Fall Cleaning + $75 Giveaway

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re all having a great week! As you all know, we have added to the family! There is a new four-legged friend running around. He’s seriously the sweetest and cutest little thing, but he’s super talented when it comes toย creating messes and having accidents. Gotta love those puppies! ๐Ÿ˜‰ When Endust reached out to me to try their silicone-free dusting & cleaning spray I said “YES” with no hesitations. Endust and I are also teaming up for a giveaway! One of you will receive a package of Endust products and a $75 Visa gift card! So exciting:)The Endust products are perfect for creating a clean and healthy home. The silicone-free dusting and cleaning spray helps keep allergens and dust out of your space! The cooler months bring enough germs and sickness, so youย don’t need any unnecessary dustย or allergens around! If I were you, I’d be taking my Endust to the office or school!

The cleaning spray is perfect for this time of year. Keeping the floors clean is so hard because of everything we track in with our shoes, or what the dogs track in with their paws. The oil based cleaner is great for fingerprints, footprints, smudges, residue and other oil based stains that seem impossible to wipe up.ย ย ย The Endust multi-surface lemon spray is incredible and it smells like heaven. It works great on almost all finished surfaces like wood, vinyl, marble, leather, stainless steel and more! ย I cleaned the leather couches, cabinets, countertops, window sills, walls, wood blinds and crown molding with the multi-surface Endust and it worked great! I’m excited to try the multi-surface in the car! You can find the multi-surface Endust product at most grocery stores or Walmarts.

The wood floor cleaner is basically my lifesaver right now. I spent yesterday afternoon sweeping and cleaning the floors with the Endust wood floor cleaner. It’s SUPER shiny, but not slippery. This is so necessary with all the puppy paw prints on the floors.ย Cleaning the kitchen was my favorite part.ย Endustย is made of a silicone-free formula that leaves a natural shine without any residue or build-up.ย I did a power clean last nightย with the Endust products and it was super therapeutic. Call me weird, but I love cleaning. This is going to sound so pathetic, but my boyfriend and I love going on cleaning product shopping binges.oneMy boyfriend does a big cook Thursday. He makes all of his meals for the week and it’s a lot! We used some of the Endust products to clean up the aftermath and it worked perfectly.ย tw0ย CHECK OUT THAT CLEAN STOVE! We used it on the dishwasher, microwave, fridgeย and sink too! I was very impressed with the results and really loved the scent. Nothing better than a lemony fresh finish:)
Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win an Endust product package + $75 Visa Gift Card!


  1. Comment below on how you plan to use Endust in your home
  2. Like/Follow Endust on Facebook
  3. At least 18 years of age at time of entry
  4. One entry per person
  5. Contest is void in Puerto Rico, all jurisdictions outside of the United States and wherever prohibited.
  6. All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.
This post was sponsored by Endust & ALL opinions are my own!


  • Leo

    I love love love love love this!

    Reply to Leo
  • Jennifer

    Clean all the things!! I need something to keep all the furniture dust free for longer. My daughter is pulling up on everything… and then putting her mouth on it.

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Alison Williams

    For my 45 year old wood floors!!! Also my stainless steel oven. ( I have a lab and 2 pugs in my home… so for that too. *wink*)

    Reply to Alison Williams
  • Vera K

    I would start by using Endust on the mantle and the end tables in the living room. Somehow dust loves them….

    Reply to Vera K
  • Kristin

    I would love to try the stainless steel cleaner in my kitchen!

    Reply to Kristin
  • Vunda V

    im going to need all the cleaning help I can get before the holidays approach!! I like Endust on FB

    Reply to Vunda V
  • Michelle J.

    I’d use Endust in our study. It could use some help!

    Reply to Michelle J.
  • Kassandra

    After adopting a new dog and moving into a new apartment all in the same week, I have been looking for a new cleaning product to share with my social media followers & co-workers (I work at Cartoon Network).

    I have seen Endust around but haven’t had a chance to try it out. Here’s to hoping!

