Easter Lunch: AmberJack Seafood


Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Sunday!

I’m definitely missing my family today, but enjoying the day with friends! We decided to go out for an Easter lunch. We drove about all the way to Gastonia North Carolina to Amberjack Seafood.


They had a giant menu, but a special Easter buffet so we all just had that! To start, I had a fresh salad! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My second plate had all the good stuff! I had macaroni and cheese, a garlic cheese biscuit, mashed potatoes, chicken, and rice. Now that was Easter! The food was great!


I had a fantastic peach cobbler for dessert!


PicMonkey Collage

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter! xo


  • Cindy

    He’s never had a Peep? What?! Is he from America. LOL! 😉 That’s just not right, granted I think they’re totally disgusting, but a childhood without a Peep just isn’t right.

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  • Amara

    happy easter! that peach cobbler looks amazing.
    i am pretty happy with myself today! i ate healthier than i have at the last few holidays so i haven’t felt super guilty about eating some easter candy =]
    however i was a little bummed my fiancé ate all of the peeps! we only had one of those smaller packages, but i wanted one!!! i had a hershey’s marshmallow egg instead, but just not as good =]

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  • Nicole

    This looks delicious! Personally I feel guilty whenever I have commonly referred to “unhealthy food” and tried my best to stay away from it today. How do you allow yourself to enjoy splurges?

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  • Sara @ LovingOnTheRun

    Happy Easter! Looks like you had a fun food filled day – all looks delicious! 🙂

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  • Tracy A

    So weird!!! I was born in Gastonia (live in ATL now):) and used to go there ALL the time when I was little. It used to be called Linebergers Fish Camp. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that pic on your blog today. Too funny. I miss that place!

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  • Leigha @ Minougirl

    Happy Easter, Taralynn! Hope you had a great day!

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