10 Ways to Add Super Seeds to Your Diet!

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Today’s post is going to leave you hungry and running to the grocery store because I’m partnering up with Manitoba Harvest to show you how to easily incorporate their delicious Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) into your daily diet. I have put together ten of my favorite ways to eat hemp seeds. I’ve had a lot of people asking about the taste, especially since I’ve been adding them to sweet and savory dishes. So imagine this. If mixed nuts and buttery white sticky rice were to procreate, you’d be left with a hemp seed. Does anyone else agree? That is why they are compatible with sweet or savory foods.

Not only are hemp seeds tasty, but they are so good for you! That’s why it’s often referred to as a “super plant.” I will fill you all in on the benefits of hemp seeds throughout the post. I know some lingering questions are waiting to be answered. 

Let’s cut to the chase. You’ve heard “hemp seeds are the same as marijuana because they contain THC.” Yes & No. Hemps seeds contain a very small amount of naturally occurring THC (less than 0.001%.) Hemp seeds will not get you high; they are healthy and mighty powerful for your health. Feel free to sprinkle the hemp seeds all over your avocado toast or peanut butter honey toasts

Hemp seeds pack a huge protein punch and contain healthy fats. I’m a fan of flax seeds and chia seeds, but hemp seeds contain twice as much protein and fewer carbs! They also don’t get stuck in your teeth like chia or flax. 😉 Because hemp seeds are versatile, you can sprinkle them on savory hummus celery sticks, or sweet peanut butter apple slices. Hemp seeds are super healthy and safe for kids, so go ahead and add them to their snacks!

*FUN FACT* My vet recommended that I start mixing uncooked hemp seeds into my dog’s food every morning. The hemp seed’s benefits help their coats and joint pain! Before you start giving your dog hemp seeds, talk to your vet about the proper dosage for their breed and size.
A couple of years ago, I was introduced to hemp seed lattes and hemp seed smoothies while dining out at one of my favorite vegan restaurants in Charlotte. The hemp seeds gave the drinks a buttery smooth texture, so I’ve been adding hemp seeds to my smoothies for a while now. I throw a couple of tablespoons into the blender and then top the smoothie with more. You can even blend your coffee and hemp seeds in a blender to give it a buttery texture.

If you want to get real fancy, you can make your own hemp milk for your smoothies or lattes. Intrigued? Making hemp seed milk is incredibly easy. All you do is blend water and hemp seeds in the blender on high for about two minutes. Then strain all of the seeds from the water, and refrigerate! That simple. Hemp milk is so smooth and creamy. 
Since you’re already grabbing nutrients through your antioxidant-rich dark chocolate and vitamin-filled fresh strawberries, you might as well add some extra protein and healthy fats by topping your dessert with hemp seeds! If you like chocolate covered nuts, you’re in for a treat. I’m making chocolate bark this weekend filled with dark chocolate and hemp seeds for my dad. The hemp seeds are pretty on top! Next time you reach for the dessert, reach for the hemp seeds too! Top your pudding, cake, or ice cream with hemp seeds. 
It’s important to feel good about what we are consuming, and it’s also important to be aware of how our foods are grown. The Hemp Hearts offer a sustainable farming solution, and Organic Hemp Hearts are offered as well.

I love making salads because they are also versatile. I also design them to match my cravings. Whether you have a sweet or savory one, top your salad with hemp seeds! This is a convenient way to get your protein in, especially if you have to pack a lunch and do not want to keep meat on your salad for a long period without refrigeration. 
Hemp seeds, the super plant food, is used for more than just food. There are thousands of uses for them. You may see them in natural cleaning products, lotions, candles, and body care products. I want to explore making my own lotions or candles with hemp seeds this winter. Adding hemp seeds to your breakfast foods is a great way to start the day. Sprinkle the seeds over your waffles, pancakes, bake them into your muffins, or sneak them into your kid’s cereal.
Hemp seeds are like little ninjas when it comes to oatmeal. You won’t even know they are there when you mix them in. You’ll definitely get a buttery texture in your oatmeal, but they fit right in. I like to eat eggs with oatmeal to get my protein and omegas! If you’re vegan, adding hemp seeds to your oatmeal is a great way to get those omegas and protein without egg consumption. Hemp seeds are king of the omegas because they have all 10 essential amino acids. That means omega-3 (helps with lowering blood pressure & good for heart health), omega-6 (pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory), stearidonic acid (metabolism health), and omega-6 Gamma Linolenic acid! If you want a boost in the cholesterol, inflammation, skin, hair, hormone, or heart health department, GLC should be your go-to!
Not only are hemp seeds the king of the omegas, but they also contain many essential nutrients! As an anemic, I love that I can consume natural iron through hemp seeds. They also contain magnesium, which is a very important for the body. I’ve been reading about the benefits of magnesium for the past year, and I’m blown away by the role it plays in our bodies. I love love love that hemp seeds contain magnesium. They also carry fibre, zinc, and phosphorous!

So for my iron and protein-rich breakfasts, I add hemp seeds to my steamed kale and eggs! This is a great go-to meal if you like to eat low carb. Remember! Hemp seeds have way fewer carbs than flax seeds or chia seeds. 
I used to top my yogurt with granola, or cereal. Lately, I’ve been substituting the sugary toppings with hemp seeds instead. It packs so much more health benefits and contains less sugar than cereal or granola. I like to get my sugar from fruit! You can even toast the hemp seeds for a toasty and crunchy texture. 
Lastly, but not least. Tomatoes and hemp seeds should be best friends since they pair so perfectly together. They can be tossed into your pizza sauce, tacos, in your tomato soup, or other pasta dishes. You can mix them into pasta salads, and it’ll add a fun texture and healthy kick to it! Add hemp seeds to your chili, vegetable lentil soups, or your side of cornbread! Don’t forget that you can bake hemp seeds into pretty much anything! The possibilities are endless.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about hemp seeds (if you didn’t already use/love them.) Head over to Manitoba Harvest recipe page for more inspiration! Leave a comment on this blog post below with your favorite way to use hemp seeds! I will choose a winner that will receive a Manitoba Harvest prize pack!

So, my only questions for you today…

  1. How do you use your hemp seeds?

This post is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest! Thank you for helping Simply Taralynn thrive! All opinions are my own!W

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