The Ultimate Seven-Day Walt Disney World Itinerary 🥨


Welcome to another Disney blog! If you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love visiting Disney. And lucky for me, I have a friend that loves it just as much. Caitlin is also great at putting together itineraries, so I thought I’d share our entire 7-day itinerary along with some tips to help you plan out your next trip to Disney World. If you haven’t checked out our previous Disney posts, make sure you do so. We tried to do a ton of different things to make this blog totally different from the last ones. The Ultimate Week Walt Disney World Itinerary Travel
When it comes to planning out your Disney trip, doing things in advance is the key. The whole “last-minute planning” thing won’t fly when it comes to putting together the ultimate Disney itinerary. Our trip was planned and paid for five months in advance. This will give you time to snag the fast passes, reasonable rates on flights, hotels, and reservations at almost any restaurant. You’ll want all the stress of planning and trying to book reservations to be taken care of before heading on your trip. We always use My Disney Experience on the app to organize the fast passes and reservations.

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⭕️ Flight: CLT-MCO (6:30 am – 8:23 am (because we booked our flights so early, they were only $100 roundtrip. We decided to pay extra to check in a bag, but if you’re going for a short period of time, I would just bring a carryon.)


⭕️ Magical Express to Caribbean Beach Resort (30-45minutes) If you’re staying in a Disney Resort, use the Magical Express to get to your resort. It’s a free shuttle, but you’ll still have to make a reservation.
The Ultimate Week Walt Disney World Itinerary Travel Caribbean Resort⭕️11:30 AM – Check into Caribbean Beach Resort (this is an excellent resort if you want to spend some downtime by the pool)


-When you’re checking into the hotel, make sure you pick up your magic band and connect your card to it if you haven’t already done so. The magic bands are the best thing ever because you can use it to pay for everything at Disney. I didn’t carry my credit card with me at all. The bands will have your fast passes and park passes attached to them. The magic bands are the things you see us scanning in the vlogs. 

⭕️ Leave bags with guest relations, grab a snack, and head to ESPN to pick up race packets.

-Transportation at Disney is never stressful. You’ll be able to hop on a shuttle from your resort to any of the parks. If you don’t have time to wait on a shuttle, you can snag an Uber or Lyft at any time. Google maps will help you select the fastest busses around the parks. So if we had wanted to take a shuttle to the breakfast spots. Google would have told us which “park” bus to take and the from the park, we would take the resort’s bus to the resort. This would have taken close to an hour but it would have saved us $10. 

**if you’re there for a race**
-We headed straight to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up Caitlin’s race packets and walk around the expo. It’s good to get this done before it gets too busy and it’s the perfect way to pass a little time while you’re waiting for your room to be ready.
The Ultimate Week Walt Disney World Itinerary Travel Caribbean Resort⭕️ 3:30 PM – Head to the hotel room, change into some cooler clothes, grab a quick bite to eat at the resort.

The Caribbean resort had an outdoor bar by the pool. We ate here multiple times because the food was good and it was really convenient. Before heading to the Magic Kingdom for the evening, we had their kale salad with Mahi and grilled jerk wings. The frozen drink is their pink guava.
vegan eats / dairy free / gluten free / dole whip / dole whip disney , walt disney world, magic kingdom⭕️ 4:00 PM Head to the Magic Kingdom on the bus.

⭕️ Try the Dolewhip at Aloha Isle!


I had so many people telling me that I needed to try the Dolewhip because it was dairy free. That was one of the first things I wanted to do at the Magic Kingdom. Verdict? AMAZING! I am a huge pineapple lover, so this treat was perfect for me. It was creamy and had a little sour zap to it. Thank you to all who suggested trying it out because I’m now a Dolewhip fan!
The Ultimate Week Walt Disney World Itinerary Travel Magic Kingdom churro cake pop fast passes
⭕️ Tackle the fast passes

⭕️ Space Mountain 4:10-5:10
No matter how many times we do this ride, it never gets old! Space mountain takes you through this dark path with lights that make you feel like you’re time traveling through space.


⭕️ Haunted Mansion 5:25-6:25
This is a pretty cool ride! The detail and work they put into it are impressive. If you don’t like fast/spinny/or rollercoaster type rides, this one is ideal for you. It’s also nice and cool, so a great way to escape the sun for a bit.

⭕️ 7 Dwarfs Mine Train 6:25-7:25
We actually missed this fast pass, so it’s on the list for next time.

