Mother’s Day Weekend + Off to Hawaii!


I am a bit jetlagged, but I think I’ll be fine adjusting, especially with the help of this incredible Kona coffee I have been drowning myself in. Today has already been so much fun & I’ll be in Hawaii for nine more days! ๐Ÿ™‚ Before I get sucked into this island life, I wanted to do a quick recap post!

It feels so good to be sitting outside in this Hawaiian breeze blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ Now this is the life! This week was very calm and low-key, so my post is just filled with eats and little random outings.

So let’s start with last Wednesday. That’s where we left off last! I put off organizing my closet for another hour. Taking all the winter clothes out and putting the summer ones in sounded like a nightmare, so I piddled. I started watering the flowers, vacuuming the upstairs, emptying all the trash cans, andย made an omelet. The omelet was AMAZINGย and much better than closet organizing. It had six egg whites, one cup of cooked kale, goat cheese, and seasonings. I also had watermelon on the side.ย 
Three hours and multiple playlists later, I was done. It feels so good to have all of my fitness clothes in one place, my casual/basic shirts in one area, everything organized in sections, and all the winter clothes out! I also did another closet cleanse and got rid of a few things. I will do a closet post soon!

Later that evening, I headed to Meighan’s to sit outside and chat while she crafted. I picked up kombucha, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit. It was such a gorgeous night, and we wanted any excuse to be outside.

On Thursday afternoon, I met up with Becca on her lunch hour. We headed to Panera to chat and grab a bite to eat. I ordered their Fuji Apple Chicken salad with feta cheese, avocado, hard boiled egg, kale, tomato, and cucumber added. I also had a cup of chicken soup and unsweetened hibiscus ginger tea.

Kyle and I made a chicken stir-fry for dinner on Thursday night, and it was the best we’ve ever made! I’ll add that recipe soon. Snow peas are EVERYTHING in a stir fry. I want to make this again ASAP.
On Friday afternoon, I headed to boot camp with Meighan. It was extremely tough, and I am STILL sore from it. My ribs are on fire, and I felt like I was half-dead for 45 minutes. I was sore from barre, so this just added to the painful madness. After class, I headed to get my brows threaded (the most painful pain that’s totally worth it) and grab a quick snack at the Fresh Market. I downed a container of pineapple, unsweetened green tea, and macadamia nuts.ย 
Becca and I headed to the Southpark mall on Friday night to shop around and walk. I found the perfect dress for Hawaii ๐Ÿ™‚

After our mall adventure, Kyle and I went on a double date.

We split a sushi platter. It had spicy tuna roll, the bagel roll, the orange roll, and the dragon roll. So good and I tried Saki for the first time. It was not what I expected, and I actually liked it.

Saturday was all about errands and getting things done around my place before heading to Hawaii. I spent the morning power cleaning and doing laundry while Kyle went to the gym.

I had Panera for lunch because I had been craving that salad since Thursday.

Ingredients for a Mother’s day parfait bar and snacks for our Saturday night shows! If you haven’t tried the jalapeno hummus yet, do it!

We got sucked into this funnel cake kit while we were out shopping (such kids.) We didn’t think it would turn out, but holy moly! THEY WERE SO GOOD. We used olive oil and cut it up into little pieces to add to our ice cream. They tasted just like the fair funnel cakes.

I also tried these two new flavors of Halo Top to go with my funnel cake. They were amazing, and I can’t wait to eat them when I get back! Halo top is just pure magic. This was the perfect little treat to end Saturday night!
We all headed to my parent’s house early Sunday morning for Mother’s day!ย 
Moms deserve to be spoiled!ย 
Instead of making eggs and bacon like usual, I made a little parfait bar. It had vanilla Greek yogurt, banana, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, granola, and raspberries! It was so delicious.
I also picked up these little carrot cake cookies because they’re my dad’s favorite.ย 
When I got back home, I packed everything for Hawaii! I had Kyle help me eliminate half of the items so I could fit it all into one carry-on bag. He’s so good at packing and minimizing. Thank goodness my closet was organized because that made packing so much easier.ย 
We headed back uptown when I was done packing. We stopped at the grocery store to get ingredients for wings and homemade marinades.

Jalapeno Garlic: Roasted garlic, olive oil, chives, roasted jalapenos, salt, pepper, garlic powder, honey, onion powder, black pepper, and soy sauce.

Honey Garlic: Honey, roasted garlic, olive oil, soy sauce, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and chives.

