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Four and half years ago, I was blessed with a beautiful puppy named Mr. Grumples. This little man has brought so much joy into my life and I make sure to bring joy into his. To me, dogs are family. The photo above is from Mr. Grumples’s first Christmas and I believe it’s his favorite time of the year. He knows what gifts are, he instantly gets excited when I put the tree up, and he knows how to open presents.

11076085_10203982670631005_173512727_nย OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This year, we have someone new celebrating Christmas with us and I’m so excited. It’s Santino’s first Christmas! He was a little confused at first as to what a tree was doing in the living room, but he’s used to it now. I’m excited to see if he’ll open presents like Grumples! He loves ripping apart toys, so I’m sure he’ll love ripping apart some gifts.


I think it’s important to include your pups in all Christmas activities! Including Christmas photos ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas can be overwhelming for some dogs. There may be strangers (To your dog) in your house, kids going crazy opening gifts, loud conversations, and lots of attention on other things. I love to make it a point to include Grumples on Christmas day! I take him for a long walk before we open gifts so he is calm, I include him in the gift opening, I include him in the Christmas photos, and let him sit in the middle of all of us! I also give him treats…:)


I’m not sure who was more excited…Santa or Grumples!?


Purina also believes that you should include your pup in all Christmas actives, especially gift giving! They sent over a giant basket for Grumples and Tino to enjoy on Christmas. There were so many Waggin’ Train treats inside! I wrapped each bag up for Grumples, Tino, Luke, Chipper, Haley, and Marley! That’s a whole lot of dogs.


The dogs love getting rawhides, nyla bones, deer hooves, and antlers as gifts as well. Those keep them busy for hours! I can’t get Grumples rawhides because he stands at the door and cries until I let him out to bury it.


Grumples knows which ones are his. I always leave a couple of the treats out of the packaging so he can sniff them out!


Waggin’ Train has great flavors for the pups!

Wagginโ€™ Train Chicken Jerky Minisย โ€“ Made using real white meat chicken with just two simple ingredients and sliced into fun-sized pieces. The product has no artificial flavors or preservatives.ย 

Wagginโ€™ Train Homestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders โ€“ย Made with real chicken that is slow cooked and then covered in little jerky bits of chicken to make it both crunchy and chewy. Made with just two simple ingredients, this product has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Wagginโ€™ Train Chicken Jerky Curls โ€“These 100% real treats are made with just two simple ingredients and are twisted into fun shapes that you can toss and flip โ€˜til your dogโ€™s heart is content. The product has no artificial flavors or preservatives.ย 

Right now, they are all buy one get one free with this coupon!ย P1011123-1024x1024

When the pups are happy I am happy! Grumples really liked the Homestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders the best.

Purina is giving away 3 bags (1 in each flavor) to one of my readers! Simply leave a comment below telling me how you include your pup during the holidays!

All product int his sponsoredย posts was provided by Waggin’ Trails and all opinions are my own.ย 


  • Alyssa

    I actually got a puppy for Christmas! We lost our 9-year old dog about 1.5 years ago so it’s so good to have a dog back in the house. We love her! She is getting so much love and attention.

    Reply to Alyssa
  • Joni

    This is my puppy’s first Christmas, and I spoiled him way to much! Haha he loved all of his new toys and bones! He loved opening his presents!

    Reply to Joni
  • Hillary

    I don’t know if the giveaway is over yet or not, but I’m going to respond anyways.

    We just adopted our new puppy Saturday, December 19th, and she is currently 11 weeks old. We took her along with our Holiday travels this past weekend. She even got presents from her one Grandma, though she is slightly confused by them and doesn’t know how to open them just yet. She was a little overwhelmed by all the new people and smells, but she seemed to enjoy herself and getting used to the car rides.

    We ended up taking her into the one pet store while back home at my parent’s house where she was treated to treats and a new squeaky toy.

    So we are in the learning stages but plan to include her in on all of our holiday’s and our travels.

    Reply to Hillary
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Congrats on the new addition!

      What kind of dog is she? I love taking the pups into the pet store! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Hillary

        She is a terrier mix. The rescue didn’t know what the dad was, but her mom was a 25 pound terrier mix, we think she has a little beagle in her. She is just a little ball of energy, though it doesn’t help when trying to train her. Haha.

        Reply to Hillary
  • Megan Coleman

    My dogs usually get a big rawhide bone and some treats and/or toys for Christmas! I haven’t ever thought of letting them unwrap the presents.