I had the Dolewhip as my treat, but Caitlin had her mind set on the churro all afternoon. This is a great Disney staple as well!

⭕️ Watch the Happily Ever After firework show (disclosure: you will ball like a baby)
 The Ultimate Week Walt Disney World Itinerary Travel Caribbean Resort
⭕️ Take the bus back to the resort for a quick dinner.
We wanted something quick so we had dinner at the Banana Cabana again. We tried to get a good nights sleep because we had a long day planned for Friday!

Our resort played movies outside and even had a bonfire with marshmallow station, but we were way too tired to stay awake for it. They were watching Up when we walked by.

⭕️10:30 pm-BED


⭕️ 8:00 AM – Breakfast at Boma (Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort)


-We decided to take a Lyft to breakfast because it was at the resort, which is a mile walk from the Animal Kingdom (where the bus would have dropped us off at.)
breakfast at boma animal kingdom resort walt disney world travel plansBreakfast at Boma was incredible! The coffee was to die for, and who doesn’t love a giant buffet? The buffet was filled with everything you could ever want. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, dairy free, nut free, paleo, or just love breakfast carbs, they have exactly what you’re looking for. Trying the Jungle Juice is a must! That orange juice is a mixture of orange juice, mango juice, and passion fruit juice. The plantains were my favorite part of the breakfast. I put a little peanut butter on them, and now I want to make plantain peanut butter truffles for an upcoming blog.

Planning a breakfast at Boma is a must if you’re spending a day at the Animal Kingdom!
The Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Itinerary The Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Itinerary Safari
⭕️ 9:30 am: take the bus to The Animal Kingdom

⭕️ Fast Pass for Kilimanjaro Safaris at 9:15-10:15 am
-I’m not one to visit zoos, I’ll never ever go to a circus, I hate the companies that attach horses to carriages and make them pull around lazy people, and I hate seeing animals in distress. Before going to the Animal Kingdom, I did a lot of research on the way they treat their animals, and I was surprised. I did my research and read a ton of articles that convinced me that these animals are treated incredibly. You won’t see bars or chains at the Animal Kingdom, and you could fit the entire Magic Kingdom park inside their Savannah.


Here are some of the articles I read:

Is the Animal Kingdom Ethical or Unethical?

20 Things you may not know about Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

Do You Know What’s Really Going On At Kilimanjaro Safaris?

& I read about ten Reddit forums from the vegan community, which surprised me.

I think it’s up to you to do your research and make a decision on how you feel about the animals. I felt good about their living environments and but I’m always open to learning more or hearing your thoughts on it all.
The Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Itinerary Harambe Safari Flight of Passage Avatar Vegan Animal KingdomThe Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Itinerary Harambe Safari Flight of Passage Avatar Vegan Animal Kingdom DIY MICKEY EARS

⭕️ Na’vi River Journey 11:45-12:45

-Next, we road the Na’vi River Journey in Pandora! If you’re an Avatar fan (which I am), you’re going to love this! We were burning up, so we decided to treat ourselves to some refreshing drinks from Satu’li Canteen. It’s a quick service in Pandora. I had a delicious Dreamwalker Sangria, and Caitlin had their Hawkes’ Grog Ale.


⭕️ Expedition Everest 10:45- 11:45am

Before heading to Expedition Everest (MY FAVORITE RIDE), I stopped at the Harambe Fruit Market for some fresh watermelon. It was the best watermelon I’ve ever had! This is where I got the roasted corn and pineapple slices during our last trip.

If you like rollercoasters that are fast, scary, big drops, go backward, and bring the thrill, you’ll LOVE this one. We got so lucky because on our last night there, it was raining and no one was in line. We rode it four times in a row!
Walt disney world Caribbean resort salad dinner pool
⭕️ 2:00 pm – Grab lunch and head to the pool for the afternoon.


We headed back to our resort to take advantage of the weather and the pool for the afternoon. Caitlin had her first race in the morning, so we didn’t want to do too much walking around. I picked up a kale salad from our quick service at the resort and brought it down to the pool with us. Our resort had private pools in each “country,” so we relaxed at the one in Jamaica. It was so quiet compared to the main pool, and I ended up falling asleep for an hour. Dinner at Epcot Le Cellier Steakhouse WALT DISNEY WORLD
⭕️ 5:30 take the bus to Epcot to walk around the Festival of the Arts.


