Going Down in Georgetown: Exorcist Stairs, Baked & Wired, & More!

Coffee Old Town Alexandria Simply Taralynn

I can’t believe how cold it has been here. I was going through bottles of water because of the heat just a couple of days ago. It’s 59-60 degrees with clouds and wind today. At least the rain has stopped.

Old Town Alexandria Yogi Casta Frozen Yogurt Virginia  Old Town Alexandria Yogi Casta Frozen Yogurt Virginia

After the downpours on Monday, Karlee and I walked to Yogi Castle to complete our workout on King Street. Yogi Castle was so cool because they had chocolate covered strawberries!

Pot Belly Salad Chickpea Veggie Non Fat Vinaigrette Old Town Alexandria

All the heat and sun had us exhausted during out walk at the Arlington National Cemetery on Monday. We decided to stop at Pot Belly’s for dinner because it was quick and on the way home. I haven’t had Pot Belly since living in Chicago and its one of my favorite places. I love their salads. I ordered the Chickpea Veggie Salad with no blue cheese, add feta, no cherry tomatoes, add croutons, and non-fat vinaigrette on the side!

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C.

Yesterday morning, Karlee and I headed to Georgetown to spend the day. Our first stop was Baked & Wired!

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C.

After going to Georgetown Cupcake, everyone recommended Baked & Wired! It was only fair to try both. So far, you guys have not let me down with your recommendations! I love getting the local insiders opinions!

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C. Espresso

The environment was hilarious. It was the kind of place you’d find Miley Cyrus in having coffee.


The desserts had unique names and they all looked delicious.


And for $666 you could order breast milk in your latte. (obviously a joke)

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C. Cupcake Latte Tessita

I ordered a small non fat latte and karlee ordered a nonfat caramel latte.

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C. Cupcake Latte Tessita

We couldn’t decide what to get for our dessert so we asked the barista her favorite and she said the Tessita. The Tessita is a cupcake named after the owner’s daughter.

It’s a vanilla Cake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate-hazelnut satin icing.

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C. Cupcake Latte Tessita

We also grabbed some hippie crack!

The cupcake was VERY good. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and the frosting tasted like Nutella, and who doesn’t love Nutella?

Everyone wanted to know which place I liked more. I couldn’t really answer the question after thinking it over. They were way too different and it really depends on what kind of mood I’m in that day. I guess the workers seemed a lot happier at Baked & Wired! That’s a plus 🙂

Georgetown Washington D.C. Doors

After eating breakfast, we shopped a little, and then headed to the spot where the filmed the Exorcist stair scene.

Exorcist Stair Scene Georgetown Location Washington D.C.   Exorcist Stair Scene Georgetown Location Washington D.C. Exorcist Stair Scene Georgetown Location Washington D.C.

We just had to recreate the scene; sometimes doing touristy things are fun. My favorite part was watching the people from the top of the stairs turn around and go the other way because I freaked them out haha. I should have brought a creepy white night gown.

Baked & Wired Georgetown Washington D.C.

After goofing off on the stairs, we headed back to shop around.

lush cosmetics Georgetown washington d.c.

Karlee had never been to Lush Cosmetics before and so we stopped over there! I bought some scrubs, lemon butter, and face masks!

Snap bubble tea georgetown washington d.c.  snap georgetown bubble tea washington d.c.

We kept seeing “bubble tea” being advertised everywhere and we wanted to know what it was. I had never heard of it before but I think it’s pretty popular in D.C. We stopped at a little place called Snap to try it.

Yuck! Ick! No! Gross! Ew! Not My Thang!

We didn’t understand how people could drink that stuff! It was like drinking thick milk with fruity chalk-ish powdered sugar and giant blueberry sized balls of tapioca jello! It was all wrong! All wrong!

Olivia Macaron Georgetown Washington D.C.

We walked by Olivia Macaron and I asked Karlee if she had ever had a macaron before. Before she could finish the word “NO” I pulled her into the shop. She needed to try one of the best tasting deserts on earth! We needed something to chase down that nasty bubble tea. I bought the box of seven because my brother had never tried them either. We picked out vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, orange, lemon, pistachio, and sugar cookie.

