Beautiful Reasons to be happy.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekends and I can’t wait to hear all about them. Mine was pretty relaxing, yet productive! We had a lot of fun celebrating Mr Grumples’s birthday, we made some yummy food and even found time to fit in a couple workouts. I have several posts lined up for the week and before those go live, I want to catch you all up on my weekend recap. I have coffee in my hand and I’m ready to devote the next hour to writing (gotta love that snapchat filter.)

monday morning blogging with simply taralynn fort mill farmers market watermelon
Here is just some of the things I’ve been up to!watermelon fort mill sc farmers market
I bought a watermelon at the Springs Farm in Fort Mill on Friday night. I finally cut into it this morning and it is sweet and juicy! I love watermelon so much, especially in the summer. I love keeping it in a giant bowl in the fridge for when I feel like mindlessly snacking. It’s also great to grab after a long run in the sun. Great for hydration!The Dandelion Market: Charlotte NC The Dandelion Market: Charlotte NC
Let’s go back to Wednesday! (where I left off)

I picked Becca up at the airport around five and we headed straight to dinner to catch up on our week apart. She took a trip down to Oklahoma to visit her grandparents. It was so weird not having her around on the weekend to hang out with! We decided to have dinner at the Dandelion Market. I went there for breakfast last weekend and loved it so much. I knew their dinner had to be just as good + I had been craving grilled chicken wings all week.

The Dandelion Market: Charlotte NC

They recommend two meals per person because they are smaller plates for sharing. I ordered the fruit-n-nut salad. It had poached apples and pears, cranberries, figs, candied pecans, point reyes bleu cheese, mixed greens, citrus white balsamic and olive oil. I had them switch the blue cheese with goat cheese. Becca ordered the Mediterranean Trio and DANG…it was good! The trio had lemon garlic hummus, sun dried tomato tapenade, tabbouleh and pitas.

The Dandelion Market: Charlotte NC

And for the chicken wings…

Brown sugared Chipotle grilled wings:) Do I need to say more??


July Fitness Challenge: Simply Taralynn

After all of that delicious food…it as time to do the July Fitness Challenge circuit!

July Fitness Challenge

Before I did the circuit, I went on a three mile run. I’m trying so hard to get to 150 miles (walking & running) this month! I’m at 75 right now.

Becca came over and did the challenge with me.

July Fitness Challenge: Simply Taralynn July Fitness Challenge: Simply Taralynn

Workout: 30 second plank, 20 burpees, 10 push ups, 50 jumping jacks, 20 alternating lunges, 10 jump squats, 40 crunches and 20 mountain climbers 4x

Freedom Park Charlotte NC

I met up with Becca and Aimee on Thursday night after my run for a night walk.

Freedom Park Charlotte NC

Freedom Park is so gorgeous ♥ I love all the little duckies.

Pokemon Go Chopt Salad Charlotte NC Clt Park Road Plaza

I told them I’d catch up to them after catching my Pokemon. Goodness I am a child. 

Chopt Charlotte NC Park Road Plaza

It was 9:15 by the time we finished our four miles and I was so hungry! I stopped at Chopt to pick up a salad to go. I had the usual…the Kebob Cobb. It comes with falafel, feta, local feta, charred red onion, Mama Lil’s spicy peppers, pita chips, romaine lettuce and Greek yogurt Tzatziki. I made my own version on Friday night.

flower charlotte ncFreedom Park Charlotte NC Freedom Park Charlotte NCRUNNING RUNNING

I headed out for my run on Friday afternoon. I needed to get in my miles before the rain arrived. I did 3.5 and it was HOT! I keep running in the afternoon and it’s going to make me so strong when it comes to the cooler weather. I love my route right now because the flowers and trees are so beautiful. This is the reason I refuse to do treadmills.

Song I’m loving on my running playlist: Hold Up – Beyonce. 


My parents stopped by on Friday afternoon. We headed over to Springs Farm to grab fresh peaches and watermelon.


My dad and I may or may not have split an ice cream cone…and it may or may not have been really good…


Becca and I went grocery shopping together on Friday night by accident. It was one of those phone calls that ended with the both of us in the same parking lot. It was POURING down rain and we hung out in the parking garage until it subsided. No one would be able to see in a storm like that.

Processed with VSCO with s4 preset

I’ve been working so hard on being able to handstand walk. I get like two feet and fall. The more I work on my upper body strength, the easier it gets.


I love the rainbow after a storm 🙂


My Dinner Friday nightWhole Food’s falafel, carrots, hummus, whole grain pita chips, romaine, ground turkey, and leftover Greek yogurt Tzatziki dressing.

Kyle came over to hang out with Grumples and I on Friday night. It was rainy and the perfect excuse to watch movies. We watched some weird serial killer/cult movies on Netflix. SUPER WEIRD.  


Kyle and I headed to Waxhaw on Saturday morning for breakfast and a walk.