    Reply to Megan Coleman
  • Elena

    My dog and cats get their own stockings

    Reply to Elena
  • Katie

    This was my first Christmas with 2 dogs! We brought them to my parents’ house dressed up in their ugly sweaters and made sure they were loved by all!

    Reply to Katie
  • Catherine

    I have two pups and they each get their own stocking filled with treats and special dog bones that they love. I also have a color with a jingle bell that my lab loves wearing around the holidays!

    Reply to Catherine
  • Elise Widrig

    Our three dogs all get a stocking from Santa! It is filled with rawhide bones, toys, etc. We love them so much and love to incorporate them ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Elise Widrig
  • Sarah

    My dog Dylan gets his own stocking and he opens gifts with the family on Christmas morning. He also is included at all my friends’ Christmas parties and gift exchanges because he’s the first puppy nephew in my group of friends!

    Reply to Sarah
  • Traci

    Love this! When we first give my pup a toy, she’s likes to have some initimate chewing time, you know, so we won’t chew it first… ๐Ÿ™‚ She always cozies her 60 pound self in the middles of us. Have a great Christmas!

    Reply to Traci
  • Meg

    I make sure to take my dogs, Hank and Jake, for a long walk!!

    Reply to Meg
  • Salina

    My dog Luna is very jumpy so when she goes to open her gifts she does it so slowly it takes forever. I think she thinks the wrapping paper (we wrap hers in tissue paper) is going to attack her.

    Reply to Salina
  • Lauren Shaber

    I don’t usually celebrate Christmas (I’m Jewish) but I’ve started celebrating with my boyfriend each year. No matter which holiday we’re celebrating, we always light a fire and snuggle up with hot cocoa. You can ALWAYS find my pup, Gigi, laying in front of the fire curled up in a little ball. She loves the warmth! I also try to include her in everything from gifts (she gets her own stocking!), has an ornament, and gets some of the holiday meal. We’re spending our first Christmas in the snow this year and she LOVES it! I think this is her favorite time of the year, like Grumples! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Lauren Shaber
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Happy Hanukkah!

      That is so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ We had 76 degree weather last night and i wish we could of had a fire! Grumps also LOVED the snow!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Valerie

    We rescued our dog as a stray a year ago when his owners (our neighbors at the time), dumped him outside and moved away at Christmas time. We took him inside, gave him a haircut, a bath, and tons of Christmas presents. He likes to open his own, and is included right in the middle of the gift opening, just like Grumples! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Valerie
  • Cheryl

    Our dogs have holiday stockings and sweaters, and receive gifts under the tree.

    Reply to Cheryl
  • Lisa McKessy

    We take our pup along to celebrations and he gets presents like the rest of the family ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Lisa McKessy
  • Aubrey Miller

    Every year I get an ornament for each dog to put on the Christmas Tree. This year was a nutcracker with a Golden Retriever face for my dog Bentley

    Reply to Aubrey Miller
  • Tara

    My pup always has tons to gifts to open. He loves shredding the paper and gets more excited about that then what’s inside! He also gets to help everyone else open their presents! This year he is getting a miniature couch for Christmas so he will have something comfortable to lay on in the living room! He will love it!

    Reply to Tara
  • Cate

    Please be really cautious about what jerky treats you give your dogs- wagging train are made in China and have had recalls in the past. I worry a lot about what my dog eats and I’m super careful to only give him high quality food and treats. Regulations for pet food made in China seem to be rather lax, so I won’t buy food or treats manufactured there. Of course, everyone has their own standards on what’s ok for their pets, but I think it’s important to know what you’re giving them.

    Reply to Cate
  • Ashley

    We always include my two dogs in the Christmas activities. They both love opening gifts. We have them a stocking with all there wrapped goodies in them. And I’m sure they will be trying to help my son open his gifts too. lol

    Reply to Ashley
  • Brooke

    Last year we made a Christmas card with her. We always take her picture in front of the christmas tree and put a Santa hat on her, too. We call her Santa paws ๐Ÿ™‚ but she rips it off so we have to be quick with the pictures haha.

    Reply to Brooke
  • Allie

    My pups are my family and they get the full Christmas experience each year. This includes gifts and a special meal of brown rice, pumpkin and chicken.

    Reply to Allie
  • Britt

    How sweet! My pup, Pepper, is always involved in holidays. She has her own stocking that gets filled, and we always get her new toys and a Christmas sweater!

    Reply to Britt
  • Carrie

    I have my very special pug Darla. She is my rock and had been there through thick or thin. We have two babies now (the real kind not fur babies) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Darla had been feeling left out so we hung her stocking and stuffed it with toys and treats she loves opening it and digging through!!

