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Hi, everyone! & happy Monday!

Now that the dogs have walked, my laundry is spinning, and my coffee has finished brewing, I can sit down and write the weekly recap! As soon as I stepped into the house after walking the dogs, it started pouring. I’m glad I won’t be tempted with beautiful weather today because I have a giant to-do list sitting on my table and most of those things are all inside-activities. I know I have been talking about my California for the past few weeks, but I leave on Friday morning! Why is time flying by so fast? Whenever I have a big trip coming up, I get a little stressed because of everything I need to get done beforehand. I find that making lists helps me stay on track, and it eases up the stress every time I check something off. Because I’ll be traveling for a while, I have been writing some blogs to post while I’m away, so the blog isn’t left high and dry. Even though I’ll be sharing some fun pictures of the trip on Instagram, I’m most excited to write the “Traveling the Coast of California Guide!” This is something that’s been on my bucket list since I was a kid, and I hope I can write up the best guide that’ll help you travel the coast as well.
THE WEEKLY RECAP BLOG, recipes, lifestyle blog, simply taralynn, running, fitness, decor, coffee, Charlotte, gluten free, dairy free, Monday readLast week, I decided to write my recap post a little different. It’s safe to say that I will not be doing that anymore. I’m lucky I have honest readers because 90% of you told me right away that you did not like that style of writing, and I’m glad you said something otherwise I probably would have stuck to it. And to be honest, last week’s recap blog took me twice as much time to write, so I’m happy things are back to normal this week! Now, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s get this weekly recap post started.
homemade protein pancakes, gluten free, paleo, lifestyle, vanilla, banana, easy, two ingredients, three ingredients, low calorie, lower carb, post run food
Monday morning started with some delicious protein pancakes to help me write my way through the weekly recap post. I always trade off from my protein oats, and these protein pancakes for breakfast. I love how easy they are to make, and they taste delicious, especially with the addition of blueberries!

Blueberry Protein Pancakes (dairy-free & gluten-free) 

In a mug, I mix 2 tbsps Birch Benders paleo pancake mix, one scoop vanilla plant-based protein powder, 1/3 cup of water, & 1/3 cup of fresh blueberries! I heat the pan on medium-high with a little spray of avocado oil, and cook each side for 2-3 minutes!
healthy, running, 5k kitto, protein, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, plant based, 5k run, exerciseI spent the rest of my day writing and putting together all of the photos for the Savannah Travel Guide post! Even though writing the guides take so much time, they are my favorite blogs to write! I took a break from writing and spent a few hours cleaning the house and getting the guest bedroom ready for a friend that was staying with us for a few days while they were here for work.

Monday Three-Mile Run

Because I had run six miles on Sunday morning, I didn’t plan on running Monday. I’m not a big fan of back to back days of running because of my history with injuries. But when a house guest offers to run three miles with you, you can’t say no! It was also later in the evening, so I had plenty of hours of recovery since the six-mile run. The weather was perfect in the evening, and I was shocked by how good the run felt. Sometimes running with someone helps you with your energy levels and mental block of finishing. Monday night dinner, Cole slaw, green beans, baby potatoes, salmon, gluten free, dairy free, healthy, dinner night
For Monday night dinner, I went through the fridge to see what we had and made a bunch of random food to make up a meal. I ended up making my broccoli slaw recipe but with cabbage slaw, honey mustard glazed salmon, sweet green beans with peppers, and roasted potatoes with everything but the bagel seasoning.

We all hung out in the living room watching The Bachelor! 🌹 plant based, dairy free, gluten free, chocolate chips, vegan, plant based, snacking, chobani, dairy free yogurt, peaches, strawberries, snacking, breakfast,
I started my Tuesday morning with a delicious bowl of dairy-free strawberry Chobani yogurt topped with peaches, crumbled up Redd bar, and dairy-free chocolate chips. If you haven’t had the Chobani non-dairy yet, you’re in for a real treat. It’s lower sugar than most flavored non-dairy yogurts. Sometimes I’ll mix a little protein powder in with it, but keeping it plain made it more refreshing and light with the fresh peaches. grooming, dog, shaving goldendoodle, dog, clipping, summer hair cut, goldendoodle, razor
It was time for the dogs to get their summer cuts. I didn’t want them to be shaved entirely because their fur protects them from the sun and heat, but they had about six inches of fluff! If you don’t brush or cut their hair often, it starts to get matted, so I needed to get them shaved down. Luckily, for me, the dogs don’t mind it. I think they kind of like the attention and endless belly rubs while getting shaved.

