Let’s Catch Up: Father’s Day Dinners, Nova’s Latte, & Summer!


Father’s day weekend was a success. My dad had the time of his life and that’s all that mattered! After our golf shenanigans, we took him out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.

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I ordered the chicken fajitas. I love mixing the chicken, onion, and peppers with lettuce and guacamole. I skip the sour cream, tortillas, cheese, and beans to make it lighter.


Sunday night, I made my dad those salmon appetizersย for Father’s day! This is the third time I’ve made them this month. The are so so so so so good. This time, I used sourdough bread and skipped out on the capers.

If you want to make them lighter, use a vegetable as the base! Cucumbers, squash, or eggplant.


I also made grilled squash with squash fresh from the garden!

The squash was seasoned with salt, pepper garlic powder, and a light honey drizzle.


Squash, peppers, tomatoes & cucumbers in the making!


This morning, I did a blueberry avocado spinach sea salt clay mask! I was praying my face wouldn’t turn green! I love facials in the summer!


Later in the afternoon I stopped at Nova’s for a non fat latte with an extra shot of espresso! After Nova’s I headed to Lowes to pick ย up some things for crafts!


I have always struggled drinking water. I picked up Hint at Wholefoods yesterday and fell in love with the Apple flavor! I could drink this all day. If you have a problem with keeping water down, try hint or find an all natural infused water!



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