Paleo Brownies From Lemons And Basil!

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Today, I am featuring a delicious Paleo brownie recipe from Lemons and Basil! 

“My hope with Lemons and Basil is to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle by sharing flavor-filled recipes, full of nutritious ingredients, whole foods, and lots of organic produce. In general, my husband and I are taking a lot of initiative to live a simple life, limiting some of our animal product consumption and eliminating as much of the processed foods, refined sugar, preservatives, and antibiotics we can – things we were never meant to eat. As we continue to grow in our journey, I hope to in turn inspire you with yours.” -Kaylee, Lemons and Basil

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To kick off the new year, I thought I’d go against the grain and rather than posting a recipe for a quinoa salad, detox smoothie or healthy trail mix, I am breaking all etiquette and posting a recipe for these chocolate, fudgy brownies. Gasp!

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And these are not just any brownie, but rather these Paleo fudge brownies are made with organic sweet potatoes, 73% dark chocolate, honey, coconut oil and coconut flour. So, if I’m going to eat something sweet, let it be these!


These brownies are super moist and the dark chocolate is intense. They are one of those desserts that you bite in to and think, this isn’t the typically brownie, but I like it! It’s texture is bit cake-like.


I came across this recipe from The Iron You back in the summer and have made it three or four times. I’ve played around some with the amount of sweet potato and I think I’ve got it pretty close with this recipe. If you have too much of the sweet potato, they are a bit too moist. Who knew that was possible, right?


Oh, and sorry if you are one of those people who doesn’t like the word moist. Quite honestly, I don’t get the issue, but I’ve met at least two or three people who cringe every time they hear that word.


Anyway, while you are making efforts to get your eating habits back on track after all the holiday celebrations, keep this little recipe tucked away for when you need something sweet but want it to have some health benefits!


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