Can’t Forget Yesterday: Eats, Running & Bowling


Woo Hoo! It’s Friday!

I have a really fun weekend coming up!  Before the weekend starts, and I go M.I.A for a couple of days (maybe), I thought I’d throw in yesterday’s events!

Running. I thought I’d never be a runner again, I thought my injuries were the end of it, and I kind of gave up. But I’m back! I’ve been getting a lot of help from readers, other bloggers, and my doctors. I’ve worked my way back up. I’m doing it slowly and safely.

I have been testing different foods to see which works before a run. I’ve learned so far that Greek yogurt, pretty much anything dairy, shakes, protein bars, granola bars, or cereal don’t do it for me. Bananas, whole grain waffles, English muffins, eggs, pecans, almonds, real maple syrup or honey, walnuts and oats work best for me! Tomorrow before I leave the house for the race, I’ll have a banana, whole grain waffle, and lots of water. I’ve also cut my coffee back a lot and replaced it with more water, which is a duh, but it’s still a challenge for this coffee lover.


Yesterday was my last day before tomorrow. I’ve been doing 4 days of running (3-5 miles per run), 1 day of strength/cross training,  walks everyday, and yoga twice a week. I’ve also been eating very healthy!

Yesterday was the best run yet. I went 4.5 miles in the rain. Lately running has been an amazing outlet and has brought so many endorphins to my body making me feel great. I shut everything out when I run and I think it’s 10x more therapeutic than yoga. Once you get past the “omg this is so hard” you start to relax and love it. I used to doubt the “runner’s high” but now I understand it. And that feeling doesn’t stop when you’re done running, you feel great all day.

I have been having issues with my shoulder while running and so I too it to twitter and Facebook for help and here is what everyone is saying just incase you’re having this issue too! Maybe you have an answer!

After chugging water after my run, I made some hot tea and did some stretches for twenty minutes. I’m still sore from that Jillian Michaels video I did a couple of days ago!

11072906_836883973024847_328774209_n 11068794_836884259691485_1233556205_n

I had a crazy sweet tooth around noon and I’m sure it had something to do with my blood sugar levels. Instead of diving into the mini snicker’s in the fridge I had two frozen low sugar and no sulfur added dried pineapple rings
and my homemade after dinner trail mix.

I get a bad sweet tooth around eight and so I made a trail mix to cure that craving!

My trail mix has pecans, dried cranberries, 80% dark chocolate, cashews, and sea salt. I also freeze it in little baggies. I love frozen trail mix! I added a little sea salt because it makes me really thirsty and I’m trying to drink more water!


I headed to hang out with friends last night. We went to the Common Market for dinner before our bowling plans. I love the common market because it’s a little hipster market with all kinds of craft beers, organic food, local products, and awesome Kombucha!


The first time I tried Lenny Boy was at Luna’s Cafe.  I had the Elite Beet flavor there and then tried the Strawberry Lenny Boy when I went to Common Market  last summer.

1PicMonkey Collage

I ended up doing the build your own wrap. I had the tomato basil wrap with turkey, lettuce, avocado, bell peppers, onion, cucumber, and tomato. It ended up being close to the one I ordered last time I was there.

I also picked up some multigrain mojave jalapeño chips. They were made with organic grains, seeds, and beans! I am also eating more spicy things because it has me going for the water! I’m doing everything I can to drink more water!


After dinner, we headed to Park Lanes to go bowling and meet up with a couple of our friends.

PicMonkey Collage

I was on top of my bowling game yesterday. I’m absolutely awful at bowling, but killed it yesterday! It must be all the healthy eating 😉 I’m ”TARM” up there. (Short for Taraminator)


Today, I’m going to finish up work, head to a chiropractor appointment and then hopefully get some shopping in! I had some leftovers from yesterdays dinner and I’m enjoying that for lunch! I also have an ab workout and yoga planned!


Before I forget, a couple of days ago I made grilled chicken wings, a sweet potato and sweet sesame green beans!


  • Cecee

    I’m thinking of following Freelee The Bananna Girl’s video. What do you think of her? Is it a good idea. Please answer. I value your opinion

    Reply to Cecee
  • Pickles

    I love common market.

    Reply to Pickles
  • Katharina

    Taralynn what happened to your instagram?

    Reply to Katharina
  • Sarah

    Do you clinch your fists when you run? I did in track and had shoulder pain. My coach taught me to “hold a potato chip” between my pointer finger and thumb. You don’t want to break the chip but also don’t want to drop it if that makes sense. It helps you not clinch but still have your arms in the right form.

