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For some reason, I underestimated the length of this blogpost. I didn’t realize how many photos I had taken over the past week or how much Ive been doing. Or maybe I haven’t been doing much, but simply taking an overabundance of photos? I figured I could knock this blogpost out in a couple of hours, but it’s five hours later and I’m still here. The hardest part about writing recap posts is remembering the order of events. I tried picking and choosing what to post, but in the end I wanted to share everything. I hope you guys don’t mind a super long recap! I’m about to make my second cup of coffee and get to writing.

early morning Running early morning run

I’ve been getting out every morning for my walk as part of the July Fit Challenge. It’s day 14 and everyone is kicking butt! There is nothing better than walking while the sun is rising. It’s nice and cool here in the mornings (about 78 degrees) so I get the chance to take Grumples for a walk before it’s too hot.

peanut butter banana chocolate protein shake

I’ve been all about protein shakes lately. It’s a great way to cool the body down after a workout as well as refueling it. Here is one I’ve been loving lately!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana!

Banana + 1 cup unsweetened almond milk + 1/2 packet chocolate protein powder + stevia + ice + 1 Tbsp Gold Emblem Abound Peanut Butter!


Day five of the July Fitness challenge was tough.

DAY FIVE: Tue 7/5
Evening/Morning Walk (30-45 minutes) *for relaxation.
Run 1-2 Miles. YOUR PACE.
Find a yoga class or yoga video.
30 middle crunches, 30 left side crunches, 30 right side crunches REPEAT 3X
*Stretch 10-15 Minutes

Sunset Run IMG_3393

Not only did I do the challenge circuit, but I ended up running in the evening.

And then this happened…

I was heading towards the field to take a photo and CHOMP. Luckily, I was quick enough to grab the snake and throw him into the field away from me. I knew immediately it was a black rat snake because my dad gets these lil big guys in the backyard all the time. I could have been not-so-lucky if it was a poisonous snake. Learned my lesson…

spaghetti squash and homemade sauce

After cleaning up the wound and showering, I made some dinner with leftover homemade pasta sauce, spaghetti squash and ground turkey.
july fit challenge

I was up bright and early the next morning to get my challenge workout over with before 100 degrees rolled in. I don’t know what it is with animals lately, but I keep having encounters. There was a rottwieler standing in the middle of the road on my walk and it was still as ever. It looked at me like “don’t you dare come near me.” I turned around and went the other way. He watched me walk until I was a spec in the road. It was so weird.

DAY SIX: Wed 7/6
Evening/Morning Walk (30-45 minutes) *for relaxation. *1 minute jumping jacks *1 minute jump squats *30 sit ups *10 push ups *50 mountain climbers *1 minute wall sit- Repeat 3X *Stretch 10-15 Minutes

After my workout, I was relaxed and ready for coffee with Grumples! I’m glad he didn’t go on that walk with me. It was too hot and he seemed pretty content on the couch. I don’t think he would have backed down from a dog on dog stare down.

Tiny Toast Blueberry General Mills

I’ve been on top of the Tiny Toast craze. If you haven’t tried the Blueberry Tiny Toast Cereal yet, you need to! The strawberry and blueberry flavors are awesome. I love mixing it with unsweetened almond milk for breakfast before a workout. I had some nighttime cravings a couple nights ago and thought it would be a good idea to dip the strawberry Tiny Toast in creamy peanut butter…it wasn’t a good idea…it was a GREAT one.

Cereal is always my go-to before long runs.


Kyle and I walked to Amelies French Bakery to grab some coffees to drink while we watch our Wednesday night show! I ordered the le sombre chai! It’s so good.


I also ordered a fruit and granola parfait for dinner. They have the best parfaits! They make their own yogurt and granola + the fruit is always so fresh. I have my own yogurt making machine, but I still haven’t used it! I need to get on that.


Grumples and I enjoyed the rainy Thursday morning. He likes to sit at the top of the couch like a cat and watch the rain fall. He’s never been afraid of storms.

The fitness challenge was nice and easy! I did my early morning run and 200 + sit ups throughout the day.

Breakfast protein shake!

1 small banana + 5 strawberries + 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed + 1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder + 4 egg whites (you can’t taste them) + 1 cup unsweetened almond milk + 1/2 packet chocolate protein powder + stevia + ice!

granola nature valley, strawberries, plain greek yogurt mixed with <a href=

*Post workout snack*

1 cup plain Greek yogurt mixed with Everly Pomegranate Maqui Berry Drink Mix. The drink mix keeps it low sugar and flavorful! It’s kind of like Crystal Light but sweetened with the Stevia plant to keep it zero calorie and all natural. I also added strawberries and Nature Valley Maple Brown Sugar Granola Crunch .

salad with protein chips

I tossed together a giant salad while my chicken was on the grill. This had spring mix lettuce, croutons, avocado, and Quest Chips for protein! I used the sour cream and onion flavor. I used a balsamic for my dressing.


Grumples and I headed to the park to play after dinner. He played with the bubbles for about an hour and another dog joined in!


I had a crazy sweet tooth on Thursday night while I was watching my movie. I made a random popcorn bowl with Lightly Sweet Boom Chicka Pop + WOATS (Cookies n Cream Granola) + a couple dark chocolate almonds and Blueberry Tiny Toast Cereal. It was my random dessert trail mix bowl 😉  I can’t be the only one that does this…

Afternoon Almond Latte ♥
*1/8 teaspoon almond extract + 2 Nespresso Pods + 1 tablespoon light cream!