Waxhaw North Carolina Waxhaw North Carolina Stacks Kitchen

I haven’t been to Stacks Kitchen in so long. Coffee first 

Waxhaw North Carolina Stacks Kitchen: Veggie Omelete with Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion...fruit and wheat toast!

I ordered the garden veggie omelet. It had egg whites, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions with wheat toast and fresh fruit. I also ordered a side of bacon.


We walked around visiting the art galleries and antique shops. Waxhaw is the cutest town.


If you like antiques and art shops…Waxhaw is the place to be! The town is filled with them.


I always have to stop by the haunted house.

Provisions Waxhaw North Carolina Provisions Waxhaw North Carolina Coffee

I love going into Provisions for healthy snacks and coffee. They were out of the medium roast, so I’ll have to stop back!

Provisions Waxhaw North Carolina  EXPLORING WAXHAW NORTH CAROLINAWaxhaw North Carolina Crossroads Coffee House

I grabbed an iced coffee to go at Crossroads Coffee Shop before heading back.

july fit challenge

I headed out for a 3 mile run, but ended up being so hot that I ran the .5 back for a total of 3.5 miles. It was so muggy and gross out! I just wanted to get home. The run felt really good though and my body would have gone five more miles if it weren’t for the heat.

Keep up with my workouts on the July Fitness Challenge Page!


We took Grumples for a walk before we headed to the gym! I made sure to cool down with an ice shower before going.


I did an AWESOME ab + arm weight circuit for an hour. I felt so good afterwards and my stomach is still in pain. I plan on doing the same workout after my run tonight. It’s Bachelorette Monday so I spend that time in the gym when I can. No one is ever in there, so I blast my show while working out.

& the workout madness was over.


We headed back to my place to relax the rest of the night. I had some ground turkey mixed with white sticky rice and iced water! I have been food prepping rice and ground turkey because it’s so good mixed with a little low sodium soy sauce. Kyle has me hooked on it. I am making more tonight with my sweet sesame green beans.

*sidenote…I eat WAY more food than pictured on my blogs. With all the working out, it’s important to fuel your body properly. Not everything I eat lands on my blog, so please don’t assume that everything you see is the only thing I eat*


Our weekly and latest obsession…

We make a little Halo Top smorgasbord to go with our movies. We have only tried the lemon cake, strawberry and chocolate. WE LOVE ALL THREE! I can’t wait to try (if i can find) the other flavors. This would actually be a great post workout/run treat…it’s nice and cold…full of protein, healthy carbs, and has the right amount of calories…better than most protein bars! Halo Top can’t be compared to Arctic zero because it tastes like actual ice cream & it is ice cream, made with better ingredients. BYE ARCTIC ZERO!


The Chocolate Halo mixed with a little Whole Food’s honey roasted peanut butter…OMG. 

Another night full of movies 🙂

Breakfast <3

I woke up early Sunday morning and had a bowl of mixed cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk for breakfast. I never know what cereal I want, so I mix them all 🙂 That’s problem solving 101. Apple cinnamon Cheerios, Strawberry Cheerios, Strawberry Tiny Toast and Nature Valley Granola Cluster cereal! I can’t be the only one who does this…

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

After breakfast, I went out for a three mile run uptown while Kyle worked out at the gym.

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset

Favorite Sunday snack combo: Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus + Fire Roasted Jalapeño Pita Chips. The supremely spicy hummus is the best flavor of them all!

Peach Kale Juice Peach Kale Juice

Kyle makes kale juices every day. This one had water, ice, kale and peach. ?

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

We spent the rest of the day celebrating Grumples’s birthday. Can you guy believe he is five?! He’s been apart of the blog all of his life. We took him on so many walks around the city and he loved every minute of it. Grumples loves Kyle so much and I’ve never seen him so happy around someone (other than me and my parents of course.) Kyle spoils him and it makes my heart so happy.

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

After one of his many walks, we headed to the Canine Cafe to grab him a cake for his birthday!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

Head out the window video!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

I love this lil man so much.

canine cafe charlotteMr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

“You mean these are for me?”

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

Doggy Canolis!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Dog Beer Canine Cafe


Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

Another walk to the park!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

Bowser Beer and Cake!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

Most dogs eat the treats so fast and Grumples was so delicate with his cake.
*Here is a video of him eating the cake!

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

I am so lucky to have Grumples.

taralynnmcnittI can’t believe this guy is five today! He’s one of the most loving, silliest and happiest dogs I know! He comforts me when I’m sad, keeps me warm in the winter and has never left my side. My days of blogging wouldn’t be the same without him cuddled up next to me. He’s my best friend and I love him more than anything. ??? happy birthday @mrgrumples

Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :) Mr. Grumples the Goldendoodle is five! Birthday Party Time :)

He also played with his favorite thing in the entire world…BUBBLES!!!

