Roadtrip to Atlanta Georgia To See A Baseball Game


This weekend, we road tripped down to Atlanta, GA to meet up with his family for the Yankees vs. Braves game. I spent Friday night baking homemade blubbery muffins and getting ready for the trip. We were packed and ready to go at seven am!

The road trip isn’t bad at all. It’s only about 3 1/2 hours from Charlotte, NC and we didn’t run into any traffic.

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We stayed at their family’s friends house.

We all relaxed before the game and had some coffee and lunch. I was so happy when I got my hands around a cup of coffee. Their coffee was smooth and rich; I had to know where they got it! The brand was Cafe Du Monde, a New Orleans-based cafe. If you google the brand, you can find it on the internet.

We all had lunch around the kitchen and then watched T.V. a little. Apparently, the coffee didn’t work, because right after drinking it, I fell asleep on Nick’s shoulder for about an hour. I slept through five guys talking about sports. That’s two naps in one month; we are breaking records here.  I blame it on the five hours of sleep due to the procrastination of the blueberry muffins on Friday night.

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We headed down to Turner’s stadium an hour and a half before the game, so we could get something to eat and snag a good parking spot. I have to hand it to the Braves, their stadium had a fun atmosphere; it almost felt like a festival. The food was great and the band playing was killin’ it.


Nick and I decided to split some food. Their brick oven pizzeria was fantastic. The pizza came out hot, fresh and tasty. I also tried a bite of one of their stadium’s signature hot dogs. It had pulled barbecue pork, coleslaw, pickles, and barbecue sauce. I side-eyed that thing because it looked really nasty, but it was pretty much love at first bite.


A couple innings later, we walked up and grabbed some ice cream. I love Mayfield’s cookies n cream ice cream because it’s filled with cookies in every bite. They don’t rob you on the best part.


We sat centerfield, hoping we’d catch a home run! Obviously, if it was a Brave’s home run, we’d throw it back. 😉


Sitting at the ballpark while the sun goes down is a beautiful moment; it’s one of my favorite parts of the night.


It was a really good game. The crowd was roaring and everyone had a huge shot of energy.


Jacoby Ellsbury and AROD are my favorite players.




I was so happy with our seats because that meant I could stalk Jacoby.


If I posted half of the photos I took of him, he’d probably get a restraining order against me. After Nick went through my photos, he kindly let me know that there were other players on the team.


So I took photos of baseball slushies instead.


The stadium went nuts when AROD entered the game to bat. He’s a designated hitter, and in National League, (which is what the Braves play in) the pitchers must hit, so designated hitters usually take the bench all game.  Since the Yankees were taking their pitcher out, AROD had the opportunity to sub in and bat for him.

Everyone was up chanting “A-ROD, A-ROD, A-ROD”, the other half of the stadium chanting, “BOOOOOO.” The pitcher walked A-ROD, so he took the base. At this point, everyone had calmed down.


I got a text from my parents during the seventh inning. “Did you see the person fall?” “What’s going on at the stadium?” We had no idea what they were talking about. They had been watching the game live and heard about the incident from the announcers.

No one around us had any idea that anything happened.


“Gregory “Ace” Murrey was a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend to many.  He dearly loved his family, Atlanta, and the Atlanta Braves.  Greg was a season ticket holder with the same seats for 23 years.  The night Greg passed away, he was doing one of his favorite things – watching the Braves.”



The game never stopped. After going through my photos, I noticed the crowd behind home plate looking in one direction, shocked faces, and their hands over their mouths. At this point, AROD and FREEMAN probably knew what was happening. I wouldn’t be able to continue playing a game after witnessing that.  I know a couple players mentioned not being able to think about anything other than what they witnessed.

My heart goes out to the family and anyone affected by this tragedy. It’s incredibly sad.


After finding out what happened, my stomach was in knots and it really bothered me. It bothered me all day today, thinking about Gregory and his family. I can’t imagine the pain they are going through and all I can do is pray.


Today they had a moment of silence for Gregory and I’m sure he was watching over the field.

I know the Braves will have their own personal angel in the outfield.

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We didn’t get home until 1:30 in the morning. There were about eight accidents on the interstate and bumper to bumper traffic. I passed out as soon as we got back to the house.

This morning, I had that delicious coffee, one of my homemade blubbery muffins, yogurt, and fruit. I will blog the recipe in the morning.

Goodnight everyone.


  • ebella

    Looks like a fun trip and I like how you respectfully mentioned what happened.

    Reply to ebella
  • Anonymous

    so cool tara

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Joi /

    What a sad story…I love your pictures though- makes me feel like I was there! Lovely how you captured all the details!

    Reply to Joi /
  • Kristin C

    When I saw the title of the post, I came on just to ask you if you saw it! So sad. My husband and I prayed for him that night, but later we found out he didn’t make it. I hope the family will get through ok.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time though. My husband and I really want to go to a Braves game together.

    Reply to Kristin C
  • mookie

    You can find chicory coffee from Cafe du Monde in grocery stores as well. French Market is also another good New Orleans brand chicory style coffee that is found in stores.

    Reply to mookie
  • Celine

    Wow, seems you have spent a really good time 🙂

    Reply to Celine
  • Angela

    I am so sorry to hear about Gregory. It is absolutely terrible that somebodies life could be taken away in an instant… and while doing something they love at that. His friends and family will certainly be in my prayers as well, you’re right, that’s the best thing we can do at this point.

    Reply to Angela

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