Despicable me. Very well done!

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Angela

    Welcome Lucie! So excited to read your posts and for you to share your journey with us!

    Reply to Angela
  • alexis

    Hi Lucie! I am excited to follow your adventure in America!! Have tons of fun and embrace the whole experience!

    Reply to alexis
  • Dana

    Welcome Lucie! I hope you have a wonderful time in the US.

    Reply to Dana
  • Heather in Raleigh

    Hello Lucie!
    I hope you have a wonderful trip, welcome to America! Looking forward to hearing your stories. I hope the culture shock isn’t too much! 😉

    Reply to Heather in Raleigh
  • Alisia

    Welcome! And welcome to America. I cannot wait to follow you and read about the way that you adjust to the American life. Good luck on your journey, we will all be following.

    Reply to Alisia
  • Lindsay

    Very nice to meet you and safe travels! 🙂

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Jessica

    Safe travels Lucie!! 🙂

    Reply to Jessica
  • Natalie Juns

    Hi Lucie! I’m so excited to read your posts and Taralynn’s. Can’t wait to hear what you think about the United States! Also, I know you mentioned you hadn’t blogged in English before, but honestly, you did great. I would have never known you hadn’t done that before.

    Reply to Natalie Juns
  • Brianna

    I’m so excited to be following your journey! Please don’t feel insecure about writing in English – I completely forgot that it’s not your first language while reading :).

    I hope you enjoy the states – I’m sure you will make the best of it!

    Reply to Brianna
  • Atheena B

    Welcome Lucie to the states!!! I’m so excited for you and Taralynn. I can’t wait to see what you experience here in the states. I know that you will have an awesome time. I live near DC and there’s sooooooo much to do here. Take advantage of it all if you can. Much love!

    Reply to Atheena B
  • ashley

    I cannot wait to hear about your adventures in the states!

    Reply to ashley
  • Winding Spiral Case

    Hi Lucie, I’ve dreamed of living the nomad life, but never had the courage to pack up and do it! It’s wonderful to hear of your SE Asian adventures and I’m looking forward to reading about the continuation of your travels in America. Safe travels! P.S. Your English is fantastic! Thank you so much for going out of your way to blog in English 🙂 The results would be disastrous if the average North American tried to blog in French (and I’m Canadian where we take French in school, so that’s a little embarrassing!).

    Reply to Winding Spiral Case
  • Linda @ TheFitty

    Super great to “meet” you, Lucie! Could you do a “Day in the Life of” post for those regular days you aren’t traveling?

    Bonjour bonjour !

    Reply to Linda @ TheFitty
    • Lucie Aidart

      Hello Linda! Sorry if I’m being stupid, but what did you mean? A typical day here in the States? Or when I usually travel? Because this trip is quite extraordinary and very different from my every day travelling life!

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Marie Alessandra

    Hope you’ll have a great time in the US 😀 Can’t wait to read about your journey!

    Reply to Marie Alessandra
  • Wonni

    Hi Lucie!
    Nice to meet you! ♥
    This is so crazy…heading from Asia to the States…unbelievable.
    But really, really exciting for us readers, too.
    Since I know from your Exchanges, I think about how boring my life is. I guess, I´m fed up with the every day routine. But for the moment… I´ll enjoy your posts here. 🙂
    I´m sure, you´ll get along with the culture shock. 🙂 Hope, that you don´t have to suffer from a jetlag.
    Have a good trip and great time in the states!

    Reply to Wonni
  • Shyann

    So excited to read about both your Journey’s!

    Reply to Shyann
  • Megan

    Wow you have an amazing life! Welcome to the States Lucie!! Hope you are having a wonderful time <3

    Reply to Megan

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