My model of Nespresso machine + Milk Frother.
Nespresso Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

panera bread greek salad with quinoa, chicken, parmesan, almonds, onions, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and greek dressing

I met up with Becca for lunch on Friday. She had the rest of the day off from work so she could get ready for her trip. We went to Panera bread. I ordered a Greek salad with avocado, chicken, tomatoes, onion, almonds, kale, asiago cheese crisps and cucumbers! I also ordered a side of fresh fruit. I had a long run planned for the evening so I wanted to get fueled up!


While Becca packed up her suitcases, I headed over to the trails for my run. I had eleven miles planned, but I could only hit ten and then I walked 0.7!  I have been taking these Gatorade Energy Chews on my run for 2 reasons! 1. ENERGY &  2. My throat gets SO dry because of the hot air and the Gatorade chews fix that in seconds. I have a little pocket in my shorts that I keep them in. I hate running in shorts and I don’t know why I keep doing it.

Freedom Park Charlotte NC

I called up Becca once I was done with my run and she met me at the park so we could go for a walk together. I love to walk after my runs. If I don’t walk my legs get so stiff.

Freedom Park Charlotte NC Freedom Park Charlotte NC

We like to stop randomly and do little strength training exercises. When we find stairs, we go up and down them for 3 minutes or more. The cops were sitting at the top of the parking lot in their squad cars watching us as if we were crazy…and maybe they’re right.

Freedom Park Charlotte NCFreedom Park Charlotte NC Freedom Park Charlotte NC

I say this every time I run here, but Little Sugar Creek & Freedom Park is gorgeous! It feels like I’m walking in a fairytale.

Friday night was so stormy! Grumples and I put on a scary movie and I feel asleep before ten.


I don’t know what came over me on Saturday morning but I was motivated…and this was BEFORE coffee. I woke up at 5am to drop Becca off at the airpot and then headed straight to Crowder’s mountain for a hike. I went all the way to the top and then finished my workout with a three mile run, followed by a ab + weight workout in the gym!


My mom and I wanted to have a shopping day, so I got cleaned up and headed to the outlets with her!

*Post workout breakfast shake*
1 scoop vanilla protein powder + 1 cup blueberries + 1 banana + ice + unsweetened almond milk + stevia + ground flaxseeds + chia seeds + 1 tsp local honey.


Finally got my coffee!


I love shopping with my mom. I’ve been doing it for 25 years now and it never gets old! She has a summer trip coming up so we helped her shop for dresses.  I’m so so so proud of her. She’s been on the Whole 30 + running 4 times a week and she’s lost fifteen lbs.


Shopped until I dropped!


I headed back to my parents house after shopping, so we could have dinner and lay out by the pool.


My man ♥


A little post shopping snack! Pineapple & Pistachios.


I didn’t think twice when I saw the Finding Nemo Pool Float…into the cart it went! I had to drive to my parents house with a Nemo head sticking out of my car window.

My dad grilled me up some chicken and I had almonds and strawberries on the side.

charlotte ncCharlotte nc charlotte nc

I headed uptown Charlotte later that night to meet up with Kyle and his friends that were in town visiting. I’m kind of obsessed with his friends. They’re hilarious and the coolest group I’ve ever met.


I can’t believe I’ve lived here almost 2 1/2 years and it was my first time ever going to Fahrenheit. It’s a great spot to get a drink and a city view.


My girl SMASHETON! Charlotte blogger + fitness unicorn.

Charlotte NC Fahrenheit

To say that I’m happy is an understatement. ?

If I were to dedicate a blogpost to this guy, it would be pages on pages long. He’s one of a kind and I don’t know how I got so lucky.

dandelion breakfast charlotte nc charlotte ncdandelion breakfast charlotte nc

After too many glasses of wine on Saturday night…breakfast was a must. I slept in until noon Sunday… I’ve never slept past 10 AM in my entire life. We went to Dandelion Market for breakfast and it was great. I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet! I ordered the Dando veggie omelet with a side of bacon. The omelet had havarti cheese, tomatoes, peppers and onion. I love an omelet full of flavor and this one hit the spot. Their coffee was PERFECT. It tasted like French press. I only had one cup because water was my main priority.

I slept by the pool the rest of the day and then finally made it to the gym! After my REALLY BAD workout, I made some protein cookies. I’ll be sharing those recipes soon. I made a peanut butter protein cookie and a oatmeal breakfast cookie. This type of day reminds me of why I don’t drink. I like to be productive and the throbbing pain made it impossible.

roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts

I made crockpot chicken and roasted vegetables on Monday night.

roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts

Vegetables had two cups of chopped brussels sprouts, 2 sweet diced potatoes, garlic powder, black pepper, Italian seasoning, onion powder, minced onion, sea salt and 1 tsp brown sugar. I baked the vegetables for 45 minutes on 375. I continued to flip them every fifteen minutes.

roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts

I placed a whole chicken in the crock pot with four cups of unsalted chicken broth! It’s a very plain and simple way to cook chicken, but it tastes like rotisserie chicken after cooking on high for four hours.

I had leftovers for lunch on Tuesday! I made an omelet that consisted of one egg yolk and five egg whites.

south carolina peaches

My neighbor brought me over a bag of the best peaches I’ve ever had! He bought them at a local farmers market and I’m going to head there today to pick up more. I had to eat the peach over a cup because it was SO JUICY. Him and I are always passing food back and fourth! He brought me over a stromboli the other night and I brought him cookies. I love him and his wife! I make sure to stop over and see them every morning when I’m around.

Fitness Basketball Workout Game!!

