Doggy Loot Giveaway: $300 Worth of Healthy Dog Treats, Chews, & Toys!

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I love nothing more than spoiling my dog.ย As weird as it is, I treat my dog like a son and love seeing him happy. Giselle, From Doggy Loot, reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in hosting a giveaway on my blog. Of course I said yes because I love surprising my dog and I know a lot of my readers are dog owners.

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Grumples and I played for about an hour with all of his new toys!

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First, let me tell you a little bit about doggy loot.

Doggy Loot and I agree that dogs make the world a better place.ย Doggy Loot has a team (including dogs) that finds healthy dog products at amazing prices and ship them to your door with no shipping fee. They make sure all the products are safe and none of them are made in China.

It’s like Christmas every month for you pup!

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Mr. Grumples has received several doggy loot boxes and goes nuts every time they arrive. He tries to open up the box himself and barks at it when he can’t.

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I have been introduced to a lot of healthy products that Grumples likes through Doggy Loot.

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Do you want to win a Doggy Loot box for your dog worth ย $300? Enter with the link below!

$300 Worth Healthy Dog Products: Doggy Loot Giveaway

**This was not a paid blogpost and all opinions are my own**


  • allena

    I love doggyloot and bark box! I also love that puppy of yours!

    Reply to allena
  • voilea

    cool giveaway

    Reply to voilea
  • olley

    love this giveaway

    Reply to olley
  • Elise

    My springer spaniel Bailey would love it!

    Reply to Elise
  • Katie

    I LOVE DoggyLoot and this giveaway. Thanks for sharing it here! My PuppyButt is small but goes through toys like crazy so we’re always stocking up.

    Reply to Katie
  • KIM

    I’ve got three 70 lbs babies that would love some extra spoiling! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to KIM
  • Amanda

    I would like to have this for my puppy! =] She is my best friend.

    Reply to Amanda
  • Lacey @ Runs and Roses

    So cute! I have 3 doggies, a golden retriever, boarder collie and a corgi, they would (literally) eat this up!

    Reply to Lacey @ Runs and Roses
  • Patrycja Chudziak

    My dog would love getting her own loot come to the door! She can chew all day long, so plenty of toys are a must for her, Doggy Loot would definitely keep her occupied.

    Reply to Patrycja Chudziak
  • Lydia B.

    I currently don’t have my own pup, but I would love to give this to my brother. He has a very sweet, energetic Boxer who loves sniffing out anything new!

    Reply to Lydia B.
  • Sarah

    I love spoiling my pup with these treats!!!!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Jenna

    My sweet golden retriever, Keli, would love all of this!

    Reply to Jenna
  • Morgan R

    My little pup, TIlly, is obsessed with toys and treats – she loves them! Tilly would be thrilled to receive a Doggy Loot box.

    Reply to Morgan R
  • Hannah M.

    My dog would love this! We just adopted him so it’s hard to find toys and treats that he likes! I would love to give him more options and see if I can find something he enjoys!

    Reply to Hannah M.
  • Hannah M.

    I’ve been considering Doggy Loot for some time, it seems like a really good idea. I’m sure my dog would love it!

    Reply to Hannah M.
  • Callie

    I have a Mini Aussie named Onyx and he would love this! I’ve been meaning to try doggyloot for awhile now.

    p.s. Mr. Grumples is adorable!

    Reply to Callie
  • Lindsay

    Love how they don’t sell any products from China. Huge Positive! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Lindsay
  • Amanda

    My blue tick hound would love this giveaway. It makes her so happy to get new toys and treats!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Lindsey

    Love this!!! my pups would be very excited for treats ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Dyanna

    I love surprising my fur baby!

    Reply to Dyanna
  • Amy Orvin

    My dogs go coo-coo for treats and plushies.
    That’s why they would love DoggyLoot!

    Reply to Amy Orvin
  • Nickie

    You think of everything, Taralynn ๐Ÿ™‚ Not only do you spoil your readers with giveaways, but now our dogs, too?! Love it!

    Reply to Nickie
  • Gina

    I have a Golden Doodle too, Grumples is too cute! My Golden doodle’s name is Kona, and they are the best dogs ever!! I know she would love these toys ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Gina
  • Sarah

    Love your blog, I have been reading for about a year. My two German Shepherds, Hannibal and Luna, would go crazy over monthly goodies!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Amber

    How cool! My Grandma’s dog goes through toys like crazy, this would be perfect for her!

    Reply to Amber
  • Kacee

    My lab pup would love a box full of goodies! Love reading your posts as always!

    Reply to Kacee
  • Lauren E.

    My dog would love it because she’s a puppy who LOVES treats and toys and running. She’s so overactive it almost drives us insane

    Reply to Lauren E.
  • erin k

    My dogs would love this!

    Reply to erin k
  • Emily

    I want to win this for my three shih-tzus! I just said goodbye to them as I left for school again, but sending them this would mean the world to them (and their doggy momma!)

    Reply to Emily
  • Paige Starr

    I have six- yes, SIX, rescued dogs that would absolutely love these toys! Three retrievers and three frenchies are a lot of work, but they absolutely have my heart. They really are like little kids.. New toys for them is like a day at the amusement park! Endless energy for endless entertainment!

    Reply to Paige Starr
    • Kristin C

      Wow! I thought my three rescues were a lot! I have a pitt mix, a blue tick mix and a wolfhound mix.

      Reply to Kristin C
  • nikki b

    My doggies would love these!

    Reply to nikki b
  • Kristin C

    Awesome! This is perfect! Thanks for putting this on!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Sarah

    My dog, Dylan, would LOVE to get a Doggy Loot box! He loves playing with toys.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Brittany

    I have a Goldendoodle too and this would make his life!

    Reply to Brittany
  • Kat @ Farmyard Fit

    I have a red heeler named Jasper and he would love this! I have been wanting to try doggyloot for awhile now

    Reply to Kat @ Farmyard Fit
  • Christina

    My dogs love doggy loot! But I didn’t know there was a box… so exciting!

    Reply to Christina
  • Sierra @La Spice Sisters

    This would be awesome! The treats look so great… looks like Mr. Grumples is in heaven!

    Reply to Sierra @La Spice Sisters
  • Janine Markham

    Holy crow, my little pug would loveee a bunch of new treats and toys.

    Reply to Janine Markham
  • Linda @ the Fitty

    I’ve always wanted a furry animal friend companion. Can he sense when you’re sad?

    Reply to Linda @ the Fitty
  • Katie

    This looks great! My yellow lab Freddie would love getting treats every month.

    Reply to Katie

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