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Austin is weird

After my first day at the festival, it was time to explore Austin. I was very excited and I had two days to see a few things. The week-end was shaping up well, the sun was shining and the weather was amazingly beautiful. Once again, I broke out the bus day passes and it turns out there are pretty good in Austin. Yes, you have to wait for a while, but there are still a few buses, some good lines and even night buses! There was only a few places I could not reach and on my last day, I had to spend three hours in a bus, back and forth, just to go to H&M…

Farmer's market

I went first to the SFC farmer’s market and had a delicious iced mocha. I sat in the sunshine and listen to some good tunes. Yes, there was a live band at the farmer’s market. It turns out that everywhere I went that week-end, there was live music. A city like that could only appeal to me. There are only a few cities in the world, where I stop for a minute and think: “Yes, I could live here”. Austin is one of them, on the same level as NYC, Berlin, Tokyo or Buenos Aires. Maybe one day…

Texas State Capitol

After enjoying this coffee, I walked around the downtown area, enjoying the sunshine and people-watching. There was a game on that week-end and the colors of Texas and Virginia were flying high. I made my way to the impressive Texas State Capitol and joined in on one of the free tours. It was actually a really interesting tour in this beautiful building. It was interesting to see that France was a colon in Texas, but that the colony was wiped out in 5 years. The lone star was all over the building and Texas does have a little arrogance complex. The guide told us no one knewexactly why thei symbol was a lone star. Any ideas anyone?

Texas Sate Capitol

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol

After a good lunch, I walked along the lakeside, enjoying the views and the great day and I found a spot on the South Side to watch the sunset, listen sneakily to the festival music and see the famous bats fly away. It was a really good spot to rest my feet.









The next day, I walk along the lake once again, on the boardwalk. Everyone was out and about, taking in the sun, jogging, spending time with families and so on. Even a few turtles were lazily lounging in the sun. On the advice of some of you, I went to Rainey Street for brunch. I guess 11 was a bit early, as only one place was in full swing, but I joined the queue at Bangers and it was a great choice. I sat outside with the crowd, to see the band and people swinging. I had a “make your own bagel” and a lovely time there, with live music once again…

Sunday morning






I then moved on to your typical Sunday afternoon activity, Barton Springs Pool. This is a natural pool, in Zilker Park, bang right in the city center and it is quite an amazing place. You can swim there all year long and it is free in winter. It was one of the last beautiful fall day and just perfect to go for a refreshing swim, a nice tanning session and to look for blind salamanders in the water. The water is very blue and clear, but I did not get to see any. I did enjoy the swim though and if I lived there, it would probably be one of my favorite summer spot.

Barton Spings Pool



Next stop, was the famous and weird Cathedral of Junk. Entry is by donation and Vincent will be happy to answer all of your questions. The place was definitely weird, but this is the kind of place where I could spend hours just taking pictures. It reminded me in a way of the Magic gardens in Philly. And guess what, there was a girl singing in front of a piano when I was there. Yes, live music everywhere in Austin…

Cathedral of Junk



Cathedral of Junk

After a delicious dinner at Guero Taco’s and some people watching on South Congress, it was time to head back to the hostel and mark the end of this crazy Big Blog Exchange adventure.

South Congress

That’s it for me my friends. This adventure has been amazing and I loved sharing it all with you guys. There will be a few more things happening on the Big Blog Exchange Blog and I am sure Taralynn has many more stories to tell you, but that’s it for me. I hope you enjoyed the ride, as much as I did and I hope to see some of you on my own blog. I know it’s in French, but Google is your friend and there are some pictures too. I’m heading back to Cambodia and I actually loads of stories to tell about Asia, New-Zealand, Colombia and Australia in the next weeks.

Thank you for reading, take care you’all!


  • Sarah

    I see Lindy Hoppers!!!!! 😀

    Reply to Sarah
  • Jack

    I was born in Austin and lived there until I was 14 (still visit once or twice a year to see family), but even I found myself wishing I was there, while reading your post. And sad to admit, I still live in Texas but I’ve never visited the Capitol, smh. Good post!

    Btw, Chloe was pretty close to the meaning of the Lone Star. It signifies Texas as a former independent republic and reminder of independence from Mexico.

    Reply to Jack
    • Lucie Aidart

      Well, I’m glad, thank you! Thanks for the explanation also, you have to visit the Capitol next time, it is very interesting!

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Wonni

    Oh, Austin seems to be pretty cool. I´m glad for you, that you enjoyed your last station so much.
    So now you´ll head back to Cambodia? Wow! So have a save flight!
    It was very fascinating, following you while you hopped through the States.
    I´m sticked to your blog already.
    So, it was very, very nice to meet you and I wish you all the best for your next adventures!!!

    …and hey… you weren´t annoying at all! You are a lovely and deeply interesting person! Go on! ♥

    Reply to Wonni
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thanks Wonni, it’s been great chatting with you! Thank you!
      Yes back to Cambodia, a 10 hour flight more and I should be there. In Doha now…

      Reply to Lucie Aidart
  • Dana

    I will definitely keep up with your blog, hope it’s ok if I comment in English. I really enjoyed your entries.

    Reply to Dana
  • Chloe

    So glad you enjoyed Austin and so fun to see you take some of my suggestions! We are a bit egotistical here in Texas, but it’s all in good fun. No clue about the lone star, but maybe it has something to do with being our own country for a while? Either way, we do have it everywhere! Enjoy your return trip.

    Reply to Chloe
  • Chelsea

    Farewell, Lucie! Hope you enjoyed your time here in the United States and wish you a safe journey back. Thanks for your thoughtful posts!

    Reply to Chelsea
  • Aine @ Awkward Irish Girl Blogs

    C’était un plaisir de lire de tes aventures aux États-Unis! Je te souhaite plein de chance pour les prochains!

    Reply to Aine @ Awkward Irish Girl Blogs
  • Winding Spiral Case

    You saw some interesting places, Lucie! Lovely photos — the one with the Capitol at the end of the street is neat. It’s cool that you can swim in November! And that Cathedral of Junk is fascinating (makes me realize how many things I missed seeing when I visited Austin).

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience on this exchange and it’s been a joy to read your posts. I’ll be reading your blog from now on (et peut-être que cela me aidera à améliorer mon français!). Safe travels home!

    Reply to Winding Spiral Case
    • Lucie Aidart

      Thank you so much! There seems to be so much to see and discover in Austin, I want to go back.
      Look forward to have you on the blog then! 🙂

      Reply to Lucie Aidart

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