    Reply to Kassandra
  • Amanda Schlumpf

    Perfect time for a good Fall cleaning! I would Endust on everything especially my kitchen and bathrooms because those are usually the messes places in my house. I have been on the hunt for new and different cleaning products that work. I know I would love them!!

    Reply to Amanda Schlumpf
  • Cindy Stacey

    We love the Endust products!! I have tried most of them and they all work so well!

    I use the Endust stainless steel cleaner for my kitchen sink, all my faucets, stainless steel frig, crockpot exterior and other decor around my home.

    I love the Endust Multi-Use for mirrors, exterior of washer, dryer and other appliances. We use it also for cleaning and dusting wood along with glass items – as light figures, picture frames, glass and wood cabinet doors, lamps, telephones, light switches, baseboards, blinds, window seals – the list goes on and on.

    Note: I do think that many do not realize that this is a “Multi-Purpose Cleaner” because it is in a yellow can like most of the wooden cleaners/dusting cans.

    The fact that Endust carries a Multi-Use hypo-allergenic and also fragrance-free cleaner is awesome since I have a grandson that is asthmatic. I use this mostly in the areas where my grandson will be spending the most time – sometimes all over the house even. Multi-Use Cleaners are my favorite!!!!

    I also use the Endust Wood Floor Cleaners on my wood floors since that is mostly what I have in my house. Endust Wood Floor Cleaner works really well and makes my wooden floors shine even hiding scratches.

    Endust Products are my favorite products which we do enjoy using all over our home. Thank you Endust!!!

    Reply to Cindy Stacey
  • Rebecca Moriarty

    Would love to used this to clean up after our newly adopted rescue dog! Also my stove/micro are always a mess from my attempts to be a chef!

    Reply to Rebecca Moriarty
  • Tara Turney

    We’re getting ready to move, so I have two homes to clean! I’d love to try all of the Endust products!

    P.S. Love your name! My middle name is Lynn. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Reply to Tara Turney
  • Shannon

    Definitely on the many, many shelves in our home!

    Reply to Shannon
  • Allison Lancaster

    I would use the Endust products to clean my kitchen sink, counters, appliances, etc! Definitely going to try these Endust products, I need all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning! I enjoyed your before and after pics!

    Reply to Allison Lancaster
  • Elisabeth

    I would definitely use Endust on our stove like you did! I’m following them on Facebook as well!

    Reply to Elisabeth
  • Stephanie

    With four kids, two dogs and a cat we could really use those products to help keep the finger prints off the stainless steel appliances, the wood floors clean of dirty foot and paw prints and just an overall house dusting to get rid of dust and pet hair. Nice to know Endust has product for all of our cleaning needs!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Stephanie Beckwith

    I would use Endust on all of my kitchen appliances, as well as in my bathroom and dining room. I love the whole new product line

    Reply to Stephanie Beckwith
  • Atheena

    I would use it to clean a lot of rooms especially my son’s room. It’s getting colder and I don’t want dust just collecting on his dresser, so I would use it to clean it. We also have a lot of areas that constantly need cleaning so I would definitely used this line for that.

    Reply to Atheena
  • Kris Aguero

    Floors, appliances and kitchen of our 1898 home.

    Reply to Kris Aguero
  • Brandy

    I would love to try out endust! I have a terrible time finding something for my wood floors that isn’t full of chemicals and won’t leave a film behind! Also stainless steal appliances always need a good shine once in a while!! Super cute puppy Taralynn!! ๐Ÿ™‚ We just got a furry friend too and she loves to make messes ๐Ÿ™‚ But she’s way too cute!

    Reply to Brandy
  • Kenneth Pereira

    I prefer to use more natural cleaning supplies and this product sounds perfect for what Iโ€™m looking for!

    Reply to Kenneth Pereira
  • Emilyyyy

    I have stainless steel appliances and dark wood furniture with 2 cats. I’m constantly cooking, so I’m constantly cleaning my appliances. I have stainless steel cleaner, but you have to really rub it in to get the appliances to shine. I would love to have a less intensive cleaner! My dark wood furniture is constantly getting dusty, from the cats and sweeping every 2-3 days. I’m very OCD when it comes to dust, and i would love to try a new product line.