I have an older rug that I lay on the back porch, and Grumples sits patiently while I shave him down. It does take about three hours to complete the whole process (oh, and the pick up is not fun.) Because after shaving them, you still have to bath and dry them off the best you can. It’s funny because I’m way sorer after grooming the dogs than running six miles.

Dog Grooming Razor

We have two different razors we use. The Andis, which is great because it doesn’t need to be charged and it’s super safe. But I like the cheaper razor, the WAHL. It needs to be charged and will die quickly, but I think it cuts much better. Our WAHL finally stopped working after two years, but a replacement is on the way because I love it. If you do get a razor, check Amazon and Tractor Supply first because they are usually 30% cheaper than the ones sold at Petco or Petsmart. salad, lunch, salmon, dairy free, gluten free, onion ,
After spending the afternoon grooming Grumples, I hopped onto my emails while eating a giant leftover lunch salad. You all know random salads are my thing. This one had arugula, Tessemae dairy-free ranch, leftover potatoes, green beans, salmon, cole slaw, and bean crisps on the side! stir fry, healthy gluten free, low carb, chicken, stir fry, peppers, onions, healthy food, blogging
On Tuesday night, I made my favorite stir-fry recipes, had a glass of wine, and watched the last couple episodes of Handmaids Tale, so I could recap what happened last season. When shoes wait so long to come back, I have to rewatch to make sure I remember all the small details.

Easy Chicken & Vegetable Gluten-Free Stir Fry Recipe 

In a pan on medium-high with avocado oil, I sauteed peppers, onions, broccoli, and carrots. In a separate pan, I cook up diced chicken breast with salt and pepper. When the chicken and vegetables are thoroughly cooked, I combine the pans and add gluten-free stir-fry sauce (the San J brand) and let the stir fry simmer for ten minutes on low heat so the sauce can glaze the chicken and vegetables. Best served with rice 😊 – If you want a more homemade style stir fry, check out this recipe!
smoothies, weekly recap post, healthy food, lifestyle, rice, salad, stir fry, protein powder, almond milk, gluten free
Wednesday was so busy.

I was supposed to get up and run early in the morning, but my cramps had other plans. I spent the whole day writing and editing. These were the only two photos I took.

For breakfast, I had a chocolate protein smoothie topped with crumbled Redd Bar! For lunch & dinner, I had leftover chicken & vegetable stir fry with jasmine rice.

I was so mentally exhausted by the end of the day that I fell asleep by 9 pm (to be fair, I woke up at 4:25 am)
dog, peanut butter, oats, breakfast, plant based, blueberries, healthy, protein powder,
I felt a little better on Thursday. I started my day with my favorite go-to protein, oats! My protein oats have 1/4 cup of gluten-free oats microwaved with 1/3 cup of water for 45-seconds, heated again with 1/4 cup of blueberries for 20 more seconds, and then one scoop of protein powder to thicken it all up! Now and then I’ll add some peanut butter on top.
summer, planting, diy, pots, yard, landscape, daisies,I finally got around to planting all of the flowers in the pots. Kyle and I have a lot of yard work to catch up on when I get back from my trip! I thought rocks would be a good idea, but they need to be replaced just about every summer **EDIT**- We don’t have to “replace” them, but just fill in where they lose volume. After the winter, there are a lot of empty spots, so we fill them with more rocks and more of the pebbles. Sorry for the confusion. And the bricks now have grass taking over them, so we’ll have to figure those out too!
grooming, dog, shaving goldendoodle, dog, clipping, summer hair cut, goldendoodle, razorI spent four hours grooming Leo! He’s a little wiggle worm, so it was a lot harder. But omg does he look so much better!

After grooming Leo, I showered off and then did a complete closet organization! I let my laundry baskets get so high, and the piles were giving me anxiety. I’m glad I got that out of the way!
gluten-free, dairy free, healthy, lifestyle, vegan cheese, vegetarian, pasta sauce, healthy low calorie, low carb, vegan cheese, pasta, baked, easy dinner night, healthy food, plant based,It was about 8:30 pm when I finally got hungry. I didn’t know what to make but had a pizza craving.

I had my pizza-style gnocchi and a slice of broccoli kale pizza.