Homemade Baked Wings: BBQ/BUFFALO & Garlic Parm

We made baked chicken wings for dinner and you can find my recipe for those here!! I’m going to try to keep my recipes separate from my recap posts to make the blog easier to navigate.

Homemade Baked Wings: BBQ/BUFFALO & Garlic Parm

I made two flavors, a garlic parmesan and a sweet buffalo barbecue!

I had such a great weekend and I’m already looking forward to the next! It’s time for me to head out on my run, finish a circuit workout and work some more.

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies Protein Packed Peanut Butter Cookies


Questions for you!

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you give your pets something special on their birthday’s?
  3. What is one snack you’re loving lately?


  • Sarah

    Hey lady! Love your blog, been following you for years!
    Just an FYI about Halo Top – it contains Erythritol/Sorbitol, an artificial sweetener which can easily upset your stomach – I am allergic to it so I can’t enjoy the creaminess that I’ve heard everyone rave about with Halo Top – but Arctic Zero does not have it, Arctic Zero is sweetened with Monk Fruit Extract. So I travel over to the states every few months just to stock up on Arctic Zero (I’m in Canada!). Just letting you know in case some of your followers have the same sensitivity that I do! Keep enjoying your summer girl! And I see you’ve recently been in Manitoba – enjoy CA! Much love, Sarah

    Reply to Sarah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey Sarah!

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ve actually cut back on it a bit because I felt like my stomach was starting to hurt and bloat after eating it so maybe that is what was going on! xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lyndsey

    You’re such a beautiful soul <3

    Kyle seems like a great guy!

    Reply to Lyndsey
  • Morgan

    My husband and I searched EVERYWHERE for Halo Top cake batter and when lo and behold it showed up in the grocery store once we weren’t looking for it we snatched up 4! It is LIFECHANGING. You’re right that Arctic Zone does not compare by half!

    Reply to Morgan
  • Kate

    You’re so inspirational Taralynn!!
    Do you do “rest days” for your workouts/the gym? I’ve started going to the gym more regularly but I don’t want to overdo it so worry about going too often? I’m not sure what the best thing to do is! I currently go every other day 🙂

    Love all your posts xx

    Reply to Kate
  • Julie

    haha I love Halo Top!!! Lemon Cake is MONEY and I’ve been on the hunt for Birthday Cake for months. When one of us eventually finds that flavor, we definitely have to post a review lol. Glad you;re having a great summer!

    Reply to Julie
  • Sonia Patel

    Ahhh Taralynn – your posts make me miss home! I’m from Charlotte, but now live in NYC. Your posts make me so homesick and remind me why Charlotte is such an amazing city!

    Reply to Sonia Patel
  • Cb

    Random q- what style are those black nikes?

    Reply to Cb
  • Cris

    Hi Taralynn!

    My weekend was all about rest, cause we were out camping for 4 days last week:)

    Next week- back to work! But It is ok, since it is quiet there during summer.

    I have a cat, but I dont know when is her birthday- but we treat her occaisonally with fresh chicken.

    My snack is homemade thin waffles…you can have them with everything. You can make them also with low fat ingredience. I prefer to eat less, but make it with all the stuff God put in it:D

    I have smaller portions also during meals, but I use regular milk, sugar and butter:)

    Reply to Cris
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I bet that rest was much needed. Everyone is out camping and I am getting the camping fever!!

      We used to give our cats catnip and watch them go nuts! My first cat was obsessed with toothpaste…

      I need to get a waffle maker!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Susie

    Happy birthday to Mr. Grumples!

    When my dog Prince (Yorkie mix) turned one, my daughters and I took him on a walk around a lake here in CA and we packed him a picnic lunch complete with chicken and all. Later we took him to the pet store for a new squeaky toy. He loved it all!

    I love your blog, Taralynn . . .the workouts, the food, the dog, the boyfriend and Becca -the gorgeous photos. . .you truly are blessed!

    Reply to Susie
  • Lauren

    I so enjoy reading you recap posts, Taralynn!!! Thanks for sharing! Your handstands are wonderful; what an fantastic goal you have to work toward.

    1. My hubby, our dog, and I made a very quick trip to South Dakota this past weekend to do a book signing and visit some family. We camped along the way (so much fun!!!) and saw some beautiful scenery on our drive. Plus I got lots of reading time in. 🙂

    2. We don’t normally celebrate our pets’ birthdays. But on Christmas, we always bring carrots and apples out to the horses and goats in the barn!

    3. Hmmm…probably Love Grown Foods’ Mighty Flakes — it’s a bean-based, chocolate-flavored cereal and it’s absolutely incredible!!!

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Lauren!!!:)

      1. Glad you had a blast on your trip and I hope the book signing was a success! 🙂

      2. Awwww:) I bet they enjoy that and I love horses!!

      3. YUM!!! love anything with chocolate.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    Hey girl! Loving your posts, per usual. I know you have mentioned it in the past, but I was wondering if you would do a post on your haunted/supernatural experiences? I’m like you in that I’ve had a few encounters, and am very fascinated by haunted houses, tours, etc. I would love to hear about your experiences!:)

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Lauren!