    I do not have Facebook so I could not like endust.

    Reply to Emilyyyy
  • Barbara H

    Also followed on FB, Barbara Haropolous

    Reply to Barbara H
  • Barbara H

    We live in a 100 yr old farmhouse…it’s dusty! I’d love to try these products!

    Reply to Barbara H
  • Carolsue

    I like Endust on Facebook as Carolsue Anderson

    Reply to Carolsue
  • Carolsue

    I have used Endust for years. I use it on my bookcases and hardwood floors

    Reply to Carolsue
  • Daniel

    An active family and two large dogs means lots of messes. We use endust on all our wooden furniture and the hardwood floors too.

    Reply to Daniel
  • Noelle

    We have a black Ikea cabinet that is IMPOSSIBLE keep dusted. I would love to see if endust would do the trick.

    Reply to Noelle
  • Dandi D

    I would use Endust mainly to polish all the furniture, but some cleaning in the kitchen would be great too!

    Reply to Dandi D
  • Kelly M.

    I would use endust on my entertainment center… it’s terrible!!

    Reply to Kelly M.
  • Patricia Wojnar Crowley

    I’ll be using endust to prepare for all of my holiday company!

    Reply to Patricia Wojnar Crowley
  • Kelly D

    I would use Endust to clean our wood floors, our wood furniture and also our stainless steel oven and dishwasher. I never knew there were so many Endust products.

    Reply to Kelly D
  • Annette

    I’d forgotten how much I’d liked Endust, but it’s been years since I used it. I recently pulled up my carpet and seem to be battling dust like never before – I wipe everything down then 2 hours later I see dust! So I will be trying this again in my living room.

    Reply to Annette
  • Mk

    I can’t wait to use this to clean up after all my fur babies! I regularly go on therapeutic cleaning sprees and love those lemony fresh scents.

    Reply to Mk
  • Lori Webb

    I would use Endust to clean my wooden furniture, my stainless appliances, yes it makes them shine, and to clean my car interior. I have 2 sons, 3 puppies and 2 older dogs. Lots and lots of messes around here!

    Reply to Lori Webb
  • Bev Harrison

    I use Endust on my wooden furniture.

    Reply to Bev Harrison
  • Melissa Franco

    Can’t wait to try the stainless steel cleaner!

    Reply to Melissa Franco
  • Carly

    I’d never heard of endust, but it sounds great! It sounds like it can be used for almost everything! I’d love to clean my apartment and know it’s actually clean!

    I’ve actually been doing some fall cleaning also and have been looking into new different cleaners!

    Reply to Carly
  • Candace

    Ceiling fan blades, floors, furniture, and appliances!

    Reply to Candace
  • Linda G.

    I would se it to do all my dusting around my house, livingroom, diningroom,bedroom and familyroom!

    Reply to Linda G.
  • Linda

    I live near railroad tracks, which means lots of dust! I would use it all over my house!

    Reply to Linda
  • Michelle Garrity

    I only use Endust in my house on my furniture and stainless steel appliances. I even told the appliance repairman about Endust and he was impressed. Would love to win this prize!

    Reply to Michelle Garrity
  • p.kopec

    I luv that I can use endust on all my surfaces! I will use them on furniture, appliances and my floors.

    Reply to p.kopec
  • Sherre Schwartz

    I would use it everywhere in my home! I have a John Wayne office that needs dusting all the time!

    Reply to Sherre Schwartz
  • Susan

    I have 2 big dogs, my house is constantly filled with dusty surfaces. Endust would sure help keep me a step ahead of the dust and dog hair. . .

    Reply to Susan
  • Brenda white

    We have a rescued lab mix that sheds like crazy. I would have great use for the wood floor cleaner and the dust polish because it seems when the floors are clean things needs dusting and vice versa. Thanks for the chance.

