Random Weekend Recap: Crafts, Breakfast, Workouts, Football & More

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It’s been a Friday ritual to go to Stacks for breakfast early in the morning and then take a walk around the town of Waxhaw. If I never move, I hope to make this an every Friday ritual forever. I feel like it’s my breakfast spot, like the ones you see in T.V. shows.


I usually order their garden omelet with egg whites, seasonal fruit and whole grain toast.


After walking around the town, we go to Crossroads coffee for iced coffees for the road.


The drive to Waxhaw from my place is gorgeous. I like to take the scenic route.


This is my dream home in the country.


Running the country roads is also one of my favorite things to do.

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I love that a lot of the shops in Waxhaw have store dogs. They’re so well behaved too.

PicMonkey Collage

After breakfast in Waxhaw, Emilee and I went for a run! Some of the trees are changing down here in the South even though it’s still in the 90s.

After our workout, we were burning up so we dove into the pool.


After cleaning off the chlorine and sweat, we decided to finish up some of the home decor crafts.


We were painting wood blocks and this was left in the cardboard. I loved it!


I did some bottles for Emilees room to match her theme.


I started a new piece to add to the other paintings. I’m going to have tons of grey and black trees around the room.


While all of this was gong on, I decided to boil some fall ingredients to make the house smell like Fall. If you haven’t done this, you should! And it’s so much better than the toxic candles.


I also made some more broccoli salad. This stuff is so addicting.


After a workout, I had a strawberry peach protein smoothie! You can find the smoothie recipes here! 

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And I’ve been doing all of this working out and healthy eating so I can enjoy the wings and beer during football games! Woo hoo for Detroits win on Monday night. Let’s hope they can put up today!

photo 1-2

Yesterday, we went out to watch Iowa.


We ordered wings and I ordered a salad while we watched the game.

PicMonkey Collage

After the game, I went out for a seven mile run to make sure I’m keeping up and then came back to watch more football. I like to run Splurts! It’s where you run as fast as you can for one minute every ten minutes during your run.

Today, I’m going to the Lions/Panthers game! WOOHOO.

I’ll update tonight!


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