Karlee loved them and so did T.C.! I knew they would:)

broiled salmon rice and vegetables Murphy's irish pub old town Alexandria Washington d.c.

We took the metro back to meet T.C. for dinner. We went to Murphey’s Irish pub on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. It’s on of my brother’s favorite places. I ordered the broiled salmon with lemon whine sauce on top, rice, and steamed vegetables. It was very good!

whole foods wine bar old town alexandria  whole foods wine bar old town alexandria

We went to Whole Foods for a glass of wine after dinner and hung out there for an hour talking.

whole foods gelato

We picked up some salted caramel gelato at Whole Foods, turn on The Following, and relaxed the rest of the night!

I love this place so much!


  • nia

    you are hilarious

    Reply to nia
  • michaela

    love baked and wired!

    Reply to michaela
  • Selin

    Hahah your description of bubble tea made me laugh so much. That was my first reaction too, but after trying it a few more times, I can’t get enough of the stuff. If you ever want to try it again, try it as a fruit smoothie with the boba (tapioca pearls) and lychee jelly.

    Reply to Selin
  • Chelsea Huckabay

    Bubble tea is TERRIBLE. Agree 100% Tara!

    Reply to Chelsea Huckabay
  • Janet

    You have never heard of bubble tea? Seriously, how sheltered are you?

    Reply to Janet
  • Rosa

    I”m sorry u didnt like bubble tea cuz I love~~~ it! I literally love it to bits!!

    Reply to Rosa
  • Michele

    I personally don’t like bubble tea either. All my friends love it but I’m not the biggest fan, it’s something about the texture of the tapioca balls. But so far all of the places I’ve been to offer the opportunity for you to buy it without the tapioca balls so that’s what I do. Technically it’s more a smoothie then, but still delicious. Honeydew is the best by far.

    Reply to Michele
  • Lindsay

    Two things I’ve never tried… Gelato and macaroons!

    I love the stair pics; that’s awesome you guys posed. I mean, you had to, how could you not?!?

    Also love the double wooden doors, they’re beautiful!


    Reply to Lindsay
  • Dorka

    I am so surprised you didn’t like bubble tea! I assume the place was not right, if made well they can be really addictive! They are huge in Asia, there everybody drinks milk tea instead of coffee anyway – if you ever have the chance to go, make sure to try it therem, I am sure it’ll be a whole new bubble tea experience!

    Reply to Dorka
  • Ilisiah

    That is a hilarious cupcake! I must go!

    Reply to Ilisiah
  • Kelsey

    Giiiiirrlllll You got the WRONG bubble tea if you didn’t like it! Bubble tea is delish. You need to find an asian place (does DC have a china town area?) and order bubble tea with black tea (green tea is ok too), taro flavored, with NO tapioca pearls. You could also try the hot version, maybe you would like that better. Mango coconut sounds horrible not gonna lie.

    You can thank me later 😉

    Reply to Kelsey
  • Cassie

    LOL it’s so cool you went to the actual Exorcist location!

    Reply to Cassie
  • ML Bishop

    Geez- this all looks so fun! I would have done the Exorcist photo op too!

    Reply to ML Bishop
  • mookie

    Aww, I love bubble tea! Hopefully it was just a bad place and you give it another shot elsewhere. The best one’s to me are usually in a Thai or Korean restraunt.

    Reply to mookie
  • Kim

    I hate bubble tea too!!!!!

    Reply to Kim
  • Fendi

    You should try chocolate bubble tea.

    Reply to Fendi
  • Alli

    Love your new photo on the main page!! you look SO happy!

    Reply to Alli
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    You dislike bubble tea?! Wow! Youre the first person I’ve met that had that opi ion, it’s quite truly a blessing because they’re so addictive. I think you may have gotten it in a bad store though.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Rachel

    Your description of the bubble tea was hilarious! I personally love it, but it’s not for everyone 🙂

    Reply to Rachel
  • Jessica

    Thank you for sharing your trip to DC! I love see and hearing all about your experience! 🙂

    Reply to Jessica
  • Christina B

    Welcome to Virginia, where you go through all four seasons in one week! Haha I’m from the area and had no idea the Exorcist scene was filmed there! So crazy! I’ll definitely have to recreate that scene next time I’m in Georgetown

    Reply to Christina B

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