    Reply to Brenda white
  • Lauren

    I would use endudst to clean my stove and oven in the kitchen and to help me keep all thst dust away elsewhere!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Crystal mccord

    On y floor and China hutch.

    Reply to Crystal mccord
  • Debbie Peek

    I would use it everywhere in my home and hope I can use it on my electronics too and in my car!

    Reply to Debbie Peek
  • Karen S.

    I would love to try the floor cleaner! I never thought to use the multi surface on granite or leather ~ good advice…….

    Reply to Karen S.
  • Amy Orvin

    I plan to dust my bedroom with this Endust prize. I hate dust and it’s gotta go!

    Reply to Amy Orvin
  • Kathryn Farias

    Cant wait to try the floor cleaner!!

    Reply to Kathryn Farias
  • Debra

    I use Endust Lemon on my wooden end tables, coffee table, dining room table/chairs, and the ceiling fans. I love that Endust is a “no-wax” product!

    Reply to Debra
  • Kael Harvey

    My living room is a total dust magnet and it happens so often that I find I wait until it is really really dusty before I clean it because the daily dustings are too much. So, Endust may be the ultimate maintenance product to keep dust away daily.

    Reply to Kael Harvey
  • Tina

    I love the feeling I get when I clean. Would use the Endust all over the house. Stainless steel would come in handy

    Reply to Tina
  • Terell Green

    How I would use Endust is,I would use Endust In My Livingroom,Bedrood and Kitchen Endust is perfect for people like me who is constantly cleaning after little children,they touch every single thing in their path and leave those messy prints.Also I have sinus problem and I feel that Endust would be great in my bedroom to get to those places that collect so much dust.Finally it would be great for the kitchen because,I’m a person who LOVES cooking.We all know how hard it is to get some surfaces clean so I know Endust will do the trick.

    Reply to Terell Green
  • Debbie Briner

    It’s holiday cleaning time.

    Reply to Debbie Briner
  • Kristy

    I would use Endust on almost every surface in my home! Every week it seems like all of my bookshelves, tables, and any other wood surface has a layer of dust on it. It would be awesome to have something that not only cleaned up the dust but helped to keep it away.

    Reply to Kristy
  • Wendy

    I use Endust and have for years. I use it to dust the wood products in my house, I live in the country and have inside animals. The house gets dusty especially now that the fields are getting harvested. Love the lemon scent.

    Reply to Wendy
  • Tabitha

    I would for sure use it in the living room. I dusted the entertainment center yesterday and it is already dusty again!!

    Reply to Tabitha
  • Daphne Turner

    I would use Endust in our living room especially because I have a couple of nice antique-y wooden pieces there that would benefit from being dusted.

    Reply to Daphne Turner
  • Francesca Misuriello

    I grew up with my mom using Endust. That lemon scent brings me back to my childhood!
    I have hardwood floors in my home , so I am anxious to try the Endust for hardwood floors!
    Thank you for bringing us such great products!?

    Reply to Francesca Misuriello
  • Raymond

    We have a new Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator and want to keep it looking it’s best with Endust.

    Reply to Raymond
  • kate

    I use Endust everyday between our new kitten, renovating our 1750’s farmhouse as well as our other properties, and refinishing furniture. My mother always used Endust in her house full of antiques and i am continuing the tradition.

    Reply to kate
  • Pat

    I would love to try Endust Dusting Spray again. I have been using other products but unhappy with results. We also have allergies so need the house to be as dust free as possible.

    Reply to Pat
  • candace

    Would definitely use it help clean up after my dogs and my cooking “experiments” haha

    Reply to candace
  • Susan Christy

    I live near a dirt road and my house is always dusty! I use Endust in my living room, bedroom, and all my interior woodwork. I follow Endust on FB

    Reply to Susan Christy
  • Kelsey

    I would use mostly in my room! I have a down bedspread and it makes my furniture so dusty!!

