Downtown Washington D.C. Museum Day, The Protein Bar & Dinner

taralynn mcnitt 30 minute/3 mile jogs followed by some stretching and weights

I have been falling behind on blog posts but I promise I’ll get them all up as soon as I can so you can keep up with my D.C. travels!. I’m having way too much fun here in D.C. and I try to squeeze in those posts from 6am to 9am or from 10pm to midnight! I know it’s Saturday, but here is my Thursday post!

I woke up pretty early Thursday morning, Karlee had to run some errands and while she did that, I did some catching up on my blog, emails, and fit in a nice workout! I’ve been doing a lot of 30 minute/3 mile jogs followed by some stretching and weights this week. But we have also been staying pretty active with walking and biking.

teavana tea Starbucks peach water ethos water

When Karlee got back, we bundled up and headed to Starbucks for some tea. I miss the Tazo tea but I can’t complain because they have Teavana! Their peach tea is so good! I didn’t pick a great week to visit because it was still raining and pretty cold.

metro washington d.c. metro Washington dc

Since it was still cold and rainy, we thought it would be the perfect day to visit the museums. We took the King Street Metro to Federal Triangle and made it to the museum row!

museum row Washington dc

We walked all around the area, in and out of museums.

national archives washington dc united states

This is the building my brother was pinned Captain at.

Washington Museum Smithsonian Natural History

This was at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, one of my favorites of them all.

Washington Museum Smithsonian Natural History

It was a pretty busy day for museums. There were so many kinds and families there. I think most schools in the area do a end of the year class trip.

This statue cracked me up because the lady sitting on the bench didn’t notice that the statue was trying to hand her something.

Washington Museum Smithsonian Natural History

This was the most crowded room of all. Everyone wanted to see the elephant. Sometimes they have the dinosaur in there.

Washington Museum Smithsonian Natural History the hope diamond exhibit

I was most excited to see The Hope Diamond, the largest and most famous diamond in the world.

museum row national art gallery museum row national art gallery

We walked around the Pavilion and through National the gallery of art. This fountain becomes an ice skating rink in the winter.

museum row national art gallery

We were pretty hungry after exploring all the museums. We decided to head out and get some kind of snack.

The Protein Bar HI-5 Avomatcha washington d.c.

As we were walking, I saw The Protein Bar! I remembered it from the Fit Snack box I received! I had their delicious protein peanut butter cookies!

The Protein Bar HI-5 Avomatcha washington d.c.  The Protein Bar washington d.c. chicken chilly

I ordered the Avomatcha and it was really good! Mine had avocado, matcha green tea, raw honey, almond milk, and vanilla protein. Karlee got the HI-5 with kale, spinach, pineapple, cilantro, and blended ice. Hers tasted like soapy grass.  I also ordered the snack size chicken chili. It wasn’t bad at all!

menu the protein bar washington d.c

They had a pretty interesting menu with meals I’d love to try! I know i’ll be coming here again when I’m back in D.C.

whole foods chocolate chip cookies

After getting off the metro on the way home, I stopped at Whole Foods to make some chocolate chip cookies.

homemade chocolate chip cookies

Baking cookies is probably one of my favorite things to do.

sweet potato fries, home made chicken nuggets vegetarian chicken nuggets

For dinner I made my go-to homemade chicken nuggets, sweet potato fries, and parmesan broccoli.

dinner parmesan broccoli sweet potato fries homemade chicken nuggets

I also threw in some chicken less nuggets for my brother. I was shocked at how delicious the vegetarian nuggets were! T.C. liked them as well.

dinner parmesan broccoli sweet potato fries homemade chicken nuggets

Dinner was pretty darn tasty!

I can’t wait to tell you all about last night!


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