I met up with some friends to play basketball Tuesday afternoon after my visit to the Dentist! We like to play 21 and then “workout knockout.” It’s kind of like a game of h-o-r-s-e but with a twist. For example…I call a workout (five jump squats) and then take a shot from anywhere on the court. If I make it, that person has to make it from the same spot. If they do not make it, they have to do five jump squats. It gets so hard! Jonny and I have been playing basketball together for two years now! Jonny and his sister also make the best Dominican food on the planet!

Fitness Basketball Workout Game!!

I’m usually half dead once we are done.

Fitness Basketball Workout Game!!
Fitness Basketball Workout Game!! Fitness Basketball Workout Game!!

I burn so many calories and sweat so much playing basketball. It’s one of my favorite sports! It was 98 degrees out and we played for a couple hours.
*Dinner Protein Shake* 2 scoops Dymatize Whey Protein Powder + 1 large banana + ice + unsweetened almond milk + stevia + 2 tablespoons ground flaxseeds + 2 tablespoons chia seeds + 1 tsp local honey + 1 peach.

I had a protein shake for dinner! (I also had a protein bar before going to bed)

*Dinner Protein Shake*
2 scoops Dymatize Whey Protein Powder + 1 large banana + ice + unsweetened almond milk + stevia + 2 tablespoons ground flaxseeds + 2 tablespoons chia seeds + 1 tsp local honey + 1 peach.

Charlotte NC Queen City

As soon as Grumples and I headed uptown…it started to rain! The sky was so weird. One side was clear and the other was black.

Charlotte NC Queen City

Charlotte ♥

Charlotte NC Queen City

The storm factory ♥♥

This weekend is going to be so relaxing. I don’t plan on doing anything other than working out, watching movies and maybe exploring a bit around my city!

Questions for you! 

  1. What are your weekend plans?
  2. It’s 9pm at night and you have a sweet tooth. What do you go for?
  3. So…are you playing Pokemon Go? (i am)


  • brit

    I went to high school with Kyle! It’s such a small world. He is a great guy and I’m so happy for the both of you!

    Reply to brit
  • Racahel

    Looking good gal!

    Reply to Racahel
  • Kai

    cOOOOOL shot of ball!

    Reply to Kai
  • Nicole

    Love that red floral shirt you wore on your shopping trip with your mom – where did you buy it from?

    Reply to Nicole
  • Jayyy

    Hi Tara! Need your advice – I do pretty intense, long workouts (usually boot camp or volleyball). What leggings do you recommend? I tend to get pretty sweaty and (TMI) I’m trying to avoid the dreaded crotch sweat look lol

    Reply to Jayyy
  • Jennifer Ayala

    Hi Taralynn,

    Is there any way I can subscribe to your blog??

    Reply to Jennifer Ayala
  • Hannah

    Looking good T!

    Reply to Hannah
  • Peyton

    Love the long recaps! Also, I just made the roasted veggies and they’re SO good! I subbed some cinnamon instead of brown sugar 🙂
    1. Yesterday my roommate and I tried to get tattoos! The artist was booked the rest of the night though, so we went to publix and got a redbox and popcorn instead lol #turnup
    2. There’s a great froyo place thats a dangerous 2 min walk from my apartment…lots of their revenue comes from my wallet.
    3. Is that even a question? haha! Pokemon was a huge part of my childhood so it’s so nostalgic (it keeps freezing on my phone so I actually deleted it, but it was a fun couple days!).

    Reply to Peyton
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Peyton!

      I bet cinnamon was a great addition. I love to add cinnamon to my butternut squash or sweet potatoes 🙂

      1. Hahaha loved that! What tattoo are you thinking of getting?

      2. OH NO! I’d be in so much trouble.

      3. I had fun the first five days but already over it. My boyfriend and I walked through a pokemon hotspot last night…10pm and 20 people standing in the field…

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Rachel

    Oh my goodness, girl. This weekend has been insane!

    I’ve been entering a “home-body” mode as of late, so Friday evening I snuggled up on the couch with my cats, a big cozy throw and a book. It was early to bed before a big day at the Augusta River Market with my friends. We had a booth set up, I make dog collars and bow ties (CalicoPri on Instagram/Etsy). Somehow I survived the 10 hour day in the humid Georgia sun.

    After a few hours rest, I headed back downtown for a crazy night with friends. We watched a performance, had a few drinks and then went out dancing. The night ended at Applebees for some much needed sobering up food. I am right there with you on the “this is why I don’t drink”. I’m naturally an early riser, so even though I went to sleep at 1:00 this morning, my body wanted to get up at 6. After forcing myself through another hour of restless sleep, I gave up and here I am. I’m pounding some water and trying to get the motivation for my “long” run this week, 4 miles. My sister and I are training up for a half marathon. It’s actually Pokemon Go that’s my tipping point to get out to run today- gotta catch ’em all!

    Reply to Rachel
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I havnt been able to enter “home-body” mode on a weekend or weekday in a long time. The only time I’m a homebody is when I’m working. It’s great! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to crank up the air conditioner and cuddle up in a throw! Sounds like you had a BIG and HOT day at the market! I think it is SO COOL that you make collars. I’ll have to check those out! 🙂 Grumple’s birthday was yesterday! I’m looking to make/buy him some fun bow ties!

      What a trooper you are! You had such a LONG (but fun) night! It’s crazy how our bodies react to alcohol and lack of sleep once we do it after months of a dry spell! It really is fun once and a while but I think I prefer to wake up, have coffee and workout without that headache! I hope you have a great run!! I’m hoping to do a half this winter. It’s TOOOOO hot for me to do one now and I just want to be ready! They scare me!

