Weekly: Long Travel Day & Getting Back Into The Routine!

Oh man. “Scatterbrained” is the word I’m using to describe myself this morning. I have a lot of writing and emails to catch up on, but my creative mind is telling me to do all kinds of other things. I’m going to try to control myself for the next hour and get through this recap post and then I’ll move on to more creative activities today.

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking about how I want to format all of the Disneyย blogs since we were there for an entire week. That means over 2000 photos (and only 100 good ones ๐Ÿ˜†) to go through on the camera roll. I think I’m going to share the entire itinerary that we followed with the photos and details about each activity. That way, you can use it to help you plan your visit to Disney World. We did a lot of different things than our last trip, so it’ll be entirely new experiences! Plus, I’ll be sharing the “You Control Our Day” at Disney World video as well. That was a blast (and frustrating) to film.
I know most of my recap blogs start from Monday, but all of that is pure Disney content. I’ll be starting the weekly recap blog on Wednesday! It was our last day at Disney World, and we had fifteen hours to waste before heading to the airport. After six days of walking 20k + steps and doing all things Disney, we were zonked. We had about 1% battery life left inside of us. We decided to just chill out at Disney Springs instead of walking around another park. At this point, we had done pretty much everything there is to do in Disney World.

We checked out of the hotel at noon, left our luggage with the bell services, and took a bus over to Disney Springs for the day. We were super hungry when we got there, so we decided to have dinner at The Polite Pig. We both ordered the southern garden salad with smoked salmon on the side. The salad had baby kale, radishes, blue cheese, pecan granola, and avocado-chipotle dressing on the side. It comes with the bacon-sorghum vinaigrette, but I highly recommend their avocado-chipotle dressing instead. We also ordered a side of whiskey maple brussels sprouts and seasoned waffle fries. The food was fantastic. I was so inspired by this salad that I picked up radishes and baby kale this past weekend so that I could recreate it. Someone, please send me this recipe for the dressing asap!ย 
We are pretty good travel buddies because we both don’t like toย sit around for long periods. We have to be doing something constantly, so when we found out there was a bowling alley at Disney Springs, we knew exactly how we were going to kill some time. We played three games and both crushed it. Where do we sign up for a bowling league? Kind of not kidding. ๐Ÿ˜‚ย 
Caitlin had wanted to stop into Enzo’s Hideaway, so that was our next place to kill time at.ย 

I don’t ever order cocktails, so I thought I’d give one a shot (no pun intended.) I had the Limoncello Gimlet, which had gin, Caravella limoncello, and roasted thyme. The lemon was delicious, but I don’t’ think I’ll ever be a fan of gin. I would have rather had a tall glass of lemonade, but luckily Caitlin liked it, so it didn’t go to waste. Caitlin had theirย Peacekeeper which had monkey shoulder scotch, pineapple, Maraschino liqueur, lemon, angostura, and Prosecco. I tried hers and liked it a lot because it was fizzy and refreshing. This was a great spot to escape from the heat.
We spent our last hour looking for little souvenirs for the family. I stopped into Ghiradelli and picked up my parents two boxes of chocolates. Ok, yeah, I got one for myself as well. Who says “no” to chocolates?

Towards the end of the day, the tiredness and deliria kicked in. Have you ever been so tired where anything and everything is funny? We were SO ready to be on the plane home. We still had to leave Disney Springs, head back to the hotel to grab our bags, hop on the magical express, stop to pick up more passengers, and then go through security.ย 
When we got to the airport security, the line was about a mile long. I had never seen a line like this in my entire life, but it was kind of funny watching people find out that this was the line to get through security. Their mouths dropped to the floor. The line was wrapped around, and it was even longer behind us.

Luckily we made it to our gate and had time to grab some food for dinner. We grabbed fajitas from beyond the border, and I instantly regretted it. I had like two bites and had to throw it out. The vegetables were raw, the beans were watery, and my chicken didn’t taste like chicken. I think we were spoiled with amazing food all week and this just couldn’t be stomached.