⭕️ 7:00 PM Dinner at La Cellier Steakhouse 

**I want to say this about Disney restaurants. They have a separate menu for any food allergies and take it very seriously. If you can’t have gluten or dairy, or if you’re vegan, let your server know. They’ll bring you out a separate menu, and the chef will work with you to make sure it’s 100% dairy or gluten free. You’ll never feel like you’re an inconvenience while dining. I hate going out to dinner simply because of this. If I eat gluten, my stomach expands, and it feels like my insides are being ripped apart. Dairy causes me to break out and also causes bloating. Since cutting it out of my diet, I have felt so much better, and it helps with my endometriosis pain. Being able to dine out and not have to worry about feeling the pain on vacation was very comforting.

For dinner, they brought out gluten & dairy free rolls with vegan butter. They were soooo good. We decided to split the filet and ordered whiskey maple Brussels sprouts that were to die for!

⭕️ 8:00 PM World Showcase Light Show -The firework show at Epcot was pretty cool!

⭕️ 9:15 PM Bed.

⭕️ 3:15 AM: Caitlin catches the bus for her Disney Princess 10k
⭕️ 6:13 AM: Taralynn takes spectator bus to Epcot to Meet Caitlin at the finish line.
⭕️ 8:30 AM – Breakfast – Miracle Maker’s Breakfast with Children’s Miracle Network.

Caitlin runs for the Children’s Miracle Network, so we had breakfast with them after her race in Epcot. All of the Disney princesses are there to take photos, and it’s nice to hear the real-life stories of the families that Miracle Makers have helped. Walt Disney World Itinerary Caribbean Beach Resort
⭕️ 11:00 AM – Pool day starts!

We grabbed a Margarita and a pink guava drink to take with us to the pool for an afternoon of relaxation! If you’re going to spend a lot of time walking the parks, or running the races in Caitlin’s case, you’ll want to schedule in some pool time. You could also rent bikes or play volleyball at the resort if you wanted.
Walt Disney World Itinerary Caribbean Beach Resort Banana Cabana Pink Guava Drink Margaritas
Walt Disney World Itinerary Caribbean Beach Resort Pool
⭕️ 2 PM Lunch at Banana Cabana – These kale salads were our favorites!

After lunch, we headed back to the room, took our showers, napped, and then got ready for the evening. Walt Disney World Itinerary Disney Springs Walt Disney World Itinerary Disney Springs Homecomin Chef Kitchen
⭕️ 5:25 PM – Take the bus to Disney Springs for Dinner

⭕️ 6:00 PM – Dinner reservation at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin Kitchen

We had the best seats in the house! We sat outside in the gorgeous weather right night to the amazing musicians that were playing. They were covering some of our favorite songs and putting twists on classic Disney songs.


The food was incredible! They also had their own gluten/dairy free menu! I had their grilled grouper served over collard greens and kale with a side of roasted butternut squash. I loved how fresh and light the food was!

Oh, and let’s not forget the drinks! I had a Royal Sangria, which was red wine, fresh seasonal fruit, lime juice, and blackberry brandy. Whenever I’m ordering a mixed drink, I’ll always have them leave out the agave or any syrups because I don’t like things too sweet. Caitlin had the figs and berries drink which had fresh muddled strawberries with 1800 silver tequila, fig jam, agave, and lime juice. YUM! 


⭕️ 3:15 AM Caitlin heads to half marathon start.

⭕️ 7:30 AM Taralynn takes spectator bus to meet Caitlin at the finish. What I wore to Disney Walt Disney World Itinerary Hollywood Studios
⭕️ 10:00 AM Grab breakfast at the resort and get ready for Hollywood Studios

⭕️ 11:30 Take the bus to Hollywood StudiosDisney Walt Disney World Itinerary Hollywood Studios pretzels and beer

What I wore to Disney Walt Disney World Itinerary Hollywood Studios
⭕️ 12:30 PM Margaritas & Beer and head over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show (this show was awesome!) -if you get there early you can get selected to be an “extra” in the scenes.


⭕️ Fast passes start: Slinky dog dash 2:15-3:15 pm
Toy story land Disney Walt Disney World Itinerary Hollywood Studios Toy story land Disney Walt Disney World Itinerary Hollywood Studios gluten free dairy free vegan food options Fairfax
⭕️ 2:30 PM- Lunch at Fairfax Fare! (they have a gluten/dairy/vegan-friendly menu) -I had their chicken fajita bowl with guacamole! It was like chipotle and absolutely delicious!