      Be careful catching those Pokemon on your run!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jennifer

    I’m a little late posting… but today boyfriend and I worked out this morning, then layed by the pool for a little bit, then came home and cleaned up, then we met up with my friend and we ate at a yummy local pizza place, went shopping…. it was a long day haha! Tomorrow is a relaxing movie and laundry and cleaning day 🙂

    Well it’s about 9pm here right now and I just had a bowl of cereal for supper… but I tend to want ice cream or oreos… I need to try halo top!

    Haha no. But we went to Mall of America when we went shopping… the number of people playing it in the mall was ridiculous haha

    Reply to Jennifer
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds like the perfect weekend! My boyfriend and I also worked out and then just laid around watching netflix! We will probably do the same as you guys today as well! Relaxing weekends are the best!

      We had Halo Top last night for dinner!!! I bought all three and we just taste tested them all!

      I can’t imagine how annoying that is for shoppers lol! Its day 6 and I’m already over the game! It’s fun to watch people tho. I’m sure the game will fall off fast.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jennifer

        Which of the Halo Tops is your favorite? I want to make sure I get a good one haha

        Haha and on top of it, it’s summer so all the tourists are here so it’s double packed! We were there later in the afternoon into evening around supper time so people started clearing out thankfully!

        Reply to Jennifer
        • Taralynn McNitt

          That is so hard! THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD! I haven’t had the chocolate mocha chip, mint, vanilla bean, or birthday cake yet and I want to so bad!! I have had the chocolate, lemon and strawberry. Those three were really good. The strawberry tastes super sweet, the lemon is nice and light and the chocolate is to die for!! We like to mix it up with peanut butter!

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
    • Jennifer

      P.s. now I have those peanut butter cups to cure my late night sweet tooth… SERIOUSLY!! So fricken good.

      Reply to Jennifer
  • kelly

    Hey! Can’t wait for those protein cookie recipes! What scary movie did you watch?

    My weekend plans are to relax lol and eat ice cream! :p

    I usually have a bag of semi sweet Nestlé chocolate chips in my pantry, so that’s what I would grab!! 🙂

    I am not playing Pokémon Go… It’s a neat idea though.

    Reply to kelly
    • Taralynn McNitt


      We watched Sinister ahhh!!!!


      OH YUM 🙂 i do the same when I raid the baking cabinet.

      It’s a cool idea 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Colleen

    Hi Tara! Love this recap post, looks like your summer is going really well 🙂

    1 – My weekend plans are the same as yours! To catch up on some workouts (I have yoga today woohoo!), watch movies, and I have this weird assignment for an acting class I’m taking — the assignment is to dress up in business clothes and go to a park, a restaurant, and a store I usually wouldn’t go to and see if people treat me differently. Crazy, right?! I’m sort of excited to do it heheh

    2 – I usually like to make some air popped popcorn or have a square of dark chocolate when I get cravings! Or have some Halo Top ice cream 😉 and I ALWAYS make peppermint tea at night before bed — puts me to sleep!

    3 – I’m not playing that game but I find it entertaining to watch everyone else doing it! So funny how it became THAT popular THAT quickly!

    Hope your weekend is amazing! Can’t wait for your next recap post! <3 xo

    Reply to Colleen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much. I don’t think the summer could get any better (i mean if the weather would chill!)

      1. That is actually a really cool experiment!!!
      2. Those are all good to me. I like putting the dark chocolate in my popcorn!
      3. hahaha i enjoy watching others play it more to be honest. I haven’t played all weekend.

      Hope you have a great weekend!!! 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Chelsea

    So happy to see you SO happy, Taralynn! Love your recipe with the brussel sprouts – totally trying that! I never used to like brussel sprouts but I am learning new ways to prepare them and they are delish! 🙂 All my love!

    Reply to Chelsea
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much Chelsea!

      I’m the same as you! I used to hate them, but that is probably because the first time I ever tried them was the steam bags! YUCK! Now I can’t get enough. I feel like all the restaurants have them as appetizers down here and I’m loving it!!

      xo xo

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kinsley

    Your smile makes me so happy!

    Reply to Kinsley
  • Lacey

    Your recap posts are my favorite. I save them for my saturday morning coffee 🙂

    Reply to Lacey
  • Justine

    Where did you get that black dress/romper in the photo with Kyle? It’s so cute and your legs look so toned!

    Reply to Justine
  • Haley


    Reply to Haley
  • steph

    Just tried the nature valley maple granola crunch..So good!!

    Reply to steph
  • Jessie @ The Acquired Sass

    1. I’m a bridesmaid in a wedding this weekend. So rehearsal dinner + hair & makeup + wedding. Then I signed up for a 5K Sunday morning – EEK! My first ever trail race. So, I’ll have to remember to chug some water @ the reception.

    2. Umm, probably mini chocolate chips, because I usually don’t have other sweet foods in my house. Or watermelon. Because watermelon is always a good idea.

    3. NOPE. I don’t get the point. But I’m also the person with only 1 game on my phone, ’cause I just have lots of things I’d rather do. A bunch of people at work are playing. Apparently there was a Pokemon in my cube yesterday. Haha

    Reply to Jessie @ The Acquired Sass
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to see photos. You’re going to look fabulous! & another 5k? LOOK AT YOU GO!!! You have motivation to not drink too much at the reception with a race the next day. I love how you just go go go!