    Reply to Kelsey
  • Meredith Halphen Marques

    I would love to win all the goodies to get my house “holiday ready!” And to help with all the puppy “puff balls” that my dogs Franny and Allison leave around the house…

    Reply to Meredith Halphen Marques
  • Julia

    I have a husky, so I’m constantly dusting and cleaning! This seems like it would make cleaning a lot easier and faster! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Julia
  • LJ

    Gosh need to clean the oven–thanks for the reminder! I’m a pledge fanatic…maybe time for a change ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to LJ
  • Noel

    I love Endust, need it for my pets

    Reply to Noel
  • Hanah Miller

    My boyfriend is a marine, so that means smelly gear, and muddy footprints! I would love to try a product to make my house a little cleaner, and the lemon scent would do wonders!

    Reply to Hanah Miller
  • Hanah

    My boyfriend is a marine, so that means a lot of smelly gear and muddy footprints! I would love to try a product to attack his messiness ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Hanah
  • Teresa

    Helping to keep the furbaby evidence off of my tables, countertops, appliances, and surfaces. I love them to pieces….but I don’t love those ‘pieces’ all over the house ๐Ÿ˜€

    Reply to Teresa
  • Maria Pardo

    I’d definitely use it to clean around my room, the dust is starting to give e serious allergies! I used to think it was only used for furniture, but now that I’ve seen that there are other products, and products that work so well, I plan to use these products EVERYWHERE! I think its amazing that Endust is having this giveaway, I hope these products work as well for me as they did for you Taralynn!

    Reply to Maria Pardo
  • Erin

    Balancing school and eating healthy has been a struggle for me. When I cook on the oven I already make a mess, but it takes forever for me to clean up. I would use Endust to finally give my oven the love and attention it needs! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Erin
  • livivua

    My husband don’t like tablecloths so it would be greatly used on or dining room table

    Reply to livivua
  • Olivia K

    The top of my fridge and microwave get so gross! I think this would be ideal for that!

    Reply to Olivia K
  • Gina MN

    My house is Dust Central. I would start with the wood kitchen cabinets, move to my stainless steel sink, then anything with a flat surface. I like that the Endust products don’t have silicone – makes things sooo slippy! (As my DH says. )

    Reply to Gina MN
  • carol

    would be great for fall cleaning id use it to clean all the shelves ive used this before and i love the way it shines and that is what id do with it hun

    Reply to carol
  • Nicole

    I think the real question is what wouldn’t you clean? I like that they have a stainless steel spray. I have some wipes that I use but they tend to leave steaks. It would be nice to use a safer product than what I use now.

    Reply to Nicole
  • Brenda

    I would use Endust on my counter tops and kitchen appliances. Thanks for the chance!

    Reply to Brenda
  • Bri Kozior

    Can’t wait to try these products! My apartment is small but gets SO dusty so I totally get what you mean. My boyfriend has four roommates and they desperately need a good cleaning for their kitchen, especially since i’m the one always cooking for them in it! I love how clean it made your kitchen look! Looking forward to checking them out!

    Reply to Bri Kozior
  • kelsey elrod

    I would use these products to clean our house top to bottom it could really use a good deep cleaning. I would love even more to take it over to my moms as well and clean her home for her as a surprise she works so hard and she has such a big home I would love to just clean it really good for her to come home to one day. She has two cats so she has lots of fur and messes and I have 3 dogs and two cats in a very tiny house so I could say we all could use it ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

    Reply to kelsey elrod
  • Judith

    great for a fall cleaning event

    Reply to Judith
  • Rebecca

    My mom just got all new stainless steel kitchen appliances, and I’d love to get some of these products for both myself & my mom to try out! I figure I owe her for the last 22 years of making her kitchen a mess ๐Ÿ˜‰ Would love to surprise her with some new cleaning supplies!

    P.S. I’ve got serious puppy envy! Leo is the cutest.

    Reply to Rebecca
  • Amanda

    My fiance and I just bought our first home together. It has gorgeous bamboo flooring throughout the main level, and the wood floor cleaner sounds like it would be perfect to use on it! We also have very dark wood cabinets, which show every bit of dirt, grease, grime, and dog hair that sticks to it! The multi-purpose cleaner would be super helpful to remove all the yuck every weekend during our deep cleaning routine!

