Veggie Spinach Hummus Wrap, Chia Yogurt & A Basketball Workout


I finally know what a three day weekend feels like…kinda. I have a pretty bad-ass schedule.

I still haven’t made my blueberry muffins, you know, the ones I mentioned in my last post….but I’ll get to them later. My blueberries aren’t going anywhere and I have nothing better to do. I’m going to put on a movie in the kitchen and bake away. I haven’t had one of those nights in a long time. I’m a huge procrastinator today. I’m not even packed for my trip tomorrow. Who is this person? I’m usually packed a week before.

Anyways…instead of baking muffins, I’m going to blog my lunch because it was freaking delicious.


I did kind of a fun workout today. I didn’t feel like running or swimming, so I played a basketball game (yup by myself.) I went up to the local park, where it’s literally me and the random mom’s pushing kids in strollers. All the kids are back in school, so it’s a ghost town again.

I made this game up a while back and would always play with one of my good guy friend’s in the neighborhood. You can play with a friend, by yourself, or with a group.

You need a basketball, a hoop, and a die (or dice)

Each number on the dice represents a certain workout.
1. one lap around the court
2. 10 burpees
3. 25 ball revolves (sit on our butt, raise your feet and revolve the ball around your stomach without touching the ground)
4.10 jump squats
5.10 push ups
6. 1 minute plank. 

You can use dice and make more workouts.

I stand at the free throw line and if I make it, I’m good. If I don’t, I have to roll the dice and do the workout. I usually play for about 45 minutes. When I’m playing with another person, we play it like a game of horse, where they have to make it if you make it and if they don’t, they roll the dice and do the workout.


When I got home from my workout, I was starvin’. I grabbed my wrap that had roasted red pepper hummus, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, spinach, onion, and avocado, wrapped up in a spinach wrap. I cut up a peach from Fort Mill’s peach stand, and had a Siggi’s strawberry yogurt with chia seeds.


IMG_3914 IMG_3812

IMG_3878 IMG_3887


Also added new blanket scarves & scarves to the collection today <3


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