4th of July: Family, Food, & Fun!

dessert 4th of july

I feel really bad about the lack of posts lately. I need to catch up on all the activities I’ve been doing! I have a day set for next week just to blog! I’m literally waking up, getting coffee made, and not leaving my desk! Maybe I’ll blog from bed with Netflix on πŸ˜‰ I’m doing a shoot tomorrow, meeting with a realtor, and shipping packages!

summer sky bubbles

My family is still in town, and tonight we are going to dinner.


The fourth weekend was great!




fresh guacamole

My brother made his delicious guacamole! It had garden fresh avocados, red onion, tomato, lime, salt, jalapeΓ±o, and pepper.

burgers grilling

We cooked up veggie burgers, turkey burgers, and beef burgers.

skinny margarita

I made skinny margaritas for Karlee and I πŸ™‚

Skinny Margarita

Blended ice, skinny margarita mix, and tequila!

healthy bbq lettuce wrap turkey burger

We ate pretty early. I had a turkey burger wrapped in lettuce with tomato and provolone cheese.


We had corn, pulled pork, potato salad, burgers, hot dogs, chips, and so much more!

fourth of july

How cute is this condiments holder? It’s a painted beer bottle holder!

4th of july

The dessert was endless!


chocolate chip cookies dessert

Chocolate chip cookies!

4th of july dessert rice kris pies

Rice Krispies!



Not an American beer, but still a great one!

PiddddcMonkey Collage

We ended then night at Carmello’s in Fort Mill for darts, pizza, and fireworks!

simply taralynn collection

I added more to my collection!Β 

What did you guys do for the fourth?!


  • Anonymous

    Loks fun!

    Reply to Anonymous
  • Nicte Kono

    Love the happy faces of your dogs! make me happy too!!!

    Reply to Nicte Kono
  • Lacey

    Is that strawberry pretzel salad in the first pic? My mom used to make that every summer when I was growing up (and still does)!

    Reply to Lacey
  • Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

    Tino is cracking me up in those pictures! Tongue hanging out = sign of a happy happy dog.

    Reply to Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX
  • savannah

    Sounds like an awesome fourth! Would love to hear more about your daily life as a blogger, it seems like such a cool and interesting career choice. I wonder how your life goes day to day and how it works!

    Reply to savannah
  • Elisabeth

    Hey, Tara!

    I hope you are doing okay. You must be thrilled that your online boutique is doing so well. πŸ™‚


    Reply to Elisabeth
  • Kristjana

    Oh my gosh that first picture of Grumples and Tino is adorable! They are so cute, what a great shot!

    Reply to Kristjana
  • Cassie

    What a fun BBQ! Pulled pork was a childhood favorite of mine. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time with your family. I like family gatherings much more than crazy parties because it really cherishes the bonding time with them.

    Reply to Cassie
  • Jessica

    It looks like you had a great weekend! Lots of friends, family & food – what more could you ask for, right? πŸ™‚

    Reply to Jessica
  • Mallori

    Fourth of July is MY FAVORITE! And it looked like you had an awesome one! I really love the Light Blue Horizontal Striped Dress in your shop; is there anyway you could get a picture of the entire dress, or someone wearing it? That would be really great and helpful!


    Reply to Mallori
  • NC

    Lettuce burger! I wish I had thought of that! I spent the fourth on the Gulf in Florida boating and even got to see a manatee up close in the canal (they look like giant water potatoes).

    The hardest part for me at BBQs and holiday get-togethers is politely declining or asking to substitute unhealthier options (like lettuce wrap instead of bun, or a whole wheat tortilla instead of sub sandwich bread, etc.). How do you handle that?

    Reply to NC
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I just bring my own stuff:) I like to bring lettuce wraps, turkey burgers or chicken to grill! You don’t have to tell people why either, just say you’re craving it! I also don’t mind trying all types of food in moderation. I don’t eat giant portions of potato salads or desserts. That is what really helps me stay on track πŸ™‚

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Brooke

    My husband and I went to T-Bones for dinner, but it was so packed we ended up having an appetizer only! We ended up leaving around 6:30 and wound up in the park to watch the firework show in the city. We tried to get tickets to the game against Cuba, but no such luck, so we just watched on the jumbo screen. We got hungry and ate at French Quarter. I had a burger and it rivals being one of the best I’ve ever had!! If you haven’t gone yet, check it out!!

    Reply to Brooke
  • Tori Farber

    I made my first trip to Charlotte for the Fourth of July! The city is amazing! My boyfriend works for the Charlotte Hornets so he gave me a tour of the stadium! Then my boyfriend, his family, and I drove to Ocean Isle, NC to his great aunt’s beach house. It was a blast! I cannot wait to move there next summer. I have many trips planned to come visit this year! P.S. Tino and Grumples are too cute!

    Reply to Tori Farber
    • Kristin C

      So cool! I’m from Ocean Isle πŸ™‚

      Reply to Kristin C
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Ahhh so glad you liked the city! My boyfriend is obsessed with the Hornets. He has season tickets for us and he runs a hornets blog. That is so cool that you got to tour the stadium. I spend most of my winter there! I’m jealous of your Ocean trip! Sounds like fun. See any sharks!?!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Tori Farber

        My boyfriend does sales for the Hornets! That is really cool that your boyfriend runs a blog for the Hornets. We did see two sharks, but they were little tiny sharks that were caught off the pier. We did not see any sharks where people were swimming… thank goodness. I would only go in the water up to my knees! I cannot wait to check out the farmer’s markets when I come back down at the end of July! Which one is your favorite?

        Reply to Tori Farber
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Lettuce burger! Now THAT’S a real good low carb sandwhich.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Chelsea

    Your holiday looks super awesome and I really want one of those margaritas! I think the only thing missing is your ba nae nae costume!! Hahah

    Reply to Chelsea

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