      I haven’t had a TON of abnormal super nature experiences other than the first apartment I lived in in Charlotte and some little places I’ve visited. I do love reading all about them! I’d love to hear about your experiences!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • carlee

    You mentioned doing an arm circuit; what are some of the exercised you do?! Arm workouts are my weakness!

    Went to Syracuse this weekend for the Jason Aldean/Thomas Rhett concert Friday night(AMAZING!) and a baseball game on Saturday!!

    Any fresh fruit is a must right now for snacks…and beef jerky lately!!

    Reply to carlee
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Carlee!

      I do tons of kettle bell and dumbbell workouts. I like to watch workout videos for ideas on youtube and take what I learn to the gym! I highly recommend Jillian Michael’s 🙂

      Sounds like such a fun time! Love country concerts in the summer.

      I’ve been hooked on Trader Joe’s turkey jerky!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    Hi Taralynn!
    First of all, you are definitely not the only person who mixes a million cereals! My dad and I both do this and get made fun of by the rest of our family. On an unrelated note, have you ever thought about selling your pictures as prints or canvasses on your shop? I love them!!

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Ha so glad I’m not the only one. There are hundreds of amazing cereals in the world…how am I supposed to choose JUST ONE?? My pictures or paintings? I thought about selling canvas’s but I wouldn’t know where to start! & thank you so much!

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Lauren

        I meant get canvasses printed of your photography, but I think selling your paintings would be awesome too! I would definitely buy both:)

        Reply to Lauren
  • Dana

    I worked this past weekend but the one coming up I’m off, so I plan on spending the days at the beach, with a Target trip, and a nice wine dinner Saturday night. I’m inventing street corn nachos with a frozen watermelon margarita, grilled steak, and a BLT pasta salad from Whole Foods recipe section. (BTW frozen watermelon is soooo good in smoothies or cocktails or with a little water for a healthy Slurpee.)

    I don’t have a pet at the moment, but my cat did always get a new catnip toy.

    I’ve been making kale chips in a low oven, they come out so much better that way (225 for an hour seasoned how you like) or powerbites in my food processor. I just found dehydrated tangerine sections I’m addicted to as well.

    Reply to Dana
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Be careful…you go into Target and come out with the entire store (and usually forget what you went in there for) Those street corn nachos and watermelon margaritas sound so good!!!!!! I wish I was eating at your place!

      Cats on catnip is the best. Greatest youtube entertainment.

      I love kale chips! I love trader joe’s dehydrated fruit!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mila

    Looking good girl!!! And you’re right so many amazingly beautiful reasons to be happy, there comes a point in life where you have to make the decision to be and work hard to be it. It is easy to get bogged down with criticism and negativity glad you are not 🙂

    This weekend we enjoyed the hot weather being from New England it is fleeting so we take advantage of the few weeks of summer we get!

    Absolutely buy pets gifts they are part of the family. Right now we have 2 turtles and my kiddo buys them tank decorations for birthdays and Christmas
    Favorite snack lately is the half popped popcorn from TJs addictive so I have to pace myself with it!

    Question about the haunted house, is there a creepy story behind it or tours? I love that stuff!!

    Reply to Mila
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Mila!

      You’re very right. No room in my life for any negativity! & it’s all a choice.

      New England is so beautiful & I know how that weather is up there!

      Pets are totally family members. Cute that you have turtles! & you decorate the tank!! ahhh adorable.

      Popcorn is a daily eat for me.

      No tours…and just my own creepy story hehe. Sometimes there are clothes hanging and sometimes there aren’t. No one lives there…Here is a link with more on the house!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Ashley

    I so need to go find the strawberry cheerios! That’s sounds delicious. Loved the videos of Grumples’ bday.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Chrissie

    Absolutely love your blog!it is really inspiring me to eat better! Love hearing about your town and trips!

    This weekend I made presents for the kids in my class as a goodbye present! Summer is nearly here!

    And presents are completely necessary for pets! My golden retriever was 3 last week, she’s naughty and gorgeous all rolled into one!

    How do you keep motivated when your busy?

    Reply to Chrissie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much Chrissie!! 🙂

      That is a LATE summer? I feel like kids have been out for months now!

      I love Golden Retrievers!!! I bet she’s beautiful!

      I work better after a workout and I make sure to keep healthy options around me at all times. I don’t really have to fight the “urge” anymore because healthy eating is more of a lifestyle now and I make sure to treat myself with healthier versions/moderation and that seems to help a lot!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Chrissie

        Yeah we broke up today!! I live in the UK so maybe it’s different to the states?

        I love all the healthy food options but some of it is not stocked in England! Boo!! I really need to track down the halo company!! They look so good!!