On a side note, I keep my honey jar in that mug (i don’t know why, but that’s where it’s found a home) and every time I look at these photos I crack up at him in the background. 5k run three mile run fitness healthy living
I woke up feeling so good on Friday morning! My cramps were gone, I had a good night’s sleep, and I was ready to get my run in before the rain. Three-miles have been my happy place this past week, and that’s fine with me. I told myself that I was going to run intuitively this time around, and not push myself to run when I don’t want to. smoothie bowl, gluten free, dairy free, healthy, low carb, acia, dragon fruit, blackberry, banana, plant based,
For my breakfast, I had a blackberry banana and spirulina protein smoothie bowl. I blended frozen blackberries, frozen banana, ice, unsweetened almond milk spirulina powder, and protein powder! I topped it with banana slices, coconut flakes, honey, crumbled Redd bars, and chia seeds.
shopping, shoes, healthy, food, lifestyle, colorful, fashion, stylecafe mocha coffee shop Charlotte North Carolina coffe cappuccino, weekly recap post, simply taralynn, dairy free, almond milkI spent the day shopping around at a few stores for some shoes to take with me on the trip. I also needed wanted some accessories because I’m lacking that department. After having a successful day, I stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some things for the house.  I knew I was going to get stuck in rush house, so I decided to stop at Cafe Moka for a cappucinno. I also picked up a fig & cashew bar because it was 5 pm and I was so hungry! Being hangry in rush hour isn’t fun. dinner, ground turkey, sandwich, vegan cheese, sprouts, salad
When I got home, I grilled some turkey burgers for Kyle and I. We were excited to spend the evening watching season three of Handmaids Tale! I had a slice of Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread with my turkey burger and vegan cheese! homemade ice cream, healthy, chocolate, peanut butter, vegan, sugar free, plant based.
After watching the second episode, we made vegan ice cream! We did a chocolate peanut butter flavor this time, and it was delicious. I used a new brand of milk to see how it would turn out. I’m getting closer and closer to perfecting the vegan ice cream recipe!  healthy breakfast, French toast, light, gluten free, eggs, low carb, low calorie, easy to make, simply taralynn, recap blog,

healthy breakfast, French toast, light, gluten free, eggs, low carb, low calorie, easy to make, simply taralynn, recap blog, I woke up early on Saturday morning, so I could have my coffee, breakfast, and reply back to blog comments. That’s one of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning if I’m not going to tennis. It was misty outside, so I didn’t feel like being out in it.

For breakfast, I made french toast! I don’t eat eggs a lot anymore because they cause bad breakouts (which they definitely did again!) I will say this delicious toast was worth it though. I used the Little Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread with one egg and flavored it with a blueberry maple syrup.  best friend day, simply taralynn, Becca, besties, blog, simply taralynn, weekly, recap best friend day, simply taralynn, Becca, besties, blog, simply taralynn, weekly, recap, dragon fruitMarios, dinner, Italian, Charlotte, salad, grilled chicken, gluten free, healthy, food,On Saturday afternoon, I shot a very special wedding for some of Becca’s family members! I’m so excited about how beautiful the photos turned out, and we got super lucky with the rain!  ❤️ I can’t wait to spend this evening finishing up the edits and passing them along!
healthy vegan ice cream, peanut butter, hazelnut, plant based, sugar free, dessert, homemade ice creamI spent the evening with Kyle! I felt bad because he wasn’t feeling very good, so we finished the last episode of Handmaids Tale, and I made us a new flavor of vegan ice cream. It’s so funny because he’s just as obsessed with the ice cream maker as I am! We did a chocolate hazelnut & peanut butter flavor this time. It was WOW!!! THE WEEKLY RECAP BLOG, recipes, lifestyle blog, simply taralynn, running, fitness, decor, coffee, Charlotte, gluten free, dairy free, Monday read
On Saturday morning, I worked on a few DIY projects and made a recipe for Starbucks’ Dragon fruit drink ice cream! I’ll have those blogs go live while I’m away on my trip. I also started packing, which is helping me ease a bit of anxiety.
honey mustard, salad, kale salad, grilled chicken, dairy free, gluten freeFor lunch, I had a baby kale salad with grilled chicken, falafel, and cranberries! I ended up having the same thing for dinner too.

