7 Day Meal Plan


Day One:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, 1 packet oatmeal, 1 serving fruit, 2 hard boiled eggs.
Snack: Carrots & Hummus
Lunch: Salad (chickpeas, tuna, dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers) 4 ounces chicken breast baked with garlic and herb seasoning. –make extra chicken for dinner.
Workout Fuel: Protein Shake (RECIPE)
Dinner: 1 sweet potato, 1/4 cup diced avocado, baked or grilled asparagus, and baked chicken.
Dessert: 1 rice cake topped with peanut butter/or almond butter.

Day Two:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, 1 serving yogurt, 1 serving fruit, scrambled eggs with spinach, peppers, onions, and tomatoes.
Snack: Celery & Hummus
Lunch: Tuna wrap (tuna mixed with cottage cheese in a whole grain tortilla filled with peppers, spinach, and tomatoes)
Workout Fuel: Protein Shake (RECIPE)
Dinner: Baked salmon, baked/grilled asparagus (RECIPE), 1/2 sweet potato, and sautéed onion.
Dessert: strawberries & dark chocolate chips

Day Three: 

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, 2 rice cakes with almond butter/or peanut butter topped with banana slices and a honey drizzle.
Snack: 1/2 cup cottage cheese and celery
Lunch: Veggie burger in a wrap with veggies topped with hummus, a pickle, and 1/4 cup of raw almonds.
Workout Fuel: Protein Shake (RECIPE)
Dinner: Ground turkey mixed with black beans, diced sweet potato, diced tomato, corn and wrapped in a lettuce wrap.
Dessert: banana with a honey drizzle

Day Four:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, Oatmeal Packet, 1 container yogurt, and a cup of strawberries.
Snack: two hard boiled eggs
Lunch: leftover ground turkey with black beans, diced sweet potato, diced tomato, corn, and wrapped in a lettuce wrap.
Workout Fuel: Protein Shake RECIPE)
Dinner: Salad (chickpeas, tuna, dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers) baked cod, watermelon, and cottage cheese.
Dessert: Rice cake with almond butter and dark chocolate chips.
Day Five:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, Eggs scrambled with veggies and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.
Snack: yogurt & fruit
Lunch: 4 banana egg pancakes (recipe) and yogurt.
Workout Fuel:Protein Shake RECIPE)
Dinner: Shrimp, cottage cheese, Salad (chickpeas, tuna, dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers), 4 oz baked chicken.
Dessert: baked banana chipsUntitled
Day Six:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, yogurt, bananas, blueberries, two hardboiled eggs.
Snack: 2 rice cakes with cream cheese, baked kale chips (recipe)
Lunch: watermelon, chicken breast, cottage cheese, Salad (chickpeas, peppers, tuna, dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers)
Workout Fuel:Protein Shake RECIPE)
Dinner: Baked sweet potato chips (recipe), salmon, and baked kale chips. (recipe)
Dessert: yogurt, strawberries, dark chocolate chips. Untitled
Day Seven:

Breakfast: Coffee or Tea, 3 banana egg pancakes, 1 serving fruit, yogurt.
Snack: blueberries, two rice cakes with almond butter
Lunch: Tuna salad wrapped in lettuce, bell peppers, carrots, and hummus
Workout Fuel:Protein Shake RECIPE)
Dinner: Free Night
Dessert: Free Night


  • Nikki

    I was wondering if you had the serving sizes for each of the meals?

    Reply to Nikki
  • Ariel Rodriguez

    Just curious how you could change these up for vegan/vegetarian people. I’m a vegetarian and most of these sound good, except for the meat. 🙂
    Any suggestions as to how I could change it up?
    Thank you, also, for being willing to share this with us. It’s much appreciated.

    Reply to Ariel Rodriguez
  • Megan

    Does anyone have this 30 day meal plan plugged into my fitness pal?

    Reply to Megan
  • Marie

    Love this site! you are a godsend. I am planning on repeating week one as much as possible till you get your other weeks up. I needed this meal by meal and snack included. I’m a fan of protein shakes so this is great! Keep up this blog…thanks.

    Reply to Marie
  • audrey

    When will week 2-4 be up?!:)

    Reply to audrey
  • elena


    Reply to elena
  • elena

    Will you be doing any more of these weakly plans??I loved the first one 🙂

    Reply to elena
  • Caitlin

    I’m starting your 30 day meal plan and am super excited to have such a GREAT jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle. Do you know when you will have weeks 2-4 up? thank you in advance 🙂

    Reply to Caitlin
  • Kaleigh Farmer

    Hi Taralynn! I just discovered your site, my boyfriend and I have been considering doing a 30-day Paleo reset, however, the ingredients used to “stay paleo” are kind of absurd, and I think your grocery list is perfect! I know you commented to have the rest of the plans done soon at the beginning of the month, but I seriously can’t wait! 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    Reply to Kaleigh Farmer
  • Tzvia

    Hey! Do you have a eating schedule that you can provide me with like how often to eat I would love to lose 20 pounds by next july 🙂

    Reply to Tzvia
  • lily

    Can you make meal plans for college student??? please it hard to be healthy as I stay in college all day and cafeteria has unhealthy food…And don’t know what to bring from home that won’t spoil….

    Reply to lily
  • Anna

    Hey, how long did it take you to cut off that initial weight?

    Reply to Anna
  • Maria

    Hi!!! When will you be posting the other weekly meal plans! Just completed the first one and loved it! Any suggestions on what to substitute for fish? Not a big fish eater!!

    Reply to Maria
  • Niki

    About how many calories is this a day?

    Reply to Niki
  • Kiley

    I really hate sweet potatoes. What would you suggest to substitute them for?

    Reply to Kiley
  • Sara

    Thanks for posting this! This is super helpful 🙂

    Reply to Sara
  • Janay

    Will you be doing any more of these weekly plans?

    Reply to Janay

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