        Reply to Chrissie
  • Ashley Breanna

    What did you do this weekend? I had a family reunion in Wisconsin. I haven’t been in over 10 years & I am so happy I went! I didn’t eat the best though…
    Do you give your pets something special on their birthday’s? Yes! I love celebrating their bdays. They make me happy!
    What is one snack you’re loving lately? Banana chips with cocoa almonds…

    Reply to Ashley Breanna
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Wow! That is a long time. Glad you had a great time!

      You have to have weekends where diet goes out the window 😉 We are human!

      Glad you celebrate with the pets! They’re the best.


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kenzie

    Your recap posts are my favorites because I feel like I’m catching up on the latest episode of one of my favorite shows 🙂 Grumples is so lucky to have you! Good luck with the rest of your mileage for the challenge, you’re right on track and I’m sure having the blog and community will help you stick to your goal. P.S. Becca’s salad looks soooooo good.

    Reply to Kenzie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Kenzie!

      That is so sweet:) I love writing them & so happy you enjoy reading. I feel so lucky to have Grumples! Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂 Becca always posts really good salads on her instagram! @hel_and_garm

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather @ polyglot jot

    Yum!!! I also mix cereals together too! I’ve been loving watermelon and pineapple with lime juice on it!

    Reply to Heather @ polyglot jot
  • Carly

    I love your recap posts! It looks like you had a great week/weekend! Your joy continues to radiate through your blog! I love that you love life so much! I’m lucky this weekend and got to visit my parents in Colorado and spent the weekend outside hiking, paddle boarding, and barbecuing!

    I love that you celebrated your dog’s birthday! They are a part of the family so why not celebrate them!? I always get my dog Moose a pup a chino from Starbucks for his birthday (basically just a cup of whipped cream) and take him to his favorite paths or parks to play for as long as he wants!

    I’ve been loving watermelon for a snack lately too! Your’s looks SO red and sweet! I’ve also been loving outshine popsicles that have real fruit in them for when its reallllly hot… my favorites are pineapple and coconut flavors!

    Reply to Carly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much Carly!

      My weekend was so great. & thank you so much for the nice words! I bet you had the GREATEST weekend ever. You just described my dream weekend. 🙂

      Dogs are definitely part of the family and Grumples me so much joy!!!! I spend more time with him than anyone. I still love your dog’s name! Every time you mention it! I want a dog named “moose.” I didn’t know Starbucks made those for dogs! I need to do that!

      IT WAS SO SO SO SWEET !:) The perfect watermelon. I love popsicles too!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • savannah

    1. I visited some friends in Boston, MA! It was a wonderful weekend catching up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Plus, got some boat time Sunday out on the water! 🙂
    2. I give my pet something special all the time! haha. I’m such a dog-lover like you and love to spoil my dog Cashew.
    3. I actually have a healthy ice cream I’m loving too! I just wrote a post about it myself!!NiceCream/cmbz/578e2e490cf27c010358cb1a
    It’s seriously so delicious & has flavors like salted caramel YUM! I’ll have to give halo a try as well!

    Reply to savannah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds like such a fun weekend! I bet the boat time was relaxing.


      I can’t wait to check out your ice cream! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Allison

    This weekend I had homework to do, and I got to see my family that came to visit me on their way home from their vacation :). I have a King Charles cavalier spaniel named Sophie who is going to be 4 in January and I always celebrate her birthday with a sprinkles doggie cupcake and she normally also gets some steak, she’s pretty spoiled ??, by her grandparents too lol. I like you am also obsessed with Halo Top it’s sooo good but I’m big on the vanilla bean and birthday cake! So good! And this time of year I’m big on the fresh melons and sweet corn that is in season as a farmers daughter! Love reading all of your workout advice and of course your stories about Kyle and Mr Grumples!

    Reply to Allison
    • Taralynn McNitt

      So great you had the chance to visit with your family. That is always fun. I bet Sophie appreciates that cupcake! My parents spoil Grumples too!! Grandparents know how to do it! I really want to find the vanilla and other flavors! I’m on a hunt now. Sweet corn is my favorite (picky since I’m from Iowa)

      & thank you for reading!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jennifer

    Movies, Shopping, and working out is what my weekend consisted of! Super laid back. I wanted to get out and do a bunch of stuff, but the next four weekends are so packed full of stuff that I figured I should enjoy it while I can!

    Well my mom is allergic to animals with fur… so the only pets we ever had were fish! I really want a dog one day, though. I love goldendoodles like Grumples, but I also would want to adopt a pit bull/mix from the shelter! People find them to be so horrible, but they are actually super sweet when trained the right way!

    Watercrackers and slices of cheese haha with a side of grapes

    Reply to Jennifer
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! (sounds like mine)

      Glad you took some time to relax before the busy weekends! Those can take a lot out of you.