It looks like the rain has made itself comfortable here because it hasn’t seemed to go away, and isn’t going away anytime soon. I decided to whip up some muffins Sunda night for a treat while we watched Black Mirror. I was craving a treat to go with my afternoon cappucinno while working on the blog. I tried out the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free muffin mix. I was happy with how good they turned out. I replaced the 1/2 oil with two bananas, used unsweetened almond milk, and 6 tbsp of flaxseed instead of the eggs. They turned out great! Some of the muffins had vegan chocolate chips, and some had dairy-free white chocolate chips with fresh blueberries.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by and read this week’s recap! 😊 Even though I’ll be all over the place next week, I am going to try my best to put together a recap for next Monday! What’s a Monday at Simply Taralynn without a recap post? 😯 xo

Questions for you!

  1. Are you hooked on any good shows right now?
  2. Do you live closer to the east coast or the west coast?
  3. What was that last thing you ate?

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing this amazing post

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Katie

    Girl you literally make the most amazingly delicious looking food! That smoothie bowl has me drooling! 😉 This was such a fun recap – love the ice cream!!!!! I’m currently hooked on watching Jane the Virgin & just finished the Imposters (which was really good). ‘;m on the East coast and the last thing I ate was Moe’s for dinner! #MoeMonday lol

    XO, Katie | http://www.meshkomoments.com

    Reply to Katie
  • Maya

    Love the black leather sandals in that one pic with your friend. Where did you get them?

    Reply to Maya
  • Nichole

    Love the Monday recaps and pup pics!
    – I just finished Lucifer and Killing Eve, but found out that Outlander is on Netflix….so introducing the hubby to that this week!
    – We are in the good ol midwest, Illinois but my husband is from down there in Rock Hill, SC
    – We made some brisket tonight with a summer corn salad that had cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and onion in it with strawberry shortcake for dessert! The homemade ice cream has been on our list to try making so hopefully we get to do that soon.

    Reply to Nichole
  • Harriet Adlam

    Fantastic recap! seeing all your vegan ice cream flavours makes me want an ice cream maker. I love house renovation shows, especially masters of flip. Have a great trip and a fantastic weekend!

    Reply to Harriet Adlam
  • Brittany

    Sounds like quite the week! Also, all of the ice cream flavors sound so fun! As for which coast I live near, I am on the West Coast.. which means I have Salt & Straw (the craziest/ fun ice cream shop) just around the corner. You should take a look at the funky stuff they have on their menu for some ice cream inspo. They also have a great deal of vegan ice cream flavors that they rotate 🙂

    Also! I feel ya on the doodle shaving. I just shaved my guy earlier this week and wow it is always a lot of work. He is only a year and a half aaaand very antsy haha. But hey, at least his mats are gone!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Brianna K.

    I’m finishing up the 3rd season of the Handmaids Tale!! I have loved the show from day 1! We live in western Nebraska so unfortunately, we’re not close to any oceans! 🙁
    I’ve been craving BBQ lately, so I had leftover BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes for lunch! You’ve definitely got me thinking I need to invest in an ice cream maker!!

    Reply to Brianna K.
  • Kassie

    I cannot wait to read your vegan ice cream recipes/post!! I’m drooling over all the flavors you have made 🙂

    Reply to Kassie
  • Milena

    Hi Taralynn!

    I can´t wait for your California guide. The one you prepared for Savannah was awesome 😉

    BTW. I love your sandals with pompons! Did you add the pompons on yout own?

    This week I watched with my boyfriend new season of Black Mirror. I liked it but it wasn´t as good for me as the previous seasons. What do you think?
    Now we´ve just started Chernobyl and for now it´s interesting..

    I hope you have great trip to California, enjoy! 🙂

    Reply to Milena
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you, Milena!!

      We are so excited for our California trip! It’s going to be 10x the Savannah one! 😊

      I made them myself! I’ll post those tomorrow!!

      I don’t think it’s as good as the other seasons at all! The first season was the best. But I did like the Miley Cyrus episode!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kat

    Hi Taralynn!

    I bought that floral Loft dress from a previous recent post and it’s so beautiful like you said. Did you take in the chest/cleavage area? If so, how!?

    Reply to Kat
  • Emily

    Hi Taralynn! Where is that tassel and bead necklace from? It’s SO cute! I love your style! Thanks, Emily

    Reply to Emily
  • Cassie

    Where are those pom shoes from? I love them and have been looking for a pair!