    Reply to Carrie
  • Dyanna

    My dog Kimber gets loads of presents on Christmas. She’s usually the center of attention when my family comes over. We’re going on a run together tomorrow morning since it’s so warm here this year!

    Reply to Dyanna
  • Maggi Mae

    My golden, Watson, is always spoiled at Christmas. He has so many presents under the tree! Even his Grandma’s have multiple presents under the tree for him! He will get to open all his presents by himself. Watson even helped wrapped presents for all his friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Maggi Mae
  • Rudy

    Genevieve always gets a stocking full of treats and toys in addition to some presents under the tree. G also loves to lick my fingers when I bake all of the Christmas treats! Yummy! We love our fur baby! – And of course she’s in our Christmas card every year!

    Reply to Rudy
  • Bri

    I was just telling my hubby this morning that we haven’t gotten our Snootie girl anything yet, but he is ahead of me and has a bone ready for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Bri
  • Nickie

    I love to see other people out there who treat their animals like family members, the same way I do ๐Ÿ™‚ Christmas is our “gotchya day”. We got our dog Calvert from my bf’s mom right before Christmas two years ago. I’ll admit that we get toys and treats for both our cats and the dog, but Calv gets a little more spoiled than the kitties due to his anniversary! We always get him a big rawhide candy cane and some new treats. My mom has been known to send his favorite nerf tennis balls. I don’t think he was ever included in Christmas before (and he’s going to be 14!) so it’s fun to watch him get excited when we do. We’re going to see if he can unwrap his own gifts this year!

    Reply to Nickie
  • Caryn

    My boyfriend and I will be spending our first Christmas together in a new house with a new addition, our pup Bamboo! There is no way NOT to include Boo in festivities- he is the center of our attention. So much to be grateful for this year but the cherry on top is being able to share our love with our fur baby.

    Reply to Caryn
  • Erin W

    Our pups have their own stocking filled with goodies.

    Reply to Erin W
  • Ambra Denham

    The dogs don’t really get presents but they are my babies, so always included!!

    Reply to Ambra Denham
  • Kimberly

    Last year was our first Christmas with Eddie, our Shih Poo. We had a stocking filled with bones, toys, and treats. At first we was not sure about the stocking. We didn’t want to pressure him so we just left it alone and decided he’d check it out when he was ready. Next thing we know he had dragged it off to a corner and taken everything out. He was surrounded with treats! He thought we was doing something “bad” and tried to hid it! We got quite a laugh out of it. Now in our second year we have continued to make Christmas a family event. Eddie goes with us to help pick out the tree, he’s the star of our annual Christmas card, and helps mommy wrap the presents (sort of haha). I can’t wait to watch him open his stocking this year!

    Reply to Kimberly
  • Casey Busha

    Presents and Christmas scarves! ?

    Reply to Casey Busha
  • Amanda

    My dog gets her own stocking and we stuff it full of goodies for her! We also are sure to always include her in all the pictures and take her on a nice long walk after our big meal ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Amanda
  • Corinna

    My dog has his own stocking embroidered with his name! We also love talking long walks before or after big holiday meals.

    Reply to Corinna
  • Kim

    We always include our puppies in Christmas movie snuggles with some extra belly rubs

    Reply to Kim
  • Erin Martinez

    Hello, my dogs name is Cooper. He is a mini goldendoodle. Cooper was born 2 years ago on Christmas Eve so he is extra spoiled with love this Christmas season. The amount of joy and love he has brought for my fiancรฉ and I is indescribable. We both have never had a dog our entire life, and couldn’t imagine life without one… we may need to get another ๐Ÿ™‚ This year we included Cooper in our Engagment photos. Cooper is part of our little family. He also has a stocking with his face on it that we stuff with new toys. I might have givin him a couple because I couldn’t wait! When going to family parties we bring Cooper with us because he brings a smile to so many faces.

    Reply to Erin Martinez
    • Taralynn McNitt


      Cooper is such a cute name. He’s a Christmas baby! Grumples is my first dog too. & CONGRATS on the engagement. I love how much you love your dog!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Christine Beatty

    Hi, Tara! Love seeing pictures of your buddy, Mr. Grumples. My dog, Mr. Doodles, is 10 years old and each year he gets his own special Christmas present. In recent years, we found out that he loves clothes so that’s what he gets!

    Reply to Christine Beatty
  • Makalie Dierenfield

    @taralynnmcnitt My older Sister also has a goldendoodle…named henry…he is 4 months old…

    Reply to Makalie Dierenfield
  • Sarah D

    They snuggle up and watch Christmas movies with us and on Christmas morning they open their stockings with us!