I finally made it home around midnight. I was so excited to see the pups and spend some time with them before heading upstairs to get ready for bed. And nothing feels better than waking up in the morning and being able to make myย coffee and relax in my own living room. I love to travel, but I also love being at home.ย 
It was rainy on Thursdya, so I decided to stick around the house catching up on work and my laundry from the trip. I just wanted to spend all the time with my pups because I missed them like crazy! I made a smoothie bowl for breakfast because that was about all I had in the house and I did not feel like going out in the rain to grocery shop. I was going to try to hold out on that until Saturday morning. My smoothie bowl had frozen peaches, almond milk, ice, banana plant-based protein powder, and topped with peaches, almond butter, and muesli.ย 
I ended my night catching up on a few of my shows and the Bachelor. This has been such a weird season. I never actually like any of the girls. I feel like the girls just go on the show for fame now. I mean, I don’t blame them, but it takes away the point of the show. I was team Demi all the way. I felt like she was the most real ๐Ÿ˜‚ย Anyone? ๐Ÿฆ—ย 
I was up bright and early on Friday morning. Grumples had been limping while I was out of town, so I wanted to get him checked out, and he was due for his annual shots. The good news is that he is 100% and super healthy! His weight has been the lowest it’s been since bringing him into his vet four years ago. I’ll hear blood test results this week, but keeping my fingers crossed that everything is fine and dandy. Can you guys believe he’s going to be eight in July? He’s still my sweet puppy.
I decided to stop into one of my favorite cafes since it was right next to Grumple’s vet. I still hadn’t gone grocery shopping, and I needed a lunch to pack for my afternoon appointment at the dealership. I thought this was a perfect excuse to grab one of my favorites!ย 
I needed to get a recall fixed on my car that I had been putting off for a year. Apparently, the jeep’s airbags go off randomly, so it was kind of important to get it done. I was there for a few hours and managed to get a blog out while I was there.

While I worked and waited on my car, I had the vegan kale caesar salad and a half of their veggie sandwich on gluten-free bread. It as even better than I remembered…
Kyle and I ran some errands on Friday night. I took a hot bubble bath and then hopped on the couch to have dinner and finish True Detective. I had leftover kale salad and topped it with the crispy cauliflower gnocchi! I somehow managed to fall asleep on the couch at 7:45 pm. I zombie walked upstairs, brushed my teeth, and fell right back asleep in bed.ย 
I needed that twelve hours sleep more than anything! I woke up feeling super energetic and excited to start my day. I hadn’t met up with my tennis group in a while, so I decided to join them Saturday morning. We played doubles for about three hours, and then I decided to head out and get some grocery shopping done.
It felt so good to restock the fridge after I cleaned it out before the trip. I filmed a grocery haul and will have that up sometime next week! I’m going to try to get the Disney posts out first.ย 
On the way home, I stopped off at Starbucks to pick up an iced coffee. I needed an afternoon pick-me-up and something to cool me off. Kyle and I planned on doing another clean out, and I needed the energy to do it.

We managed to fill four boxes and five garbage bags of stuff to donate. Lots of blankets, pillows, towels, artwork, and dishes have been dropped off.ย 
After doing the cleanout, I made a fresh salad. It had baby kale, avocadoes, sunflower seeds, apple cranberry quinoa salad, unsweetened dried cherries, sweet potato crackers, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I have a lot of salad ingredients in the fridge now, so be prepared for an overload of salad pics on next week’s recap blog.ย 

Kyle made a quick pasta dish for dinner. He used the gluten-free egg fettuccine pasta (which was good) and added ground turkey and pasta sauce.ย 

I met up with Becca at Le Peep at noon to have brunch. We wanted to go through all of her engagement photos! I loved seeing her reactions to them all โค๏ธ

Even though eggs make my face break out (SO FUN), I just wanted them so bad. I had an egg white omelet filled with veggies and a side of fresh fruit and potatoes. Someone told me to start eating only the whites and see if my face still breaks out after and then do it with only the yolks. I didn’t have any breakouts this morning, so there may be some truth to it. We’ll see!ย 
Last spring, Kyle and I watched American Idol together every Sunday, so we were thrilled

to see it back on! We grilled some chili lime chicken and made salads for dinner. ๐Ÿฅ—

Overall, I had a pretty good week! I hope you all have a great Monday.

Questions for you!

  1. Do you ever like seeing how far you can go without grocery shopping?
  2. What is something you enjoy doing that you haven’t done in a very long time?
  3. One goal for March.


  • Anonymous

    I love your mickey sweater!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Emily

    Iโ€™m like you! I love to travel, but nothing beats home! Love all the good food too!

    Reply to Emily
  • Lizzie

    What type of blender do you have?? I’m in the market for a new one (I have an old ninja) and it really just doesn’t blend super well. All your smoothies always look super smooth and consistent!

    Reply to Lizzie
  • Anonymous

    Love your disney blogs

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Dani

    Where did you get unsweetened dried cherries?? The only ones I can find are sweetened.