⭕️ 3:05 PM- Ice Coffees at Starbucks

⭕️ 3:55 PM- Rock N Roll Roller Coaster – I can confirm that it goes upside down, it’s fast and SO FUN!!! 

⭕️ 4:45 PM- Tower of Terror – I was most excited for this one. Because Caitlin made me swim in the ocean (one of my fears) in Hawaii, she wasn’t allowed to back out of this one! If you love the feeling of free falling, this is your ride!
The Hollywood Brown Derby Dinner Hollywood studios

⭕️ 6:15 PM- dinner reservations at The Hollywood Brown Derby Dinner

I had their salmon and sweet potatoes! The gluten-free dinner rolls were to die for! They reminded me of the ones we had at Shula’s during our last trip.
Hollywood studios fantasmic firework show walt disney world Indiana jones ⭕️ 8:30 PM – Fantasmic! Firework Show. Our waiter gave us free VIP tickets to the show, which was really cool! We had great seats that were center stage. I think this show is definitely worth seeing and is second to the Magic Kingdom’s firework show.
Hollywood Studios⭕️ 9:15 PM – take the bus home and go straight to bed! 

⭕️ 8:15 AM- Breakfast – Olivia’s Café

-When we had breakfasts planned at other resorts, we ended up taking the Lyfts there.
Itinerary Walt Disney World Olivias Breakfast SpotThe coffee at Olivia’s was to die for. I ended up having three cups, which was acceptable since I needed all the caffeine to keep me afloat.

I had oats, fruit, and eggs for breakfast. Itinerary Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Nomad Lounge Vegan food cocktails yucca fries
⭕️11:30 Off to the Animal Kingdom!

This was a fun day because we met up with some of Caitlin’s family!


We grabbed drinks at the Nomad Lounge, and Caitlin grabbed a bite to eat. She had their Impossible Sliders (vegan options at Disney!) and Yucca fries on the side.

Are you wondering what the pretty looking drinks are? Well, they are Hightower Rocks! They were so delicious. We’re going to recreate this drink on our summer trip to Tahoe. They had Casa Dragones Blancos tequila, watermelon, sweet-and-sour, and lime juice!
Itinerary Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Nomad Lounge coffee mount Everest thirsty river ⭕️ 1:00 PM – We had another fast pass for Expedition Everest.

⭕️ 2:00 PM – Starbucks tea and a Khumbu Icefall from Thirsty River. The Khumbu Icefall is a frosty mixed drink made with smooth raspberry puree mixed with Cruzan Guava Rum and blended with coconut.
Epcot Food Walt Disney World Itinerary
⭕️ 3:45 PM – head to Epcot & explore more of the art festival.

⭕️ 4:00 PM – Iced Coffee at Starbucks


⭕️ 5:00 PM- Fast pass for Soarin.  – YOU MUST have this on your Epcot itinerary! IT was unbelievable!!!!!!

⭕️ 6:00 PM Fast pass for Spaceship Earth

-We took a lap around Epcot before heading to the Magic Kingdom for the firework show. We grabbed Sushi in Japan and Caitlin grabbed some scallops in New England, and coconut shrimp and spinach noodles in Morocco!
Itinerary Walt Disney World Itinerary Lights Happily Ever After⭕️ 7:00 PM – took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom for the firework show. We stopped into the bakery for bottled waters, a pack of nuts, and Caitlin grabbed a cake pop.

⭕️ 9:00 PM – Take the bus back to resort, pick up dinner at the quick service, and head back to the room for bed! 


⭕️ 9:00 AM – Head to the Magic Kingdom for breakfast.


⭕️ Breakfast at Be Our Guest in Belle’s Castle – to be honest, wasn’t too impressed with this place. I wouldn’t say “it’s a must”, but it’s not a “bust” either.
Itinerary Walt Disney World Travel Itinerary Walt Disney World Breakfast Be our Guest If you do plan on going here, you absolutely MUST have a reservation. Even though we had one, we had to wait in multiple lines. It was kind of like a cafeteria. You order your food at a kiosk and then try to find a seat wherever you can.

Now, please don’t feel like just because my experience here wasn’t that great that yours won’t be. There are places people have told us not to go or do, and we ended up loving them. So if this is on your list, try it out! I will say that the food was really good. And if you’ve been here and loved it, let me know in the comments!