      The great thing about golden doodles is that they are hypoallergenic which is great for people who are allergic to dogs! I’d love to adopt another dog as well. Pitbulls ARE THE BEST!!!!!! & SO SO SO LOVING.

      yummy:) cheese and grapes!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Crystal

    -This weekend was food-craving-galore!! I had so many ridiculous cravings and I dislike having to say no, it really bums me out! Haha, so I’m glad to see this ice cream, I must give it a try. I wonder if it can help curve some of the cravings!

    -We absolutely give our doggies a birthday gift and celebrate them! They have so much fun with it too! One of their favorite gifts is a soccer ball for dogs it gives them the ability to grip! We have a husky that is really good at making passes and taking the ball away, it’s crazy.

    -I don’t have a go-to snack right now, in fact i’m in dire need of groceries, haha. I’ve been so busy and tired I’ve been convincing myself for days to go! I literally go just enough to get for a meal or two, from Sprouts. It’s a fun store with healthier options, at least!

    off the note, I see a lot of people running in the heat, and I mean 105 degree heat! I always thought they were super nuts, but I guess, like you, they’re planning for the pay off in the colder weather. That’s an interesting perspective. Good job on your miles! 150 is great!

    Reply to Crystal
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That is why moderation is key 🙂 You never have to say no and you shouldn’t! YOU MUST TRY THIS ICE CREAM THOUGH!

      Omg…grumples bites the soccer balls and runs around with the giant thing in his mouth!! Your husky sounds awesome! & very athletic.

      I am in need to go grocery shopping as well. lol I’m surrounded by three grocery stores in a .2 mile radius…and still haven’t gone.


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Crystal

        I saw the website!! But turns out it’s not anywhere near me, like not within 50 miles… ridiculous! I think I’m adamant enough to submit a request, haha. Who can turn down healthy ice cream?!

        When we lived in FL we had it that good too with grocery stores walking distance! It’s awesome to walk to groceries, gets you in more miles! Especially walking there with no plan, just to see what inspires a good meal!

        & She’s an allstar, I’ll get a video up on instagram soon!

        Reply to Crystal
  • Jessie @ The Acquired Sass

    1. Rehearsal dinner + wedding (&reception) – I had a blast dancing & watching my BF get drunk & try to dance. Haha.
    + a 5K, followed by trying out a new brunch place, sadly I was disappointed.

    2. Oh hell yeah I do. We bake a pup cake, which is usually me throwing oats, banana & some egg into a pan & baking until it looks done, I didn’t plan on decorating it, but my friend insisted, so she used BBQ sauce to write 2 (he’s a rescue, so we celebrate adopt-a-versarys + the random birthday we made up for him!) He scarfed it down!

    3. I’ve been loving naan + hummus, I found a delicious jalapeno lime hummus that has just the right amount of zing. Or just a big ol’ bowl of watermelon.

    Super excited for that dark chocolate oatmeal breakfast cookie recipe!
    And so glad to hear you have friends // people in your life who love to be active with you – it’s so refreshing!

    Reply to Jessie @ The Acquired Sass
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahahaha I bet that was a blast!!!

      How was your 5k!??! I was thinking about you while running Sunday morning. Can’t believe how tough you are!

      I think I’m going to bake a cake next year! Love that you rescued.

      Both sound like great snacks! I need to go find that hummus.

      & thank you!!!!!! He loved his birthday celebration.

      It’s amazing to have that! & I’m glad you have that as well!!

      Glad you had a great weekend. xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Sara @ Oats & Rows

    Dandelion Market is SO GOOD! It’s definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte. Happy belated to Mr. Grumples..he’s too cute!

    Reply to Sara @ Oats & Rows
  • Kayla

    Birthday Cake Halo Top is amazing!!! I love putting strawberry syrup on it with sprinkles!!

    Reply to Kayla
  • P

    I’ve been reading your blog for years and can’t believe I never realized our dogs have THE SAME BIRTHDAY!! I have a bichpoo and he looks like a mini version of grumples. I was so happy when I saw your post Bc I celebrated his birthday all day long too and am glad I’m not the only one who does this!!

    Reply to P
  • Bethany

    What did you do this weekend?
    – Went to Sycamore Brewing Friday night with my friends! Then Saturday morning, I woke up early and did a 1.5 mile run at Freedom Park and then a 6 mile walk from Atherton Mill to 7th st market uptown (and wound through the streets in between)! It felt amazing! I’m going to start doing that every Saturday morning!

    Do you give your pets something special on their birthday’s?
    – My sister’s italian greyhound is like my own, but I always get him a little doggy ice cream or cake!

    What is one snack you’re loving lately?
    – I found the BIGGEST blackberries I’ve ever seen in my life in the market of Atherton Mill (along with the best latte ever from Not Just Coffee)! I bought two big containers of blackberries and I just can’t get enough! I gotta go get more!

    Reply to Bethany
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I love Sycamore! Have you ever done yoga there? I really want to bring Grumples! I love that walk and I love Freedom. We will probably run into each other sometime!

