Blue Apron: Good Meals & a Self-Ordered House Arrest

Sometimes, there are weekends when I feel like joining every activity, dining out at new places, and exploring new places. Last weekend was far from one of those. Kyle and I planned on renting a cabin and exploring a new town, but we both were too exhausted to do it. We ended up rescheduling the trip and planted ourselves at home all weekend long. Staying home was by far one of our best decisions.

Another great surprise was forgetting that I ordered a Blue Apron box for the weekend getaway. I was excited to see it sitting on my porch when I came back from my dog walk on Friday afternoon. This saved me a trip to the grocery store and rescued me from thinking about what I’d cook all weekend long. *side note* If you ever plan on going away for the weekend, definitely order a Blue Apron box before you go! All of the food comes in a refrigerated box, which is excellent for a long car ride. The Blue Apron comes with all of the ingredients you need with the exact proportions. You’ll be able to make farm fresh and chef-designed meals while you’re on your getaway! If you plan on going with your family, you could choose their family plan, or stick with the 2-person plan. We plan on doing this when we go! If you’d like to receive $30 off your first Blue Apron, just click here

I love the new menu on Blue Apron. There used to only be six meals to choose from, but now you can select from eight. I like having more options! It’s exciting to check out their menu every week because they are always adding new dishes and every week is different. It forces me to get out of my repetitive dinner routine. I make the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the week (you know what I’m talking about if you read my recap posts.) And it’s OK if you aren’t around to make the Blue Apron meals, you can skip or cancel the service at any time. I usually drop my Blue Apron box off at my parent’s house for them to enjoy when I can’t make them. My parents love the service, and I like treating them to it! The boxes are great gifts.
On Saturday afternoon, Kyle and I made the Chicken & Stewed White Beans with Thyme Breadcrumbs. I liked learning a new way to cook up chicken. This chef-designed recipe was inspired by a slow-cooked bean stew recipes from Southwestern France. It’s fun to make unique recipes from all parts of the world. This meal was so warm and hearty. I enjoyed every bite, and so did Kyle! He isn’t a fan of beans or kale, but his empty plate seemed to say otherwise.

Our next meal, during our cozy weekend in, we had the Salmon & Glazed Carrots with Lemon-Saffron Yogurt Sauce. I especially loved the lemon-saffron yogurt sauce!
If you are a fan of whole food, you’d love Blue Apron. All of the ingredients are fresh and sourced from quality suppliers and artisans. Blue Apron has been working to develop a sustainable food system and use high-quality ingredients! 
The meals are also convenient because you can make them in 40 minutes, and sometimes less! 
The food always turns out so beautiful. I try to make it look like the displayed picture on the Blue Apron card each time. It’s an impressive way to serve the meal 🙂 The reason they named this service “Blue Apron” is because the blue apron is a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking. Chefs around the world wear blue aprons when they are in training. I’ve learned so many cooking techniques and worked with so many new foods the past three years making Blue Apron meals. You almost feel like one of the blue apron chefs in training. 
Our all-time favorite recipe from the weekend was the Stir-Fried Beef & Broccoli. Holy Moly! SO INCREDIBLE! It tasted like Korean barbecue straight from a restaurant. Oh, and the persimmon rice combo? Perfection. I ended up buying four persimmons at the grocery store yesterday. I had no idea they were in season this time of year. You learn a lot using Blue Apron! Our only complaint with this recipe is that we wish we could have it over and over and over again!
The meals are always large portions, so you’re never left hungry after a meal. If anything, you’re full! Each menu is around 500-800 calories, which is perfect! If you’re wondering what I do with the leftover packaging, I rinse off the containers and throw them into my recycling bin. If you don’t live in a recycle-friendly place (use the store locator here), you can return your packaging for free to Blue Apron via USPS. 
I also wanted to share some awesome news! You’ll have to act fast on this one because Thanksgiving is coming up fast! When you select from the menu on the week of 11/20, look out for recipes marked “Thanksgiving Dish!” Blue Apron is offering fuss-free recipes that will help you add more sides to your Thanksgiving table. Some of the meals on the Thanksgiving menu include; butternut squash pasta and roasted fall vegetable and farro salad! How tasty!?

And some more awesome news? Blue Apron is offering $30 off their first Blue Apron order for the first 25 readers! Just click here

Questions for you!

  1. Are you ready for Thanksgiving?
  2. What is the best Blue Apron Meal you’ve ever tried?
  3. Have you tried Blue Apron yet?

This post was sponsored by Blue Apron, but all my opinions are my own! I’ve enjoyed every box for the past three years!