We mixed all the ingredients together in the blender and marinated the wings for several hours. After cooking, we added leftover marinade to the top.

Kyle and I wanted to get out of the house for a bit because it was beautiful out, so we went on a three-mile walk uptown.

I fell asleep at 9 pm on Sunday night. I was so tired.ย 
Traveling to Hawaii wasย definitely an event (if any of you follow me on Snapchat, you know why.) I had to fly from Charlotte to Atlanta, Atlanta to Los Angeles, and Los Angeles to Kona. And there were some pretty crazy events in between.

After getting settled in, I had a mid-morning snack. I love the white chocolate raspberry Quest protein bars. It’s one of my favorite flavors.

Next stop was L.A. and it was going to be a five hour one! I picked up a nut mix and water.
It was such a long flight to L.A., but I was excited to be closer to Hawaii. I only had one flight left after this!

They are doing a lot of construction at LAX, so it was super confusing. My next flight was in Terminal 2. I followed the signs to Terminal 2 until they disappeared. Huh? I asked a captain if he was familiar with the airport and he said “yes! Follow me”, and so I did. He then realized that they were doing construction and I’d have to go through a parking garage and back to security check if I were to go that way, so I turned around and ran ten minutes back the other way.

I found a map to look at, but terminal two was scratched out. WHAT?? I noticed another confused man staring at the sign too, and he asked me if I knew where the terminal 2 was. It turns out we were on the same flight and needed to catch our plane before it took off in twenty minutes. We asked one airport employee where to go, and they led us downstairs, but there was no terminal 2 without exiting the airport. We asked another, and he said we had to go back upstairs, and so we did that. FINALLY, we saw a shuttle bus hiding near a terminal gate with a little sign that said “terminal 2”, so we hopped on and rode all the way around the airport to terminal 2!

We made it with five minutes left to spare! It felt like we were in the airport version of Amazing Race. I was so happy that I had time to grab a sandwich because it was 8 pm Charlotte time, and I was so hungry!
I was so excited to be on the plane to Hawaii! It was a long day and I just wanted to get some sleep! I wasn’t going to land until 2:30 am Charlotte time.

I had NEVER been so happy to land in my entire life! <3 I went straight to bed, but woke up 4 am Hawaii time!

I can’t wait to share the fun Hawaiian adventures with you all!

Questions for you!

  1. Whats the craziest thing you’ve experienced on a plane?
  2. Favorite fair food?
  3. Have you ever been to Hawaii?


  • Jacquelyn Hogan

    Hi! I enjoy reading your blog! Sorry if you have answered this before…what brand harness is that you have for Leo and Grumples? I have a 6 month old Golden Retriever and have found the harness with the leash that hooks on the chest works great. The harnesses you have look a lot more comfortable for them than what I currently use. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Jacquelyn Hogan
  • Amber

    Ok, where did you get that incredibly pretty colored bag!???


    Reply to Amber
  • shanna

    I have a huge closet like yours and was looking at your pic and had some questions. do you have a dresser, or keep all your clothes in the closet? were do you keep your underthings, socks, etc? where did you get those hanging shelf things? I was thinking if I got some of those shelves I could get rid of my dresser – aside from my unmentionables. hahaha.

    1. I don’t think I’ve experienced anything crazy on a flight. I haven’t been on too many. I did learn my boss is a pro at sleeping on a flight. he stays completely upright, never slumps over nor does his head fall all over the place. what?! I’m insanely jealous and too paranoid to sleep on a plane. I know i’ll drool on the passenger next to me.

    2. I haven’t been to the fair in about 20 years.

    3. after my two previous questions you’re going to be shocked! no, I’ve never been to Hawaii. I swear I’m not as sheltered as I appear in this blog reply.

    Reply to shanna
  • Jordan

    Craziest airport story for me is that while we were heading back from Texas to visit my grandparents, my brother and I missed our connecting flight due to fog (we were still in the air circling to land when the other plane took off…) We ending up waiting in the Houston airport for like 10 hours for another flight that had two available seats. We weren’t out of high school yet, so we saw it as an adventure! We kept ourselves entertained by people watching! But I could definitely see how as an adult it would be a headache and a half!

    I haven’t had fair food in a while, but I would have to say funnel cake or frozen cheesecake on a stick would have to be my fav.

    I have never been to Hawaii but have always wanted to go. Hope you are enjoying your visit! Can’t wait to read more about your experience!