    Reply to Amanda
  • Joni

    I have a yellow lab, so I can relate with the puppy cleanup! I would use it throughout my house, we have hardwood floors, and I am always looking for a good product to try for them!

    Reply to Joni
  • Natalie

    I would love to try these products. I have seasonal allergies that are acting up right now and I wonder if these products would help.

    Reply to Natalie
  • latanya

    I like Endust on facebook

    Reply to latanya
  • latanya

    to really deep clean our home top to bottom

    Reply to latanya
  • Lauren

    I am always looking for new cleaning products to make my job easier. I love that you can use Endust on practically any surface in my house. Amazing!

    Reply to Lauren
  • Melissa

    Would love to try the wood floor cleaner. Also the stainless steel cleaner.

    Reply to Melissa
  • Lucy

    My daughter is allergic to my goldendoodle and these products would be great to help get rid of the allergens! Between that and my weekend meal prep sessions, I have many uses for them.

    Reply to Lucy
  • malorie

    Love this giveaway

    Reply to malorie
  • melissa

    I would use them to finally dust my bedroom. It’s forever since i’ve done that lol!

    Reply to melissa
  • Kristen

    I’ll use it to shine up all our wood furniture.

    Reply to Kristen
  • Tina

    Oh Man, I’d use it in the kitchen, specifically the stove. I hate cleaning it & can’t find a good cleaner. Your pics of your stove were amazing.

    Reply to Tina
  • Jordan D.

    Lots of renovations and I need to give my house a good fall cleaning. This would be awesome!

    Reply to Jordan D.
  • Rachael Caddell

    As a college student, our apartment stays pretty busy every day with the traffic of all of our friends! I love keeping our apartment clean and cozy for everyone and would absolutely love to win this contest! After reading your experience with Endust, I can’t wait to have my own!
    I would use it in our sinks, bathrooms, kitchen area and floors! Everything gets dirty so easily so I would be using this constantly!

    Reply to Rachael Caddell
  • Kristen

    I live on a farm and I feel like my things get dusty way more quickly!

    Reply to Kristen
  • Melissa

    We have 4 kitties and one dog so we try to be very diligent about cleaning up the house since both my husband and I have allergies. These would be great for keeping the house smelling and looking clean!

    Reply to Melissa
  • Mary

    I will clean up all my kid spills and kitty fur!!!

    Reply to Mary
  • CAE

    We would love these Endust cleaning products! They would be put to good use in our house. 2 dogs, one cat and four people in a house translates into a lot of cleaning. Thankfull, my husband and two sons do their fair share. Great post. Learned about some new products too.

    Reply to CAE
  • Kacee

    I’m currently suffering from a nasty cold this week. Every time I get sick, I always disinfect my house whenever I get better. I prefer to use more natural cleaning supplies and this product sounds perfect for what I’m looking for!

    Reply to Kacee
  • Stephanie

    Not sure if my first comment went through so here it is again! I just got an 8 week old kitten who is little and likes to get into EVERYTHING. You can imagine the messes. I also have allergies so keeping a clean house and getting rid of dust especially is so crucial! I enjoy being able to breathe and not sneeze every other minute. Endust would be perfect for keeping my apartment clean and my allergies at bay! Liked on Facebook as well!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Abbey

    I have two toddlers so I plan to use Endust um pretty much EVERYWHERE. But especially the stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen that seem to attract lots of adorable hand prints. Excited for the giveaway, thanks Taralynn! Also I don’t have fb but still thought I would try to enter this way if it still counts. ?

    Reply to Abbey
  • Stephanie

    I just got a new 8 week kitten so Endust would be used ALL THE TIME. Shes energetic and likes getting into things! I also have allergies so keeping a clean house is super important so that I can breathe and not spend every other minute sneezing!