      Watermelon 😉

      HAHAHA I found one on the mountain.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Carly

    I love recap posts! Your happiness truly radiates in your posts!

    My weekend plans are to go to Colorado (from Boston) to see my parents and sister and meet my mom’s new puppy! I can’t wait to escape the humidity for a bit!

    It depends on the season for my sweet tooth cure! Right now I’m all about Outshine Popsicles with real fruit! There isn’t a flavor I don’t love! In the cooler months my go to is oatmeal with peanut butter!

    Guilty as charged for being a pokemon player. Although it’s a little lost on me because I just like wandering around finding the creatures… I have no idea what is supposed to come after that. ha!

    Reply to Carly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you so much Carly!!!

      That will be so fun!!! I want to go to Colorado! & PUPPIES 😀

      Love oatmeal with peanut butter too! Filling.


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Rachel @ Better LIVIN

    Ahhhhhhhhh! You handled that whole snake bite thing so calmly, I would have freaked right out!!

    Reply to Rachel @ Better LIVIN
    • Taralynn McNitt

      hahaha I was kind of nervous deep down inside. I was happy I woke up the next morning lol My best friend kept calling me to see if I was alive after that!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Heather @ Polyglot Jot

    Sounds like a lovely week! My go-to sweet tooth snack at night is cereal too. Ive been loving cocoa safari crunch cereal! haha 🙂

    Woah you grabbed the snake?! Very impressive!

    Reply to Heather @ Polyglot Jot
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I think cereal takes the cake. I mean if it’s healthy enough to eat in the morning…why not eat it at night? I also LOVE cocoa safari crunch. I made them into little treats a couple months ago.

      Snakes don’t bother me…unless it’s attached to my leg.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Angela

    Ughhh Taralynn, you and Kyle literally SLAY the game. Love you and your blog!!

    Reply to Angela
  • Lindsay Mestieri

    Hey Taralynn! With your long run I have to ask, are you training for a half marathon?!

    Reply to Lindsay Mestieri
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Lindsay!

      I think I want to do a half, but I get scared every time. I’m afraid of getting injured or just not being able to finish. I think I will try to run a half (which I know I can do) in the fall when it is cooler and I’v had more time to build muscle and endurance. Even though I can run 10 miles, I’m not mentally or physically ready to run a half. I would like to though!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Shyann

    Literally the only thing I got from this entire post was that you GRABBED a snake?! I don’t care if it’s pink with glitter, I will not be grabbing it :-O I HATE snakes even if they’re only 3cm long! I would be running and crying all the way home ! I think you might be a super hero!?

    Reply to Shyann
    • Jen

      I THOUGHT THE SAME THING! I couldn’t get over the snake! I would die. I almost stepped on one on a run one time and I still haven’t recovered from it. I couldn’t imagine picking it up and throwing it!! Tara, you are a savage!!

      Reply to Jen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hahahahaha! It was either grabbing and tossing or letting it bite me again! I must have stepped on it by accident. “I DON’T CARE IF IT’S PINK WITH GLITTER” hahahahahaah dying!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    I love your long recaps! I really enjoy reading about your fit lifestyle and seeing how happy you are! It’s really inspiring.

    1) I’m going to Oberhausen in Germany for the weekend with my boyfriend. It’s only a two hour drive from where I live in Belgium. Our hotel is in front of the largest shopping mall in Europe, so we are going shopping one day and the other day we are going to a theme park called Movie Park.

    2) If we have m&m’s I often go for that, but I’ve been making healthier choices. Yesterday I had a honeydew melon filled with almond yogurt. If I want something quick, I’ll get a Nakd bar.

    3) I don’t play Pokemon go, but I go on walks with my boyfriend when he is trying to find Pokemons. 😉

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Lauren! I love writing them. It’s so fun to go back and look at everything I’ve done over the week.

      That is going to be such a fun little trip. Shopping and a theme park!? Where do I sign up!

      That sounds great. Have you ever tried honeydew melon or a cantaloupe with cottage cheese and honey? It sounds weird but so good!

      HAHAHA It’s so fun 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Lauren

        Oh that sounds good! I’m going to try that as well!

        Reply to Lauren
  • Michelle M

    1. On Saturday I’m taking the train into NYC to have a farewell brunch with all my friends before I move cross country at the end of the month. Its going to be a fun time, but also very emotional! On Sunday I’m planning to head to be beach and nurse my inevitable hangover with lots of water and fruit.

    2. I rarely get a sweet tooth, carbs are more my thing. My night cravings are usually more along the lines of popcorn/pretzels/ricecakes/goldfish.

    3. I am absolutely playing Pokemon Go. I grew up on the Gameboy games and have absolutely no shame being a 24 year old obsessed with pokemon. What team are you on?

    My question for you: I’m amazed that you are not in school or working a traditional job but have such a great group of friends and a boyfriend. How do you do it? Where do you meet all your friends if not at school or work?! I’d love to know your friendship making secrets 🙂

    Reply to Michelle M
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That will be so much fun. I love how you are already planning to nurse the hangover that you don’t even have yet. Such a planner 😉

      Goldfish & popcorn together…best thing ever! Sounds weird but I’ve been mixing light sweet and salty boom chicka pop with honey mustard gold fish…

      HAHAAHAHAHA YES! I grew up playing with it too and my brother and I used to fight all the time over Pokemon’s!

      I’ve been living here for almost 2 1/2 years so a lot of my friends were made through mutual friends and just trying to be outgoing! I have met a lot of people around my apartment and some a running meet ups. I live in such a YOUNG city and everyone is so nice and friendly.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Evie

    Hi Taralynn! You’re looking incredible! You need to tell me where you buy all your cute workout leggings!

