I haven’t had banana-egg pancakes in SO long! They are perfect for a Saturday morning breakfast and great fuel for my morning run. I know I have a lot of recipes for these on my blog, but here is another to add to the bunch 🙂

Ingredients *1-2 Tbsps. Walnuts, *2 Medium Eggs, *1 Extra Large Banana, Mashed, 2 Tbsps. Dried Cranberries, *1 Tbsp Unsweetened Coconut, *1 Packet Stevia (or 1 tbsp honey)

-Mix all ingredients together.

Grease and heat a skillet on medium-high. Poor 1/4 cup onto the hot skillet and cover. Once the sides start to bubble, flip the pancake and cook. Each side takes about two minutes to cook.

Recipe makes 5, 1/3 cup sized pancakes.

Nutrition Per Pancake: 75 Calories, 10 g Carbs, 4 g Fat, 3 g Protein, 1 g Fiber, 6 g Sugar.

Nutrition Without Coconut, Walnuts, & Cranberry. 

29 Calories, 4 g Carbs, 1 g Fat, 1 g Protein, 0 g Fiber, 2 g Sugar