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Miranda

    Hey! I also got a puppy recently and wow is he making my apartment a mess! It seems like right after cleaning, my furniture is covered in puppy hair and dust again. I would definitely use Endust to clean up all of my puppy messes and daily messes that I’m making by living my daily life (cause I can’t blame the puppy for all the dirt in the house- right??) Also- cleaning those stoves are the worst! I would love to use Endust to deep clean mine :] Thank you!

    Reply to Miranda
  • Muge

    I cook almost every day. And although I like to try new things, the part that resent the most is to clean up after it. The stove? Omg, it takes forever! When it comes to dust and stuff. I have a cat although I love him like crazy his hair all around the house is driving me crazy. I want to find products that really work and these got me excited!

    Reply to Muge

    I would love to win, always cleaning up after the kiddos

    Reply to MARCIE
  • Brittany Joy

    I would love to try the stainless steel cleaner and floor cleaner! I have used the dust spray before and think it works very well! Piper (our black Rottweiler) requires me to clean at least once a week and we are house hunting so I would be using cleaner like crazy coming up soon!

    Reply to Brittany Joy
  • Janet Griffin

    I would definitely use it to do a deep clean of my apartment before the holidays!!

    Reply to Janet Griffin
  • Anonymous

    I love

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Shonnel

    I would love to try these products!! My place is SOOOOOOO dusty! I have to dust at least every 2 days because of my sister. Can you say Allergies!!!!! LOL!!

    Reply to Shonnel
  • Dani

    I just got a puppy too so I can definitely relate! So much love for them no matter mess! I’d use it to clean up after mine in my apartment

    Reply to Dani
  • Amy Joy

    I would love to try Endust in my kitchen! I can’t find a cleaner that I really feel cleans enough junk off the stove and counters after cleaning. A cleaner that could pick up dog hair off furniture and the kitchen area would be great too because one of my dogs sheds a ton. Plus, all those dog prints on the tile floors!

    Reply to Amy Joy
  • Krista @ Spending The Weekend

    I love that you’ve done a post on fall cleaning– so many people talk about spring cleaning, but what happens when you hunker down for the winter and are stuck inside?

    I’ve been looking for a good multipurpose cleaner for my house. With all of the cooking and baking I do, I get food all over, and while I clean up and have my bleach wipes, I want to feel as though I’ve gotten everything *really clean* (especially with grease), which bleach wipes don’t always do, and which is something that I think these products can!

    Reply to Krista @ Spending The Weekend
  • Julie

    I want clean and non-slippery floors!

    Reply to Julie
  • Kayla

    I would use Endust on my apartment! My dog is suffering from seasonal allergies this year and we are doing everything we can to keep him in a clean environment. Yes, you read that right, a dog with seasonal allergies! I had never even heard of it. My poor Jax has been so uncomfortable and there isn’t anything the vet can do other than put him on steroids, which we want to avoid. We have been vacuuming and dusting every day but it keeps coming back. We have an air filter too and have been keeping him inside. Endust seems like the perfect option to keep the apartment clean, and clean for a long time! This will help solve so many of our problems. I can’t wait to give it a try and help my pup have a clean space to live in!

    Reply to Kayla
  • Erica

    My dog is so messy, I have a seven year old male boxer who just loves leaving messes everywhere! These products would be great & I wouldn’t have to worry about harsh chemicals & toxins.

    Reply to Erica
  • Tara

    My husband and I are moving into our newly-renovated home and these products would be AMAZING for cleaning up during the transition! Especially the wood flooring cleaner.

    Reply to Tara
  • Beth

    Can’t believe I’m just hearing about their wood floor cleaner! I’m always on a quest to find something to clean and shine our wood floors!

    Reply to Beth
  • Amy Skjordal

    Between the two dogs and my love of the outdoors – cleaning supplies are a must!

    Reply to Amy Skjordal
  • Linda @ the Fitty

    I live in a house with a shared kitchen. You can guess that it’s messy!I’d totally clean with this.

    Reply to Linda @ the Fitty
  • Jennifer

    I need my kitchen to look that clean!! Haha I need some good cleaning products. Also, I LOVE lemon-scented products. It’s one of my favorite smells!