    Reply to Jordan
    • Taralynn McNitt

      At least you had your brother with you!!! That is crazy though and a bit frustrating for sure!

      They had fried cheesecake one year in Iowa lol

      It’s so fun! Should definitely add it to your list!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Tonya

    I live on Oahu! I just love the island life! Have fun here! Aloha!

    Reply to Tonya
  • Kristin

    Holy cow that’s a long day of travel! Enjoy Hawaii!!

    Reply to Kristin
  • Jennifer

    Luckily I haven’t experienced anything too crazy on a plane… I’m usually only on them about once a year, twice if I’m lucky! So I don’t feel like I fly enough to have too many eventful things happen. My dad travels often for work though and he definitely has some stories!

    Fair food… well I’m going to have to go with Sweet Martha’s Cookies! You can buy a bucket of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, then walk over to the dairy barns and grab cold milk… it’s the best!

    I have not… but I would LOVE to go!

    I’m so glad you’re taking this super long trip for yourself… you deserve it!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Lindsey

    Craziest thing I experienced on a plane was a dude next to me getting suppppper drunk and deciding to try and caress me… Let’s just say the airline comped my ticket after that….

    Favorite fair food is korn fritters with honey butter. Mmmmmmmmm

    I’ve been to Hawaii twice, both times to Oahu. It’s a nice non-stop flight from Alaska :)We stayed at a house on North Shore, and had a visit from a cane spider, which is the size of a tarantula. We don’t have big bugs in Alaska, so that was interesting ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have fun in Hawaii!!!!

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Emily

    Have the best time on island time! I have been to Hawaii and it is really a thing! ? I spent a little over a week in Kauai visiting family and it’s was the most beautiful place I have ever been! If you head to Kauai visit the healthy hut, my uncle Scott ownes it and they have so many cool health foods and acรกi bowls! ?โ˜€๏ธ?

    Reply to Emily
  • Anna

    Your mom looks 30!

    Reply to Anna
  • Macy

    I just love your blogs!

    Reply to Macy
  • Jen

    Have an AMAZING time in Hawaii! ??โ˜€๏ธLove that dress!! Where did you get your colorful carry-on bag?! I absolutely love it! ?My Husband and I were running late to the airport once. We had 5 minutes left before they stopped allowing people in. We barely made it! ??The struggle is real!! ?โœˆ๏ธ

    Reply to Jen
  • Carly

    Your closet looks awesome! Switching seasons in my closet always makes me more excited for the upcoming season no matter what it is! And I always stumble upon long lost clothes I forgot about!

    I can’t wait for your stir-fry recipe! It looks delicious and stir-fry is one of my go to favorites!

    I love your parfait bar idea for mothers day breakfast! My mom never really likes big breakfasts, so I’m stealing your idea next year!

    So glad to see you made it and are enjoying Hawaii… can’t wait to read all about it! Also your new Hawaii dress looks awesome on you and is perfect for the occasion! I’ve been to Hawaii a couple times when I was younger and loved it every time! I was all about the beach, jungle/volcano hikes, and shaved ice in every flavor!

    Reply to Carly
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks Carly!!!

      Oh, I totally agree! So much excitement.

      I love love love stir fry. So many protein and veggies.

      You can do the parfait bar any time of the year and I love it!

      Thanks for the kind words!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Hannah Lee

    1) Iโ€™ve had two terrible airport experiences! The first was also at LAX due to construction. Our connecting flight was late, so we had 10 minutes to RUN through the airport to our next terminal. We of course got lost and they said they gave our seats away to someone else! The second was in Charlotte. I checked my luggage in, and went on one of the smaller planes. There wasnโ€™t an open terminal for us, so we just landed on the tarmac and they let us off. I didnโ€™t realize that you had to grab your own bag off the plane when it lands on the tarmac. So they reported my pink Vera Bradly luggage as โ€œsuspicious and abandoned.โ€ So I had to go through an extra security where they searched every inch of my luggage and me. Thank god I had a three hour layover anyways.
    2) Hands down funnel cake! And now Iโ€™m dying to try it with halo top too! I like to put a scoop of halo top on my protein waffles!!!
    3) Iโ€™ve never been, but itโ€™s definitely on my list of places! It looks gorgeous!!

    Have a blast! Canโ€™t wait to see pictures!!!

    Reply to Hannah Lee
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Hannah!

