Because Fall: Chicken & Veggie Soup

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It’s officially Fall! That means running outside, pumpkins, flannel, bonfires, hats, scarves, and more!

I hit five miles Monday. Running after six is my jam. I run so much better when it’s cooler, when I hydrate all day long, fuel properly and have a running partner. I’ve also been keeping my run keeper on silent so I don’t hear the times and milage. I think it forces me to run faster and it’s better to do what feels natural. It’s a mental thing for me. After my run, I took a hot bath, stretched and then used the massager on my legs and knees. I took yesterday off and will run again today.


Tino and I walked the greenway yesterday. It was so nice out!


I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Juice Bar at the Park Road plaza to open! Chopt is also opening up:)


I stopped at Earthfare so I could make the first soup of the fall season! I also picked up some delicious foods.

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I grabbed a juice and coffee before I left!


I got some new Fall clothes and my first pumpkin of the year!


I also made chicken and veggie soup.

I boiled an entire chicken and then used a strainer to pour the homemade broth into a giant pot. I shredded the chicken and added it back to the giant pot of broth.


I added chopped squash, zucchini, carrots, celery, green beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, russet potatoes, and sweet potatoes.


For the seasoning I added black pepper, sea salt, fresh oregano, minced garlic, parsley, garlic powder, and brown sugar. I don’t measure when adding seasoning. I go by taste.

Cook on high for three-four hours.


I love adding croutons to my soup…and a couple tablespoons of cheese. 🙂


This soup was delicious and I can’t wait to have it all week long.


It was gorgeous last night (around 70 degrees) and I spent some time playing with Grumps in the backyard. He’s obsessed with sticks!


I love this time of year 😉

This shirt is from my collection and you can find it here. 


Every time I sat down somewhere, Grumps would bring his stick over to me.

IMG_5898 IMG_5971

His leg is doing so much better. The cut from the groomer has healed and the limping has gone away 100%.


He wasn’t feeling the selfies. (my hair hates this weather)


I love this picture because I have a photo of Grumps and I doing the same pose when he was a puppy!


And I found these little devils yesterday…

What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall?


  • Niko

    This looks healthy and delicious. Love your recipes

    Reply to Niko
  • Elizabeth

    This soup looks great! I need to start making a big batch of something like this once of week to take for lunch all week long. Do you boil covered or uncovered?

    Reply to Elizabeth
  • Danielel

    I love these wooden bowls you use all the time!! Where are they from??

    Reply to Danielel
  • Fana

    the food looks so good!

    Reply to Fana
  • Kristin C

    This is too funny! I am a nanny now that we are in Charlotte and I nanny on Park Road. I looked in my boss’ fridge this morning and found a big container of Chopt salad. It looks so good!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Julie

    Taralynn, you are so cute, and that soup looks delicious!!

    Reply to Julie
  • Leigha

    I LOVE the running leggings you’re wearing in the second photo. Could you tell me where they’re from? Thanks! 🙂

    Reply to Leigha
  • Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life

    The soup looks amazing! I wish Florida would cool down already. 🙂

    Reply to Lindsay @ A Runnaroundd Life
  • Amanda @ Positively Amanda

    That soup looks amazing!

    Reply to Amanda @ Positively Amanda
  • Katie

    Your hair is on point in those pics! This soup looks great, I can’t wait to try it!

    Reply to Katie
  • Savannah

    You are such an inspiration to me. You and your blog came into my life at the perfect moment. I started reading, more like stalking haha, your blog a couple days before I began going through some tough family stuff. Though I’ve followed your lead of a healthy mental/physical life for a while now, you’ve inspired me to work out when I get stressed, rather than let it consume me. It’s helping SO much!

    Thanks 🙂

    Reply to Savannah
  • Stef

    This soup looks phenomenal! I am definitely going to have to try this out now that its getting colder out side 🙂

    Reply to Stef
  • Alyssa

    Can’t wait to try that soup! Sounds delicious! Happy to hear Grumples is better 🙂

    Reply to Alyssa
  • M. C.

    Hey Taralynn! I noticed you have some Kombucha in your cart and I was wondering if you could do a post on it. I’ve been curious about it for awhile and wanted your opinion 🙂

    Reply to M. C.
  • AJ

    Oh my god, I cannot WAIT to make your soup!! I love making soups in the fall. I’m from Minnesota and it gets sooooooo chilly here in the fall! Every Sunday in our home is “Soup Sunday” in the fall and the winter! And “Salad Sunday” in the spring and summer.
    Going to Trader Joe’s and the farmer’s market this week to get all the goods…thanks for the post and the soup inspiration!

    Reply to AJ
    • Taralynn McNitt

      It’s such a simple recipe and you can put any twist on it! Add egg noodles, different kinds of meats or veggies!:) I love soup sunday!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Peggy

        Thanks Taralynn! You’ve inspired me to start running…burnt 335 calories in the park this morning! Fall takes a little while longer to come to Louisiana….but it’s coming!

        Reply to Peggy
      • Anonymous

        Thanks Taralynn! You’ve inspired me to give running a go….burnt 335 calories today at the park! Fall takes a little longer to get here in Louisiana….but it’s coming!

        Reply to Anonymous

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