    Reply to Jennifer
  • Emily

    Stainless steel appliances are basically the hardest things ever to keep clean!

    Reply to Emily
  • Christianne

    We recently moved into a house that has white everything! Floors, Cabinets…you name it. We need this in our life! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Christianne
  • Jessica

    First of all Leo is just too cute for words!

    My fiance and I live in a super tiny apartment and keeping it clean is crucial. I’ve struggled with finding good, reliable cleaning products and Endust looks so promising! He has really bad allergies so keeping our place as dust free as possible is so important and it looks like Endust can get the job done! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Jessica
  • Sonia

    The hubby and I are planning to move at some point soon, so endust would be a perfect way for us to clean our new home before we move! For our current house, it would be AMAZING to help clean the stove. Our stove is one of my least favorite things to clean, but also one of the most important!

    Reply to Sonia
  • Bill

    Follow on FB and Twitter

    Reply to Bill
  • Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating

    I need that stainless steel Endust for our fridge and stove SO BAD. Especially this time of the year when I’m doing more baking and cooking.

    Reply to Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating
  • valerie

    I’m in desperate need of a great cleaner. I have 2 darling boys (4 & 1) who leave a trail where ever they roam (let’s not even discuss a boy’s bathroom…I mean seriously will it ever smell clean?) Anyway, usually I trod along behind them wiping and dusting but I recently took a nasty spill on a run and broke my arm. I really need something that doesn’t require a ton of elbow grease or numerous applications to get the job done. I’m most eager to try the Endust Free due to my little ones allergies. sidenote: Thanks for 2 great back to back posts!

    Reply to valerie
  • Jean

    I have a new puppy who is shedding her puppy fur like crazy! I have yet to find a product that doesn’t make me dust 2+ times a week. It’s a never ending battle and we are now going into the winter months in Minnesota. My husband has horrible allergies so this is a must for him.

    Reply to Jean
  • Melissa Young

    I have a three puppy’s home! Oy Vay. I know how you feel. Endust would surly help with their little messes.
    So happy you added a little addition to hang with Mr. Grumples…

    Reply to Melissa Young
  • kelli

    i would use it all over my house. i love this product so much and have always had success with it. i have five cats, so i would definitely put the product to use. plus, two kids. we’re always in need of a good dusting and cleaning product! love the fresh smell too.

    Reply to kelli
  • Bill

    I use Endust to clean for the holidays

    Reply to Bill
  • Ashlee Bartley

    With a 1 year old little boy, I will have to use Endust on all the things! Fingerprints and shoe tracks everywhere! Such an awesome giveaway!

    Reply to Ashlee Bartley
  • Amanda Hopkins

    I plan to use Endust mainly in my kitchen, but would love to try their dust spray. My house gets so much dust build up and its gross. Nothing i hate more than laying in bed and all you can think about is how much dust there is on your fan blades. Yuckk!

    Reply to Amanda Hopkins
  • Hillary Danielle

    I plan to use Endust on EVERYTHING! I have been looking for some better cleaning products to use around the house, because nothing seems to clean and work the way I want and need it to with 2 dogs and 2 cats. We just replaced the flooring in the “Dog” room, and every time we mop the floor it has a residue left over from our cleaning products, so trying something new for that room would be fantastic (especially having it smell good too)! I love having a clean house, and as of current it’s been just GROSS, even when I try to clean, so having fresh smelling products, that aren’t too overpowering would be the icing on the cake, and help make me feel like my time spent cleaning wasn’t all for nothing.

    Reply to Hillary Danielle
  • Jenn L

    I would love to give these products a try! I have a different product for dusting, cleaning, floors, etc. I am excited to try the multipurpose cleaner for all the different surfaces in my home.

    Reply to Jenn L
  • Kate

    We’re doing renovations, lots of messes to clean!

    Reply to Kate
    • CAE

      Trying to simplify life. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff. And fall cleaning the whole house.
      I did not know Endust had all these great products. Thanks for introducing us to them. I think I would love them!

      Reply to CAE

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