      Lol kind of funny they marked that bag as suspicious! haha Not funny at the time, but probably laughable now.

      Totally try it! That kit is on amazon. I added the link!


      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Rachel @ Better LIVIN

    I love Hawaii so much but haven’t been able to afford a trip. Please post lots so I can live vicariously through you!

    Reply to Rachel @ Better LIVIN
  • Harriet

    Seams like a crazy travel schedule, but Hawaii would be worth it. It’s definitely on my must visit list. Hope you have an amazing time!.
    A couple of years ago I was in Sydney airport, checking in for my flight to Adelaide when I was told I had missed my flight by 2 hours, completely stressed me out as my ticked said 2pm flight, I was about to buy a another ticked when the lady realised she had read my flight number wrong and I had 10 minutes to board the plane at the other end of the extremely large airport.
    My favourite fair food would have to be chilli and lime kebabs.
    Have a great holiday!

    Reply to Harriet
  • Amina

    Whats the craziest thing youโ€™ve experienced on a plane?
    I hate flying but nothing too exciting. I’m a pro at this point, been flying alone since I was 12 or 13.

    Favorite fair food?
    Funnel cake, kettle corn or corn dogs!

    Have you ever been to Hawaii?
    No! But after seeing pictures it’s on my bucket list.
    Currently planning an Italy trip for 2019! And I have Turks & Caicos booked for December!!

    Reply to Amina
  • Tamara

    I was just in LA for work and LAX was nuts. Glad you made your flight! Have a great time in Hawaii!

    Reply to Tamara
  • Nicole

    Whats the craziest thing youโ€™ve experienced on a plane?
    I saw a European lady become hostile with the stewardesses. The were seconds from calling the captain.

    Favorite fair food?
    Corndogs, hands down. Funnel cakes are a close 2nd.

    Have you ever been to Hawaii?
    That flight thing from above happened on our trip to Maui. We only stayed 4 days and if I could live there, I would.

    Hope you have an awesome trip, don’t see how you couldn’t!!

    Reply to Nicole
  • Lindsey

    Have fun in Hawaii!! LUCKY

    Reply to Lindsey
  • Lacy

    Why did you not go to Hawaii with Kyle. Did you break up?

    Reply to Lacy
    • Taralynn McNitt


      No. Kyle is working and traveling for work as well and I had this trip planned for awhile. It’s ok to travel alone when you’re in relationships. We love each other, but we are not glued to the hip every second. It’s important to learn to do things separately.

      Kyle and I will make a trip to Hawaii together one day.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Joanne @

    Once when I was on a plane (in Charlotte, actually ๐Ÿ˜‰ my flight got delayed 3 hours because they had police pull two people off the plane, apparently take them away for questioning, and then put them back on the plane. By that time, the flight crew had run out of hours and they needed to get a new crew to finish the flight. We didn’t end up taking off until 2 am! I still don’t know why they took these people off the plane :/

    I don’t go to a lot of fairs, but I think I typically just get BBQ when I go.

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I so want to go! I’ve been craving vacation in a BIG way lately and may have spent large chunks of the last two days looking up beach vacation deals. Ooops!

    Reply to Joanne @
  • Linda @ the Fitty

    Craziest thing? I asked for so much butter the flight attendant looked at me like I was crazy.

    Looking back, I was a tad bit addicted!

    Reply to Linda @ the Fitty
  • Olive

    I live in Hawaii! Be sure to try a poke bowl if you like sushi.

    Reply to Olive
  • Meghan

    Your mother’s day set up looks so yummy! Great idea! My flights themselves have all been uneventful, but I’ve only ever flown with my parents and my dad is the typical ‘dad in an airport’ where we are literally sprinting to our next gate even though we have like 3 hours in between flights, and we have to arrive at the airport soooo early ‘to make sure we get all checked in’ haha. I’ve been to Hawaii twice, my favorite island is Maui. We stayed on Ka’anapali (sp?) beach and it was so nice. So jealous of the kona coffee, it’s so good! My favorite fair food is a corn dog with mustard or a walking taco. Have a fun trip!!

    Reply to Meghan
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Meghan!

      ohhhh love corndogs and mustard!!!:) I haven’t had a walking taco since living in Iowa! They don’t know what they are here!

      I can’t wait to visit Maui one day!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Jordan

    What are you planning on doing in Hawaii? I have always wanted to go.