      Awww 🙂 Dogs LOVE ice cream cakes. They sell ice cream cups at the grocery store for your dogs now!

      THE BLACKBERRIES ARE HUGE RIGHT NOW!!! & I love Not Just Coffee!! 🙂 Have you been to the Regional Farmer’s Market?!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • jessie

    Hi 🙂

    just a quick question: What is the black collar Grumples is wearing?

    kind regards Jessie

    Reply to jessie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s a training color. It beeps when he’s about to do something he shouldn’t do and then sends a vibrate when he does something he isn’t supposed to do. It’s been the best thing I’ve ever bought. I hardly have to use it now because he’s SO GOOD with it. I can officially take him places, walk him uptown, take him to parks and his behavior is just perfect. I’m so proud of him!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lyndsey

    Ya’ll are the definition of “power couple.” I love reading your blogs and seeing you so happy. Grumples looks extra happy too! I can’t wait to try the chicken wing recipe and those peanut butter cookies. Peanut butter is my favorite 🙂

    Reply to Lyndsey
  • Vanessa

    Wow, first of all I want to say that you look amazing! Also I love how you point out that still enjoying life and treating yourself is more important than just focussing on your body. You are a true role model 🙂

    What did you do this weekend?
    I spent my weekend waitressing a lot. It finally gets hot here in Germany and the cafe I work in was so crowded. It definitely was exhausting but gave me some money I need.

    Do you give your pets something special on their birthday’s?
    When I still had my lovely bunny, I’d give him some treats and something fun to play with for his birthday.

    What is one snack you’re loving lately?
    I am totally into wasabi peanuts! Probably not the healthiest choice but the spicyness keeps me from eating too many of them so thats okay.

    Reply to Vanessa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you so much Vanessa!

      Sounds like you had a busy weekend and I’m sure you got all your steps in! Hopefully you have something planned for yourself coming up!

      Awwwww:) Lovely bunny!

      I love wasabi almonds! (new to this whole wasabi thing) I don’t like REAL wasabi, just the flavored stuff! You need to try wasabi popcorn!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Harriet

    Wow, you had an amazing weekend by the looks.. Happy birthday to mr grumples, he looked so happy.
    This weekend, I went to cross fit in the morning it’s so addictive, then did all the sugar free baking for the next week, including pales doughnuts, they are so good. your new cookies look so good. It was my dogs 5th birthday last Friday she got steak for dinner as a treat, and a few new toys.. Plain popcorn and roasted almonds are my go to at the moment it’s easy and tasty.

    Reply to Harriet
    • Taralynn McNitt

      A very amazing weekend, indeed!

      Grumples was the happiest puppy ever!

      Nice job on waking up and going to Crossfit!

      You were on a roll this morning with working out and baking!

      Grumples also loves steak!

      I have been eating popcorn at night! & Halo Top 😀

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kitt

    I love reading your blog, the posts are very encouraging to do more/be more. Thanks for sharing your life and positive perspective with us!

    1) Cleaned junk food out of my pantry because the “Bridget Jones start-over” (eating something now to prevent future you from having it) is very real.
    2) Muppet the Portuguese water dog gets extra belly scratches on birthdays because she paws off and annihilates party hats/appreciates NOTHING.
    3) Homemade roasted red pepper hummus with celery sticks, and Pellegrino for something bubbly when I’m craving soda.

    Reply to Kitt
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Kitt!!

      You just became my favorite person. “BRIDGET JONES START-OVER” YES! & you’re so right about that being a real thing.

      Lol “MUPPET” great name! & she appreciates nothing…you’re killing me over here.

      MMMMM love hummus with celery!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brooklyn

    Awe Happy Birthday Grumples!! That beer and cake for him was adorable!
    Did he like them both?
    My weekend was spent with my in laws because they came down to visit. I swear we walked more the past three days than I have in 3 years! It felt so good though 🙂
    My favorite snack is blueberries and watermelon. But I just picked up my guilty pleasure, sun chips!
    I just had a very filling falafel wrap though, so those sun chips won’t be eaten anytime soon!

    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you 🙂 I thought it was so cool that his face was pretty much on the bottle! I want to make him a cake next year. He LOVED both of them, especially that beer!

      That is so good! I love weekends that are full of walking. It’s working out without it being a “workout”

      Watermelon is everything right now. I’ve been eating that watermelon out of the bowl all day/night.

      FALAFEL 🙂 I’m all about that right now!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating

    Ooh, looking forward to those cookie recipes. Happy Birthday to your puppy! And I finally got to try the Strawberry Cheerios and I LOVE them. Above all other cheerios. I like to mix Rice Krispies with Cheerios.

    Reply to Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating
  • Alexandra

    Hi Taralynn!

    This weekend my parents were in town (San Francisco) so we went on a few adventures – fishing in the bay, cheese tasting, Oakland A’s game and caught a glimpse of some humpback whales swimming close to shore. Awesome weekend!