    Reply to Sarah
  • Sara

    Hi Tara!!!! I’m like you, completely despise good old H2O. I did find that San Pelligrino or Perrier sparkling water is awesome with fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice!!!! I can’t stop drinking it! I get water but it’s fizzy

    Reply to Sara
  • Lydia

    Hi Taralynn, I recently discovered your blog and wow, what an inspiration you are! You’ve inspired me to get back in shape and be more healthy! I do have one question… where do you generally buy workout clothes? So far I’ve discovered Target is good place, but do you have any other suggestions.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Reply to Lydia
  • Olga

    This trail mix is absolutely amazing idea!
    I have a question regarding the water drinking.
    I live in a tropical climate now and I drink a lot of water. Every day at least 3 liters but I still feel dehydrated. I tried Powerade and Gatorade but they don’t work and I don’t want to put too much of it into my body.
    Maybe you have some healthy recipie for a good rehydration drink?

    Reply to Olga
  • Mary Kathryn

    Taralynn, where do you find the low sugar pineapple rings? I LOVE dried pineapple but I can only find ones with so much sugar!

    Reply to Mary Kathryn
  • Shannon

    How do you cook your sweet potatoes? Do you add anything to them? Thanks, you’re the best!

    Reply to Shannon
    • Taralynn McNitt

      Hey! I boil them until lightly soft, season them with salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic pepper (because i eat the skin) and then bake the potato in the oven for 20 minutes! 🙂

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
  • Kristin C

    I hope this weekend goes well! So glad you are enjoying running. I wish I did.
    I do enjoy long walks though 🙂

    Oh, and I love bowling! It’s so fun!

    Reply to Kristin C
  • Cassie

    I haven’t been bowling in a while! It’s fun, isn’t it?

    Reply to Cassie
  • heather

    Today is the last day before tomorrow, I think. Maybe. J/K, but seriously, enjoy your running and listen to your body; get to know what work to eat before a run, what mileage is comfortable for you, all that stuff really matters. How’re those jalapeno chips? They sound tasty.

    Reply to heather
  • Aubrey

    Hi! That’s awesome that you’re getting back into running and sticking to it! What are your goals for your race, or running in general? 🙂

    Reply to Aubrey
  • Heather

    Some “guest” readers make me shake my head. You are doing great! Very inspiring! I just wanted to add that I love your green beans and make them often and I really like the idea of making a homemade trail mix. Will have to try that!

    Reply to Heather
  • Linda @ The Fitty

    Dairy doesn’t do well with me either, as I went jogging after eating some cheese and it did nor fare well. I’m going to see if I can stay dairy free from on Monday all the way till next Monday.

    Reply to Linda @ The Fitty
  • Melanie

    great job getting back into running Taralynn! Keep it up 🙂
    And I love the frozen trail mix idea. I like to freeze dark chocolate for a snack but I’ve never thought of freezing trail mix!

    Reply to Melanie
  • Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out

    that trail mix sounds so good! I love pecans & dark chocolate!

    Reply to Livi @ Eat, Pray, Work It Out
  • guest

    Are you still friends with Emilee? Ask me and the girl looked like a hoe fo sho!

    Reply to guest
    • Taralynn McNitt

      She’s not a hoe, and yeah we are still friends.

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt
      • Ally

        ^^^ I always scroll straight to the comments cos you always have some strange ones. What on earth gave this person the impression your housemate was a “hoe” (spulling!) It’s so odd and random!

        Reply to Ally
  • Sandra

    Taralynn- I get the shoulder thing when I run also, I have heard the same thing that it was my breathing. I usually try and take some long deep breaths when that happens to regulate my breathing, most of the time it goes away. It is a very common thing. I adore your blog so very much!

    Reply to Sandra
  • Kyla

    Hi Taralynn!

    Longtime reader here, first time commenting though! Where did you get your flowery running tights? They are so cute and I have been looking for some fun ones.


    Reply to Kyla
  • Sara

    When I took run conditioning for my PE in college I had the same shoulder issue. My teacher said it was because my breathing wasn’t under control and it was making my diaphragm spasm which has a nerve that runs up through your shoulder. (Don’t know if this is true, just what I was told). However, she was right that when I focused on my breathing and slowed down some so that my breathing was controlled and I wasn’t huffing and puffing, it got better. So I guess try to pace yourself more and see if it makes a difference.

    Reply to Sara
    • Taralynn McNitt

      I saw someone say something similar! I’ll definitely have to try that. Sometimes I go from 8:55 to 9:46 and back again so my running pace is very all over the place!

      Reply to Taralynn McNitt

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