I ordered the egg whites with chicken sausage and fresh fruit. They brought out these tasty gluten-free vegan cakes for us that I wanted to somehow find the recipe for!
Itinerary Walt Disney World Breakfast Be our Guest
We did a “You Control Our Day at Disney” video, and that’ll be live soon! Most of the things we did on this day were chosen by Instagram followers! We didn’t have too much of a planned day because we weren’t sure what you guys would choose for us!
Itinerary Walt Disney World dole whip splash mountains peach bills magic kingdom⭕️ 11:15 AM – Space Mountain 🚀

⭕️ 12:45 PM – Splash Mountain 💦 – I was really hoping you guys wouldn’t vote for this one because I got completely soaked! I had a change of clothes in my backpack thank goodness. The poncho didn’t help at all.

⭕️ 1:00 PM – Lunch at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe! I had their gluten/dairy free chicken taco bowl! 🌮

⭕️ 2:00 PM – You guys voted for us to get Dolewhip and I wasn’t mad about it! 🍦
Itinerary Walt Disney World animal kingdom avatar coffee⭕️ 3:00 PM – Take the bus to the Animal Kingdom

⭕️ 3:30 PM- Festival of the Lion King

⭕️ 4:45 PM – Drinks at Pongu Pongu Lounge at Pandora – I tried the Rum Blossom (your vote), and it was out of this world. I could only have a few sips because that much sugar would have put me in the hospital, but dang it was good!

⭕️ 5:00 PM Flight of Passage – this is one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have! It reminded me of Soarin, but cooler! I can’t believe how real it felt. I want to go back just to do this over and over and over again!

⭕️ 6:30 PM: Expedition Everest – we rode it about six times that day because no one was in line. Thank you, rain 😂

⭕️ 7:00 PM Rivers of Light Firework ShowItinerary Walt Disney World Breakfast Be our Guest tuskers dinner with characters
⭕️ 7:40 PM- Dinner at Tusker House – you’ll get to have dinner with the characters, and it was a giant buffet. The food was overwhelmingly delicious! This was such a fun night because Caitlin’s family joined us. We were all soaking wet and stuffing our bellies with the most delicious food!

-If you’re looking for more of a sit-down restaurant that isn’t a buffet or with characters, I highly recommend Tiffans! We ate their last time, and the food blew us away.

⭕️ 8:45 PM – Bus back to the resort. 

⭕️ 8:00 AM – Breakfast at the resort

⭕️ 10:30 AM – Pack bags & check out of the resort

⭕️ 11:00 AM – Leave bags with guest services and head to Disney Springs for lunch and hanging out.
disney springs itinerary bowling coffee the polite pig splitsville enzos hideaway ⭕️ 12:00 PM – Lunch at The Polite Pig! – We both ordered the southern garden salad with smoked salmon on the side. The salad had baby kale, radishes, blue cheese, pecan granola, and avocado-chipotle dressing on the side. It comes with the bacon-sorghum vinaigrette, but I highly recommend their avocado-chipotle dressing instead. We also ordered a side of whiskey maple brussels sprouts and seasoned waffle fries. The food was fantastic. You don’t need a reservation at all. You can order your food and the counter and sit wherever you’d like.

⭕️ 1:30 PM – Walked around all the shops & I picked up some chocolates for my family.

⭕️ 2: 00 PM – Headed to Splitsville to bowl! This was so fun.

⭕️ 3:45 PM- Stopped into Enzo’s Hideaway for some cocktails. This spot was on Caitlin’s list, so I’m glad we had the chance to knock it out. The food looked good, so we may hit it up next time we’re in Disney. I don’t ever order cocktails, so I thought I’d give one a shot (no pun intended.) I had the Limoncello Gimlet, which had gin, Caravella limoncello, and roasted thyme. The lemon was delicious, but I don’t’ think I’ll ever be a fan of gin. I would have rather had a tall glass of lemonade, but luckily Caitlin liked it, so it didn’t go to waste. Caitlin had their Peacekeeper which had monkey shoulder scotch, pineapple, Maraschino liqueur, lemon, angostura, and Prosecco. I tried hers and liked it a lot because it was fizzy and refreshing. This was a great spot to escape from the heat.

⭕️ 4:20 PM – take the bus back to the resort to pick up our luggage and hope on the Magical Express to the Airport.

