Lunch Plate, Whole Foods & Fro-yo!


I was so hungry this afternoon after running errands. I spent five hour running around trying to find a place that would sell a Macbook Air charger because Best Buy was out of Stock.  I was tempted by all the fast food signs, but toughed it out and waited until I got home. I baked a flat-out wrap to make tortilla chips, made a little guacamole dip with garlic powder, sea salt, onion powder, and black pepper, baby carrots, cashews, almonds, and roasted red pepper hummus. This was so filling and so good! Now I’m brewing fresh Dunkin’ Donut coffee!


Last night I met up with Nick to have dinner at Whole Foods. I love their salad and hot food bar because it’s so quick and convenient. Our Whole Foods has a balcony  overlooking the store that we sit on while we eat. We try to go there once a week for dinner as a treat. My plate had fajita grilled vegetables, jalapeño rice, sweet potato chunks, and salad with Italian dressing!


And after eating healthy, we treated ourselves to Fro-yo! I had a little no sugar added non-fat angel food froyo and no sugar added german chocolate cake froyo with some of my favorite toppings. After fro-yo we headed back to his place to walk the dogs!


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