I Made It Home: Hello Iowa!

I can’t express how happy Grumples and I are to be home. Such a long couple of days! We are going to do it all over again next week on our way back. The first thing we did was raid my parents fridge, hopped in the pool and poured a drink! Well the drink first !


As usual, I always do the travel recap. Even if it’s as boring as a 8 hour car ride is supposed to be!

I left my brothers this morning after we had our cups of coffee together. About a couple hours down the road, I stopped to get gas and went into Starbucks to grab my usual hot drink! Tall quad skinny latte !


We drove in and out of rain all day, but I don’t mind that kind of weather during road trips. I hate when it’s too sunny, but hate when it’s snowy or extremely rainy! Overcast days are the best for driving.


I got hungry around noon!


I can’t express how lucky I am to have a brother like mine. Before I left, he handed me a grocery bag. It was filled with goodies and a lunch made by him! How precious is that?


I’ve never been a fan of tuna, but I think my mind has changed after trying my brother’s tuna pita pocket he made me! It was filled with tuna mixed with light mayo, chopped onions, lettuce, grapes, and seasonings. He said he would send me the full recipe, so I could share the exact recipe!


Around two I stopped to get gas and some snacks from the gas station. I didn’t even realize until I took this photo that I bought both Special K products.


I ended up splitting half the bag of cracker chips with Grumps because he was so darn cute and drooling all over my shoulder…But the are super good and have tons of flavors! So happy they have them at the gas station now.


I liked the Special K bar too! This one didn’t get split!


We made it to Iowa around five! I have a lot to get done this weekend, but I still plan on spending as much down time as I can with my family!



  • Annette Augustin

    Hey Tara! I was wondering…do you still drink protein shakes? I haven’t seen any posts about them recently and was just curious because you are the one that got me hooked on them!!

    Reply to Annette Augustin
  • Livi

    Weekends with family are the best! Enjoy!

    Reply to Livi
  • Dana

    That tuna salad sounds so good! My favorite has always been with chopped apples, grated carrots, and poppy seeds. I read it in Seventeen magazine when I was young.

    Reply to Dana
  • Lexie

    Your nails are to die for! I absolutely LOVE that color.
    Glad you & Grumples made a safe trip & I will also be praying for your brother!


    Reply to Lexie
  • Nicole Lynne

    I’m so proud of everything you’ve done and I can say I’ve lost 50 lbs and gained it all back and I’ve never been happier, I’m overweight and it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t ever ever want to put down anything you have accomplished but for anyone who reads this blog that is overweight and has tried to lose weight but maybe you’re not ready or you gain it back it doesn’t matter because you can still love yourself, you can still be the person you want to be, and if anyone tells you otherwise than they can suck it because you are beautiful, you matter.

    I read your blog everyday Taralynn, and you’re an inspiration not because you lost weight but because you have learned to love yourself despite everything that has been thrown at you and I admire you for that.

    Love all the way from Canada ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Nicole Lynne
  • Cindy

    That pita looks AMAZING! And Grumples on your arm!! Heart is in a puddle. He’s the best.

    Reply to Cindy
  • Shannon

    Glad you are home safe and sound. I can’t wait to try out your brothers tuna recipe it sounds great and I don’t like tuna. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Adding your brother to my daily prayers while he is deployed, have you said his name before I would like to have a name but if that isn’t possible I’ll just pray for Tara’s brother.

    Have a great time home

    Reply to Shannon
  • Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    Ahh, Iowa! I love seeing that Burlington sign. That is 20 minutes away from my hometown. Makes me feel at home ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

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