It’s the not sunshine or the beautiful beaches that I miss about the Dominican Republic; it’s the coffee. I was so exited waking up in the morning because that meant, coffee! Creamy, rich, and earthy all in one glass. I have been spoiled the past month because I bought coffee while I was over there, and now I’m out. Of course, I ordered new coffee from the Dominican on the internet. I can’t go back now, I refuse, I won’t!


We had a free day on the last day we were there. I had until 3pm to do whatever I wanted before jumping on the bus to the airport. I decided to make it a “me” day. I planned on working out, laying out, getting my nails done and getting a Swedish massage. I was sore from all the activities and just needed to relax.

After going for a light walk/run on the beach, I headed downstairs to the all inclusive breakfast buffet. The buffet reminded me of something out of Las Vegas. It was huge, endless, and had everything you’d ever want for breakfast and more.


I had a bowl of cereal, eggs, and fruit. Oh, and delicious coffee!

The Iberostar Costa Dorado in Puerto Plata was one of my favorite places to stay!

What is your favorite hotel/resort breakfast?