  • Hilary

    Your photography is gorgeous!

    Reply to Hilary
  • Areal

    I’m trying out the Thanksgiving dishes this year!

    Reply to Areal
  • A.

    Where are the plates and linens from?

    Reply to A.
  • Allie

    What a brilliant idea! I have a trip coming up where the Blue Apron box will come in handy. Have you ever been to Tennessee?

    Reply to Allie
  • Linsey

    Do they use the oven ever?

    Reply to Linsey
  • Anonymous

    Thank you for recycling!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Elizabeth

    That is a lot of food! When we tried Hello Fresh, we were left hungry.

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Mary

    I think my parents would like this! How do you send it to them?

    Reply to Mary
  • D

    I love the idea of taking Blue Apron on trips! You should do a Blue Apron travel series!

    Reply to D
  • Lynn

    What type of plates are those?

    Reply to Lynn
  • Amina

    So ready for thanksgiving! I have all my ingredients & cant wait to cook everything & spend time with my family.

    Best Blue Apron Meal? That’s a tough one. Spiced beef pitas with garlic labneh and arugula & date salad. I never liked arugula until Blue Apron & now I love it!

    Yes I have! & I blame my addiction all on you! So delicious. I like to order one right after returning from vacation, so I don’t have to worry about what to cook for the week!

    Reply to Amina
  • Amber

    I will try it! My brother uses Blue Apron and enjoys it.

    Reply to Amber
  • Susie @ Mile High Dreamers

    Ahhhh taking your box on a trip is SUCH a good idea! Especially with snowboarding season upon us. This is the PERFECT idea to bring along up to the mountains for a weekend so we’re not spending tons of money eating out every night (cuz let’s be honest, those mountain towns KILL you on food prices!).

    Ben and I haven’t tried Blue Apron to our OWN house yet, but my parents are big fans, so I did many a taste testing when I lived there during grad school. Such yummy meals! Plus I’m such a sucker for making it look like the photos haha. Plating is (almost) everything!

    I think we’re going to have to give it a shot with our first riding weekend on the books :).

    Reply to Susie @ Mile High Dreamers
    • Taralynn McNitt

      YES! & you guys do the coolest things!!! Blue apron and cozy snow weekends? perfection if you ask me!

      Plating is everything and Blue Apron helps! 🙂

      I hope you send me pics of your meals!! xo xo have a great weekend!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Desire Scott

    Blue Apron is my favorite. The Asian lettuce wraps were me and my husband’s favorite meal so far. I wish I wouldn’t have skipped this week’s box!

    Reply to Desire Scott
  • nicole @ bento momentos

    Awesome pictures! I haven’t tried them yet but my fiance’s family loved a different prepare-yourself meal service. It got his dad to start cooking independently. 🙂

    Reply to nicole @ bento momentos
  • Mindy

    Taking blue apron on a trip is GENIUS! I’ll be doing that next time I travel for sure.

    Reply to Mindy
  • Rachel

    I’ve had such a busy month that I’ve been skipping all of my Blue Apron orders! I’m moving in a week and I can’t wait to settle in so I can start back up. Those pictures are making my mouth water!

    Have you tried any of the other ones of these services? I’ve been thinking of trying one that’s geared towards healthy eating, but Blue Apron is just so delicious, I don’t know if I can give it up!

    Reply to Rachel
  • Krista

    I haven’t tried Blue Apron, but it looks good! I’m so ready for Thanksgiving for the break right now– I haven’t taken time off in MONTHS because I just didn’t have anyone to really cover me, but now I do, so I’m taking the holiday and the week after off!! So excited to spend the time deep-cleaning my house, working on projects, and trying on wedding dresses! 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Reply to Krista
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hi, Krista!

      Blue Apron is so good and perfect for the busy months. Good for you for taking time off!!!! Happy for you!! Have a great time trying on wedding dresses!:)

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Good meals for sure! Good to see you nourishing yourself! ❤

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Shannen

    This looks amazing! (Every Blue Apron recipe you’ve you made looks amazing!) I still haven’t had the chance to try Blue Apron yet, but you definitely make me want to!
    I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Where did this year go?!

    Reply to Shannen
    • Linda @ The Fitty

      How many meals have you tried with Blue Apron? And Tara, do you feature one every month with every complimentary box you get?

      Us Canadians have had our Thanksgiving in October already–so my American friends–enjoy!

      Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s so so so worth it!!!!! And it saves you so much money!

      I have no idea! Kyle and I were just talking about that yesterday!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • De lune et d étoiles

    Magnifique post tara 😊

    Reply to De lune et d étoiles

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