    Reply to Dani
  • Chris

    Hey Taralynn! I loooove to read your posts, I never miss an article, I love how you write, how you always have a good recipe on your sleeve, I follow you since your last blog (Undressed Skeleton) but… I don’t comment often. It always seems strange to reach out to you anyway haha I was just wondering what kind of Jeep you own. I want to buy one and I’m asking around what people think about their cars. Thoughts? Advices?

    Reply to Chris
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Chris!

      Thanks so much!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š I have the jeep compass which is a super inexpensive SUV and have had zero issues with it! We call it the “designated dog car.” I don’t care how old it gets, I never want to get rid of it lol. Kyle has the Jeep Wrangler and we love that as well! We are definitely jeep people!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tini

    Orlando’s airport security is always horrendous – I lived there for 5 years and MCO still hasn’t figured out a new way to do security- it’s still such a disaster every time I have to fly back. They need a serious overhaul with the planning of their security. Glad you made your flight!

    Reply to Tini
  • erin

    Where is that Mickey sweater from

    Reply to erin
  • Katy

    Do you use WordPress?

    Reply to Katy
  • Caelyn

    You have no idea how excited I am for your Disney blogs!

    Reply to Caelyn
  • Amanda

    What’s your favorite coffee?

    Reply to Amanda
  • Nora

    I stick to a budget when I can but I enjoy grocery shopping so it’s a bit hard. I think I’d love to spend some time baking this weekend.

    Reply to Nora
  • Amber

    Hi Tara!
    I’m looking into getting a MacBook and wondering what kind do you use? What are some pros/cons? Any info. will be much appreciated!! Thank you!

    Reply to Amber
  • Malyssa

    Do you ever like seeing how far you can go without grocery shopping?
    OH yes. My husband and I like to attempt to clean out our fridge by using what we have. Eventually, we’ll cave because we need fresh produce lol

    What is something you enjoy doing that you havenโ€™t done in a very long time?
    Art! I was really into painting and drawing in high school, and slowly swapped it for writing. I’d like to get back into it.

    One goal for March.
    I’m on a social media cleanse. I haven’t checked Insta, Facebook, or Snapchat AT ALL in almost a week. I’m keeping this up for at least 30 days. So far, I love it and feel like I have more time to read articles or listen to podcasts on my train commute.

    Love you blog and your writing! xoxo

    Reply to Malyssa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Malyssa!

      I think that’s what makes me cave too! I always need the produce!

      I was thinking the same thing. I used to LOVE doing art and haven’t in a while. I hope you can get back into it soon!

      I think we could all use a little of that!!

      xo xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Susan

    I was wondering who cared for your fur babies while you were gone all that time? Did you have a pet sitter or did your parents take care of them? I know you were so happy to see them. I hate being away from Hank, my bulldog, for one day!

    Reply to Susan
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Susan!

      Kyle takes care of them at the house while they are gone, but if he’s working long hours my parents watch them. They are in love with my dogs lol so I know they’re always in good hands.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Deanna

    We go to Disney with our kids and every year stretch the trip out a little longer. Last September we had six consecutive park days with no down time. I fell asleep on the people mover, carousel of progress, and small world on our last day at magic kingdom. We are definitely planning a couple break days in this Septembers trip!

    Reply to Deanna
  • Madison

    Every week I try to set the intention that I’m not buying more groceries until I’ve used up as much as possible, but when Sunday rolls around I just want to meal plan and shop!

    I really want to get into playing tennis, but I’ve never been very good. It seems like such a fun way to get some exercise!

    Reply to Madison
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I love that ๐Ÿ’œ

      Tennis is one of my favorite ways to get active and I LIVE for the summer where I can play nonstop. I would say take a few lessons to learn the basics, join a clinic, and keep playing! It’s a great sport to pick up!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Anastasia

    Can’t wait to see all of your Disney pictures – I am sure you were happy to be home with your dogs! I miss my dog like crazy when I am gone for just one night. Hahaha

    Seeing how long I can go without grocery shopping is literally me every week now! I used to love grocery shopping but for some reason all of the grocery stores in my town are packed 24/7. I am a bit introverted so it just makes the whole thing super stressful and I just avoid it. Nothing like living off of steamable frozen veggies!! lol

    One thing I love doing but haven’t for a while travel! Which is why I love seeing all your posts. I am finishing up my last semester in school so I think I am going to take the summer to just go wherever my heart desires. (and hopefully meet a handsome man along the way, not gunna lie)

    One goal for March is to revamp my running game! I have been sticking to quick indoor workout or short dog walks because it’s been rainy and cold here in Kentucky. Hopefully March is a little better weather wise!

    Have an amazing week! xoxoxo

    Reply to Anastasia
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you! & you’re right!