    Whenever my dog had a birthday (17 total!) we were never as creative as you! We would give her some glorious wet dog food and let her open some presents which was one of HER favorite things to do. Bubbles were never too exciting for her…;)

    As for snacking, lately I’ve been on a blueberry and strawberry kick which is GREAT compared to the crackers and hummus my boyfriend got me hooked on for a while. All in all a good change.

    Hope you have a great week!

    Reply to Alexandra
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Alexandra!

      That sounds like such a fun weekend! I bet that was such a beautiful view and I’d love to experience that. I’ve never been to California! You also had me at cheese tasting.

      17! WOW 🙂 Some dogs don’t like/see bubbles! It’s so strange. Grumples LOVES opening presents too!

      Love berries this time of year! I love crackers and hummus mixed with carrots right now lol

      I hope you have a fantastic week as well!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Maria M

    Taralynn! I seriously love your blog! You’re super inspirational and live life to the fullest. Also you have dog goals. Happy birthday grumples!

    Reply to Maria M
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you so much Maria!!

      You never know what life is going to bring and it’s so important to live each day to the fullest. Bad things happen, but you have to keep pushing forward! I can agree with you on the dog goals 🙂 I love love love Mr. Grumples!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Amanda

    Hi Taralynn! I loved following Mr. Grumples’ birthday on Snapchat. SO CUTE!
    You have totally turned me on to mixing cereals when you first posted about it a few years ago. We love the Tiny Toast too, and I have been mixing it with Special K or Cheerios – whichever we have!

    1. This weekend was spent moving into our new house! I’ll tell you what, moving is definitely a workout! For three days straight I got over 11,000 steps simply moving our belongings out of the apartment and into the new house. On Friday alone I had 16K steps and 72 flights of stairs! SHEW!

    2. I typically don’t do much to celebrate my dog’s birthday, but now I just might have to!

    3. I’m also on a fresh fruit kick right now. It’s so refreshing when it’s hot out. My mom had cut up a huge watermelon and brought us over half of it to snack on during all the moving craziness!

    Reply to Amanda
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Amanda!

      Thank you 🙂 He had a blast!

      Cereal mixing is the BEST!! & that Tiny Toast…

      1. Congrats on the move!! Moving is FOR SURE a workout. I wore my fitness watch one time and burned over 2000 calories in four hours. I bet you’re super sore after that move! Enjoy your new home 🙂
      2. YOU MUST 🙂
      3. Fresh fruit in the summer is everything, especially in the summer!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Evie

    That Halo Top looks so good! I wish we had stuff like that here in Japan!

    What did you do this weekend?
    I went on a long walk through Tokyo with a new friend, followed by a mini bar hop 🙂

    Do you give your pets something special on their birthday’s?
    We used to roast a little chicken just for our cat!

    What is one snack you’re loving lately?

    Looking forward to those cookie recipes!

    Reply to Evie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Oh, it’s so good! Hopefully one day it’ll be in Japan.

      So cool you were in Toky! Bet that was amazing.

      awwww my cat used to like peppermints, which was weird!

      YUM! I love blueberries baked in everything.


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jessica

    Sounds like a great weekend!

    This weekend I went to a wedding on Saturday (it was beautiful) and mostly relaxed on Sunday with an accidental 3 hour nap…oops.

    For my cats’ birthdays, I get them cat tuna (or other canned cat food since they don’t get it often) and we call it tuna birthday cake haha. Sometimes I’ll get them toys too.

    I’ve been enjoying no-bake energy bites recently. I can only eat a couple of them and then I’m full for a while. (Favorite recipe: Otherwise, I try to stick to veggies and hummus for snacking.

    The two recipes coming soon at the end of your post look like they’ll be amazing! I’m looking forward to them. I need to switch up my snacks.

    Reply to Jessica
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It most certainly was!

      Naps are so good and I’m sure you needed/deserved it after a wedding.

      Thats so cute you celebrate your birthday with your cats!

      Those no-bake bites look great. Veggies and hummus are my favorite, especially that new spicy one!

      & THANK YOU! I’ll be posting soon!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    It’s a wonder what clean eating and exercise can do to transform the body, congrats on your progress. I should try out the 150 miles per month challenge.

    The weekend was a tough one for me, especially yesterday was an emotionally tough day (relationship issues) but I’m feeling much better today that I got in a workout.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Linda! You just have to do what works for you and your lifestyle 🙂

      I hope things are better and just remember that whatever is going on “will pass.” 🙂 You’re a beautiful, talented and smart young lady! Glad you had a good workout today! Sometimes that’s all we need to feel better!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Linda @ thefitty

        I’m so glad you think so! I didn’t think you really noticed that I follow you on social media and enjoy reading your posts:’) it means a lot that you take notice among all the other beautiful followers.

        I’ll keep you posted on how it goes with this guy.

        Reply to Linda @ thefitty

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