    Reply to Sarah D
  • Makalie Dierenfield

    Every christmas all of our dogs each get the own stockings by the fireplace with the letter of their first name on it… and we allow them to open their own dog toy gifts or treats by themselves hehe…that we had gotten for them.. we treat our dogs like humans…and allow them to partake in all of our activities during the day.we also have a dog named marley…

    Reply to Makalie Dierenfield
  • Miranda

    Each Christmas our dogs get one big gift (dog bed, or large toys) and they all have their own stockings. We have 3 dogs with huge personalities so 2 will try and open their gifts and one will just know he’s getting a bed a lay one it right away.

    Reply to Miranda
  • Jessica

    My sweet pup Heidi loves soft toys. So she always has a basket under the tree with some new toys and a few yummy treats!!

    Reply to Jessica
  • Alina

    Hey Taralynn! Been reading your blog for years now and I love it! My dog, like grummples knows how to open presents. We all sit around the christmas tree and he “helps” each of us open our first gift. Usually the wrapping paper keeps hiim busy for the rest of the morning, plus he loves christmas dinner when he gets treated to some delicious roast! Merry christmas to you and your fam ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to Alina
  • Peggy

    I have three pups and a kitty. I make them a special feast on holidays. Eggs, sweet potatoes, veggies and fish. We, our family, stays “put” on Christmas, and we all spend quality time together. Cuddles, rubs, fetch, walks (if the weather calls for it). My pets are my first babies and will always be a part of my family. <3

    Reply to Peggy
  • Whitney Keays

    I definitely get my pooch a present and a bag of treats. I also bring her to all the family suppers because I feel too bad leaving her at home. Dogs are family too!! <3

    Reply to Whitney Keays
  • Lindsey G

    We got Duncan, our Bull mastif, his own Christmas stocking with treats and toys in it.

    Reply to Lindsey G
  • brittney

    going home to my dog is my favorite part about christmas! she was my christmas gift 14 (!) years ago and so it’s a special time of the year for us. she always has gifts under the tree every year, and a little ornament up on the tree from her first christmas. this year, i decided to make an ornament of her paw print ๐Ÿ™‚

    Reply to brittney
  • Shannen

    I have a 5 year old English Springer Spaniel/Labrador mix named Bella and a 2 year old Husky/Shepherd mix named Oliver. Bella was abused in her old home and isn’t too sure about Christmas and the busyness. I try to take her for a walk and calm her down as much as I can. When we spread out for opening presents, I try to stay out of the center, somewhere she can snuggle up without feeling too crowded and eat a couple treats. Oliver loves to tear up paper and loves opening gifts and getting new toys. This year I am hoping to get Bella a little more involved, she has made a lot of progress this year opening up and trusting more.

    Reply to Shannen
  • brenda

    We always give her a present on christmas, also we serve her her favourite can, we include her in everything so she knows she’s part of the family (if not the one we love the most)

    Reply to brenda
  • Jana

    Hello! I love the holidays with my pups too. Mine either will go on a walk or go to the dog park. They (Bella and Penny) both have stockings and receive gifts. Their gifts include chew toys and balls. We don’t do professional pictures with them but I have one of Penny under our Christmas tree and looking for cookies on Instagram. I called the picture “helping baking” lol ? I also make them a holiday meal. Typically includes sweet potatoes, white rice, green beans, and boiled carrots! They love it. This is also the only time of the year they get human food. So this is quite the treat! For thanksgiving, they got a turkey stew in their Barkbox so they were thrilled! Happy holidays to you and your family!

    Reply to Jana
  • Rachel

    Our Golden Retriever, Jamie, has her very own Christmas stocking. (:

    Reply to Rachel
  • Jenna Samuels

    I celebrate Hanukkah and we always give my little one, Cookie, toys and treats of her own to open! This year she got treats, a new bed, and a new toy-she loves all of them! She brightens my world and my husband instantly fell in love with her when he met her. He calls her his daughter and they are adorable together!

    Reply to Jenna Samuels
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I’m in the middle of watching Empire, so the name Cookie reminds me of that show! Love it ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet she’ll love all her gifts.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Jenna

        I NEED to start watching that show-I’ve heard amazing things! She loved all her gifts, and she even got some presents from her grandparents, too! I hope you had a Merry Christmas-I love your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Reply to Jenna
  • Sammie

    We have two pups, and they have their own stockings we hang up! They get their own presents to unwrap too!

    Reply to Sammie

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