    Reply to Cassie
  • Kam

    Please be safe from wildfires in California?

    Reply to Kam
  • Cale


    Where are those pom shoes from?

    Reply to Cale
  • Stephanie

    Hello! I am watching Ozark right now and really like it. There are only two seasons so far but the third is coming out soon.

    I live in Phoenix so closer to the west coast even though I love the east coast and want to live in Boston or Philly! 🙂 I go to California for 2 weeks every summer and one of my favorite places is the Beachcomber right off the PCH. If you have time to go and are nearby, it is in between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. They also have a cute Ruby’s hamburger shack near it that overlooks the ocean from a higher view, (The Beachcomber is right on the sand.)

    The last thing I ate were steamed artichokes with breadcrumbs and olive oil.

    Have a great time on your vacation!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Courtney

    LOVE all of your new sandals! They are so fun. I can’t wait to see what outfits you wear them with!

    I currently am binging on season 2 of Good Girls on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it. Very funny and easy to watch. I am not a huge TV person, so when I do watch TV I am often wanting a funny, light-hearted show that is easy to follow along with the storyline as I am often watching while on the treadmill/bike or while multitasking.

    I am originally from New Brunswick, Canada, which is on the east coast. I currently live in Saskatchewan, which is in the middle of the prairies but closer to the west coast. I definitely love the east coast more and try to get home in the summer every year. If you ever want to venture to Canada, I highly recommend Halifax, NS. That is where I did my bachelors and masters degree, and it is my favourite city in Canada! You would take AMAZING photos there.

    I am working out of town for the week, so I got some takeout chicken nuggets from a local restaurant. Tomorrow I will likely grab a salad from the local grocery store!

    Reply to Courtney
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you so much, Courtney!!

      I LOVED Good Girls! 😆 Such a funny show! & I love Mae Whitman!

      I really do need to visit Canada! It’s such a gorgeous country!!!

      Takeout chicken nuggets? YUM!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hannah

    That stir fry looks delicious!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Emily

    I’m on the east coast- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I’ve never been to the west coast, but in 2 weeks I’ll be heading to LA and then San Diego! Our trips almost match up- we may overlap out there depending on how long you’ll be there! Hopefully, if they do, I’ll run into you! Small world!!

    Keep up the recaps, I love these posts!

    Reply to Emily
  • Marine

    Hi Taralynn,

    Hope you’re well 🙂 I’d loved to read your recap post as usual 🙂

    1) My boyfriend and I are currently watching « The Punisher » and that’s a really good show ! The acting is great ! We also watch « The Magicians » and « Westworld » and I highly recommand both of these shows !

    2) Haha, I have to say east cost cause I’m from France 😜

    3) The last thing I ate is salmon with balsamic glaze, cilantro and mashed carrots ! We actually cook salmon every week, because that’s something we really love to eat ! It’s easy, quick and tasty at the same time 🙂

    Have a great week !


    Reply to Marine
    • Marine

      Thanks for your answer Taralynn <3

      I thought my comment hadn't been sent because it didn't appear on my computer screen yesterday ! So I stupidly posted a new comment a few minutes ago xD It's pretty much the same than the other one with some more TV shows recommandations and a different menu haha ! Sorry for the duplicate ^^

      Reply to Marine
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Marine!

      Thanks for stopping by to read 😃

      I’ll have to look into those shows!!

      🇫🇷 ♥️

      That sounds incredible! Now I’m hungry!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Caitlin

    My husband and I are OBSESSED with Reign! There are 4 seasons on Netflix and we cannot stop binge-watching them. We live in AR so closer to the East coast I guess but all our vacations are further South to the Gulf of Mexico. I ate pb toast and Chobani’s summer flavor raspberry lemonade. It’s my favorite lately! I haven’t seen the dairy-free version in my local store yet though but you have me eager to try it.

    Reply to Caitlin
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I think my mom was telling me about that show!

      ohhhhh that sounds so good!!! I found the dairy-free one at Sprouts, but I know it’s pretty new!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amanda

    My husband and I just started watching Handmaid’s season 3 last night! Aaahh! It’s like I want to keep watching it, but also I want to never watch it again. Haha. We are hooked.

    We live closer to the West coast, but it’s a close tie. We are pretty much in the middle of the country.