    Reply to Jordan
  • Jessica

    Can’t wait to see your Hawaii photography!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Jacky

    I went to Hawaii last month! I took my young daughter there, and it was just the two of us, and we had such a fantastic time. Your flights going there sounded like mine on the way back… I live in Ontario, Canada, and we had to fly from Honolulu to LA, LA to Minneapolis, and the Minneapolis to Toronto, then another short flight to our city in Ontario. It took 20 hours to get home. We had some issues in LA too, when our plane had landed the pilot had difficulty locating our gate, and we were on the plane circling the airport for about 45 minutes. Now I think it may have had something to do with the airport construction.
    Have a fabulous time in Hawaii!! I already want to go back!

    Reply to Jacky
  • Holly

    Sounds like a fun trip! Who are you traveling with?

    Reply to Holly
  • Steph

    We were in Kona this time last year and it’s incredible! Have a great trip! Can’t wait to read the recap.

    Reply to Steph
  • Brenda

    I’m going to be at LAX for a connecting flight from Hawaii next month. Thanks for the heads up in case I have to find terminal 2. So glad everything worked out for you!

    Reply to Brenda
  • Leslie

    Can’t wait to see your pics!

    Reply to Leslie
  • Lisa

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress. So perfect for Hawaii.

    1. I don’t think I’ve really had any crazy experiences on a plane. Thank god.
    2. Hmm, I haven’t been to a fair in forever. I’m lame and usually just try to find french fries or something.
    3. Yes! My now-husband was stationed there when we were dating so I’ve been there a few times. I spent most of my time on Oahu but we took one trip to the Big Island too. I’m sure someone has already told you this but make sure to hit up Tex’s for malasadas while you’re there. SOOOO good. And of course make a trip to Volcanoes National Park. The Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden is really pretty too.

    Reply to Lisa
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks, Lisa!

      That’s not lame. I had salad on a stick last time I went….

      My dad was stationed in Oahu and thats where we lived as kids!

      We have that on the list!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Emily B

    Craziest plane experience was When I was on my way home from a trip to Norway with my dad, our flight had to make an emergency landing in Iceland because a guy on our plane was having a heart attack. When they announced the landing, the stewardess was by us and said “oh great, the last time this happened we were there for 25 hours!” Seriously?! Who says that in front of passengers?! Well we were only there for 2 hours but the guy’s luggage had to come off the plane and of course it was in the last compartment and then the compartment door got stuck and it took a while to get that fixed. We finally got back in the air and when we landed in Minneapolis we had an hour to get through customs and get to our next gate for Fargo ND. We literally sprinted through the airport and made it with 15 minutes to spare. It was insane.

    Reply to Emily B
    • Taralynn McNitt

      That is SO SAD ๐Ÿ™ I agree, could be a little more compassionate.

      Crazy you made it!! Makes other flights seem simple!

      My flight was delayed when I went to Paris and I had ten minutes to catch my plane. My luggage didn’t make it though ๐Ÿ™

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelly

    Wow my heart was racing for you as I read about your airport expierence. I have had my fair share of airport running, but fortunatley nothing too weird.
    I LOVE FUNNLE CAKES OMG. I want one now that I saw your pictures. yummy!
    I have never been to Hawaii.. I would really love to go though! I can’t wait to read more about your trip! Have fun!

    Reply to Kelly
  • Ashton Jury

    I once had a guy try to open the emergency door on a plane… thank god we had a few police officers on the flight and we didn’t have to go back to Orange County. It was a quick 45 minute flight from OC to Vegas.. but still scary. I love all fair food, so there is no way I can pick just one, but last time I had chocolate covered bacon and that was AMAZING!
    As for Hawaii, I have been to both Oahu and Maui. Which island are you on? I loved Maui! I can’t wait to go back, but I think our next trip is a family one to Oahu again, my husband really wants to go to Kauai because that is where a lot of Jurassic Park was filmed (He’s a huge nerd, that works in film) I want to go because there is a really good juice place on the island.

    Reply to Ashton Jury
    • Taralynn McNitt

      OMG THAT IS TERRYIFING!!! What was he doing?!!?!

      The lady on my plane smoked an e-cigarette in the bathroom! The FBI showed up at the gate lol

      I am on the big island. LOVE Oahu as I lived there as a kid! Kyle and I will visit Maui togetheR!