    What are your weekend plans?
    Saturday I’m going to an outdoor movie showing with my friends, and Sunday I have a drinks date 😀

    It’s 9pm at night and you have a sweet tooth. What do you go for?
    A handful of dry cereal 😀

    So…are you playing Pokemon Go? (i am)
    I can’t believe this, but it’s not even out in Japan (where I live) yet!

    Reply to Evie
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much Evie!!

      My leggings are mostly from Nike or Prismsport!

      Outdoor movies are so fun!! Enjoy 🙂

      Love dry cereal!

      HAHA that is crazy!! SO cool that you live in Japan!

      Have a great weekend!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hannah

    I would KILL to have your legs! I am so proud of your progress.

    Reply to Hannah
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you Hannah! I love seeing little progress everyday! Now all I have to do is clean up the diet 😉

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Rachel

        Clean up the diet!? From the looks of things you don’t have much cleaning up to do!

        Reply to Rachel
        • Taralynn McNitt

          I mean I eat healthy for sure! But I mean making sure I have all the right amount of protein + carbs + fats and so on! I just kind of do my thang…which is probably the more realistic route for myself! 😉

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Daniela

    1. What are your weekend plans?
    My husband and I just moved to Charlotte this past weekend so hoping to explore the city this weekend! I’m using your posts to help make a list of all the places we want to try!

    2. It’s 9pm at night and you have a sweet tooth. What do you go for?
    Fruit or oreos depending on how I’m feeling.

    3. So…are you playing Pokemon Go? (i am)
    I’m not playing it but maybe now that we are all settled into our place I will get into since it might help me explore some more!

    Reply to Daniela
    • Taralynn McNitt

      OMG that is so exciting! 🙂 Welcome!!!!

      1. Drive down Queens Road!
      2. Head to the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market!
      3. Visit Noda!
      4. Take a walk around Freedom park and the Little Sugar Creek Greenway or Four Mile Creek Greenway!
      Restaurants? Mac’s Speed Shop, Cabo Fish Taco, Cowfish,Nan & Byrons, Tupelo Honey, Bakersfield. I also love healthy stops like Chopt, Juicebar, Cleanjuice, Live Raw juice Bar, Berrybrooks Farm and coffee at Amelies French Bakery!

      It’s also fun to just walk uptown!! 🙂

      Fruit or Oreos lol Love that.

      You can play uptown! So many pokemons!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tanya

    This weekend working in the ER. One day, going to see my nephews baby.
    My go to snack is dry cereal, nuts or small piece of chocolate
    I have not played Pokémon go but my kids really want to. Not sure, to many weird people out there watching for kids

    Reply to Tanya
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Going to see your nephews baby will be fun!

      Sounds like great nightly go-tos!

      It’s definitely a game you would want to go out and play with your kids. Something fun to do on walks!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jenny

    I love your long recap posts! Seems like you are having an epic summer so far, and thank you SO much for leading this Fitness Challenge. It’s been so helpful in motivating me to reach my goals.

    1. What are your weekend plans?
    We are dogsitting this weekend at a great house with a pool, so my plans are to lay by the pool for three days and go for a long bike ride on Saturday!

    2. It’s 9pm at night and you have a sweet tooth. What do you go for?
    Usually a scoop of soy ice cream or a piece of dark chocolate! This month I’ve been trying to be more conscious of healthy heathy eating so I’ve been opting for herbal teas at night. Have you tried Good Earth’s Sweet & Spicy tea? It’s decaf, sweet (from stevia) and has a strong cinnamon flavor which helps reduce my need to snack.

    3. So…are you playing Pokemon Go?
    Totally. I was really into Pokemon when it came out on Gameboy Color so this is a really fun throwback for me! Having to walk outside also is great incentive to get outside. 🙂

    Reply to Jenny
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That is great! The challenge has totally helped me stay on track as well! I love following along with others.

      SO FUN!!! I need to plan a bike ride this weekend as well.

      Yum!! I haven’t tried that flavor yet but I need to!

      hahaha love it. I’ll be playing tonight!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brooklyn

    My in-laws are coming tomorrow for the weekend and I am SO excited!!! We haven’t seen them in a year and a half, so it should be good 🙂

    What are some of your favorite scary movies? I love pretty much all of them. Guilty pleasure!

    Your parents lawn is flawless, and congrats to your mom for her hard work paying off! That’s so great 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Reply to Brooklyn
    • Taralynn McNitt

      OMG! That is a long time, but will be so so so much fun!!

      My dad LOVES his lawn…lol I can’t wait to show him this comment!! 😀

      xo hope you have so much fun B!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Janet


    Reply to Janet
  • Mech

    It’s my birthday weekend so I am going to have an eventful one! I usually go rock climbing each weekend at a local climbing gym, plus in the evening we are going to see Schoolboy Q here in Atlanta and getting some delicious ramen.

    I was playing Pokémon Go but stopped. I may pick it back up because it was fun. I just found myself staring at my phone too much when out and about. :/

    Reply to Mech
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Yay! So exciting! Happy birthday!!!