      Hahahaha, imagine if we didn’t have freezers?!

      I love that you have travel plans for the summer. You’ll definitely deserve it after the semester!!

      Man, this rainy weather can kick it! I love that goal by the way!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ali

    How old is Leo now?

    Reply to Ali
  • Jenn

    I set a monthly budget for groceries. So there are some months I end up with $20 left that last week. That’s when I go thru my freezer and get creative with what we have on hand and just buy fresh produce. Although frozen fruit will do in my daughter’s lunch too.

    Something I haven’t done in awhile? Had an afternoon or a weekend away with my girl friends. Last time I got away from my family and spent time with my friends was…Oct 2017. I need new friends lol.

    Reply to Jenn
  • Jenna

    I hate even admitting this, but we can go an entire month without grocery shopping. It’s terrible, but since money is tight we try to use everything up and create recipes with what we have before we go grocery shopping again.

    Swimming! I can’t wait till my pool warms up. The weather is in the high 80’s as you know, since you just left Orlando, but my pool is still in the 70’s.

    One goal for March is to go to the gym at least 5x a week.

    Reply to Jenna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That’s nothing to be ashamed of! I think it’s pretty dang awesome that you can go a month without grocery shopping. That’s amazing budgeting and planning.

      Ahhh me too, girl! Me too!!!!

      Great goal!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brittany

    I’m right there with ya! Last week I was traveling for work and felt absolutely wiped when I got back. Spent my entire weekend getting back into the swing of things! Also, I almost bought those noodles from TJs when I was there on Friday! I guess I will have to try them out next time ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Brittany
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It feels so good to get back into the swing for sure!!

      They are pretty good, I think I’m going to make them in a dairy-free seafood alfredo next time!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Nicole K.

    I love seeing how far I can go without grocery shopping! I finally get to use up all the ingredients I’ve bought & never used. It makes grocery shopping the next time so much fun restocking everything & being able to re-arrange my cupboards & fridge!
    Going on a walk!!! It’s currently 12 degrees in southeast Iowa right now. ๐Ÿ™ I’m hoping it’ll warm up soon.
    One goal for March is to drink more water! I bought a 40oz water bottle & want to refill it 3x a day.

    Reply to Nicole K.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s a fun game ๐Ÿ˜‚ I don’t plan on going back to the store for another two weeks!

      AHHHH stay inside and use the track! 12 degrees? This is why I won’t be returning to Iowa lol

      I need to do that as well! I’m so bad with water.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amber O.

    I’m so inspired by how well you got back into your routine! I have a Disneyland trip planned for my hubby and I in August and we go back to work right after so I’m taking notes. Haha

    I’m weird, I love have a routine grocery shopping day. I’ve been trying to be better about using everything that I buy each week so that helps a lot!

    I’ve been wanting to get back to a good routine. I’d love to wake up early and enjoy my mornings before the craziness begins.

    Also my puppy Chase just turned 6 and I can’t believe it. They will always be the baby!!

    Reply to Amber O.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      You’ll have to let me know how you like Disneyland! We are going there in June ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      That’s not weird at all โ™ฅ๏ธ

      That morning time is so crucial! I feel like I can’t function at all if I don’t have it.

      Awww! I agree. They’ll always be puppies who can do no wrong! xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Holly

    Iโ€™ve recently gone about two weeks without going full on grocery shopping (went to the grocery store twice for literally one item). It was nice to see what I could make with the meat that I had in the freezer and the things collecting dust in the back of the pantry. I made up a lot of my own recipes this week most of which were a hit. So I saved money and used up food that needed to be eaten (and I have a family of 5). I was pretty impressed with myself!
    Something that I love doing that I havenโ€™t done in a while, is of course travel. I think thatโ€™s a lot of peopleโ€™s favorite thing, but life has been busy here at home so I hope to go somewhere soon, although we have a trip to Hawaii planned in November already so Iโ€™m happy about that.
    My goal for March is to organize my current chaos, get caught up on things Iโ€™ve been procrastinating over for months and just get them done. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Reply to Holly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That is awesome! I’m one of those people that goes “there’s nothing to eat in the house” when there is so much there. Love that you got creative with recipes!

      OHHHH You’ll have so much fun in Hawaii! MY FAVORITE PLACE!!

      โ™ฅ๏ธ great goals

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jen

    โ€ข Do you ever like seeing how far you can go without grocery shopping?

    Yes! I actually enjoy grocery shopping, but I also like being creative with my meals and using up odds and end in the freezer and cupboards. Itโ€™s amazing how much food is still in my house even after 10+ days of not shopping.

