Crowder’s Mountain Hike & The Farmers Market

Tuesday morning, my brother, Karlee, and I headed to Crowder’s mountain for a hike. I love hiking and try to do it a couple times a month. I really miss hiking camelback mountain in Scottsdale AZ. Hopefully I can make it back there soon.

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Last year, my brother hiked up an eight mile up and an eight mile down mountain. They went with a guy named Carl. Carl sprinted the first five miles and then lost all his energy and hydration. At the end of the night, they had to sprint down because they would have missed their bus, which was the last bus for the night. My brother darted for the bus to let the driver know that Carl was coming. Carl didn’t know what TC, my brother, was doing and so he thought he was going to be left behind. About fifteen minutes later everyone on the bus started laughing because Carl looked like a zombie running towards the bus screaming “wait!” and as soon as Carl hopped on the bus, everyone started clapping and laughing. Poor Carl. I think the hike was the Yosemite Half Dome hike.

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This hike wasn’t as tough. Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s steep points that leave you gasping for your breath, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. It was a path with little red dots that lead you in the right direction. Once time I was doing it, I forgot to follow the red dots because I was so absorbed in my music that I went on a completely different path and ended up in a field of daisies. It felt like the Twilight movie. Luckily right through the field, the parking lot stood.

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After making it to the top, we grabbed the almonds, bananas, and water for some refueling purposes. There is something about hiking that makes me crave trail mix or bananas.

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After spending some time up top to enjoy the view, we headed back down. This summer, I’d like to camp out there!

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On the way back, we kept seeing signs that said “Fresh Strawberries” and so we followed them! We definitely wanted some fresh strawberries. It took us to a newly built barn with all kinds of fresh produce inside, basically a farmer’s market. It was the Bush-N-Vine Farm!

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I love fresh eggs and so I bought two dozen. When I’m out, I’m going to go return my cartons and pick up some more. A homeschooled boy named caleb is the one who operates the hens!

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We ended up buying fresh honey, pineapple, fresh strawberries, and some bell peppers. We used the bell peppers and pineapple to make kabobs!


  • Danyeal

    I love your blog! You visited two of my favorite places! I love the fact I came across your blog and you live in Charlotte! ❤️ Welcome to North Carolina! I love Bush and Vine and their stuff is the best!

    Reply to Danyeal
  • Ashley

    I am totally want to go on a hike now! I think I’ll go tomorrow morning 🙂 I also like to go on a hike at least a couple times a month.

    Reply to Ashley
  • Candice

    Hi just wanted you to be aware I found your picture on an article, I know this is not what you did to lose weight so I thought you might want to know.

    Reply to Candice
  • estkimo

    Hollerrr! Your brother is a serious cutie!! You and your brother are so good looking!! Good genes 🙂

    Reply to estkimo
  • Anna

    Wow, that farm looks amazing! All that fresh produce…I’m jealous! The hike looks gorgeous, too. My favorite way to exercise is definitely hiking. I love your blog but never commented before. I grew up near Iowa City and have visited Hawaii 9 times, so I felt like I had something in common with you lol. You’ve done an amazing job blogging! I hope you keep it up!

    Reply to Anna
  • Kristin C

    You and your brother look SOOOO much alike! Are you twins?

    And I really need to find a good produce market! I worked at one in high school, but that was at the beach.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Samantha

    My boyfriend and I took on a hiking challenge up half of Mount Robson in BC Canada. It was a beautiful hike and we would definitely do it again. However we would be much more prepared!

    The hike was 20KM one way… and it was literally up the side of the mountain. It turns out the trail we were on (Berg Trail) is meant for over night trips. We brought our dog and we knew you could not stay over night with the dog so we figured we would bang this 40Km’s off like it was nothing. We would pass a park ranger and they would ask us where we were going so we would say Berg Lake and they would be like you are not aloud to have dogs over night so we assured them that we knew and would be coming back down the mountain. They would give us a suprised look and tell us good luck….

    When we finally made it to the top we ran out of water and had to make our way back down as it was already early afternoon and we wanted to make it back before dark. So we stop at the top enjoyed the beautiful glacier and started back down.

    It ended up taking us 12 hours to do this hike and by the end we were both just done and I was 100% sure i wasn’t making it out of there that night. Our dog however was chasing animals and bugs until we got the car.

    Definitely an experience we will never forget!

    Reply to Samantha
    • emily

      I looove that hike! When I did it we biked the first and last 7 km, which made a huge difference. Did you go swimming in the lake? Sooo cold and so worth it

      Reply to emily
      • Samantha

        We actually didn’t! By the time we got there we were so exhausted! But we did stop at Kinney Lake on the way and it was absolutely beautiful. The dog however did go swimming/Running through any water she could find.

        Did you also do the one day trek or did you camp? I think the camping experience up there would be incredible!

        I could definitely see how a bike would make it easier. I thought it would be awesome to take horses up there too, the amount of things they accommodate on that hiking trail is amazing.

        Reply to Samantha
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Sprinting 5 miles and going 16? Wow, I’m impressed!

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty

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