      They are actually casting for the next Jurassic park on the island right now lol

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kelli

    Well, funny you should post that question about crazies thing on a plane…because my trip to Hawaii sounds JUST LIKE YOURS in terms of airport chaos! My husband I were literally sprinting around airports left and right to be sure we made our next connecting flights!
    I already partially answered this, but yes! I’ve been to Hawaii. My husband and I had our honeymoon on Maui and it was THE BEST VACATION EVER! We went in January and it was peak whale season, so they weather was consistently sunny, around 86 degrees and whales were everywhere. That was the first time I ever tried paddle boarding and now here I am 1.5 years later a paddle board addict! Not sure where in Hawaii you are, but if your on Maui (or plan on going there during your trip) here are some things I think you should check out:
    -Pineapple dole whip
    -Mai Tai’s! We had so many in so many different places and they were all amazing…careful though, they sneak up on you!
    – Paddle Boarding & Snorkeling = AMAZING
    – Cliff diving at Black Rock Beach
    – Road to Hana

    I hope you have an amazing time, nothing like those island vibes…

    Reply to Kelli
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Thanks so much for all the recommendations! Kyle and I are going to go to Maui together soon! I am on the Big Island. I was going to island hop, but I think that’s something we want to do together, so i’ll keep your list!!!!!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Chase

    I really love that blue dress on you.

    Reply to Chase
  • Kayla

    The craziest thing I’ve experienced on a plane was while I was traveling for Alternative Spring Break so a group of us were playing this funny icebreaker game on the plane and a bunch of other people on the plane joined in the fun! It was one of those games you had to talk without showing your teeth or smiling but you had to get everyone else to show their teeth or smile in order to win.
    I have not been to Hawaii buttttt my brother just joined the army and is currently stationed out there so I fully plan on visiting every chance I get! He just asked me to fly out there to do a Spartan Race with him next year sooooo time to start training for that! Enjoy Hawaii!

    Reply to Kayla
  • jordan @ dancing for donuts

    um your closet looks AMAZING. i seriously need to have a reorganization sesh. and love that new dress for hawaii!!!! i’m sorry you had to deal with the chaos at LAX, they’re making a ton of new changes and it’s such a mess. hoping it’s done soon! have a blast in hawaii – it’s my favorite place ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to jordan @ dancing for donuts
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Ahhh the chaos at LAX wasn’t bad at all compared the person next to me on the plane drinking 11 bud lights was the REAL HEADACHE!!! OMG lol

      Hawaii is amazing!!:)

      Feels so good to have that closet done!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Mechela

    Once when I was flying back to England, they kicked me and several others off because of overbooking. I was super angry but one of the people kicked off was on business from Ireland and her company set us up for the night and got all of our flights upgraded to 1st class for the next morning. So it turned out great despite getting back a whole day later. ?

    We were stationed in Hawaii when my mom was in the air force.

    Reply to Mechela
  • Shannen

    That is a crazy travel day! I’ve never had that crazy of a trip. One time though, after we were all on board ready to leave, he found a hole in one of the wings so we had to get off and catch a flight the next day. ?
    I’m with you on funnel cakes! One of the best snacks ever!
    And I’ve never been to Hawaii but it’s definitely on my bucket list!

    Reply to Shannen
    • Taralynn McNitt

      What the heck!?!!? How does one have a hole in the wing?! Thats crazy!!!!!

      Love funnel cakes ๐Ÿ™‚ Those mixes are dangerous.

      GO GO GO! Amazing.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Juliette | Namastay Traveling

    So excited to hear about your Hawaiian adventures! This is the number one place in the U.S. on my bucket list, it looks amazing! Luckily most of my flights have been uneventful, knock on wood. at least you got an amazing picture of your flight over the mountains! Okay, last thought..There’s oatmeal cookie halo top? NEED.

    Reply to Juliette | Namastay Traveling
  • Rosanne

    Yes, to the island of Oahu for ten days. Hoping to go back for our 10th anniversary, but we have three pups, so not sure if we will do it?

    Reply to Rosanne
  • Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Look at the Mother’s Day spread! It looks amazing!! As does the photo you took on the plane, of the skies. So beautiful.

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Reply to Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog
  • Katie

    So amazing! That jet lag is TOUGH! What brings you to Hawaii? I went once about 10 years ago and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t love the main island (Oahu) wish I had time to check out the other islands.

    Oh, and favorite fair food. CORN DOG!

    Can’t wait to follow your adventures here!
    Katie @ Katie Wanders

    Reply to Katie
  • Anonymous

    Who are you with in Hawaii?

    Reply to Anonymous

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