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Lately, my weekends and my weekdays have been flying by because I’ve been staying super busy. I’m finding it harder to keep up on posts, but I need to make the time. I went through some photos and decided to do a collection of posts all in one. You know those mumble jumbled recaps? Well…here’s another!

The weather was gorgeous yesterday. There was a light breeze, the sun was beaming, and it was only 70 degrees. To me, that’s the perfect dog walking weather. Grumples and I made it four miles before he quit by the pond. Still, four miles for a hairy dog is impressive. The weather felt like fall and it got me excited for the holidays, football, and of course, pumpkin recipes.


After my walk, I came home and had one of my afternoon pick me ups. (my afternoon pick me up post) I don’t know how I’ve lived without these.

After my walk, Emilee and I got ready for the night. We were invited to Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen to take a hands-on cooking class. I had so much fun and learned some new healthy recipes. I’ll be sharing that post tomorrow! If you’re in the Charlotte area, you HAVE to take one of her classes.


(remember the randomness)–Emilee and I got new pillow covers for our sectional! 🙂 We are all about the black and white strips.


Monday night, I hid away and blogged. I like the nights where I do nothing but relax.


And whenever you’re having lazy nights, you have to have lazy dinners to go with. My lazy dinners always consist of eggs. Above I had scrambled eggs with cheese and baked garlic asparagus.


I had to be lazy Monday night because I was still in a food coma from the Italian dinner on Sunday. I’m still thinking about how good those meatballs were…mouth-watering food.


Tuesday, Emilee and I set up taco night for some friends. I’ll post some recipes soon! After taco night, we watched Good Will Hunting.


I also had one of my Starbucks specials recently. The Taralynnscino!


I’m not sure if I’ve shown you guys the new lamps for my end tables yet, but they’re grey! I’ll get a picture. I also completed the painting above my bed! I went with the tree instead of the city. I’m thinking about painting my room next. Maybe grey?

Added a fog look with sparkles so that when I dim the lights, my lamps pick up the sparkles and it resembles a moonshine on the water. Ahhh oh yea! Emilee and I also redid a shelf for our bottles! It’s black and gold (which is the theme we’re doing for our living room) I’ll post that soon!


And I have the best helpers during the day.


Seriously, how cute is Enzo?

Last week Emilee, Samantha and I took a trampoline fitness class. It was so so so much fun and incredibly hard. You burn up to 1000 calories a workout. After our workout, we goofed around a bit…The video is our snapchats.


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