⭕️ 5:45 PM – Arrive at the airport (try to be at the airport 2 1/2 hours before your flight at the latest!) Orlando is always crazy because of the Disney goers! Like us 😊

⭕️ 7:00 PM – Dinner at the airport.

⭕️ 8:30 PM – Flight leaves for home!

Things you don’t want to forget to pack: good walking shoes, a poncho, Tylenol, a water bottle to refill, a jacket, and some of your favorite on-the-go snacks!

Questions for you!

  1. Do you want to see more itinerary-type posts like this one from my travels?
  2. What is one place you think I need to visit next time I’m there? (make sure to read the other blogs to see if we’ve done it!)
  3. Have you ever been to Disney World?

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  • Joscelynne

    Loved this! We’re heading to Caribbean Beach in a couple weeks with the family. We loved it last time, so booked there again.
    Two of our children have severe dairy and egg allergies, so I appreciated all of your dietary tips! My oldest daughter (9yo) is so excited to try a dole whip! She and my son love how Disney wants to make EVERYONE feel like they’ve had a magical time, with delicious food and treats, especially because they usually get stuck with apple sauce or gummy worms as dessert at a restaurant, while their sister eats ice cream.
    Your blog just made me even more excited about our trip, which I didn’t even think was possible!
    Thanks for your write-up!

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  • Lauren

    Where is your backpack from? It is adorable!

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  • Anonymous

    You didn’t you eat the pretzel ?

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    • Lauren

      Hey the dinner at beauty and the beast restaurant is much better. It’s a sit down 3 course menu set price. You choose your appetizer and entree.
      You have the Beast that comes out too
      I would love to meet up there with you once

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    • Taralynn McNitt

      Can’t eat gluten.

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      • Flordeliza Marinas

        How do you edit your photos? I love how it looks sharp, clear and nice color. Thanks in advance

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        • Taralynn McNitt

          I have created presets in Lightroom that I use 🙂

          1. Sharpen 2. Brightness 3. Saturation ALWAYS.

          I’m working on creating a youtube series on how I edit / blog! 😊

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    We can’t wait for this guide for our trip! I haven’t been to Disney yet.

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  • Laurel Hernandez

    Loved this blog post!! It is a serious goal of mine to go one day!
    Definitely do want to see more itenerary posts like this, I am a planner and I love it!
    Do you think staying in the Disney resorts are actually worth the price? I know there are a few benefits of staying there, but there are tons of beautiful hotels right outside Disney for $100 a night. If so, why would you recommend them over staying outside Disney?
    Where did you book your flights for so cheap!

    Reply to Laurel Hernandez
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Laurel!

      Thanks so much 😊

      I think the perks of staying at a Disney resort is so worth it, especially if you’ve never been to Disney and want to get a smooth and fun trip! It’s fun that all the resorts are themed which makes the Disney trip pretty magical 😊 The transportation and location are unbeatable. You can just go outside of your resort and hop a free bus to any of the parks. You’ll also get a free shuttle to and from the airport, which is about a $45 uber ride one way. You’ll be able to have first access to Disney dining and fast passes, free magic bands, and it’s easy to keep track of your stay on the Disney app.


      If you decide to stay off-site, you’ll stay have an amazing time. If you do the right planning, I’m sure you’ll find some of the best deals!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Laurel Hernandez

        Thanks so much for all the info!! 🙂

        Since you’ve beeb a few times now, which resort is your overall favorite?

        Reply to Laurel Hernandez
        • Lauren

          Hey the dinner at beauty and the beast restaurant is much better. It’s a sit down 3 course menu set price. You choose your appetizer and entree.
          You have the Beast that comes out too
          I would love to meet up there with you once

          Reply to Lauren
        • Taralynn McNitt

          I realllllly loved the Caribbean resort because of the pools!

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    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you, Liz!

      Excited you’re going to Disney next year! How fun 😃

      I use Lightroom and I’ve created my own presets to filter them. The key is to just brighten up the photo, sharpen, mild contrast, mild grain, and brighten the blues! 😊

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    Where is your black off the shoulder romper from!? I love it!

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  • Deanna

    Two questions: did you try the grey stuff? it’s delicious! Don’t believe me, ask the dishes.

    Also, what room did you sit in at be our guest? The main dining room is loud and reminds me of any other big restaurant seating area, but the west wing is awesome! There’s periodic storms and lightning, the beast’s picture on the wall changes back and forth, and the rose loses its petals. I went with my 8 year old son and we both really liked the west wing but were not too impressed with the other 2 dining rooms.

