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The drive from Maine to Amsterdam was four hours. We stopped for a quick bite to eat when we got there at one their favorite summer spots, Cappies. It’s a cute little diner with grilled food and desserts. I ordered their grilled chicken sandwich. I tried their sweet potato fries and they were out of this world! They were thick and crispy, the way they should be!

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We spent the rest of the day running a couple errands, relaxing by the pool, and playing basketball. I was so excited for dinner.

Russo’s? INCREDIBLE! I love a pizza with a lot of sauce and chewy cheese! It had both ๐Ÿ™‚ The antipasto was to die for. I put myself in an antipasto coma. They talked this place up, and it lived up to all expectations. Russo’s has been around since 1920 and ran by the generation’s of Russo’s. If you are ever in or around Amsterdam, don’t make a mistake and forget to stop at this place. Your life will be changed.

Weย spent the rest of the night driving around Amsterdam exploring.


I woke up early to print some labels and work on shipping. It was really hard not to jump on my blog and write, but I managed to avoid it.


After breakfast, we went up toย Shrine of our Lady of Martyrs. It’s on a hill overlooking Amsterdam NY and the Mohawk river. It’s one of the most beautiful sites I have ever been to. They say it’s one of the holiest spots on Earth. This is also the birthplace of ย Saint Kateri in 1656.


The coliseum church was incredible. It was built in 1930 and fits about 10,000 people. It had alters wrapped around the cross and beautiful artwork all round. It has 72 doors to represent the Disciples and houses the Blessed Sacrament, the Martyrs Relics, Palisade Reredos and more.


Our Lady of Fatima Replica.


Memorial to the Unborn Memorial to babies lost to abortion.IMG_1705

This place was a site I’ll never forget. You don’t even have to be Catholic to enjoy this place. It’s a beautiful place to visit with so much history.


This is the spot of Theresa’s rosary. She prayed the rosary on stones to keep her faith a secret from her captors.


We found Phyllis’s twin.




Theย First Chapel where the first mass was celebrated in 1885.IMG_1715

4000 people attended mass on the Feast of Assumption. I picked up a couple gifts for my Grandma at the gift shop and then we headed back down. I hope I can attend mass here next time I’m in Amsterdam.


We stopped for lunch at Karen’s produce on the way back to the house.


This place was a hip little barn style restaurant on a farm.



I also snuck in a baby vanilla cone with toasted coconut sprinkles…Yum! I love vacation ๐Ÿ™‚


After getting back to the house, Aunt Jackie took me to get my nails and toes done! I’ll never say no to that!

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Wine by the pool to end the evening.


Evryone was at the house, so they ordered pizza from Bottisti’s. The pizza in New York is so good and it’s because they take it seriously. It has that thick sauce and chewy cheese! They also had some awesome antipasto!


It was our last day in Amsterdam and so we went golfing at 7am.


After golf, we went to Europa for breakfast. It was a cozy little breakfast cafe with a back patio. The food came out in less than ten minutes and everything tasted great! They had the best bacon I’ve ever had at a breakfast spot. I had a veggie omelet with has browns and wheat toast.

The little Amsterdam trip was a success.


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