      I want to go rock climbing so bad and they have a place in Charlotte for it. Ramen sounds fantastic. You’re going to have a blast this weekend!

      hahahaha the struggle is real.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jackie

    I have good vibes about you and Kyle. Look at the way he’s holding onto you Taralynn…

    Reply to Jackie
  • Myriam

    1) Friday night my boyfriend and I will go to an outdoors concert in the middle of a park, it’s something they do here in Barcelona during the summer and it’s free 😀 Normally the music’s classical or jazz. On Saturday we will grab some vegan pizza portions in a lovely area here called “El Born”, it’s full of artists, lovely cafés and stores, very bohemian! Then maybe go back to his house and watch a film. And I don’t know ’bout Sunday 😀

    2) Mmm I’d probably eat one of the 3 following things:
    (1) a frozen apple (2) some spoonfuls of wholegrain cereal (3) one of my oats/carob/banana/cinnamon homemade cookies 😀

    3) What the heck is Pokemon Go? xD

    Reply to Myriam
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Myriam!

      That sounds like such a fun Friday night! I’d love to see photos. You’re making me want to go to Barcelona with you! I may have to start planning a trip now.

      Those all sound good!

      Pokemon Go is seriously addicting. It makes you go outside and catch characters!! Makes my walks and runs so much more fun! hehe

      I hope you have a great weekend and I’d love for you to tag me in your photos from Friday night! -especially that vegan pizza!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Myriam

        I think something went wrong with my previous comment :S So I’ll write it again!

        Don’t say that if it’s not true, hahaha, or you’ll get my hopes up :O If you come to Barcelona I’d SO love to meet you! I will try and take pictures to show you 🙂 I’ve been too lazy to carry my Canon around because it weighs so much…

        Reply to Myriam
        • Taralynn McNitt

          I’d really LOVE to go to Barcelona! 🙂 You sound like you know all the local spots, so if I ever do come I’d love for a tour guide! I always take photos with my phone because I get lazy too!

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
          • Myriam

            You’re so lovely <3 and your dog too by the way, he looks soooo soft and fluffy and clean <3 it's obvious you take so good care of him 🙂 I will indeed tag you in some pic tomorrow (today im going to the outdoors concert, tomorrow pizza + the bohemian area :D). Have a great weekend cutie 🙂

            Reply to Myriam
            • Taralynn McNitt

              Thank you Myriam:) I do love my Mr. Grumples! Speaking of clean…he’s getting a bath today! Can’t wait to see your pics! Have such a fun night.

              Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Myriam

        Whaaaaat _<

        Reply to Myriam
  • Mallory

    Weekend plans: SLEEP, long run, pig roast on Saturday with the bf and friends (should be interesting… I don’t eat much meat HA)

    9pm sweet tooth = usually a bowl of cereal with almond milk! or gummy bears!

    running playlist song right now …. anything by Sia. She’s amazing.

    Have a lovely weekend 🙂

    Reply to Mallory
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Sounds like I’ll be doing the same this weekend…minus the pig roast!!

      Ahhh I had almond milk and cereal last night to cure my sweet tooth.

      Sia is great!

      Hope you have a great weekend too and I can’t wait to hear about your pig roast experience.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Emily Weir

    1. My weekend will consist of returning home from vacation and heading right to two bridal showers. Gotta love being in your twenties when everyone seems to be getting married 🙂
    2. My favorite late night snack is Cadbury English chocolate. My family brings bars whenever they visit and it takes me about a year to get through because I savor it, piece by piece. They have an ingredient in their chocolate over there that makes it SO much better than ours.
    3. I refuse to get into the whole Pokemon Go thing. I’ve never been into Pokemon or other phone games, so I’m just over here waiting for this latest trend to fade.

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend around town! 🙂

    Reply to Emily Weir
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Sounds super super busy! Haha I feel like everyone around me is getting married and having babies, but I couldn’t even think of myself doing that right now!

      That sounds like delicious chocolate! I’d be inviting my family over all the time if they brought me Cadbury English chocolates!

      It just makes my walks and runs so much more fun. My friend and I literally walked around catching Pokemon at the park. It definitely will fade, but for right now…gotta catch em all!!!

      I hope you have a fantastic wedding and I also hope you had a great vacation!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    I really love taking photos as much as you do, but I’m always so WEARY of bringing my DSLR out because I’m terrified i would drop it! Do you not share the same fear?

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I don’t bring it anywhere it can get ruined. There is a time and place. I have waterproof camera for certain things, my nice camera for travel and my phone is ALWAYS with me.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hillary

    You are looking so FIT lately. Thank you for being so positive and inspiring. Your blogs keep me going everyday!

    Reply to Hillary
  • Sarah Call

    Hi Taralynn,

    I am so glad you are extremely happy. Life is too short to be unhappy, although I know sometimes we can’t control the crappy stuff.

    Your Mom looks FANTASTIC! I bet she loved shopping for new and smaller clothes.

    I wanted to ask, what horror movie did you watch and what did you think? I love knowing what shows and movies you are watching.



    Reply to Sarah Call
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi Sarah!

      Life is way too short. The crappy stuff is ALWAYS going to happen, we just have to stay positive and optimistic through them.

      She was LOVING every minute of shopping and I loved seeing how happy and confident she was. She was smiling every time she put something on.

      We watched Sinister and it was terrifying and gross! eeeeeeeek

      Have you watched any good movies lately?


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Lauren

    The #julyfitchal is awesome inspiration, Taralynn. Thank you so much for hosting it and for being open about your own workouts!

    1. This weekend my husband, our dog, and I are actually making a quick trip to South Dakota for a book signing I’m doing. Lots of driving, two nights of camping, visiting some friends and family — it’ll be wonderful! And it will be the first time we’ve taken our dog camping with us!

    2. Oooo….Probably a handful of dark chocolate chips. Or an apple or pancake…something with carbs!

    3. Nope, not playing. But I think it’s awesome that it’s getting more people out and about…so long as they don’t fall into dangerous situations as some have.

