4 Ingredient Banana Peach Pancakes


Four Ingredient Banana Peach Pancakes With Chia Seeds

I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of these banana-egg pancakes. My mind is still blown over the fact that an egg and a banana can form a perfect pancake. I will probably try every flavor of these for the next twenty years of my life.


A couple days ago, I posted the blueberry flavored pancakes using the banana-egg method. Yesterday I tried it with peaches and Chia seeds. It was another success. The Chia seeds added a great texture and a boost of extra antioxidants, fiber and omega-3.



1 Large Egg
1 Large Banana
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1/4 Cup Diced Peaches (I used frozen peaches, defrosted)


If you like syrup on your pancakes, I used Walden Farms 0 calorie blueberry. It was a nice touch to the peach flavor. I have tried a lot of the Walden Farms products. To be honest, I’ve thrown a lot of them out because of the horrible taste. I was surprised by this product. It was strong with blueberry flavor and tasted pretty good. I’ll definitely add this to my grocery must-haves.

Sometimes it’s hard to find Chia seeds. I found these at Whole Foods Market. They also sell them on Amazon.


After combining the: mashed banana, egg and Chia seeds together, it should look like a poppy seed muffin batter.


-Heat a frying pan to medium heat. Spray with cooking spray.

-Add 1/4 sized cups of batter to pan. Top with 4-5 peach dices.

-Cook each side until golden brown.


I asked my parents to get me the Lauren Conrad book collection for Christmas.  After I finish reading them, I’ll let you know which ones are my favorite. I read a little of L.A. Candy with my breakfast. So far, so good!


As you can see above, these pancakes are the perfect start to a morning. Heck! They would be a perfect start/ending any time of the day.


I’m going to try to make a bunch and freeze them. This might make mornings before the gym easier. I’ll let you know how well they last when frozen.


I couldn’t help but take pictures of my new pillows from my mom. She knows I love Chevron and ANYTHING with color.


Nutrition: Makes 3 Pancakes (1/4 cup of batter each)

70 Calories, 2g Fat, 14g Carbs, 3g Protein, 3g Fiber, 2.4g Sugar


Have you read any of the Lauren Conrad books? Which ones are your favorite? I just finished reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books, now i need a new fix.


If you have any ideas on which flavors I should try next, tweet me! I’d love to know what you have in mind, or have tried.


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  • Cat Risberg

    Hey there Taralyn,

    I have been making the banana pancake recipe for a while now. But my recipe uses two bananas and one egg so they are a bit higher in calories. I will try this 1 banana recipe soon. Sounds and looks just as good as the ones I make with two bananas. I wanted to let you know that the last batch I made was a “comedy of errors” given my weak math skills! LOL I ended up with enough batter that I had WAY more than the 4 pancakes that my two banana recipe usually gives me! I had enough pancakes (mine are about the thickness of crepes) to completely fill a Starfrit Lock & Lock 2.6L/87 oz./2.7QT rectangular container! (if you are not familiar with Starfrit the url is: Best containers ever!). I believe when I counted I had well over 24 pancakes. I layered them (used wax paper in between them) in the container with the lid locked into place, and then put the container in the fridge. There it remained except when I pulled it out to have 2 pancakes each time I wanted them, for two weeks at least. I nuked the last 4 to be sure there was nothing wrong with them as I was thinking they might most likely not be the best at that point. However, the taste was still great and I found that by nuking them for 20 sec I had a tad less moisture in them so they were better with the yogurt and the heated President’s Choice frozen sweet cherries I used to top them with. The entire batch never saw the inside of the freezer and yet they were allas good the at the last as they were at the beginning! Wanted to share my experience with you.

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