Top Ten Decor Inspiration: Apartment Decor

As you all know, I am moving into a new place! I’m really excited about it. I have been moving around for the past five years and never had the chance to call a place “home.” I am getting all hyped up on decorating! Here are my top ten favorite inspirational decor pics. Please leave a link to yours!

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1. Night Moves: I absolutely love this style of couch.
2. Home Design That:  I’m really big on the rustic coffee tables and accent pillows.

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3. The Inspired Room: I have so many cute coffee and espresso accessories. I may build a rustic coffee bar to go in the corner. I’d love to see your inspiration!
4. The Design Note: I love the cute little colored frame above the coffee tray. I am going to frame one of my drawings in a colored frame above mine!
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5. Daily Dream Decor: Fluffy everything! Not only do I like fluffy white dogs, but I love fluffy white pillows and rugs!
6. Pottery Barn: I’m sure my dog would rob me of this furlicious beanbag, but it’s a must in the bedroom!

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7. The Green Muse: I love love love bedroom chandeliers. I also love this bedspread!:)
8. Moesters: I can’t pick out one thing I don’t like in this bedroom!

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9. Etsy: You can’t work from home and blog without a desk, so I’d have to do something super cute for my work station.
10. Etsy: I actually have almost the exact mirror. When my parents met in Italy, they lived there together for 4 years. They have a lot of Italian furniture and one of them is my gold mirror! I’ll have to incorporate it into the decor! I’m thinking above the bed! I don’t think I’ll ever paint it tho!

Link me to your favorite home decor inspiration or shops! If you want to see more of my style, follow me on Pinterest!


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