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It’s a new year and like most of you, I’m kicking the bad habits and bringing in better ones. I can’t promise to kick out all bad habits, but if I make an effort to extinct most, I’ll be well off!

This morning, I went on a three mile walk with Mr. Grumples. I make a point to walk him at least eight times a week and take him to run at the park. He’s a goldendoodle and needs an outlet for all of that built up energy.

After my walk, I had a glass of water and a cup of coffee. I made a little breakfast plate with a banana, grapes, strawberries, 6 ounces Greek yogurt, and peanut butter toast. I’m going to spin class this morning to improve my fitness. I let it get past me these past three months and I’m about to kick it back into NORMAL gear.

What did you have for breakfast today?


  • Linda @ TheFitty

    My first meal of the day was some chicken. Some great, oven baked chicken with homemade paleonnaise. 🙂

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  • Jessica

    I read your blog often, but I don’t usually comment. I want to congratulate you for being an awesome pet owner though. So often I see people with high energy, big dogs that do not get walked or exercised, which usually then causes bad behavior. I have a 30 pound Irish terrier, and I walk him every day. He would rather go for a walk over doing anything else. Anyway, way to be a good example!!!

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  • Ashley @ AllAshleyMarie

    My usual breakfast is brown sugar maple oatmeal, banana slices, and chocolate almond butter.

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  • Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

    Wheat toast with almond butter and banana, and some of my mom’s homemade applesauce. About to hit my first cup of coffee at the office. I’m right there with you with resetting my nutrition and fitness in the new year!

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  • Jessica

    This morning after my workout I had plain greek yogurt with Bear Naked granola!

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  • Mikaela

    I love to eat Oatfit oatmeal. My favorite is cinnamon roll because it not only tastes amazing and does not even have sugar in it- it makes the room smell soo good! Today I had apples and cinnamon- I usually like this one the best during fall time. 🙂 I also ate an apple and some grapes. I will have some protein here soon before lunch as a fulfilling snack! Probably eggs today.

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