    The last thing that I ate was a little chunk of a DIY chocolate bar. The bottom = Dates, Walnuts, Pecans, Spices ground up in a food processor. The top = Coconut oil, Cocao Powder, and Maple Syrup. They are too good. =)

    Thanks for sharing. xo

    Reply to Amanda
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Amanda!

      The show is incredible. A lot of people can’t watch it, which is understandable, but it’s so good! I just have to keep remember that it’s all fiction. Plus, it’s shot beautifully!

      I grew up in the heart of Ameria so I get it 😉

      holy yum!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole K.

    My husband and I just finished watching the Voice, so we are in between shows now. Looking for something new!

    I’m in Southeast Iowa, so, pretty smack dab between them. However, I’m probably closer to the East coast.

    Last thing I ate was a peach Chobani yogurt!

    Reply to Nicole K.
  • Beverly


    I got hooked on Killing Eve for awhile and I really need to catch up on the last couple episodes from season 2 but I’m terrible at finishing shows. I get so sad when they’re over and have to wait for the next season. It’s silly, I know!
    I grew up on the East Coast so I am for sure biased. I’m looking forward to your California blog post but honestly, I would be okay if I never went. It’s just one of those places I’ve never been interested in visiting but maybe your blog will change my mind!
    Last thing I ate was a salad with ginger dressing and those crunch lo mein noodles. But I’ve got chicken teriyaki in the crockpot at home for dinner tonight that I’m looking forward to.

    Thanks for another great read!!

    Reply to Beverly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’ll have to look into that show! I’m the same way when good shows are over! 😢

      My goal for my California trip will be to change your mind 😉 lol I’m like that with some places too, though!

      ok yummmm

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Dana

    I just finished High Seas on Netflix. I loved it. I only wish it was subtitled instead of overdubbed, I wanted to hear the actors real voices.(the show is Spanish) I’m starting Velet now from the same company.

    I live on the West Coast, Seattle.

    Fruit Salad as I read this.

    Have a great trip 😃

    Reply to Dana
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Dana!

      That is awesome. I totally get the “overdubbed” style of shows. I’d rather read the subtitles too!

      Seattle is on my list of places to visit. My uncle lives there!


      & thanks Dana! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Erin

    Wait why on earth would you replace your rocks every summer? What am I missing lol 😳🤯

    Reply to Erin
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Haha! I definitely worded that wrong. I just meant buying bags and adding more in! For some reason, by the end of the year, there seem to be more gaps in the rocks and it needs to be filled more!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Caitlin

    Hi Taralynn! I was wondering where you got those shoes in the phograph with you and Becca? I’ve been looking for some just like them but haven’t had much luck. Love your blog!

    Reply to Caitlin
  • Charlie Moss

    First time poster but long time reader! (Back from tumblr days!) I love reading your recap posts and getting a little insight into your life, i’m Especially excited for your California blog as I did the coast a few years back!

    1) I love Killing Eve, the second series is coming out here soon! The writer said she thinks it was such a hit because it was women being obsessed with women which I think it great girl power all the way!

    2) East coast (I’m from the UK)

    3) Lemon sorbet cone – currently in Spain and it’s so refreshing 😍

    Reply to Charlie Moss
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Charlie!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! Can’t believe you’ve been reading all these years 😊 Please leave any Cali tips if you have them!

      Never even heard of that shows. I’ll definitely be looking into it.

      So cool you’re from UK! ♥️ 🇬🇧

      OHHHH my gosh. YUM!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amy Lynn

    Hi Taralynn, what type of ice cream maker do you have? Your ice cream looks seriously amazing! Will you do an ice cream roundup post?

    Reply to Amy Lynn
  • Kristen

    I love handmaids tale but haven’t started the new season because I’m hooked on binging vanderpump rules! (Reality TV guilty pleasure ;))

    I live in IL so closer in the east coast!

    Last thing I ate (currently) coffee & fresh strawberries 🍓:)

    Love the recaps!

    Reply to Kristen
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Such a motivating post! 🙂 I wish my week was as productive as yours. Though I guess I was travelling (was in Taiwan!) so I get a free pass, haha! 😛

    I’m currently SUPER hooked onto Dynasty. Love it so much, so addictive! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks for stopping by, Charmine!

      I’m sure your week was just as productive, lady! Traveling is always busy and so rewarding! I’m sure Taiwan was a dream.

      I’ve heard that show is good!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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