    โ€ข What is something you enjoy doing that you havenโ€™t done in a very long time?

    Spent a weekend outdoors! 2018 was very rainy (almost every weekend in the summer had a full day of downpours) in PA. This winter has been heavy on the precipitation as well and quite cold! I feel like Iโ€™ve had cabin fever since 2017.

    โ€ข One goal for March

    Make more time to study consistently for my person trainer certification on my goal to becoming a health coach ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Jen
  • Emily

    First of all, LOVE your recap posts. Second of all and unrelated to this post, but you’ve mentioned before that Kyle is a picky eater. I was just wondering how you go about cooking meals for the two of you if he’s relatively picky? Asking for advice because I am dating the pickiest eater known to man. Third and also unrelated (haha sorry!), but after training is Grumples able to walk without lashing out at people or other dogs now? I know you had mentioned that being an issue and we are also having that issue with our dog (and have been to training).

    Reply to Emily
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Emily!

      Thanks for stopping by! I have to give Kyle a lot of credit for the past three years! He’s a MUCH less picky eater now than when I met him. And maybe “picky” wasn’t the right word. He was more into eating just “basic” things. He’s much more open to eating things made with cauliflower, hidden veggies or vegan things. His favorite pizza is actually the Daiya, which is surprising! The thing is though, Kyle meal preps his meals each week, so I never have to worry about making anything for him. He’ll eat what I cook if he wants it, but I don’t really think to myself “what will Kyle want” because he usually has his own things in the house. But on the weekends we’ll both decide on things for dinner and make a grocery trip if we don’t have the ingredients in the house ๐Ÿ˜€ If I were you, I’d just make what you want! I do a lot of repetitive things too.

      Mmmmmm YES & NO. We do all the right things and exercise that we learned at training, Grumples still has his episodes now and then. Things trigger him and there really is no stopping him. We avoid putting him into situations and always walk to the other side of the street if we have to. He’s much better than he used to be and we now know what to do in those situations, but he’s not 100%. He could be if we used the shock collar, but it’s just not in my heart to do it. I hated when we used it for training, and I’d rather just go to the other side of the street or not take him on a crowded trail.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Emily

        Thank you for the reply! We actually used to use a shock collar (and I had no issue doing it cause I guess i’m heartless haha) BUT because he is a rescue we were told that it actually made him worse. Our new trainer explained that e-collars are GREAT for some dogs and not for others so you just have to be aware of their temperament. We had him evaluated and our trainer said it’s not that he doesn’t like dogs (he only lashes out at dogs) but it’s because he’s being protective of us. So dogs are a work in progress for sure, but I like knowing i’m not the only one with issues!

        Reply to Emily
  • Kelsey W.

    Something that I love doing but haven’t done in a while is go hiking! I wouldn’t mind hiking in the winter, but the weather here in Maryland has been so wet and rainy, everywhere you go is a mud pit. I can’t wait for warmer, dryer weather ๐Ÿ™‚ For March, I want to get my first ever garden started! My parents are getting me some red cedar boards for my birthday (lol) to help build some raised beds in my backyard and I plan on planting some seedlings towards the end of the month. I can’t wait to establish my own garden! Are you planning on growing anything this year?

    I hope you have a great week! xoxo Kelsey

    Reply to Kelsey W.
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Kelsey!

      I feel ya on that! It’s just a mud pit here as well. You’ll have so much fun gardening!!

      I’ll probably do my herbs again or some strawberries!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lina

    Do you ever like seeing how far you can go without grocery shopping?
    Always! Plus it’s a fun way of seeing how creative I can be with the food I do have leftover in my fridge. Out of curiosity, does Kyle not do grocery shopping / have food in the house while you travel?

    What is something you enjoy doing that you havenโ€™t done in a very long time?
    Hiking! The weather just is too cold and snowy for that right now

    One goal for March.
    Consistently meet by steps goal every day

    Reply to Lina
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahaha yes! I love doing that too.

      Kyle and I don’t eat the same things at all. He has his meals prepped each week (protein shakes, chicken, rice, sweet potatoes), and I like to just randomly make jumbo salads or whatever I’m feeling at the time. He’ll eat meals I make for the two of us on the weekends, but we never plan our meals together. I also really enjoy grocery shopping.

      Hopefully, you get some good hiking weather soon!

      Great goal!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Nothing feels better than getting into routine again! ๐Ÿ˜€ Great post!
    I cannot NOT grocery shop for more than… a week, tops? Even when I’m abroad! I love just BEING around food and looking at all the fun offerings! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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