    Reply to Deanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Answer: they can sing, they can dance! After all, miss, this is France! & a dinner here is never second best! 😆

      We sat in Belle’s Library. The West Wing was gorgeous, but a bit too dark lol We walked around to see all the rooms and it was really cool! I think most people said to eat there for dinner, so we’ll try that next time! Did you do breakfast there?

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sierra

    Wow! I loved reading through this post. It seems like you guys had tons of fun! Love seeing all of the healthy food options there, especially all of the salads! Yum.

    Reply to Sierra
  • Kate

    Great post! Loved the organization and pics!!

    Reply to Kate
  • Rebecca Schmid

    This is amazing! the PERFECT itinerary- I sent it along to my sister who lives in FL and she is demanding I join her- twist my arm 😉
    If you don’t mind me asking- how much did this cost you (food, stay, treats, etc)? Trying to get figures so I can plan this for my own adventure! 🙂 Love your blogs!!!!

    Reply to Rebecca Schmid
  • Bonnie

    You say at the end that you never order cocktails but you had multiple cocktails every day before that! “Cocktail” just means mixed drink…

    Reply to Bonnie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I know what “cocktail” means. I’m referring to my daily life in general. I tried a lot of mixed drinks and different things on this trip, unlike life at home.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Katie Meshko

    Oh my goodness I love this!! It looks like SOOOOOO much fun!!!! <3 Those dole whip treats look delicious (along with everything else. I've never been to Disney world, but hopefully one day!! Will def use your posts for inspiration if I do go! 🙂
    XO, Katie |

    Reply to Katie Meshko
  • Kendra Raduly

    I’m so glad you had such a good time! I live near Disney myself and I have a couple of pointers for you. With the Be Our Guest restaurant, you want to go there for dinner. Breakfast and lunch are like a quick service experience, dinner is completely different. Also, be careful about the vegan menus. I thought that all of the restaurants had vegan menus (for my husband), but we recently went to The Turf Club (I highly recommend it despite our hiccup) and they did not have a vegan menu, the first place we have encountered this issue at Disney. They had a vegetarian option that he adjusted to make vegan, but it was only the one dish he had to choose from. I made the mistake of assuming that they would have a vegan menu like all of the other restaurants we have been to at Disney. When you come back, you have to try the three different dole whip ice cream cones Magic Kingdom just released, they are amazing and I recommend all three.

    Reply to Kendra Raduly
  • Stacy Leigh

    Great post! I miss Disney and can’t wait to go back myself! Have you thought about running in one of the races at Disney with your friend down the road?

    Reply to Stacy Leigh
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s a fun spot!

      Nope! No races for me, and especially not that early in the morning lol

      I’m getting back into running for the joy of it again, but will not be doing races. I’ve learned that they just aren’t for me right now 🙂 I love watching and supporting though!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelly

    Hi Taralynn! I’m such a big fan of your blog! My boyfriend and I booked a trip to Disney World for September and we are trying to pick which restaurants to try! Your post helped so much! We decided to try breakfast at Boma and we are really excited about it. I am so glad to hear that you can ask for menus catered to any allergies/sensitivities. I always feel bad asking about dairy free options and this makes me feel better about eating out when we get there. That definitely eliminates some stress I have had wondering what I’ll be able to have/try. Super excited to try the Dole Whip!

    Reply to Kelly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Kelly!

      😊 You guys are going to have so much fun! I agree with you about feeling bad about asking for no dairy or having them change things, but they are SOOOO good about it everywhere you go! I hope you enjoy the dolewhip!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ashley Fitzpatrick

    Thanks so much for sharing your research about Animal Kingdom! I feel the same way when it comes to Zoo’s, the circus, etc. This would make me feel so much better visiting it one day =).

    Reply to Ashley Fitzpatrick
  • Olivia

    As a “professional” Disney goer (we’re there almost every weekend and have been annual passholders for 5 years 😂) I can say you definitely had a great itinerary and did Disney the “right” way! It’s so important to enjoy everything that isn’t at the parks too and schedule some downtime at the resort to not get too wiped out. Everything you did is a must see or do or eat and I’m so glad you got to experience Disney like the locals 😊 My only suggestion for you next time is to PLEASE give Be Our Guest another shot at dinnertime, it’s one of our favorites. Breakfast and Lunch are quick service kiosk-order meals, but for dinner it’s a sit down experience with a server and the menu is much better and fits the atmosphere. Also, Beast walks through the castle throughout dinner. We have been for all three meals and like you, we were not impressed for breakfast or lunch, but dinner is an entirely different experience!