    Reply to Lauren
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I am having SO MUCH fun doing it! I may have to write up a challenge of August!!!

      wow that is going to be such a fun trip!! You have the whole crew going with you! Camping also sounds like a blast. I can’t wait to hear all about it. What kind of dog do you have?

      yum!! Dark chocolate chips are usually a go-to or I sneak some semi-sweet ones from the baking cabinet.

      It is pretty great! I can’t believe people have been getting hurt, although I can see HOW!! Gotta be careful & gotta catch em all!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Lauren

        I think all of your followers would really enjoy an August challenge!!!

        I’ll definitely try to post pics of our trip on Instagram. (I’m @running4thejoyofit ) Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of activity or exercise will be involved, because it’s a basically a bunch of drive time, but we’ll see. 🙂

        My dog’s a rescue dog, so I’m not sure what breed he is, but I think he’s a border collie/kelpie cross. He’s super high-energy!

        Reply to Lauren
  • Luna

    You and Kyle make the most beautiful couple. You two are out of a magazine! You should consider doing photography shots together for your clothing line or other posts.

    Reply to Luna
  • Hayley

    The basketball game workout sounds like so much fun! I definitely want to try that! What a fun way to get a workout in without it feeling like a workout.

    This weekend I will be spending time at our cottage on the lake…it’s soooo relaxing and my favorite happy place 🙂

    When I have a sweet tooth late at night I usually go for Halo Top (when it’s in stock haha) or I’ll usually have graham crackers with peanut butter or vanilla wafers.

    ……yes I too am playing Pokemon Go hahaha it really is addicting! I was never a Pokemon fan growing up so I originally had no interest in downloading it but then I heard the hype over it and had to see what it was all about. Now I’m catching Pokemon daily 😉

    Reply to Hayley
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It is such a fun game, especially if you like basketball.

      A cottage weekend at the lake? Sign me up!

      Those all sound like something I’d be all over. My dad always has vanilla wafers in the cabinet at their house and I love dipping them in milk. I’m surprised they haven’t came out with chocolate wafers! Or maybe they have?

      YES ANOTHER POKEMON GOER!!! My brother and I were HUGE Pokemon fans. BRB GOTTA GO CATCH EM ALL!!! :D:D

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Anonymous

    Fun recap, Taralynn!
    I live in ND – my mom and I are heading to Fargo on Friday and going to the Fargo Street Fair. It’s an annual event with all sorts of craft and food vendors. It’s tons of fun! Then we are getting pedis and gonna shop til we drop 🙂 Saturday and Sunday I have performances of my show, Shrek the Musical! Going to be a fun weekend!
    Oh man. I feel like I always have a sweet tooth. Lol! I would likely grab a small piece of chocolate or a couple of dark chocolate chips. Or some frozen ice cream like Arctic Zero or Halo Top. I recently discovered Halo Top and like it SO much better than Arctic Zero but I can only find it at like, 1 store and it’s 3 hours away! Booo!
    I am totally inspired by your popcorn mix. Going to have to try that sometime soon 🙂
    No. No Pokemon go for me. Although my husband is playing it and he will randomly disappear from the house. Ha!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Reply to Anonymous
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thank you:)

      The Fargo Street Fair sounds like so much fun! I bet you’ll have a blast with your mom. Your entire weekend sounds like a blast. Sign me up for a mani/pedi! I need one. You’re in the show?! Ahhh so cool! I’d love to hear more about that.

      I’m right there with you. I go through sweet tooth phases. Halo top is so good!! It’s always out online, but available at Whole Foods!:) Kyle and I are going to share a pint on Friday night!

      I am dying laughing thinking about your husband just disappearing to play Pokemon! I feel like thats a Dr Phil show waiting to happen ahahahahaha

      Have a great weekend at the fair and with your mom! Please come back and tell me all about it!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Emily B

        I really have no idea why my comment above posted as Anonymous! Weird.
        My mom and I had a ton of fun at the street fair! Found tons of fun stuff. My favorite was a booth that sold all natural peanut butter. It was to DIE for. Found a few other fun trinkets. It was just overall a great mother daughter weekend. We shopped, we laughed, we ate good food…it was great!
        And I just wanted to say that I think it is so cool that you are genuinely interested in what your readers have to say and about their lives. That’s one thing that keeps me coming back!
        PS – yes, I am in a show! I am playing Princess Fiona in Shrek the Musical! It has been a total BLAST!

        Reply to Emily B
        • Taralynn McNitt

          Sometimes it does that if you leave the name box empty 🙂

          I’m so glad you had fun with your mom and thank you for coming back and telling me all about your weekend! I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER (i just had a spoonful) so I bet it was delicious. Sounds like your weekend was perfect.

          I love getting to know my readers and I love learning form them. You guys are the ones that inspire me to go out and explore and continue to write!

          THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!! Congrats on that part!! 🙂 Wish I could see it!

          Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Chandler

    1) What are your weekend plans?
    Going to some concerts this weekend! Friday night the BoDeans and O.A.R., and Saturday Love & Theft, Martina McBride, and Lauren Alaina!

    2) It’s 9pm at night and you have a sweet tooth. What do you go for?
    Usually dark chocolate (over 70% cacao) or an organic strawberry frozen bar! They’re only 60 calories a piece, and I get them from Aldi!

    3) One song that is on your running/workout playlist?
    Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor) by Pitbull. Kinda an old song, but it always gets me going!

    Have a great weekend! <3

    Reply to Chandler

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