    Reply to Olivia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Olivia!

      Yay!!! I’m so glad you approve! 😃 My friend, Caitlin, is the one who really put this thing together so she nailed it. I’m glad you mentioned Be Our Guest. I know everyone has different experiences at places so I didn’t want people to skip out on it just because of ours. We will try it at dinnertime next time! I didn’t realize that dinner time was a sit-down experience and that sounds much better! Thanks for that suggestion!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jennifer W

    As a Florida native and annual Disney pass holder, I approve of your itineraries!
    You covered so much ground and ate at some of the best restaurants that Disney has to offer. On you next trip, if you get the chance, I highly recommend the California Grill. It’s a gorgeous restaurant on the top floor of the Contemporary resort and the views are incredible. You have to book early because people try to dine during the fireworks. The views are amazing! They also do a really nice brunch option with a fantastic Blood Mary bar. Also having high tea at the Grand Floridian is a must do at least once in your travels 🙂

    Reply to Jennifer W
  • Chasidy

    I can’t wait to use this itinerary!

    Reply to Chasidy
  • Casey

    Yes would love to see more….isn’t the dole whip soooooo good! now i’m craving one. The perfect sweet and tart.

    Reply to Casey
  • Tara

    I enjoyed the itinerary style blog very much. When will you be visiting Tahoe?

    Reply to Tara
  • Anonymous

    Where did you stay last time

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Aron

    We had the same experience at Be Our Guest but our daughter loved it. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to try Flight of Passage this time.

    Reply to Aron
  • Cassie

    I am looking forward to your Disney vlogs! They are my favorite.

    Reply to Cassie
  • Anonymous

    Where is the dress from with the flowers?

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Tara Mae

    Where are your jean shorts from?

    Reply to Tara Mae
  • ruby

    loved this taralynn plz make more itinerary posts! ive only been to disney world once in my life about 2-3 years ago and only did a couple hours at the magic kingdom. your trip looks like so much fun makes me want to go back for a longer time! and that dolewhip ☺️

    Reply to ruby
  • Cait

    Absolutely yes to the itinerary blogs!

    Reply to Cait
  • Halei

    Where is your sweatshirt from?

    Reply to Halei
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Wow, you’ve covered so much! I hope I get to visit Disney World one day… looks sooo fun! 😀 💕

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Dana

    Ohhh! Do a cake pop recipe for the mouse ears!

    Reply to Dana
  • Erin

    Congrats to Caitlin on her half marathon!

    I will be using the itinerary for our trip in June. How did you find the restaurants?

    Reply to Erin
  • Kristen

    This was AWESOME! I felt like I was there 🤣. I just said to my boyfriend while reading “let’s go to Disney”!

    I’m most excited for dole whip and all the delicious food !!!!

    Reply to Kristen
  • Madison

    This post gave me such Disney fever! I’m seriously planning a trip now. Glad you’ve had such a good time!

    I’m curious – since you did so much research for Animal Kingdom, do you think you’ll ever go vegan? Not asking in a judgemental way, just curious. Im not entirely vegan, but always researching and wanting to make the best choices!

    Reply to Madison
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yay! Disney is the best. 💜

      I don’t know if I’ll ever go vegan but it’s something I consider daily. It’s on my mind a lot and I already eat about 80% plant-based, so the transition wouldn’t be too drastic, but I don’t know if I love the idea of any more restrictions since I already have to cut gluten/dairy for health reasons. If I were to ever make that transition, I’d have a doctor monitor levels and make sure I was getting all vitamins/nutrients because I felt a little off at times during January and my body was craving a ton of fish. I’m a super anemic and it’s already hard for me to keep my iron levels regular. I know there are plant-based foods high in iron, but my body doesn’t hold onto the same way as animal protein. I think it’s just something I’m torn about. I try my best to eat plant-based foods whenever possible, and that makes me feel like I’m making a little difference.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • JoAnne Stevens

    Amazing Tara! So lovely to meet you and hopefully we will see you and Caitlin soon in South Florida!

    Reply to JoAnne Stevens

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